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In the Power of Three arc

Dark River

Dawnkit and her two brothers are mentioned by Blackstar at a Gathering. He announces that he has the happy news of kits, with them being Tawnypelt's new litter. The cats all congratulate her on the kits, and Blackstar continues with saying that their names are Flamekit, Dawnkit, and Tigerkit. The senior warriors are nervous about Tawnypelt naming her son Tigerkit; the meows dying in their throats at hearing the name because they remember who he was and what he did.


She is with her brothers, Tigerkit and Flamekit, in the ShadowClan nursery, when Lionpaw and Brambleclaw of ThunderClan arrive. The kits all bound out of their nest at the sight of the strangers, with Tigerkit asking who they are, Flamekit commenting that they smell bad, and Dawnkit leading a play attack on Lionpaw. The ThunderClan apprentice is so surprised that he falls over and almost mistakes it as an actual attack, until he realizes that they are only playing. He ends up pushing the kits off him, and their mother scolds the three, telling them it is no way to welcome a visitor. Tawnypelt introduces her kits to Brambleclaw, referring to Dawnkit as the one asking for a cuff around the ear, as the kit attempts to creep up on Lionpaw's tail. Tawnypelt orders her kits to come to her, but Dawnkit doesn't listen to her mother, still trying to get at Lionpaw's tail.
When their mother tells the ThunderClan cats that she will come with them to the mountains, the three kits stop what they're doing and stare at their mother as she climbs out of her nest; Dawnkit wails, asking if she's going to leave them. All the kits beg her not to go, or to at least take them with her but Tawnypelt tells them all to be good and eat their fresh-kill, touching noses to each of her kits in turn. Snowbird, another ShadowClan queen, offers to watch them while she is gone, and Tawnypelt accepts the offer, telling her kits that Snowbird will tell her if they have been naughty. Tigerkit promises they won't, and Dawnkit mutters that they never get to have any fun. The tortoiseshell gently flicks Dawnkit over the ear with her tail on her way out as she says goodbye.
Jaypaw overhears Tawnypelt commenting to Squirrelflight on the journey that Dawnkit looks to be the best fighter out of her kits, but doesn't listen to what any cat tells her to do. Squirrelflight counsels Tawnypelt that Dawnkit will learn to listen and be a fine warrior.


When Hollypaw goes to ask Blackstar for help against the battle with WindClan, she almost trips over Dawnkit and her siblings, and Hollypaw purrs at the sight of the kits' fluffy tails. Tawnypelt scolds the three, telling them to stay out of the way, and she apologises to Hollypaw as they cannot wait to become warriors. Dawnkit is brought to a yew bush, the ShadowClan nursery, by her mother along with Tigerkit and Flamekit and given to Snowbird while Tawnypelt goes to help ThunderClan. Dawnkit gives a muffled goodbye to her mother, who says she'll be back if StarClan wills it.
When Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw get taken to the camp after finding Sol, Dawnkit and her brothers run out of the nursery, eyes bright with excitement as they run up to the ThunderClan cats. Dawnkit jumps onto Tigerkit and bowls him over, pummelling him with her hind paws as she says he must have with the amount he eats. She stops when she catches sight of Sol and scrambles to her paws, asking who he is. Tawnypelt ends up sending them to the nursery when she sees the apprentices and Sol, ignoring Dawnkit's protest.

