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Dogs are carnivorous animals;[1] their size can range from that of a cat to that of a sheep, and their pelts can have a variety of colors and patterns.[2][3] They are presented in the books as dumb, careless animals, incapable of coherent thoughts or actions, with the exception of the Pack leader.[4] When they bark, they usually do either yappy or low, angry barks.[5] Dogs can have droopy or sharp ears, squashed or stretched muzzles, with long or short tails.[6]


Relation to Clan cats

Dogs are notoriously hostile to cats, and they will always chase and sometimes try to catch them. Usually, the cats can get away from a dog, many times because the owner of the dog turns up to take it away,[7] or the cats can climb trees or run away.[8] They often attack the cats when the cats make journeys through Twolegplace or around a Twoleg nest.[9] Confrontation with dogs is the main theme of A Dangerous Path. Dogs can also be friendly, like Spike was to Bristlefrost and Spotfur, and they can even live together with cats.[10]

Relation to Twolegs

Dogs are kept by Twolegs as pets or guards, and are rarely found in the wild.[11] They are usually seen in the company of Twolegs, who are walking them on a leash.[7] Bristlefrost notes that Twolegs treat dogs worse than they treat cats.[12]

Book mentions

In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

The cats who chose to follow the sun trail, led by Shaded Moss, run into a dog in their travels. Shattered Ice first notices the dog, as it drowns out the question of another group member, Hawk Swoop. Jagged Peak, a young kit, asks what a dog is since he has never heard of one before. Shaded Moss tells the smaller cat that they're creatures that you don't ever want to confront. The dog approaches, and Shaded Moss's group is forced to scatter, and Gray Wing thinks that the dog will eventually get them, as it's sniffing around. Soon enough, however, the dog gives up its search for the cats, and makes its way elsewhere, leaving the cats be. Later, three dogs appear and chase the traveling cats toward a Thunderpath, leading to Shaded Moss's death.[13]

Thunder Rising

River Ripple and a group of cats get chased by dogs, but quickly outrun it. Later, Jagged Peak and Thunder gets attacked by the same dogs but is sheltered by a tunnel, later saved by rogues.[14] Gray Wing and Turtle Tail are also seen outrunning a dog.

The First Battle

Clear Sky is training Alder and Birch, when suddenly a dog comes, and Petal helps them chase it away. In a flashback, Wind smells the scent of a dog and Branch tells her to ignore it, but it later attacks Wind. Branch helps her scare it away, but Wind ends up getting injured, causing Branch to abandon her.[15]

Path of Stars

Dogs are led into Slash's camp and Thunder and Lightning Tail start fighting them off in order to protect kits. Beech ends up getting killed by a dog and so does Stone. The dogs are fought off, eventually.

In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

When Lionheart takes Firepaw out for training, Firepaw smells a dog scent; however it is stale, and Firepaw proclaims it is safe to cross the Twoleg path.[16] When accompanying Bluestar on her trip back from the Moonstone, the patrol comes across dogs, and fortunately for them, the dogs are tied up.[17] They meet Barley, who warns them of the two dogs the patrol had encountered. They encounter rats, and Tigerclaw accuses Barley of sending them into a trap, but Barley defends himself that he sent them away from the dogs.[18]

Forest of Secrets

After a Gathering, when Graystripe and Fireheart go to the barn to talk to Ravenpaw, a dog is heard barking. Fireheart remembers that the Twolegs let the dogs off their chains at night, and hopes that he can locate Ravenpaw before he and Graystripe are noticed.[19] Later, when Fireheart takes Cloudpaw to see Princess, Cloudpaw asks if he can see his mother, and Fireheart asks if he smells dogs or fresh Twoleg scent. Cloudpaw shakes his head, and Fireheart says that they can then go.[20]

Rising Storm

Fireheart suspects Cloudpaw has gone to pay a visit to Twolegs, and Sandstorm offers him her company. Fireheart accepts. Shortly after, Sandstorm asks if Fireheart is sure he had gone this waw after hearing a dog bark. He assures her that the dog won't leave its garden, before carrying on.[21] Later, Fireheart, Ravenpaw, and Sandstorm reach a part of shade in the hot sun, but Ravenpaw announces that they cannot stay there, as Twolegs like to walk their dogs. They come across the Twoleg nest where Cloudpaw is, but Ravenpaw scents dogs.[22] They tell each other to run, and to keep going as the dogs cannot keep up their pace for long. Ravenpaw and the two split up, but using his speed, Ravenpaw is able to outrun the dogs to safety.[23]

