"You're acting like Graystripe is dead!" […] "He's not dead! You heard what Firestar said. He will come back. We must not give up hope."
Squirrelpaw to Mousefur about Graystripe in Dawn, page 124
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Chapter Number: 8 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 113-124

Chapter description

Leafpaw watches the monster containing Graystripe move away. Brambleclaw immediately calls for everyone to leave, saying there is nothing they can do to save the ThunderClan deputy right now. Leafpaw reflects that the warrior has changed his personality after leaving the forest, but knows she can't dwell on the thought and continues moving ahead. She relaxes when she sees Sorreltail, Rainwhisker, and Mistyfoot, but laments about losing Graystripe. Leafpaw hears the Twolegs struggling in the growth behind her, and she notes they can't catch her now. The cats climb down Snakerocks and near the Great Sycamore, and Cody asks if they're safe here.
Rainwhisker and Thornclaw are in disbelief that Graystripe was taken, and Squirrelpaw says there were too many Twolegs and Graystripe led on for them. Leafpaw studies her sister and notices how much her body as changed, as she's fitter and stronger, and her pelt is not patchy compared to hers. She can't comfort Sorreltail, but says StarClan was watching them and that they will look after Graystripe. Sorreltail tells her Squirrelpaw insisted she was rescued, but everyone's gaze turns to Cody. Leafpaw explains Cody helped her feel better, and Brambleclaw offers to return her to Twolegplace. However, Leafpaw points out the area is still dangerous, and Squirrelpaw suggests that Cody can stay with ThunderClan for now.
Cody says her Twolegs will miss her, but she knows she can't compromise the Clan's safety. Sorreltail wonders how they will tell Firestar about Graystripe, and the cats fall into silence, unsure of how the leader will manage without his deputy and close friend. Leafpaw wonders why they are heading towards Sunningrocks instead of the ravine, and Squirrelpaw explains that the Twolegs got too close, and the kits aren't faring any better. Leafpaw hears the river, relieved that it is not gone with the Twoleg destruction.
Mistyfoot tells ThunderClan she honors them for saving her, and she will grieve over Graystripe's disappearance with them. As she walks with Cody, Leafpaw wonders how ThunderClan is doing, and ignores the kittypet's comment about being welcomed when she sees her father. Firestar is dull-looking and thin, but he walks over to his daughter and exclaims she and Squirrelpaw are okay. Cloudtail and Brightheart greet Whitepaw, who squeaks when her mother profusely licks her. Sandstorm approaches Leafpaw, beginning to groom her as she tells her mother she's fine. Squirrelpaw explains how Spottedleaf told her where the trapped cats were kept, and the other cats inform Firestar of how they got backup and how Graystripe led them all.
Firestar peers around the camp, wondering where Graystripe is. Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw freeze with dread; the latter chokes out the Twolegs took him away. Firestar is taken aback at the thought of losing his friend, and Brambleclaw apologizes for not stopping Graystripe and getting even more backup. The ginger tom stares at him, and Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw prepare to stop their father from lashing out. However, Firestar instead thanks Brambleclaw for rescuing his daughter and warriors, believing that Graystripe will return someday. Sandstorm attemps to comfort her mate, but he only walks away, stil distant.
Sandstorm says Graystripe was a good friend for sacrificing himself to save others. Leafpaw is overtaken by sadness, not answering Cody when she asks if everything's okay. Squirrelpaw comforts her sister, and Mousefur somberly states Firestar will need to choose a new deputy tonight, per the rule in the warrior code. Suddenly, Squirrelpaw stands up and confronts the senior warrior, demanding why she thinks he's deceased. She adds that what Firestar said is right, knowing he'll come back.





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