Long Shadows

Dawnkit is now an apprentice and goes by the name of Dawnpaw.
She, Flamepaw, and Tigerpaw are taken to ThunderClan with Tawnypelt after ShadowClan stops believing in StarClan, because Tawnypelt doesn't want her kits to be raised in a Clan that doesn't believe in StarClan. The three apprentices crowd around Hollyleaf as they return to ThunderClan's camp, and Hollyleaf informs them she is a warrior now. Dawnpaw's eyes widen at the news, and Flamepaw starts calling out the black she-cat's name, with the other two joining in. Embarrassed after Cinderheart purrs she has three new apprentices, Hollyleaf tells the ShadowClan apprentices to stop, as they'll get left behind. Dawnpaw curiously asks about the abandoned Twoleg nest as they pass it, and Hollyleaf explains that Twolegs used to live in it.
As they hurry up to catch up to the other cats, Flamepaw asks where the rest of the Clan is. Hollyleaf tells him they're probably in camp, though there could be patrols out hunting by now, to which Dawnpaw asks if they can hunt as she is starving. Tigerpaw flicks her ear with his tail and calls her a stupid furball, commenting that they don't hunt in another Clan's territory. Dawnpaw grumps that at least she asked, while Hollyleaf informs them there isn't time to hunt but they should be able to eat back at ThunderClan's camp. As she looks at them more closely, Hollyleaf notes that Dawnpaw may have really been telling the truth about them starving; she can see their ribs therough their pelts. Tigerpaw wonders if Sol knows they are in ThunderClan now, and while Hollyleaf admits that she doesn't know what the rogue thinks, she questions him if his mother never told Sol. Dawnpaw shudders, eyes wide with fear, and mews that Sol didn't know or he never would have let them go.
Brambleclaw, who is waiting for them, brings the ShadowClan cats into their camp, informing them he'll notify Firestar of their arrival. The apprentices follow their mother eagerly until they step into the clearing, fur bristling as they look around. Hollyleaf reassures them and they end up relaxing a little, so Tigerpaw asks if they can eat. Brambleclaw says they can and she and her siblings take the driest prey for themselves, and leave the other pieces lying on the muddy ground. Lionblaze emerges from the warriors den, followed by Jaypaw, and both are surprised at the cats. Dawnpaw greets Lionblaze around her mouthful of vole, purring that it is good to see him again.
As more ThunderClan cats start to wake up, Dustpelt growls that it looks like a horde of badgers trampled through the fresh-kill pile. He asks if the ShadowClan cats left any dry prey once Hollyleaf tells him they have visitors, and she turns to them when the ThunderClan cats complain about the soggy prey. The three apprentices look at their paws as she scolds them about it not being a very nice thing to do, Dawnpaw informing them that Sol says they can only rely on themselves to take the best care of them. Sol also told them they shouldn't spend all their time marking borders and thinking about fighting, so there wouldn't be any problems, as there would be time for every cat to get their own prey. Hollyleaf asks Dawnpaw about the cats who are unable to take care of themselves, and looking uncertain, Dawnpaw says they wouldn't let any cat starve. Tigerpaw gives his sister a bit of a shove, declaring she shouldn't listen to the rogue, saying he wants to be a warrior. Flamepaw mews that he would like to be a medicine cat, and with a drooping tail, Dawnpaw explains that they have to call Blackstar Blackfoot now.
The cats start to break off to go and do their various duties. Dawnpaw looks up at the Highledge as if waiting for Tawnypelt to reappear, unenthusiastically asking if they're going to join ThunderClan because it is where their mother was born. Firestar soon calls a meeting, with Tawnypelt and her kits just behind him as the Clan debates whether he's trying to bring in more outsiders. he announces that the ShadowClan cats are looking for a temporary home, and after being interrupted by ThunderClan cats several times, Dawnpaw ends up muttering and rolling her eyes about it; in the end, it is decided that Dawnpaw, Flamepaw, and Tigerpaw will perform apprentice duties alongside Foxpaw and Icepaw, while Tawnypelt will be in the warriors' den and be a part of patrols. Brambleclaw begins splitting cats up into patrols and tells the ShadowClan apprentices to go over and talk to Firestar. Though they look a bit daunted, they do so and Dawnpaw ends up with Spiderleg as her temporary mentor.
Dawnpaw and her brothers return from a patrol for hunting practice; she is carrying a mouse in her jaws, tail high in the air as she puts it on the pile. The three are noted to look bedraggled and their fur clumped. Hollyleaf asks Foxpaw and Icepaw to get some moss for the elders and with sullen glances, they ask why the ShadowClan apprentices can't do it. Hollyleaf retorts that they aren't there to do all the jobs the ThunderClan apprentices don't like. After the minor argument is settled, the black she-cat turns to the group of mentors, asking if she should take the ShadowClan cats to get cleaned up, as any cat can see they aren't used to hunting in the undergrowth. The older warriors agree to let her take them, and Hollyleaf informs the three apprentices that they need to talk to them in secret. As she sticks her head in the medicine cat den and tells Jaypaw to meet them at their usual place, exhausted coughing is heard. Dawnpaw exclaims that those cats sound very sick, her eyes stretched wide.
Ending up at the space behind the warriors' den Hollyleaf explains the best way to clean each other up. The cream she-cat huffs that the burrs and twigs are such a pain and she wishes they were back on soft pine needles. Lionblaze promises they will be soon with some luck, and once Jaypaw arrives, Dawnpaw curiously says Lionblaze told them they would be back in their own territory soon but she doesn't see how. The medicine cat apprentice explains to them that they are going to try and fake a sign from StarClan, and while Flamepaw asks if that would make StarClan angry, Jaypaw snorts and tells him StarClan themselves asked him to help. All their eyes stretch wide, with a wow coming from Dawnpaw. Lionblaze asks them for what would be the best place to fake a sign and Dawnpaw suggests a marshy area near the edge of the territory but is cut off by Tigerpaw. He suggests a cat coming from the lake, while Dawnpaw doubtfully questions how they'd get both Littlecloud and Blackfoot to see it.
Flamepaw suggests trespassing cats, as Tigerpaw puts in a fox or fox scent. Dawnpaw's neck fur bristles as she demands to know if they are mouse-brained and if they are just going to ask a fox. Her whiskers twitch disgustedly after Flamepaw offers the idea of fox dung before her eyes light mischievously with her idea of feeding them poppy seeds and carrying them there. Flamepaw then says that there are herbs growing by an oak tree near the stream, and they could pelt them with acorns and would think they came from StarClan. Dawnpaw exclaims that that is a stupid idea, before playfully jumping on him and starting to wrestle with her brother. Once one of Flamepaw's leg jab Hollyleaf in the belly, she growls at them to watch it and the two sit back up. Hollyleaf asks them whether they want to save ShadowClan or not, and they have to take this seriously. Eyes wide, they exchange uncomfortable glances and Tigerpaw apologizes. Dawnpaw goes back to her original idea of the marshy place, as not many cats would be near there because of the rain; it is ideal for not being disturbed while setting up the sign. The suggestion is agreed upon.
On the way to the marshy place in ShadowClan, the cream she-cat's pelt quivers as she exclaims that it is like being on a real warrior mission. The six cats take the same route as they did when the ThunderClan cats had gone to find Sol, while the apprentices bound ahead in excitement and playfight until Lionblaze tells them to stop. The three settle down but Hollyleaf can still detect the itch in their paws, acting as if the plan had already worked. Upon coming into an area and asking his siblings what the area is like, Jaypaw tells them to be quiet as he is thinking. The apprentices stalk around the area looking for prey and Dawnpaw comments that there is nothing but pond flies. Jaypaw asks if there are any trees that could be knocked over and he wants them still upright, but ready to fall. Lionblaze and Tigerpaw tackle one tree, while Hollyleaf and Dawnpaw tackle the other. They claw at the roots until Dawnpaw exclaims that is is hopeless, up to her belly in thick mud and splattered all over her head and shoulders; Hollyleaf encourages her that they can, and claws more at the roots. Tigerpaw growls at Flamepaw, asking why he isn't helping, and after the ginger tom explains his doubts, Dawnpaw hisses that they've already been over it and they've agreed to try anything to help their Clan.
All the cats aggressively attack the roots until Dawnpaw exclaims that she thinks they have done it, because the trunk feels unsteady. She thanks StarClan after Jaypaw tells them to stop, before she heads to the nearest dry area with Hollyleaf in an attempt to get the mud out of their fur. She snorts that she thought she was going to turn into a frog as she licks at the mud covered chest fur, growling that it'll take moons to get it all out. When Lionblaze asks for someone to get Littlecloud and Blackfoot, Dawnpaw volunteers, as do both her brothers. Hollyleaf ends up saying she will go as she is the best at stalking and has a black pelt, with Dawnpaw amusedly commenting that she has a mud coloured pelt.
The others remain behind, crouching in some spiky grass. Dawnpaw keeps wriggling and poking her head above the clump, causing Jaypaw to grumble at her that they'll be seen if she continues. The apprentice confesses that the grass keeps sticking to her and she wants to see if any cat is coming, so Lionblaze reminds her they'll hear and scent them before they see them. Dawnpaw ends up settling down even as Lionblaze can still feel her excitement. A rustling is heard soon after; a dark brown tom emerges from the other side of the marsh with Dawnpaw hissing that it is Toadfoot. Lionblaze and Flamepaw get the brown tom pinned right before they hear Tigerpaw returning with Littlecloud, who is lying to the medicine cat and leader that Dawnpaw and Flamepaw are right on the border. Lionlaze and Flamepaw keep Toadfoot quiet while Dawnpaw and Jaypaw slip back into position by the weak trees, covered by mud and almost invisible. Hollyleaf slips in quietly to help Dawnpaw push over the sapling until both the trees topple over.
As Jaypaw attempts to fake the voice of a StarClan cat, Raggedstar and Runningnose both actually appear and speak to Blackfoot and Littlecloud. They look at the ThunderClan cats and give a nod before vanishing, and Blackfoot accepts the ShadowClan apprentices back into the Clan. Tigerpaw purrs that he will go and find Flamepaw and Dawnpaw, and once he brings them back, he waves his tail at them, saying they have to go. Dawnpaw asks her brothers what they are going to do about their mother, and Lionblaze interjects that they will tell Tawnypelt what has happened, saying they need to go back to their camp straight away. The apprentices bound off together into the trees, and Lionblaze watches them until they're out of sight.