A Dangerous Path

A pack of dogs is released into the forest, saying "Pack, pack" and "Kill, kill".[24] Fireheart and the patrol he's leading smell the scent of dogs, and soon many other cats do too, leading them to believe there are dogs nearby.[25] As the patrol reports to a depressed Bluestar, she pounces on the opportunity, accusing WindClan of prey-stealing.[26] Fireheart gathers the Clan for a meeting, and shortly after, repeats his encounter with Bluestar to Cinderpelt.[27] At the next Gathering, Bluestar uses the "proof" of rabbit remains that ThunderClan's patrols had found to accuse Tallstar of stealing.[28] Soon, two apprentices, Swiftpaw and Brightpaw, find out about them and decide to look for the dogs in order to fight them and impress Bluestar, hoping that she'll promote them into warriors. Their plan is foiled when they get there, as the dogs attack them ferociously and end up killing Swiftpaw and scarring Brightpaw permanently. Later, they discover that the dogs are hunting and living by Snakerocks, and are living there as a pack. Tigerstar tries to lead the dog pack to ThunderClan camp, but Fireheart changes the direction of his trail and leads them over to the gorge.

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In the The New Prophecy arc


Early on their quest, the six cats encounter a dog, but the dog is dragged away by their Twoleg.[29] The six questing cats are chased by a dog but are saved by Purdy, who suggest them to climb up a tree. Soon, the owner of the dog comes and takes the dog away, leaving the cats in peace.[30]


When Cody is kidnapped along with the others by the workfolk, Cloudtail asks how Princess is doing. Cody answers that the she-cat was fine, and a dog had inhabited the Twoleg den next to hers, but she quickly let it now what was her territory.[31] The journeying Clans encounter a dog in the vicinity of Barley's barn, but fight it off. The next day, another dog threatens a hunting patrol, but it is fought off as well.[32] Hawkfrost and Leafpaw are hunting when the former comes across the scent of a dog. Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw help scare it off.[33]


When Firestar assigns Ashfur as Birchpaw's mentor, he says that the warrior has dealt with loss and grief, and Squirrelflight knows that he is talking about how Brindleface has been murdered by Tigerstar as bait for the dog pack, to lure the dogs into the former ThunderClan camp. When Daisy comes to ThunderClan and Daisy is afraid of Brightheart's scars, Squirrelflight thinks that she has grown accustomed to seeing the injuries Brightheart received from the dogs. Brightheart informs Daisy that she was attacked by dogs.
When Leafpool sees Brambleclaw in the Dark Forest with Hawkfrost and Tigerstar, and the deceased ShadowClan leader tells his kin to be courageous, she wonders if he felt like that when he led the dog pack to ThunderClan to gain revenge. Soon after, when Cloudtail tries to teach Daisy fighting moves, he tells her that she needs to know how to defend herself against creatures like foxes or dogs. Leafpool thinks that he is being patient with Daisy, and remembers that he was patient with Brightheart after she had been attacked by the dogs.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Dogs attack WindClan, but the warriors fight them off, helped by ThunderClan.[34]

Dark River

A dog chases Hollypaw into WindClan territory, and she is caught by a WindClan patrol.[35]


When Lionpaw and Breezepaw foolishly decide to hunt near a Twoleg nest, Hollypaw comes with them to make sure they are safe, but two dogs escape from the nest and attack the three apprentices. Luckily, Purdy saves them by telling them to jump back up the way they came down, using the hay bales. The apprentices do so, but Breezepaw is held back, his tail in the jaws of a dog. When he finally breaks free, he is seen complaining and insulting the dogs.


Dogs attack the patrol returning from the sun-drown-place, and they are saved by Jingo, a loner. The same loner recounts a story when they were holed up in an abandoned building, threatened by feral dogs.[36]

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Dogs attack the patrol that was looking for water, but the cats climb a tree, and the dogs are called away by their Twolegs. Later, the group encounters other dogs, but they manage to hide.

