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"Let us help you however we can. We know the sacrifices you will be making for us from now on."
— Duskfur handing some minnows to Mistystar in Mistystar's Omen, chapter 2

Duskfur is a brown tabby she-cat.[1]

Duskfur is a RiverClan warrior that has served under Leopardstar's and Mistystar's leaderships in the lake territories. She mentored Copperpaw and later gave birth to Curlkit and Podkit. After her kits became warriors, Duskfur mentored Shadepelt and Dappletuft. After Darktail's treachery traumatized RiverClan, Duskfur fiercely defended their borders even from those seeking peace.


In the Power of Three arc


Duskfur is a RiverClan warrior and her apprentice is Copperpaw.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Duskfur is now a queen.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Duskfur is mentoring another apprentice, Shadepaw.

Thunder and Shadow

Her apprentice, Shadepaw, has become a warrior known as Shadepelt.

Shattered Sky

Duskfur appears at a Gathering, along with her Clanmates, Reedwhisker, Mintfur, and Mistystar. She is clustered close to the RiverClan leader, with her Clanmates doing the same. Despite their wounds, the RiverClan warriors stand proudly, determined to be strong.

Darkest Night

She is mentoring another apprentice, Dapplepaw. When Jayfeather, Alderheart, Kestrelflight, Puddleshine, and Leafpool go to the RiverClan border to share something with their medicine cats, she and two other cats come out of the reeds. Duskfur asks what they are doing at the border, and Jayfeather calmly replies that they need to share what StarClan has said with Mistystar. She asks what news it is, and the gray tabby says StarClan would've shared their message with warriors if they wanted to. Shimmerpelt snarls that the border is closed and the medicine cats argue that Mistystar, Mothwing, and Willowshine would like to hear what they have to say. Duskfur explains that she is to stop any cat from crossing into their territory, as RiverClan does not need distractions from rebuilding.
Alderheart argues that Mistystar never said that at the Gathering, but the RiverClan tabby retorts that she is now. Her gaze flicks to the reed bed and adds they shouldn't be that deep in their borders, as none of the RiverClan cats are going to take them to the camp. This causes Jayfeather to demand that they bring their medicine cats there, so Duskfur growls that if the other medicine cats won't explain the news, then RiverClan will have to wait for StarClan to bring the news to them. Sneezecloud also puts in that if it's important, then they'll let RiverClan know. After Kestrelflight and the other cats argue about WindClan, the brown tabby she-cat asks the five cats if they're going to leave, or if the patrol needs to drive them away. Jayfeather inquires if she will tell Mistystar what happened, or if she doesn't want her leader to know she's been making the decisions for her. A growl builds in Duskfur's throat and Alderheart has to lead his former mentor and the other cats away.
When Willowshine appears out of the halfbridge, Alderheart remembers that he hasn't seen another RiverClan cat since Duskfur and the others drove them away. He mentions that he and the other medicine cats tried to reach her and Mothwing, but the tabby had made the patrol leave, although Willowshine interrupts him before he can finish. Alderheart thinks that the gray tabby needs to know that Duskfur drove them away, as RiverClan cutting themselves off from StarClan could lead to disaster. Alderheart mentions the incident again, and she replies that she knows, considering the patrol had reported loudly about what happened. She explains that Duskfur had seemed angry that they tried to cross the border, and even though Mothwing had tried to tell her that medicine cats are allowed to do that, she wouldn't listen. Willowshine, avoiding the tom's eye, said Mistystar agreed with the brown tabby, saying she was right to send the five cats away.

In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

Her apprentice, Dapplepaw, is now a warrior named Dappletuft. Duskfur participates in the battle against the Sisters, and Squirrelflight weaves herself between Duskfur and Oatclaw. When the Sisters are cornered, Hawk leaps on Duskfur's back.