Dawnpaw's mentor is revealed to be Ivytail.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Dawnpaw is now a warrior named Dawnpelt, while her brothers are now Tigerheart and Flametail. She is seen at a Gathering, sitting beside her brothers. After Cinderheart mews that it's better to have friends than enemies in the Clan to Lionblaze, his gaze rests on Tigerheart and Dawnpelt, as he wonders if they have been visited in their dreams by Tigerstar. Dawnpelt volunteers to go on a journey to find out what's happened to the water.
Upon the return of the questing cats, she congratulates Tigerheart when he returns from unblocking the dam that had been holding back the water. She announces excitedly that she had just been down to the lake and saw that it was refilling.

Fading Echoes

Dovepaw asks Littlecloud to send her greetings to Tigerheart when the medicine cats are returning from the Moonpool while the ThunderClan cats are on a hunting patrol. Lionblaze catches her eye, and her pelt ruffles as she quickly amends her statement to include Dawnpelt as well.
Dawnpelt participates in the battle against ThunderClan over a strip of former ShadowClan territory. She hurtles into Dovepaw and sinks her claws into her flank; Dovepaw notes she smells similar to Tigerheart. The apprentice pummels the cream she-cat's belly with her paws until the warrior lets go, jumping to her own paws and ducking underneath Dawnpelt's belly in an attempt to escape. Dawnpelt races after Dovepaw, until Dovepaw turns and rears at the ShadowClan cat with her claws. Dawnpelt meets her blows, hitting her on the muzzle and unbalancing the apprentice. Dovepaw tries to get up but Dawnpelt holds her down and rakes her spine with her hind claws until Lionblaze finds them, growling that Dawnpelt seems to have strayed from her Clanmates. Lionblaze knocks the ShadowClan she-cat away, forcing her to let go of Dovepaw.