Fading Echoes

Dovepaw senses a dog in WindClan territory attacking Sedgewhisker. Dovepaw tries to go and help her, but Lionblaze stops her and says she can take care of herself. Dovepaw goes to WindClan territory later that night anyway, accompanied by Ivypaw.

Night Whispers

When Dovepaw stretches her hearing to listen to the cats around the lake, she hears a dog yapping near the horseplace.

Sign of the Moon

A group of cats find some dogs, but they are called in by their Twolegs and leave. Later, a patrol gets attacked by a dog but it's called by their Twolegs as well, saving the cats.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Shattered Sky

A trio of dogs finds and chases Twigpaw while she is out looking for SkyClan and her kin. The dogs nearly catch her, but the she-cat manages to escape them by climbing up a tree.

Darkest Night

While Alderheart and Sparkpelt walk back to camp, they get attacked by a dog and it bites Sparkpelt's leg but Alderheart drives the dog away by attacking it.

The Raging Storm

At SkyClan camp, a dog comes and the quickly cats leave the camp to avoid it from attacking them.

In the Broken Code arc

Darkness Within

While Spotfur and Bristlefrost are looking for a kittypet named Pancakes, they encounter a dog named Spike.[37] They are chased by it until Twolegs call the dog back. Two excited kits come up to the Clan cats telling them that Spike loves cats and lives with the kits' Twolegs.[38] This surprises Bristlefrost, noting that dogs and cats don't live together, and Twolegs treat dogs worse than they treat cats.[12]

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Dogs are mentioned in "Brightheart Speaks: The Death of Swiftpaw", as Brightheart narrates how dogs at Snakerocks attacked them when she and Swiftpaw went to investigate. She explains how the dogs killed Swiftpaw and left her with terrible, life-long scars.
Dogs are later mentioned in the section for other animals. They are described as: having various sizes, long or short fur in many colors, pointed or flat noses, and droopy or sharp ears. They make loud, angry noises and love chasing cats. Dogs live mostly in Twoleg nests or barns. Wild dogs might sleep anywhere. They are loud, fast, and sharp-toothed. Many dogs seem to be devoted to their Twolegs and are seen only in Twoleg company. Packs of dogs are always to be feared.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

Shattered Peace

When Ravenpaw and Barley's farm catches on fire, they dig up the metal stick holding the dogs down and escape before the dogs attack them.

The Heart of a Warrior

When ThunderClan attacks the rogues threatening Ravenpaw and Barley's farm, the dogs on the farm managed to break free from the chains holding them down and come to ThunderClan's side.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

Warrior's Refuge

Graystripe is cornered by Twoleg dogs, and just as he thinks it is over, his companion, Millie, comes to the rescue and it is revealed she speaks a little bit of dog language. Millie uses rough words to drive the dogs out, who are not as tough as they look.

In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

When Leafstar assesses Sol, they come to the abandoned Twoleg den, and Leafstar explains that a mean old Twoleg used to live there, but one night they attacked him and his dog, and now they have left.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

After Silver Stripe is rescued from a rabbit burrow and the cats head back to the camp, Willow Tail slows down, and Moth Flight wonders if she heard a badger or a dog. Later, when Wind Runner lectures Moth Flight for getting distracted and missing a rabbit, she asks what would happen if a dog is loose on the moor since some cats might not have to strength to outrun it.
When Moth Flight leaves WindClan, she can hear dogs barking somewhere far away. When Spotted Fur comes and finds Moth Flight, she warns him that there might be dogs around, since she heard them barking earlier. Later on, Red Claw accidentally leads dogs inside the camp, but it's blinded and killed by Clear Sky.

Crookedstar's Promise

When dogs are revealed to be sheltering inside RiverClan territory, Crookedjaw comes up with a plan to chase them out. He gathers a patrol and a cat lures the dog to the rest of the patrol, and they plan to drive the dog out. Rainflower, however, is a part of the patrol and manages to lure the dog away, but the dog knocks Rainflower into the river and she hits her head on a rock, thus causing her death.

