"It's okay; I don't mind! I'm going to be a warrior. My paw may be dead, but the rest of me is still alive!"
— Deadpaw about his new name in Tallstar's Revenge, page 490

Deadfoot is a black tom with a twisted paw.[2]

Deadfoot was a deputy of WindClan under Tallstar's leadership in the forest territories. He is born to Meadowslip and Hickorynose, along with Pigeonkit and Sorrelkit, and named Hopkit for his twisted paw. He is apprenticed to Tailltail and given the name Deadpaw to acknowledge his disability. He becomes a warrior with the name Deadfoot, and later serves as Tallstar's deputy. He and Ashfoot beocme mates and have a son named Eaglekit, and helps to lead his Clan when Brokenstar drive them away. Upon returning to their territory, Deadfoot retains his respect for Fireheart until his visits become frequent. He goes on to father a second litter consisting of Crowfeather, Hillkit, and Downkit, but dies soon after. Deadfoot joins the ranks of StarClan, and chooses his son, Crowpaw, to go on the journey to the sun-drown place.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Deadfoot, the WindClan deputy, stepped out of the heather and jumped on top of the sandy badger set. He was small and skinny, and he moved with the distinctive lopsided gait that gave him his name, but Fireheart knew that, like the rest of WindClan, his size concealed an agility and speed that other Clans found hard to match."
—Narrator about Deadfoot Rising Storm, page 231
Deadfoot is the WindClan deputy, and he and Ashfoot have a son, Eaglekit. His Clan is driven out of their territory by Brokenstar's tyranny. He and Tallstar lead their Clan to a temporary sanctuary until Fireheart and Graystripe bring them home. Deadfoot is hesitant about the ThunderClan warriors, but soon learns to trust them. He and a few other warriors escort them back to their territory and briefly fight with RiverClan. Deadfoot allows the two to pass through WindClan territory frequently, but after WindClan learns that ThunderClan was harboring Brokentail, he angrily questions their frequently travels. He becomes gravely injured when TigerClan attacks WindClan's camp.

The New Prophecy

"Apprentice he may be, but he has courage and skill to match many warriors. One day he might make a fine leader of WindClan. [...] This is my choice. Do you – or any other cat – dare to say he is not worthy?"
—Deadfoot about choosing Crowpaw for the journey Midnight, pages 4-5
Sometime between the two arcs, Deadfoot had died and Mudclaw had succeeded him as deputy. Ashfoot has also given birth to their second litter, Crowkit, Downkit, and Hillkit, but only Crowkit survives to become an apprentice. In StarClan, Deadfoot chooses his surviving son to represent WindClan on a journey to the sun-drown-place. A few of the other cats are doubtful due to Crowpaw's age, but Deadfoot defends his choice.

Super Editions

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"We all have our flaws, but we overcome them. And sometimes, it's our flaws that make us who we are."
—Talltail explaining why he wants to mentor Hopkit Tallstar's Revenge, page 487
In Tallstar's Revenge, Hopkit is born to Hickorynose and Meadowslip alondside his littermates, Pigeonkit and Sorrelkit. Despite being born with a twisted paw, he moves agilely and nimbly. He asks Talltail to help him practice an attack crouch, and the older warrior encourages him to compensate for his disability. However, as his sixth moon approaches, Hopkit wonders if Heatherstar would make him a warrior. Talltail requests to mentor him, and at his apprentice ceremony, Heatherstar renames him Deadpaw. Meadowslip is outraged, but Deadpaw cheerfully takes his new name with stride.

Detailed description

Deadfoot is a small,[8] lean[9] black tom[2] with an unusable,[10] twisted left[11] paw.[2]


Author statements

  • Vicky says she thinks Deadfoot died in the battle with BloodClan,[12] in spite of the fact that he appears in The Heart of a Warrior.[11] As well as Crowfeather mentioning that his father was always busy as deputy when he was a kit. [13]


  • In The Heart of a Warrior, he is shown with with a lighter face.[14]

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Deadpaw's apprentice ceremony
Heatherstar: Welcome. Your apprentice name will be Deadpaw. Your mentor will be Talltail. Share your sense of adventure and courage with him, Talltail.
Deadpaw: I'm so glad it's you!
Everyone: Deadpaw! Sorrelpaw! Pigeonpaw!
Reference: Tallstar's Revenge, pages 490-491