Night Whispers

Dawnpelt and Tigerheart race into the ShadowClan camp with prey in their jaws, Dawnpelt having a pigeon and Tigerheart a squirrel. Flametail hurries over to his littermates and tells them he hopes they haven't opened any of their wounds, to which Dawnpelt tells her brother that they've been careful. She ducks down in order to show Flametail that the wound between her shoulders was still stuck together with cobwebs. Their mother comes out of the warriors' den and comes over to them when she sees all three together, licking each on the cheek in a greeting. Dawnpelt exclaims that they're too old for that now, shaking Tawnypelt off. Their mother asks where Rowanclaw is and Flametail tells her he's with Blackstar. When Tigerheart flexes his claws and declares he can't wait until their father is leader, Dawnpelt tells him to hush, nudging her brother. Flametail says he always knows what his brother is thinking, so Tigerheart sticks his nose in the air and says he bets they cannot now. Dawnpelt twitches her whiskers in amusement, purring that it probably won't be long until he blurts it out anyway.
Dawnpelt and Tigerheart start to play-fight about who will be deputy when Rowanclaw becomes leader, and Tigerheart drops into a mock attack crouch, and Dawnpelt pretends to be scared, hiding behind their mother. Tawnypelt gently scolds the two as the Clan is still mourning Russetfur, though the two end up rolling around and don't notice their father's approach. Tigerheart playfully growls that he'll be deputy one day and she won't be allowed to tease him, and Dawnpelt growls back that she'll be the deputy as she struggles out of her brother's grip. Rowanclaw stops beside his wrestling children, inquiring if he already has rivals, causing the two cats to leap to their paws and say they were just playing. Rowanclaw purrs that while he is glad to have ambitious kits, he'd like to be deputy for at least a moon or two.
When Blackstar calls his cats to gather around to discuss how they can better themselves after the previous fight, Dawnpelt calls that it'll be easy to defeat them as they know what they are doing. She finishes that they have to practice, glancing up at a hazel bush stretching over the ShadowClan camp. Tigerheart runs over to the trunk while she watches him and shifts her weight from paw to paw, tail on the ground. He attempts to drop on her, and she grabs onto him as he hits the ground, rolling him over and flattening him.
Rowanclaw asks Dawnpelt and Toadfoot to help Flametail gather borage for him since Littlecloud is sick. Toadfoot shudders that they'll be sleeping with scratched fur that night after Flametail says they must look under every bramble for herbs. Dawnpelt, looking into space, comments they won't be if they're careful, and that she has an idea. They find a patch of coltsfoot hidden underneath some brambles, so Dawnpelt tells Toadfoot to lift the clump higher so she and her brother can squeeze underneath. She begins plucking some leaves to pass to the ginger tom, and he asks if that's all there is, which she confirms. He wriggles out and helps Toadfoot hold up the brambles so his sister can wriggle herself out, and once she is free, excitedly declares they need to try under another bush, pointing one snow covered thicket out to try next. Toadfoot rolls his eyes and mutters that he guesses he's carrying the stick as he follows the she-cat, dragging it.
Flametail hears a crack, and Dawnpelt stumbles as the ice splits underneath her, starting to fall. Flametail throws himself at her and knocks her into snow at the side of the trail, causing her to ask him what he's doing. The ice turns out to only be a frozen over puddle, so Dawnpelt pushes him off her as she questions if he's gone crazy, or if he was afraid she was going to get her paws wet.
When Flametail's Clanmates are playing on the ice, Olivenose cheerfully tells Flametail that the lake is frozen. Dawnpelt catches up to her, trotting past as she declares she's going to fetch Scorchfur and Owlclaw as well. Calling over her shoulder as she heads for the camp, she tells Flametail to go and play with them since he's been looking worried for days and needs to have some fun. Her brother, Flametail, however, fell through the ice and drowned beneath it with Jayfeather trying to save him, but no use. She is noted to be sad along with other brother, mother, and father.