Bluestar's Prophecy

In the prologue, it is shown how Bluestar dies from the dogs, but from her point of view rather than Fireheart's.[39] A dog attacks a patrol led by Bluefur. Thistlepaw, Bluefur, Adderfang, and White-eye get away safely by climbing into a tree. They anxiously await the dog's decision. Just as the dog is about to jump up, a Twoleg barks at him and the dog stops, whining softly as he walks back.[40]
Later, Bluefur finds a tuft of dog's fur on the ground. She plans to give it to Whitekit, but Tigerkit takes it first, pouncing on it and inventing a new game, "Kill the Dog".[41] Sunstar, the ThunderClan leader, is mentioned to be killed by a dog at the end of the book, because he was too old to run away fast enough, and the patrol sent for help got there too late to save him in time.[42]

Firestar's Quest

As Firestar walks to the Moonstone, he scents the stale scent of dogs. There are no dogs, but Firestar becomes more wary.[43] Later, Spottedleaf visits Firestar in a dream, stating that they couldn't control when a dog pack attacked ThunderClan, trying to prove that sometimes, even StarClan is helpless.[44] When Smudge comes to visit Firestar, Firestar scents him first and thinks it might be a dog. He rushes towards the smell, instead of seeing his old kittypet friend.[45] During Sootpaw's training with Firestar, he scents a Twoleg with two dogs. However, the scent is stale, and the cats are safe from dogs.[46] Dogs chase the questing Firestar and Sandstorm several times, though the cats manage to get away.[47]

SkyClan's Destiny

As Snookpaw leads Leafstar, Sharpclaw and Billystorm around Twolegplace to try and find the injured Twoleg kit's family, Snookpaw jumps onto the wrong fence, and a small dog rushes up, leaping at the fence, trying to reach him. Later on, as Stick and the rogues give some SkyClan warriors a secret patrol of Twolegplace, a dog sees them, and starts yapping, hurling itself at the fence which is between it and the patrol. Rockshade is frightened, and tries to run, but is stopped by Stick.
In the manga, Leafstar, Rabbitpaw and a patrol go into Twolegplace to try and teach some dogs a lesson, as they are troubling SkyClan. They ask a kittypet about the dogs, and the kittypet says that they live at the house with the pointed roof. But as Leafstar and Rabbitpaw go around a corner whilst the rest of the patrol try to find the dogs, they reach a dead end. Leafstar sees the kittypet in a tree, and realizes that she lied to them about the dogs. Leafstar and Rabbitpaw hide in an empty Twoleg container to hide from the dogs, who are heading their way. The dogs knock over the container, hurting Leafstar's leg. Rabbitpaw manages to escape, and he warns the patrol, who begin to fight the dogs, Rabbitpaw joining in. The dogs then flee, and Sharpclaw, Billystorm and Shrewtooth remark that they will remember who attacked them.

Hawkwing's Journey

When Hawkwing, Darktail and Toad enter the barn, they smell dog scent and all of a sudden, two dogs appear from a corner with Twolegs. The cats run up the copse of a tree, but Toad falls and is killed by the dogs.
Later, after Plumwillow gives birth, dogs burst into the SkyClan camp. The cats hide until the dogs leave. A few moments later, a dog appears chasing a patrol into the camp.

Crowfeather's Trial

While searching for Nightcloud in Twolegplace, Crowfeather’s patrol run into a group of dog kits, who attempt to play. Gorsetail threatens to hurt them, but Heathertail protests and says she’ll distract them while the others seek refuge on a fence. She weaves around them, dodging their paws, and once her Clanmates are safe, swats one on the nose. The dog kit springs back with a high-pitched squeal. The other dog kits playful yaps turn angry and they advance on Heathertail, but the WindClan warrior swiftly scrambles onto the fence.
Nightcloud mentions that she was attacked by two foxes, but a dog began barking at them and scared the two foxes away, allowing her to run to the Twolegplace.

Tallstar's Revenge

Tallstar walks by a dog, but avoids it and sees a tom being attacked by a dog and helps him fight the dog off.