In the Novellas

Mistystar's Omen

"I had hoped she would live long enough to see these little ones become apprentices."
―Duskfur after Leopardstar dies Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 2
Duskfur and her two kits, Podkit and Curlkit, are in camp when Leopardstar struggles after her fall. Her kits ask her if Leopardstar is dead, though Duskfur tells them no, and that she is just tired. The morning that Leopardstar dies, Duskfur draws her kits closer to her with her tail, before remarking sadly that she had hoped Leopardstar would remain alive long enough to see her kits become apprentices.
After the announcement and after Mistystar returns from her walk with the elders, Mistystar spots Duskfur and her kits in the clearing again. Grasspelt, having just returned from his hunting patrol, delivers two minnows to the pile before setting out again. Duskfur prods the two minnows thoughtfully, as though considering whether or not to take them. When she sees Mistystar, she stops and pushes the minnows toward her, saying that she and her kits can eat later. Seeing that this worries Mistystar further about RiverClan's food shortage, Duskfur prompts her to allow her Clanmates to help in any way they can. The queen says that she and her Clanmates already know all of the sacrifices Mistystar will make for them. Mistystar wishes that she could somehow tell Duskfur how isolated she feels, but she has no idea how to explain it.
Immediately after Mistystar's announcement of Reedwhisker as her deputy at moonhigh, Duskfur asks if she can take her kits to their nest, saying that they're getting tired, and Mistystar agrees. Later, when Mistystar sees the pitiful fresh-kill pile, she tells the most recent hunting patrol that their catch wouldn't feed Duskfur's kits, let alone anyone else.
Duskfur later scolds her kit, Podkit, thinking that he was bothering Mistystar. Mistystar replies that Podkit was doing nothing of the sort, and then comments that if Podkit really was the incredible hunter he'd been pretending to be, she'd make him a warrior right away. Podkit is shocked and excited, asking if she means it. His sister, Curlkit, comes over and tells him to stop being so minnow-brained. Duskfur scolds her for being so rude to her brother and then comments to Mistystar about how much of her time she spends scolding her kits. This makes Mistystar remember her own dead kits, and tells Duskfur that it gets better with time. Duskfur realizes that she'd spoken without thinking and quickly changes the subject, saying that she was glad Mistystar was their new leader, although she still missed Leopardstar. She asks Mistystar if she could do something about a barrier to keep curious kits from wandering into the river and drowning. Mistystar says that she'll try to get Grasspelt and the apprentices to get on it right away.
Later, as Mistystar leads her patrol upstream of RiverClan territory, Mistystar recalls what Duskfur had said about the recent rains making the river swollen and the banks slippery.

Mothwing's Secret

Before the Great Battle, Mothwing treats Podkit's cough and explains to Duskfur that her son will be fine. Duskfur thanks her and Mothwing reminds her to stay in the nursery in case the Dark Forest attacks. Duskfur asks Mothwing if she think they will, and Mothwing replies it's better to take precautions just in case. During the battle, Duskfur defends the nursery with Dapplenose and Pouncetail against a Dark Forest cat. The Dark Forest cat knocks Duskfur away. Hawkfrost approaches the nursery, and Duskfur and the elders attempts to defend it. Hawkfrost kills Dapplenose, and Duskfur and Pouncetail yowl in horror.

Dovewing's Silence

Duskfur has returned to her warrior duties after spending time in the nursery.

Character pixels




Podlight:[5] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Curlfeather:[5] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Graykit:[6] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Frostkit:[6] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Mistkit:[6] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Duskfur ♀
Podlight ♂Curlfeather ♀
Mistkit ♀Frostkit ♀Graykit ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Author statements

  • Kate has said that she would like Reedwhisker to be Duskfur's mate and even wrote it in her Allegiance list, but it isn't confirmed as canon.[blog 1]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Su Susann's "Missing Kits" on Vicky's Facebook, Skyheart and Reedtail were mates, and Icewing, Pinefur, and Duskfur were their daughters. Duskfur was also described as a brown she-cat with blue eyes.[7] Her half siblings through Reedtail were Dragonflykit, a white tom with dark gray tabby patches and amber eyes, and Duckkit, a brown tabby tom with green eyes and a straight tail.[8]


Duskfur: "Don't be rude to your brother. If you can't play nicely, one of you will have to go back to the nest."
Podkit: "She started it."
Duskfur: "Tell me it gets better. Some days I feel I do nothing but scold them from dawn until dusk!"
Mistystar: "It does get easier."
Duskfur: "We're all so pleased that you're our leader. Not that I didn't like Leopardstar, of course, but every cat thinks you're the best choice for RiverClan. [...] There was one thing I wanted to talk to you about. I found Curlkit up to her belly in mud yesterday by the stream, and I wondered if we could put up some sort of barrier to keep kits away from the edge of the water. I know it's inside the boundary of the camp, but I'd hate for there to be an accident with a very small kit."
—Duskfur dealing with her kits while speaking to Mistystar Mistystar's Omen, page chapter 6

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