The Forgotten Warrior

Tigerheart talks with Dovewing near the border, and hesitantly tells her that Dawnpelt has been acting weird lately, ever since Flametail died. He goes on that she thinks Jayfeather deliberately let Flametail drown. Dovewing counters that Jayfeather was trying to save him, and while Tigerheart agrees, he mews that it's hard to know the truth, and Dawnpelt wants revenge. He continues that they know the medicine cats have been acting strange, and Dawnpelt thinks Flametail and Jayfeather had a quarrel of some sort and murdered him when he fell through the ice. Dovewing snorts it is nonsense and Dawnpelt needs to grow up, but Tigerheart says he's warning her not because it's true, but because she might try to cause trouble for ThunderClan as a result. Dovewing comments they can handle Dawnpelt losing her temper. She wonders if what Tigerheart had told her was true, that Dawnpelt was planning revenge for a murder that never happened.
At a Gathering, Ivypool asks her sister what Tigerheart had wanted. Dovewing mews that it's nothing, that he just wants to stir up trouble over his brother's death. She tells her sister that Tigerheart's trying to make her believe Dawnpelt has some grudge with Jayfeather over Flametail, that he had killed the ShadowClan cat. When Ivypool suggests she could tell Brambleclaw that he can possibly put extra cats on border patrols near ShadowClan, Dovewing asks what damage she can really do, because Dawnpelt knows it's a lie.
In the Dark Forest, Ivypool catches up with Tigerheart. She asks what the issue was with Dawnpelt, and that she had said he had tried to warn Dovewing at the last Gathering. While Tigerheart takes issue over what Ivypool tried to do to Flametail's spirit, the ThunderClan cat presses him for more information about Dawnpelt, and Tigerheart finally tells her that Dawnpelt thinks Jayfeather had murdered their brother. Ivypool exclaims that that's ridiculous, but Tigerheart says she doesn't know what it's like to lose a littermate. Ivypool mews that she doesn't know what Dawnpelt thinks she could do against ThunderClan, or if Tigerheart is thinking of bringing her to the Dark Forest. Tigerheart replies that it isn't up to him, and Ivypool mockingly says that she thinks he could put in a good word for Dawnpelt.
Dawnpelt is on a border patrol when they run into a ThunderClan border patrol. Dawnpelt is in the lead, followed by Redwillow and Scorchfur. She starts to threaten the ThunderClan cats over setting foot over the border, but stops when she sees Hollyleaf, saying she thought the black she-cat had left the Clans. Hollyleaf shrugs and tells her she came back and for a few moments, Dawnpelt's hostility seems to disappear, replaced by interest. Ivypool comments that they aren't doing anything except setting borders and with a disbelieving snort, she snarls that she better check where they're setting them, hissing that if any are out of line she'll tell Blackstar. Hollyleaf tells her to do so and if any are, she'll tell Blackstar herself. Dawnpelt's only reply is a vicious snarl, until Redwillow finally tells her off, and the patrol pads away with Dawnpelt. Redwillow tells her to stop fussing as the borders are fine. The ThunderClan cats decide to move on, and they hear Dawnpelt's yowl, as if she had won some kind of battle. Hollyleaf asks who made dirt in Dawnpelt's fresh-kill once they're out of earshot.
At another Gathering, Dawnpelt asks Blackstar if she may talk. Blackstar blinks in surprise before he agrees to let her do so, and she immediately jumps onto a tree stump. Dawnpelt speaks up, fur bristling and tail twice it's normal size, announcing they had a murderer in their midst. She raises a paw, pointing towards the medicine cats and openly accuses Jayfeather of killing Flametail. As outrage breaks out, Brambleclaw rises to his paws and says they all grieve for Flametail, but asks how Jayfeather was involved. Dawnpelt growls that Jayfeather was there when he died, her hate filled gaze turned towards he ThunderClan cats. She asks why they should believe his story, and Brambleclaw challenges her, questioning why they shouldn't believe Jayfeather's story. The cream she-cat hisses that he has never shown compassion for other Clans, and she believes he drowned Flametail in front of them.
Lionblaze almost rises to his paws, but his sister stops him, quietly telling him to not give Dawnpelt the satisfaction of causing a fight. She continues that the ShadowClan cat has been trying her best to cause a fight on a border patrol Hollyleaf had been on, too. Everything descends into a confused, hostile mess, and Ivypool mews to Lionblaze as she reaches him that while she knew Dawnpelt was up to something, she didn't think it was going to be this. Jayfeather waits for the turmoil to cease, resentfully informing Dawnpelt that while he was there when her brother died, he was trying to save him, and the fact he failed is a tragedy for everyone. His voice shakes and he pauses for a few moments, before finishing that he had no reason to want her brother dead.
The cats start to comment on the odd hostilities of the medicine cats recently until Firestar hisses that it is enough, the accusation groundless. Mistystar and Onestar agree while Blackstar says nothing, and Dawnpelt begins to look small and uncomfortable, as if the force of her accusation is starting to fade. Tigerheart stands and backs up her claim, saying he believes Jayfeather had killed their brother, too. Mistystar suggests that Jayfeather should be kept from his medicine cat duties until he can prove that he is innocent, and the leaders agree on this. Jayfeather refuses to do so, causing to Dawnpelt to look furious. The Gathering ends abruptly when lightning cracks the sky, and clouds cover the moon, and as the Clans are leaving, Dawnpelt aggressively hisses at Jayfeather that it isn't over. Squirrelflight lets Jayfeather lean on her on the way back as she tells Jayfeather that no cat believes Dawnpelt, and she is only mad with grief.

The Last Hope

When Jayfeather wants to go to Moonpool, he remembers when Dawnpelt accused him of killing Flametail, and while Firestar had allowed him to continue being medicine cat, he had been forced to surrender any responsibilities outside it. Firestar and Jayfeather get in a fight, and Jayfeather asks him if they would have believed what Dawnpelt said if he wasn't half-Clan, or if Leafpool hadn't broken the code in kitting him.
At the ShadowClan border, Tigerheart tells Dovewing he only supported Dawnpelt's theory because he had to, as she is his littermate and Clanmate and asks what he could have done. Dovewing hisses that he could've kept his mouth shut and asks if he believes Dawnpelt. He flicks his ears, mewing that he couldn't let her stand alone when she was making such a serious accusation. When Tigerheart asks if she'd stand beside Ivypool if she'd done something terrible, Dovewing growls that it isn't about Ivypool, it's about Dawnpelt's stupid lie. Tigerheart mews that Dawnpelt believes what she said, and Dovewing asks if she believed her, too.
She is on a patrol with Ratscar, Smokefoot, Olivenose, Stoatpaw, and Snowbird. Ratscar growls that they haven't crossed, and Smokefoot tells them it's more than ThunderClan can say, with Stoatpaw interjecting that a ThunderClan cat has been on their land. Dawnpelt snarls that ThunderClan are trespassers as well as murderers, leaning across the border and spitting. When Graystripe says that there is a lot of tension between the Clans, Dawnpelt flexes her claws and says that in that case the ThunderClan patrol should go home.
At the Gathering, Dawnpelt is seen pacing around the medicine cats, her tail lashing. Dovewing states to Whitewing that it looks like Dawnpelt wanted Jayfeather to come so she could start another fight. During the Gathering, Blackstar comments on how Firestar has kept Jayfeather confined to their camp, and Dawnpelt's eyes flash from beside Littlecloud as she nods. Littlecloud mews that they are waiting for StarClan to speak, and glances at Dawnpelt as he says it is a difficult situation for everyone. When the Clan leaders are arguing about rival Clan scents in their territories, Dawnpelt challenges them and asks how they could explain the scents.
During the battle against the Dark Forest, she attacks Dark Forest warriors with Starlingwing, slashing against the horde of stinking pelts side by side. After Snowbird hisses to Shredtail that Ratscar would never betray his Clan, the Dark Forest tom sneers that he is not the only one, his gaze drawn to Redwillow. Redwillow attempts to drag Dawnpelt from the camp by her scruff, letting her go when he hears Shredtail speak his name. Dawnpelt leaps to her paws and snarls at him telling him that she isn't the enemy, fury in her eyes as she calls him a mouse-brain.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Rowanstar announces at a Gathering that Beepaw is now apprenticed to Dawnpelt.

