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Chapter Number: 9 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 125-141

Chapter description

A mournful yowl coming from below the rock cleft jolts Leafpaw awake. For a heartbeat, she thinks she was back in that cage, trapped, and that her escape had only been a dream. Forest smells touch her nose, the scent of the woods, and the river, and an icy breeze, and she remembers she's at Snakerocks. She blinks, and peers over the edge of the hollow. Cody, her kittypet friend, whispers to her. Cody had stayed with ThunderClan, and slept with Leafpaw in the apprentices' gully. Leafpaw feels Cody's soft fur bristling against her flank, and she replies that the yowl had sounded like Ferncloud. She spots Dustpelt; the tabby tom stands on the frosty slope, silhouetted by the early dawn light.
A kit is dangling loosely from the tom's jaws, and he takes it away. Another sorrowful yowl follows Dustpelt, coming from the makeshift nursery, and Leafpaw scrambles from her den. She races to Ferncloud's side and asks what happened. Ferncloud whispers that Hollykit is dead, and that Dustpelt has gone to bury her. She tucks her remaining kit close to her belly and recalls that when she woke, Hollykit was very cold, and that she licked her and licked her but she would not wake up. Leafpaw feels sorrow grip her heart. She wonders what kind of medicine cat she was if she hadn't even noticed how Hollykit was close to death. She breaths that she is so sorry for Ferncloud.
One by one, the Clan gathers above the nursery in grim silence. Cody stands among them, her eyes round with sympathy. To Leafpaw's relief, her Clanmates are taking no notice of the kittypet. They are now all sharing a common enemy - the Twolegs who where trapping cats and tearing up the forest. Cinderpelt scrambles down into the hollow and orders Leafpaw to fetch some poppy seeds, and that Ferncloud must not waste what little energy she has on grieving.
Leafpaw hurries to the crack in the rock where Cinderpelt stored her small stack of remedies and reaches in to pull out a leaf-wrapped supply of poppy seeds. She wishes with all her heart that they were still in the ravine, where the medicine cats had kept their den in the rock well stocked. Looking at the withered leaf beneath her paw, she guessed there were only two or three doses of poppy seeds left, and there was no hope of finding more with leaf-bare nearly upon them.
Firestar calls to Leafpaw and asks about Ferncloud. Upon hearing the news, he growls in anger and wonders what he can do. Mousefur noted how cold it was as Hollykit died but Leafpaw says Birchkit survived. Firestar objects and trails off, saying it will only get colder and colder. Brambleclaw meows that they should leave soon, but the ThunderClan leader says they must leave with the other Clans.
Leafpaw headed to the makeshift nursery to give Ferncloud poppyseed. Dropping them at Cinderpelt's paws, she noticed that Cody was there to comfort the mourning queen. Leafpaw learns that Cody lost a whole litter of kits since her Twolegs had sold them. When Ferncloud begins to fret again, Cinderpelt, Cody, Leafpaw and Firestar try to comfort her. Cody encourages Ferncloud to eat the poppyseed.
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Notes and references

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