"He was going to be the best ShadowClan warrior ever! He'd scratch out those scrawny WindClan cats' eyes, he'd chase the fat RiverClan cats until their legs fell off, he'd creep up on the ThunderClan cats and claw their ears..."
— Driftkit daydreaming about being a warrior in Code of the Clans, page 44-45

Driftkit is a gray tabby tom.[1]


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Code of the Clans

Driftkit is an ancient ShadowClan kit.
He plays with a dead mouse with his sister, Fallowkit, who are practicing for battles. As he is daydreaming about being a warrior, Driftkit launches himself onto the mouse from a branch. The deputy, Sunnytail rushes up to him and scolds him, telling him that the mouse, the last one in the fresh-kill pile, is not fit to eat now, and that some cat would have to go hungry. Driftkit is humiliated, and full of energy, also wishing he could disappear, even more so when Lilystar echoes Sunnytail's scolding, along with explaining gently to the kit that the mouse did not die to become a toy, but to help the Clan survive. His mother, Splashnose, fiercely defends him, retorting that he didn't know.
Later, an owl suddenly swoops down, rushing past his head and the cats flee, but Driftkit is too terrified to move. It swoops down, close enough for him to see its feathers, however, instead of taking him, the owl takes the mouse in front of his paws. His mother then races towards him and starts to fuss over the kits. He pulls away from her, thinking that warriors don't get fussed over by their mothers whenever they won a battle. The owl flies away with the mouse in its talons.
Lilystar claims that the owl was a sign from StarClan, explaining that prey was given to them by StarClan and could be taken away. She then decides to add this to the warrior code, the law saying prey must be killed only to be eaten and that they must give thanks to StarClan for its life.

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Splashnose:[1] Living (As of Code of the Clans)


Fallowkit:[1] Living (As of Code of the Clans)


Splashnose ♀
Driftkit ♂Fallowkit ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Sunnytail: "Driftkit! What in the name of StarClan are you doing to that mouse?"
Driftkit: "I was just practicing being a warrior, Sunnytail."
—Driftkit answering Sunnytail's question Code of the Clans, page 45

Lilystar: "Is it true? Did you take the last of our food?"
Driftkit: "I guess."
Splashnose: "It wasn't his fault."
Lilystar: "Driftkit, you should not have taken that mouse to play with. Prey is too scarce to be wasted. That mouse did not die to become a toy, but to keep us alive after a long leaf-bare. Do you understand?"
Driftkit: "Yes, Lilystar."
—Lilystar gently scolding Driftkit Code of the Clans, page 46

Splashnose: "Are you all right, precious?"
Driftkit: "I'm fine."
—Driftkit refusing to be fussed over by his mother Code of the Clans, page 47

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