Thunder and Shadow

Dawnpelt is with Littlecloud as he lays dying. Leafpool chastises Dawnpelt for Littlecloud's poor condition, but the creamy she-cat explains she's been doing her best. Alderpaw and Leafpool instruct Dawnpelt on how to take care of Littlecloud.
When the apprentices' rebel against Clan ways, Dawnpelt retorts how she and her littermates were proud to be ShadowClan apprentices and were excited to learn the warrior code. Needlepaw insists they wanted to be just like ThunderClan which Dawnpelt denies. When the rogues return Violetkit to ShadowClan, Dawnpelt, Tawnypelt, and Spikefur are ordered to send them away. Later, she is seen sharing a thrush with her mate, Crowfrost. When the apprentices' rebel again, she and Crowfrost are shocked at their kits' behavior. Two of her kits, Juniperpaw and Sleekpaw, leave ShadowClan with Needlepaw. Later, her apprentice, Beepaw, leaves ShadowClan with Cloverfoot and Berryheart.
When Violetpaw rejoins ShadowClan, Dawnpelt is chosen as her mentor. Dawnpelt is impressed by Violetpaw's hunting skills which she acquired from her time with the rogues. The next day, she and Violetpaw gather herbs for Puddleshine, the new medicine cat. When her father falls sick with a mysterious sickness, Puddleshine orders her to give Rowanstar tansy while he went to fetch lungwort from WindClan territory.
Dawnpelt discovers Violetpaw's sister, Twigpaw, in the apprentices' den. Their argument wakes up the rest of the Clan, and Dawnpelt explains to Crowfrost the predicament. When Twigpaw stays in ShadowClan to be used as a pawn against ThunderClan in exchange for lungwort, Dawnpelt excuses Violetpaw from training to spend time with her sister. Tawnypelt sends Dawnpelt to go with Lionpaw and Birchpaw to gather herbs. She threatens the ThunderClan cats when they invade ShadowClan to rescue Twigpaw. She also defends her mate when he allows Twigpaw to leave without a fight. Dawnpelt goes after Violetpaw, after the previous ordeal and is shocked to hear that Kinkfur has died. She is seen smoothing the dead cat's fur for her vigil. During the vigil, Crowfrost falls ill to yellowcough and later dies. Violetpaw notes how hard it was for her mentor to lose two of her kits and her mate, but admires how the cream-colored she-cat continued on without complaint.
She orders Violetpaw and Puddleshine to eat after a long day of taking care of sick cats and notes the hunting patrols haven't been sent out. Her remaining son, Strikestone, notes that the new deputy, Tigerheart, will send out some soon. Soon, her brother orders Dawnpelt to lead a hunting patrol with Violetpaw, Tawnypelt and Strikestone. She is chosen to go the Gathering that night and is surprised when some of the cats refuse to attend. She is seen pressing up against her father when Darktail attacks him. The rogue leader declares himself the new leader of ShadowClan. Rowanstar orders his cats to follow him to the Gathering, and Dawnpelt begins to follow him, but is stopped by Juniperclaw and Sleekwhisker. She numbly tells her kits that they betrayed their Clan. Sleekwhisker replies they've come to help her since Crowfrost died, noting since their father is dead, her kits are all Dawnpelt has left of him. Dawnpelt insists she has Strikestone and asks her son's opinion. Strikestone wants to stay, and despite Violetpaw's pleas, Dawnpelt chooses to remain in ShadowClan with her kits. She does so only reluctantly and blinks apologetically at her parents and brother, the only cats who go to the Gathering.

