"She'd probably make me pick ticks off Rabbitfur for a moon."
Nettlepaw about Deerdapple in Mapleshade's Vengeance, chapter 1

Deerdapple is a silver-and-black tabby she-cat.[1]


In the Novellas

Mapleshade's Vengeance

Nettlepaw: "Hurry up! When did you get so slow?"
Mapleshade: "What would Deerdapple do if you spoke like that to her, hmmm?"
Nettlepaw: "She'd probably make me pick ticks off Rabbitfur for a moon."
Mapleshade: "You're lucky that I won't punish you, then. Now, off you go and let me speak to Beetail."
—Mapleshade and Nettlepaw discussing Deerdapple's punishment methods Mapleshade's Vengeance, page chapter 1
Deerdapple is a ThunderClan warrior and her apprentice is Nettlepaw. She is mentioned by Nettlepaw, who calls Mapleshade slow. The queen asks what Deerdapple would do if he spoke to her like that, and the apprentice answers that his mentor would probably make him pick ticks off of Rabbitfur for a moon.

Pinestar's Choice

Deerdapple has retired to the elders' den, and her apprentice is now a warrior named Nettlebreeze.

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