"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
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"Why do you need StarClan to decide?"
— Dewnose questioning Bramblestar in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 132

Dewnose is a gray-and-white[3] tom[6] with amber eyes.[7]

Dewnose is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born as Dewkit to Cloudtail and Brightheart as part of their second litter, with his littermates Amberkit and Snowkit. He was later apprenticed to his older sister Whitewing as Dewpaw, and helped out his Clan during the Great Storm. He later became a warrior named Dewnose and mentor to Thriftear, as well as fathering Baykit and Myrtlekit with Sorrelstripe.


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Omen of the Stars

Amberkit: "Why is Ferncloud asleep?"
Dewkit: "She's tired after all the fighting, silly. Dustpelt will wake her up."
—Amberkit and Dewkit after Ferncloud is killed The Last Hope, page 318
He is born to Cloudtail and Brightheart along with his siblings, Snowkit and Amberkit. The kits are their parents' second litter, with their older sibling being Whitewing. Dewkit and his littermates are born shortly before the Great Battle, and Brightheart, Daisy and Ferncloud protect them in the nursery. After Sorreltail dies, Lilykit and Seedkit become his foster sisters.

A Vision of Shadows

"I thought you two were meant to be helping us."
―Dewnose annoyed with Sparkpelt and Larksong Darkest Night, page 72
He is now a warrior named Dewnose, and his brother, Snowbush, has a litter of kits with Lilyheart: Larkkit, Leafkit and Honeykit. His patrol discovers Violetpaw escaping from the Kin with a plan to free the RiverClan prisoners. When she asks about Twigpaw, Dewnose comforts her when he reveals the Clan believes she has died. After Snowbush dies, Dewnose attends his vigil with the rest of his family. Twigpaw returns to rejoin ThunderClan from SkyClan, and Dewnose is among the many to doubt her loyalty.

The Broken Code

Bramblestar's impostor: "You're training him well, Dewtail."
Dewnose: "Dewnose. I'm called Dewnose."
Bramblestar's impostor: "Of course you are. I knew that."
—The impostor getting Dewnose's name wrong The Silent Thaw, page 24
Dewnose is now mentoring Thriftpaw, and his kits later become apprentices. After Thriftear becomes a warrior, Bramblestar's impostor gets Dewnose's name wrong when addressing him, referring to him as "Dewtail". Dewnose corrects him, which the impostor snaps at him afterwards. Dewnose, along with Lionblaze and Rosepetal, are convinced by Bristlefrost to thank StarClan out loud to honor the warrior code.

Super Editions

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"Come over here and insult Firestar's memory!"
―Dewpaw to a WindClan patrol Bramblestar's Storm, page Chapter 24
In Bramblestar's Storm, during the Great Storm, Dewpaw is now an apprentice with his older sister, Whitewing, as his mentor. He frequently gets into trouble for scaring Daisy and ruining bedding. He comforts Lilypaw when she has nightmare's of Seedpaw's death, and he and his littermates are overjoyed when the flood waters recede in their camp.
In Squirrelflight's Hope, Sorrelstripe gives birth to Dewnose's kits, Myrtlekit and Baykit.

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Dewnose's mate is Sorrelstripe, and their kits together are Baypaw and Myrtlepaw. His parents are Cloudtail and Brightheart. His littermates are Ambermoon and Snowbush, and his older sister is Whitewing. For more of Dewnose's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • He has kittypet blood through Cloudtail.[8]


  • He has been mistakenly called a she-cat.[9]
  • Although being younger than Lilyheart and Seedpaw,[10][2][11] Dewnose and his siblings were apprenticed first.[9]
    • However, in Crowfeather's Trial, the trio of siblings are still kits, while Lilypaw and Seedpaw are already apprenticed.[12]
  • He was mistakenly called Dewspring.[13]


"We killed the traitor! ThunderClan is safe!"
―Dewkit playing with Molepaw Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 9

Whitewing: "Can you remember all the names?"
Dewpaw: "I think so. This one is for Mousefur… She was an elder, but she fought so bravely! And this one is for Hollyleaf. She had been away for a while, but she came back in time to help us when the Dark Forest attacked. And this is for Foxleap, who died of his wounds afterward… This one is for Ferncloud. She was killed by Brokenstar when she was defending the kits in the nursery. And this is Sorreltail. She hid her wounds because she wanted to take care of the kits, but she died just when we thought we had won. She was the bravest of all."
Whitewing: "And the big mark right at the top? Do you know who that stands for?"
Dewpaw: "That's our leader, Firestar. He was the best cat in the whole forest, and he gave up his last life to save us!"
—Dewpaw reciting the names of the fallen Bramblestar's Storm, page 19

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Dewpaw: "Wow, we're on WindClan territory!"
Cinderheart: "[…] The ground three fox-lengths from the lake doesn't belong to any Clan, so we can travel safely as long as we don't take any prey."
Dewpaw: "But what about the water level? The safe ground has been swallowed up!"
—Dewpaw and Cinderheart Bramblestar's Storm, page 48

Dewpaw: "We're very sorry. We'll make it up to you."
Amberpaw: "I'll catch a vole and bring it to the nursery later. I know that's your favorite!"
Dewpaw: "And I'll collect some thrush feathers and make your nest really soft."
Daisy: "It's okay. I know you were just practicing. I'll look forward to the vole and the feathers, though!"
—Dewpaw and Amberpaw after frightening Daisy Bramblestar's Storm, page Chapter 5

"Daisy helped raise them when they were in the nursery. She's the last cat they'd want to hurt."
―Bramblestar's thoughts of Dewpaw and Amberpaw Bramblestar's Storm, page Chapter 5

"I just thought of something! We must be warriors now, because we've got warriors sleeping here, so this is the warriors' den."
―Dewpaw about warriors sleeping in the apprentices' den Bramblestar's Storm, page Chapter 8

Lilypaw: "Seedpaw… I want Seedpaw."
Dewpaw: "I'm here, Lilypaw. Lie closer to me. Seedpaw's in StarClan now."
—Dewpaw reassuring Lilypaw after Seedpaw's death Bramblestar's Storm, page Chapter 16

"She has a point. There's a reason it's part of the code."
―Dewnose agreeing with Bristlefrost that they should thank StarClan out-loud for their prey The Silent Thaw, page 59

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