Hopkit: "Hawkheart? If Heatherstar says I can't become a warrior, do you think I could become a medicine cat?"
Hawkheart: "No. You're too fidgety. Besides, WindClan doesn't need another medicine cat."
Hopkit: "But how can I be a warrior with this?"
Hawkheart: "You can walk on it, can't you?"
Hopkit: "I can limp."
Hawkheart: "If you can limp, you can walk. If you can walk, you can hunt."
Hopkit: "What about fighting? What if I can't fight?"
Hawkheart: "Then you'll just have to argue your enemies to death. You're great at arguing."
Hopkit: "No, I'm not."
—Hawkheart and Hopkit Tallstar's Revenge, pages 483-484

"But we weren't safe at home. We couldn't even protect them from ShadowClan, not even in our own camp!"
—Deadfoot to Ashfoot Fire and Ice, page 2

Deadfoot: "If we did go that way it would let RiverClan know that WindClan is back."
Fireheart: "And once they've smelled fresh WindClan scene, they might not be so keen to come rabbit hunting in your territory again."
Onewhisker: "It'll mean we'll be home before moonrise!"
Deadfoot: "You just want to make sure you get a good nest in your den!"
—Deadfoot, Fireheart, and Onewhisker agreeing to go through RiverClan territory Fire and Ice, pages 82-83

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Deadfoot: "Hello, Fireheart. You’re a long way from home."
Fireheart: "We just...we picked up a ShadowClan scent trail, and it led us up here."
Deadfoot: "ShadowClan on our territory!"
Graystripe: "I reckon it was an old scent. Nothing to worry about. We’re sorry we crossed the border."
Tornear: "You’re welcome here. The other Clans would have destroyed us in the last battle if your Clan hadn’t helped. Now we’re sure they’ll keep away. They know they have ThunderClan to reckon with."
Deadfoot: "[...] May StarClan light your path."
—Deadfoot at the head of a patrol after meeting Fireheart and Graystripe Forest of Secrets, pages 32-33

Deadfoot: "You seem to be making WindClan territory your second home."
Fireheart: "There's no other from the forest to the lands beyond."
Deadfoot: "Are you trying to travel to Highstones again? Where's Bluestar? Is she dead?"
Sandstorm: "Bluestar is fine!"
Mudclaw: "So, what are you doing here?"
Cloudpaw: "Just passing through."
Deadfoot: "I see it's not just Fireheart who needs a lesson in respect!"
—Deadfoot facing ThunderClan cats before attacking them Rising Storm, page 232

Deadfoot: "Neat move. But you're slow, like all forest cats."
Fireheart: "I'm fast enough."
—Deadfoot and Fireheart fighting Rising Storm, page 233

Firestar: "Our friends from WindClan are expecting us. Deadfoot. Good to see you."
Deadfoot: "And you, Firestar. Ravenpaw …Barley. We’ve heard about what happened at the farm. Good luck to you both. You deserve to get your home back."
Ravenpaw: "Thank you… that means a lot!"
—Deadfoot to a ThunderClan patrol while they help Ravenpaw and Barley The Heart of a Warrior, page 17

Deadfoot: "My turn, I think. See and approve my choice."
Oakheart: "What? That’s an apprentice!"
Deadfoot: "I had noticed, thank you, Oakheart."
Unknown cat: "Deadfoot, you can’t send an apprentice into danger such as this."
Deadfoot: "Apprentice he may be, but he has courage and skill to match many warriors. One day he might make a fine leader of WindClan."
Bluestar: "One day is not now. And the qualities of a leader are not necessarily those that the Clan need to save them now. Do you wish to make another choice?"
Deadfoot: "This is my choice. Do you – or any other cat – dare to say he is not worthy?"
—StarClan after Deadfoot selected a WindClan cat for the journey to Midnight Midnight, pages 4-5

"Deadfoot stared back with fury in his eyes, his fur fluffed up so that he looked twice his size. He was obviously ready to take on any cat who challenged him."
—Narrator on Deadfoot ready for anyone to challenge his decision Midnight, page 5

Deadfoot: "They’re going to kill us all! We have to escape!"
Mudclaw: "And abandon our camp? I’d rather die fighting than let these crow-food-eaters drive us out."
Tallstar: "Deadfoot’s right. We’ve lost too many already. If we lost any more, there will be no more WindClan."
Deadfoot: "Let’s go, now."
—Deadfoot, Mudclaw and Tallstar when ShadowClan attacks WindClan camp Secrets of the Clans, page 35

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