"This is my territory. Anyone who comes or goes here, it's by my say-so. And you don't have permission."
— Duke to Graystripe about his territory in The Lost Warrior, page 45

Duke is a huge black-and-white tom with a spiked collar and several nicks in both his ears.[2]


In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

"This fat, lazy cat's about to rip your head off! [...] Yeah! That's right! Tail between your legs, you little runt!"
—Duke to Graystripe The Lost Warrior, page 47
Duke is a vicious kittypet, feared by all the other cats in Twolegplace, who say he has never lost a fight.
When Graystripe first strays out of his Twolegs' territory, Duke is enraged, because he supposedly is trespassing on his territory. Duke threatens to attack Graystripe, however, Graystripe calls him a fat and lazy kittypet. Duke snaps, which causes him to attack Graystripe. Despite being a trained Clan warrior, Graystripe has gotten out of shape from living in the Twoleg nest so long, and loses the fight. This makes him stop and think if he is still truly a warrior of ThunderClan, or if he is turning into a soft kittypet. Soon after his fight with Duke, Millie, another kittypet, comforts him by saying that no cat has ever won a fight against Duke and he shouldn't be ashamed.
Later, when Graystripe is teaching Millie warrior skills in a wooded clearing, Duke comes in with two other tough cats. He tells the two to leave, saying that it is his clearing, even if he hardly goes there, thus starting another fight. This time, training with Millie has strengthened Graystripe; he attacks Duke, while she deals with his two companions. Defeated, Duke runs off, humiliated and frightened, calling Graystripe a savage and saying that he could have been killed.

Warrior's Return

"But I realize these aren't pampered weaklings. These are more like Duke."
—Graystripe when attacked by kittypets Warrior's Return, page 73
Although Duke does not formally appear, he is mentioned by Graystripe when he and Millie get attacked by a gang of kittypets, and while fighting them, Graystripe notices that the kittypets are not pampered pets, and compares some to Duke.

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Duke: "And just what do you think you're doing?"
Graystripe: "Excuse me?"
Duke: "This is my territory. Anyone comes or goes here, it's by my say-so. And you don't have permission."
Graystripe: "Oh–I'm sorry. I didn't realize fat, lazy kittypets ever had territory of their own."
Duke: "RRRRRRRRRHHH! Here's your fat and lazy!"
—Duke and Graystripe before they fight The Lost Warrior, page 45

"I wouldn't feel bad if I were you. Nobody's ever won a fight against Duke."
—Millie to Graystripe about Duke The Lost Warrior, page 48

Duke: "Well, wouldja look at that. A couple of puny little kittens, play-fighting. Huh huh huh…"
Millie: "We don't want any trouble, Duke. We'll leave. The clearing’s yours."
Duke: "You say that like you think I'm interested in what you're gonna do. I know what you're gonna do. You're gonna take a serious beating."
—Duke finding Millie and Graystripe training The Lost Warrior, page 67

"Hhissss! Let go! Letgoletgo! What are you doing? You could've killed me! What a pair of savages you are!"
—Duke after Graystripe bites at his throat The Lost Warrior, page 70

"Do you know what it means that you beat Duke? Nobody beats Duke!"
—Millie to Graystripe about winning a fight against Duke The Lost Warrior, page 72

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