Shattered Sky

When Needletail asks Violetpaw why she's messing around with mouse bile, Violetpaw tells her that Dawnpelt told her to help the elders, to which Needletail replies that Dawnpelt isn't the boss of her anymore.
Rain mentions her while conferring with Darktail, after informing the rogue leader that he doesn't think Grassheart is a traitor but Dawnpelt is a cat that certainly needs watching.
One night, Dawnpelt wakes up Violetpaw, her head and shoulders in the den. Violetpaw begins to ask what is going on, but before she can, Dawnpelt raises a paw for silence. Dawnpelt informs her former apprentice that she is leaving the Kin, as it was a mistake to stay with Darktail. Finishing with saying that they're bad cats, Dawnpelt tells Violetpaw that she is leaving for ThunderClan like she should have from the start and is going now so Darktail won't notice she's gone. The cream she-cat asks her if she would like to come to ThunderClan also, as she has already sent both Strikestone and Juniperclaw ahead of her. Violetpaw declines the offer, confused because Darktail had taken it very well when Lioneye and the others had gone, even offering to escort them off the territory. Scratching the ground with her paws, Dawnpelt confesses that she doesn't trust the rogue leader.
Violetpaw asks about Sleekwhisker, and Dawnpelt's expression darkens as she explains that Sleekwhisker would never want to leave, so she didn't even tell her. The black-and-white she-cat tells her that she can't go with her, as she has to stay with Needletail. With an annoyed flick of her ears, Dawnpelt asks her if she has bees in her brain, because what the rogues are doing isn't good, and what they're about to do goes against everything the Clans stand for. Violetpaw protests that Darktail says they aren't Clan cats, and Dawnpelt growls that that is the problem, as Clan cats have honor. She pleads again with Violetpaw to come with her, and she could be her apprentice again in ThunderClan. Though she is very tempted, she once again denies the offer, saying she can't. Dawnpelt finally accepts her decision, dipping her head sadly and telling StarClan to always light Violetpaw's path, before she slips away.
Violetpaw curls back up and goes to sleep, but she is awoken by voices in the distance. She recognizes them as belonging to Darktail and Dawnpelt, realizing that Darktail must have caught her before she could get out of the territory. The two cats continue to argue, with Violetpaw hearing Darktail telling Dawnpelt that if she doesn't want to be with them, she is no longer Kin. Both cats walk out of range of Violetpaw's hearing, though it sounds to her like Darktail is letting Dawnpelt go after all.
While Alderheart and Mothwing are on their way to RiverClan's former territory in an attempt to get herbs and check what is happening, Mothwing comments that it is a mouse-brained plan, but there isn't anything else to do. Alderheart mews that she's right, as they cannot let thing continue as they are. He asks her if she had heard about what happened to Dawnpelt, and she shakes her head, asking what happened. The ThunderClan medicine cat explains that a few days ago, both Strikestone and Juniperclaw had appeared in their camp, asking to rejoin what was left of ShadowClan and had also said that their mother was going to follow them, but she had never turned up. Both Juniperclaw and Strikestone had said things were really bad with the rogues and were afraid something had happened to Dawnpelt. Mothwing comments that it wouldn't surprise her, and Alderheart continues that Dawnpelt might have chosen to go elsewhere, but he doubted it. The RiverClan medicine cat suggests if they can get into the RiverClan camp, they can keep a lookout for the former ShadowClan cat. In his mind, Alderheart thinks that if she isn't there, he's sure something bad has happened to Dawnpelt. He scans for her when they are allowed into the camp, but does not see her amongst the rogue cats.
Needletail asks about Dawnpelt and how she is doing in ThunderClan, as she and Raven are supervising the medicine cats' interactions with Puddleshine. Alderheart tells her that Dawnpelt isn't in ThunderClan and questions if she wasn't still with the rogues. Eyes widening, Needletail informs the ginger tom that she went to live with her kits and littermate there. With a shake of his head, he apologizes and mews that Dawnpelt didn't turn up. Neck fur rising and a look in her eyes that looks like she had understood something, Alderheart is about to interrupt, but Needletail cuts across him, harshly mewing that if anything had happened to her it was her own fault. Alderheart sees it is a ruse as Raven is still nearby.
Berryheart and Beenose are discovered to be missing by the rogues one sunrise. Violetpaw assumes that they had both gone to ThunderClan like Dawnpelt had, but remembers when she had tried to ask Needletail about it, her friend had changed the subject. Later on, Darktail informs Needletail and Violetpaw that he knew Needletail had given herbs to the medicine cats before, and if she isn't happy with how he is leading the Kin, she can always leave the same way Dawnpelt did. With the silver she-cat looking even more terrified than before Violetpaw suddenly comes to the conclusion that Dawnpelt may never have made it to ThunderClan because Darktail killed her.
When Roach, Raven, and Sleekwhisker haul Violetpaw and Needletail to the lake under Darktail's orders, she thinks about why they would be taking them to the lake. A memory springs to mind, about when Darktail and Dawnpelt had argued in the middle of the night and in terror, wonders if they are being taken to the same place that Dawnpelt had been taken too.
After the rogues flee at the end of the battle to drive out the Kin, Alderheart is looking for Violetpaw in ShadowClan's former territory. He asks himself why the rogue leader would take her and Needletail to the lake, before wondering if he was going to drown them; his breath catches in his throat as he asks himself if that could have been what happened to Dawnpelt and the other missing cats.

Darkest Night

When Tree has the dead cats appear by the lake, Dawnpelt is one of the deceased cats who appears, and her name is called out by her Clanmates.