In the Novellas

Hollyleaf's Story

A small fox ran into the tunnel Hollyleaf was in, startling her. She thinks the fox will try to attack her, but soon she realizes that it's scared and running away from something. A few moments later, she sees a big dog and after the dog spots the fox, it starts growling at it. Luckily, a Twoleg comes over and drags it away by its collar. [48]

Mistystar's Omen

Two apprentices are being attacked by a dog and Reedwhisker helps them fight it off.[49]

Ravenpaw's Farewell

A trio of cats run into a dog, but its Twoleg quickly takes it away.

Thunderstar's Echo

Thunderstar hears dogs barking and climbs up a tree. The other cats climb up the tree too, to avoid getting injured by the dogs. Thunderstar jumps off the tree to try and lead the dogs away from his mate, Violet Dawn, and the others. The dogs chase him, but soon he realizes that he can't outrun them, so he changes direction and runs towards a tree. Before hitting it, he changes his direction abruptly before hitting it and the dogs hit the tree. He turns around and sees Violet Dawn and a few others with another dog. Violet Dawn scratches the dog's eye, and they run up the tree. The dogs leave and no one is hurt.
Later, Thunderstar and Lightning Tail go investigate where the dogs came from. When they get there, they see a rogue's body and realize a dog has killed her. Then, the dogs come out but they are called back in by their Twolegs. They find an opening in a fence, which is where the dogs go out into the forest, but as they are attempting to cover it, the dogs come out and the cats start running, but they are cornered by the dogs. Thunderstar attacks a dog, so Lightning Tail can escape, but his loyal deputy returns to help him. They escape, with severe injuries. Lightning Tail dies because of his injuries and Thunderstar loses a life.
When Thunderstar wakes up, he realizes he still needs to escape the dogs. He climbs a fence and yowls, to alarm the dogs and their Twolegs. He then jumps off and the Twolegs notice the hole and remend it. Thunderstar is relieved the dogs can't escape anymore and walks back home.

Shadowstar's Life

While Shadowstar and Sun Shadow are going home, they hear dogs. Shadowstar wants Sun Shadow to avoid the dogs. They walk near the Thunderpath to trick them. The dogs find them, and block their path and when they try a different path, they find another dog blocking their way. They attack the dogs, but a dog pulls Shadowstar down, which causes Sun Shadow to come help her. Both are killed by the dogs.

In Winds of Change

Barkface and Mudclaw go out in the forest searching for some juniper berries. They find a bush of berries and even though they're pretty small, Barkface starts collecting some. He doesn't notice the dog who is behind the bush and when the it jumps out in attempt to attack him, Mudclaw defends him and attacks the dog, driving it away from Barkface. [50]

In the Stand-alone Mangas

The Rise of Scourge

As Tiny explores the new Twolegplace, he sees a big dog sleeping in an alley. At first he's terrified, he thinks the dog will attack and eat him, but later he realizes he's an old dog, so old he can barely walk. When the dog gets up, Tiny sees the dog's tooth on the floor and uses it to remove his collar, but it doesn't help and instead gets stuck in his collar. [51]
Since Tiny lied about being able to fight and kill dogs, two cats, Bone and Brick come up to him and ask him if he can fight a dog for them because it's near their food. [52] They take him to the dog's den and Tiny notices how big it is and regrets telling them he can fight dogs. Later on, he decides to fight the dog because the other cats are really hungry and the dog is preventing them from getting any food. When he approaches the dog, the dog doesn't see Tiny, he sees Tiny's enlarged shadow and quickly runs away in fear. [53]

Other occurrences

  • It is mentioned in the allegiances of several books that a black-and-white terrier named Pip lives near the horseplace, though it is seldom seen.
  • In The Rise of Scourge, an elderly dog called Samwise is briefly seen sleeping, and then being called on by his owner.
  • In Crowfeather's Trial, the journeying patrol comes across dog kits. Heathertail forms a plan to distract the kits, and the kits seemingly play with her. When Heathertail swipes their muzzle, they become hostile, but Heathertail's legs are able to outrun the dog kits.[54]
  • In Pebbleshine's Kits, a brown dog named Bunny is good friends with a loner named Bug. They share a home together in a barn.
  • In Darkness Within, a stocky dog named Spike gets excited upon meeting Bristlefrost and Spotfur, but is taken back inside by his Twoleg. He is the companion of two kittypets, Eggs and Bacon.[10]

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