"He couldn't rest until we all came down here to see the thing. Darrel's just mad about pirates, you see. He'd love to meet a real ship's cat."
— Darrel's father about Darrel in Escape from the Forest, page 46

Darrel is a young Twoleg kit.[1]

In Escape from the Forest, at Captain Brandy's Boatyard, while wearing a pirate hat, Darrel drags his parents, telling them this is the right place. His mother asks if he is sure, and stutters as she tries to explain about the place, but his father finishes for her, stating it's a dump. The Captain welcomes them when they approach. Darrel asks him if his the man with the ship's cat, and the Captain is confused. His father explains that his friend has said something about the Captain's boat having a cat. He says that Darrel wouldn't rest until he came down to see the cat himself.

He also tells that Darrel is mad about pirates, and would love to see a real life ship's cat. The Captain explains there is none, but offers a cruise instead. The ship's cat catches a Twoleg kit's attention, and Darrel points out that it is it. He begs again to go on the boat, and his father asks if that is the ship's cat. The Captain says it is his cat, and names her Brownie. He walks them all on his boat. Darrel is soon seen on the boat patting Brownie with a big grin.




Unnamed Twoleg man:[2] Living, (as of Escape from the Forest)



"This is it! This is the right place!"
—Darrel dragging his father Escape from the Forest, page 45

Darrel: "Are you the man with the ship's cat?"
The Captain: "Uhh... beg your pardon?"
—Darrel asking about Sasha Escape from the Forest, page 46

"There's the ship's cat!"
—Darrel recognizing Sasha Escape from the Forest, page 48

"Please can we go on the boat now? Please please please please?"
—Darrel begging to his father Escape from the Forest, page 48

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