"They had escaped the Twolegs this time—but how long would it be before the whole forest would be lost to them forever?"
Squirrelpaw's thoughts in Dawn, page 195
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Chapter Number: 14 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 181-195

Chapter description

Brambleclaw leans down and snarls into Crowpaw's face, asking if he wants to join a dead warrior more than fight for living ones. He tells him to listen to Firestar and also tells Squirrelpaw she can let him go now. The elm monster sends bark strips flying toward the cats, and a piece pierces Squirrelpaw's flank. Firestar gives the order to go; the patrol moves just as an elm tree crashes to the ground, and Firestar gives tasks to those near him.
Squirrelpaw is about to leave with Sandstorm's patrol, but Firestar calls her back, saying he needs her. He then assigns Thornclaw and Mistyfoot to rescue the apprentices, and asks Tawnypelt about the quickest way out of where they are. Tawnypelt points to a certain direction, explaining the route, and Firestar orders Onewhisker and Tallstar to protect the rear of the patrol. He informs Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw that Tawnypelt will take them to ShadowClan's camp, but if they hear him yowl, the monsters would have reached the brambles.
Brambleclaw asks Squirrelpaw if she's okay with this, and she retorts back, but calms herself knowing he's only worried about her. She says she's fine, and must fight, for she cannot let Tawnypelt down. They reach the ShadowClan camp, and Squirrelpaw is shocked to see everyone running around, trying to find kits and giving orders to others. She also sees Sorreltail and Tornear guiding some elders, and Leafpaw assisting the elderly Runningnose as they walk toward the camp entrance. Blackstar helps a gray apprentice up, but sees a dark brown kit in danger and tells Squirrelpaw to rescue Smokepaw while he gets it.
At once, Squirrelpaw begins dragging Smokepaw toward the entrance while Blackstar runs toward her with the kit. She peers into the nursery, and Mothwing asks if everybody is out. Hawkfrost wishes to leave, believing they've done enough, but Mistyfoot counters and sharply says they will be staying until every cat has been evacuated. Squirrelpaw notices a tortoiseshell queen struggling to leave with her kits, and she helps her by taking a kit and rushing towards Dustpelt, who is near the entrance. Remembering Firestar's words, Squirrelpaw frantically looks around for anyone left behind, but sees no one other than the cats on the rescue mission.
Brambleclaw tells Mothwing to join Leafpaw and check for injuries as trees begin falling around the camp, but Squirrelpaw believes it is still safe. After checking, Tawnypelt wonders if Tallpoppy and her kits got out, and Squirrelpaw says she helped a queen and her kits. Squirrelpaw heads toward the medicine den to see if any sick cats were left behind, but finds none. Suddenly, Firestar yowls the monsters have reached the camp. A tree falls right in front of Squirrelpaw and she pleads for Brambleclaw to help her, to which he does, dragging her away from the tree.
A sycamore tree begins falling toward them, and Squirrelpaw wonders where Tawnypelt is. Brambleclaw figures that everyone got out, so they leave while running into Dustpelt. Squirrelpaw looks at the ShadowClan camp, noting it is no more and completely destroyed. The cats quickly reunite with the rest of the patrol, where they catch up on the rescue. Tawnypelt inquires about Tallpoppy, and Squirrelpaw gasps, suddenly realizing the queen she helped was not the tabby she-cat and her kits. Onewhisker hears them near a bunch of saplings, and they quickly run over as a tree falls ahead of them.
Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw scramble over the fallen tree, and are relieved to find Tallpoppy and her kits are okay. She sees Firestar scanning for an escape route while Tallstar joins him, but to her horror, she hears a birch tree falling near them. Everyone quickly rescues the first two kits, but Onewhisker is still trying to save the final one. Suddenly, Firestar lunges at the WindClan warrior, shoving him out of the way, but he is crushed underneath the tree. Brambleclaw drags Onewhisker and the kit out, urging everyone that they need to leave immediately. He helps Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw remove Firestar's body from under the tree, and Leafpaw notices that her father is losing a life.
Brambleclaw says they need to move, but Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw refuse to go without Firestar. Various images flash through Squirrelpaw's head, but she tells StarClan not to take her yet. She gets back up to find the trees have created a small cavern, and informs Brambleclaw that she's fine. Firestar awakens, wanting to know if the kit is safe, and Squirrelpaw makes her way over to the leader. Firestar says that he spoke with his ancestors, and Leafpaw tells her sister that the leader will be fine, and this was supposed to happen. A Twoleg finds the group, and Squirrelpaw insists that Brambleclaw can take Leafpaw and Firestar while she distracts it.
Squirrelpaw claws at the Twoleg and runs off into a bramble thicket, noticing her Clanmates getting to safety as her attacker gives chase. She continues running and meets back up with the group, stating that they must keep going. She flanks Firestar as they head back toward ThunderClan territory, noting they have escaped the Twolegs, but wonders how long will it be until the forest is gone forever.





Important events

  • Firestar loses a life after being crushed by a tree.[8]

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