River of Fire

Dawnpelt appears in StarClan, speaking with Needletail and Beenose. Dawnpelt hisses that she gave up her life trying to get back to ShadowClan and says that she never thought there would be a time where ShadowClan didn't exist. Beenose agrees with her and says that maybe it was their fault. Needletail hisses at her that it isn't, and the true blame belongs on Rowanclaw. Yellowfang, albeit unnamed, rebukes Needletail's statement, reminding her that it wasn't just Rowanclaw, but all the ShadowClan cats who misunderstood Darktail's true intentions. Blackstar then appears and admits he trusted Rowanclaw, but asks what he could possibly do when half of his Clan betrayed him to Darktail. Dawnpelt nods sadly and says that the white tom is right and knows that they all had made mistakes. The StarClan cats continue to argue, and a black she-cat enters. Needletail asks Blackstar who she is, and Blackstar, astonished, says that he doesn't know. The black she-cat introduces herself as Shadowstar, the very first ShadowClan leader. Dawnpelt gasps in shock, and Shadowstar hisses to the StarClan cats that ShadowClan must be saved. Dawnpelt wretchedly mews that it was too late, to which Blackstar explains that they've sent a prophecy, but the Clans are ignoring it. Shadowstar lashes her tail and tells them that if the fifth Clan is not saved, then worse things will come. Needletail mews that they should probably get working on a new prophecy.
At a half-moon meeting, Puddleshine suddenly exclaims that Dawnpelt came to him. The other medicine cats, astound and confused, are silent until Jayfeather asks what she said. Puddleshine closes his eyes and says that she didn't seem in pain, and was StarClan. Jayfeather, annoyed, asks what she said. Puddleshine tells the medicine cats that the cream-furred she-cat told him that that the shadows are approaching and must not be dispelled. Her message causes confusion among the cats, until Alderheart and Kestrelflight reveal they saw Needletail and Lioneye.
Dawnpelt is briefly mentioned by Violetshine, who thinks that Tawnypelt has lost so much, naming her daughter alongside Dawnpelt's father, Rowanclaw, and Dawnpelt's brother, Tigerheart.
Upon being revived as the new leader of ShadowClan, Tigerstar tells the ShadowClan cats that he saw Dawnpelt and Rowanclaw while he was dead.

The Raging Storm

She is mentioned to Bramblestar by Tigerstar when the latter claims that Jayfeather has little value for ShadowClan lives, referencing Flametail. Bramblestar rebukes that only Dawnpelt believed Jayfeather drowned Flametail and her judgement was clouded due to her being mad with grief at the time.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

When cats of WindClan accuse Breezepelt of killing Nightcloud, Kestrelflight recalls how Dawnpelt had accused Jayfeather for Flametail's death, and seeks to learn the truth from StarClan in the same way.

Bramblestar's Storm

When Bramblestar comes to visit ShadowClan and congratulate Rowanstar on his newly acquired leader name, Dawnpelt fetches Littlecloud, their medicine cat. Bramblestar notices that her belly is swollen, and the ThunderClan leader thinks to himself that Dawnpelt's kits will come soon. He remembers that Dawnpelt is Tawnypelt's daughter, and these unborn kits will be his kin. Leafpool, upon noticing the condition of the expecting queen, asks Rowanstar if she can stay for a couple days to help Littlecloud. Although stubborn, Rowanstar wants Dawnpelt to have a healthy litter of kits and reluctantly agrees, with his daughter's well being in mind.

Tigerheart's Shadow

Dawnpelt appears in StarClan, and she is one of the nine cats to give Tigerheart one of his lives. Tigerheart is glad to see his sister again, but sad that she is in StarClan now.
Dawnpelt gives Tigerheart a life for hope. Touching her nose to Tigerheart's head, she says that as long as he has hope, that hope will also burn in the hearts of his Clanmates. She wishes to Tigerheart that he would keep that hope alive, and energy flows through Tigerheart as he receives Dawnpelt's life. She is replaced by Yellowfang, who also gives him a life.
After Tigerheart has received his nine lives, Dawnpelt and Flametail face Tigerheart; she agrees with Raggedstar when he tells Tigerheart that he needs to reunite ShadowClan. Dawnpelt goes on to say that there must always be five Clans, and where there is sky, wind, river, and thunder, shadow must exist as well.

In the Novellas

Tawnypelt's Clan

In Tawnypelt's dream, Dawnpelt calls her mother just outside the warriors' den. Tawnypelt feels heartwarmed at hearing her daughter's voice. However, she then realizes that both Dawnpelt and Pinenose shouldn't even be there, as they were dead. She later reminisces that Juniperclaw was Dawnpelt's son, and wonders what could have been different if Dawnpelt were still alive.
When Tawnypelt interacts with Pouncekit, Lightkit and Shadowkit, she recalls that it had been a while since Dawnpelt or Tigerstar had been that small.
Dawnpelt is thought of multiple times by Tawnypelt, who greatly misses her daughter and reminisces about her along with Rowanclaw and Flametail.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

On Blackstar's page, it mentions that Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jaypaw schemed with Tigerpaw and Dawnpaw to create a false message to StarClan. She is also mentioned on Tawnypelt's page. Rowanclaw fathered Tawnypelt's three kits: Flametail, Dawnpelt, and Tigerheart. This is also reflected on Flametail's page as she is briefly mentioned to be Flametail's sister. It also mentions on Flametail's page that seeing him tired with worry, Dawnpelt and Olivenose invited him to play a game of prey-stone on the frozen lake.
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