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Darkstripe was a very bitter, grim tom. From the day Firestar joined ThunderClan, he showed a deep dislike towards the tom for his kittypet heritage which held strong, even after Firestar became deputy and later leader, believing the tom never should have been accepted into the Clan.[1]



"This is not my Clan. Not any longer. ThunderClan is led by a kittypet, and there's nothing left to fight for. I feel no loyalty to ThunderClan. In the whole forest, the only cat worth following is Tigerstar."
—Darkstripe abandoning ThunderClan to follow Tigerstar The Darkest Hour, page 117
Darkstripe has always been one of Tigerstar’s lackeys, and is intimidated by the powerful brown tabby tom.[2] He shows support for all of Tigerstar’s decisions, and feels as though Tigerstar would be the best leader in the forest.[3] Even though he doesn’t follow Tigerstar when he is banished from ThunderClan, mostly because he’s a coward,[4] when Darkstripe is exiled from ThunderClan for trying to poison Sorrelkit with deathberries, he goes to TigerClan and joins Tigerstar.[3] Later, when Darkstripe is killed by Graystripe, he finds himself in the Dark Forest with Tigerstar and is confused at first, but decides to just blindly follow Tigerstar like he has always done.[5]


Darkstripe: "You're mine, kittypet. It's time for you to die."
Firestar: "So now you're fighting on the side of Tigerstar's murderer? Have you no loyalty?"
Darkstripe: "Not anymore. Every cat in the forest can turn to crowfood for all I care. All I want is to see you dead."
—Darkstripe and Firestar during the battle with BloodClan The Darkest Hour, page 294
Darkstripe hated Firestar from the moment he joined ThunderClan, and often ridiculed him for being a kittypet.[2] He had no loyalty to Firestar, and decided to follow Tigerstar and abandon ThunderClan instead of following Firestar when the ginger tom became leader of ThunderClan, saying that he will not be led by a kittypet.[3]

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