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"Let me keep busy. I need something to distract me, or the memories hurt too much."
— Dustpelt to Bramblestar about retiring in Bramblestar's Storm, page 26

Dustpelt is a dirt-colored[14] dark brown tabby tom[2] with amber eyes.[15]

Dustpelt was a ThunderClan warrior that served under Bluestar's, Firestar's, and Bramblestar's leaderships in the forest and lake territories. He was born to Fuzzypelt and Robinwing as Dustkit alongside his brother, Ravenpaw. As an apprentice, Dustpaw was mentored by Redtail and was saddened by his death and later received Darkstripe as his second mentor. Dustpaw was critical of the former kittypet, Firepaw, bullying him along with Sandpaw. He grew close to Tigerclaw, Darkstripe, and Longtail, who reinforced his hatred of Firepaw. However, when it was revealed that Tigerclaw killed Redtail, Dustpelt turned on him, insisting that he was loyal to ThunderClan.

Dustpelt became mates with Ferncloud and fathered three litters: Spiderkit and Shrewkit, Birchkit, Hollykit, and Larchkit, and Icekit and Foxkit. As a warrior, he mentored Ashfur, Squirrelstar, and Hazeltail, and strongly believed in the warrior code, disagreeing with Firestar's willingness to accept strangers into ThunderClan. He participated in the Great Battle, during which Ferncloud and Foxleap are killed, and nearly disowned Birchfall due to his training in the Place of No Stars, but forgave him. Dustpelt felt guilty for not protecting his mate and had trouble moving on. He denied retirement continually and was ultimately killed by badgers in battle. He was reunited with his family in StarClan.


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The Prophecies Begin[]

"I looked up to you. I wanted to be like you. But Redtail was my mentor. I owe him more than any cat. And you killed him. You killed him and betrayed the Clan. I'd rather die than follow you."
―Dustpelt to Tigerclaw Forest of Secrets, page 288
Dustpaw is the apprentice of ThunderClan's deputy, Redtail, but after Redtail is killed, allegedly by Oakheart, Darkstripe takes over as his mentor. After Firepaw joins ThunderClan, Dustpaw and Sandpaw bullied him over his kittypet roots. Despite him and Sandpaw being older than Firepaw and Graypaw, they become warriors first due to their courage in battle, frustrating Dustpaw immensely.
When Sandpaw warms up to Fireheart, Dustpaw becomes jealous and is disgusted when Fireheart brings his kittypet nephew, Cloudkit, to ThunderClan. He earns his warrior name, Dustpelt, after fighting bravely against Brokenstar's rogues. Dustpelt often shows support for Tigerclaw, but when Tigerclaw is exiled from ThunderClan after trying to kill Bluestar, it is revealed that Tigerclaw had killed Redtail, and Tigerclaw asks Dustpelt to come with him, to which Dustpelt angrily refuses. He becomes the mentor to Ashpaw and is friendly with Ashpaw's sister, Fernpaw. Dustpelt respects Firestar's rise to leadership and participates in the battle against BloodClan.

The New Prophecy[]

«Firestar rested his tail-tip on the brown warrior's shoulder, in a vain attempt to comfort him. Dustpelt briefly pushed his nose into his leader's flame-colored fur. Leafpaw felt her throat tighten to see the two cats, who had never been friends, brought close together by their shared grief.»
—Firestar comforting Dustpelt after Larchkit's death Moonrise, page 225
Dustpelt and Ferncloud's sons, Shrewpaw and Spiderpaw, have become apprentices. Dustpelt has become the mentor to Squirrelpaw, though he is often irritated by her defiant nature. Dustpelt and Ferncloud later have a second litter, Birchkit, Hollykit, and Larchkit, but are finding it difficult to care for them with the deteriorating condition of the forest. When the Twolegs' destruction finally reaches ThunderClan's territory, it becomes increasingly difficult for the Clan to find food. As a result, Larchkit and Hollykit both die of starvation, and Shrewpaw, in an attempt to catch prey for the Clan, is killed by a monster. The deaths of three of their children leaves Dustpelt and Ferncloud grief-stricken, and Firestar attempts to comfort them, even though Dustpelt and his leader have never seen eye-to-eye.
When Graystripe is taken by Twolegs, Dustpelt insists that a new deputy must be appointed to lessen the burden on Firestar. He also takes part in the Great Journey, along with the rest of the Clans. Dustpelt joins the rest of ThunderClan in their battle against Mudclaw having formed a rebellion against Onestar and WindClan. and the battle against the badgers. However, he becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the acceptance of fresh blood in ThunderClan.

Power of Three[]

"ShadowClan has already tried to take territory from us because we are no longer a pure forest-born Clan"
―Dustpelt after Millie refuses a warrior name Dark River, page 87
Dustpelt and Ferncloud have their final litter of kits, Foxkit and Icekit, and he receives his final apprentice, Hazelpaw. He complains often about the mixed blood in ThunderClan and is not afraid to disagree with Firestar's peaceful leadership, particularly over a ShadowClan border dispute and is quick to voice disapproval for Millie keeping her kittypet name. He participates in many battles and border skirmishes, such as the battle of the eclipse. During the greencough epidemic, Dustpelt falls ill and is transported to the abandoned Twoleg den with the other sick cats, but luckily recovers.

Omen of the Stars[]

"Ferncloud? Ferncloud! Don't just stare! Get Jayfeather... Why didn't you protect her?"
―Dustpelt after seeing that Ferncloud is dead The Last Hope, page 318
Dustpelt continues to serve his Clan as a warrior. He is noted to be incredibly loyal by Lionblaze and is thus not a suspect of training in the Dark Forest; however, his son, Birchfall, is later revealed to be doing so. When the truth is revealed about his former apprentice, Ashfur's, death, Dustpelt believes that Hollyleaf did the Clans a favor by killing him. In the battle against the Dark Forest, Ferncloud is slain by Brokenstar, shattering Dustpelt's heart into pieces.

Super Editions[]

This section summarizes Duspelt's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Firestar's Quest, Dustpelt has become mates with Ferncloud, and the two have their first litter of kits, Shrewkit and Spiderkit. When Firestar and Sandstorm leave to find SkyClan, Dustpelt takes over the training of Sandstorm's apprentice, Sorrelpaw.
Bramblestar: "Hold on, Dustpelt. We'll get help."
Dustpelt: "It’s okay. It’s my time."
Bramblestar: "Not yet. Not here. You have served your Clan so well and for so long. Now it is our turn to serve you. The elders' den is waiting for you, Dustpelt."
Dustpelt: "That is not where I want to be. Thank you, Bramblestar, for everything. May StarClan light your path, always."
—Dustpelt bidding farewell to Bramblestar Bramblestar's Storm, pages 426-427
In Bramblestar's Storm, Dustpelt is broken by grief from the loss of Ferncloud, but refuses to retire, believing that the work will keep his mind off of her death. He assists his Clan in surviving the Great Storm and tests the apprentices on their knowledge of the warrior code. In the ThunderClan-ShadowClan battle against the badgers, Dustpelt fights with fury, dying a warrior's death, but he is reunited with his kin in StarClan. Bramblestar notes out that though the former warrior reunited with his kin, he found it so hard to move on from Ferncloud after the Great Battle.
In Graystripe's Vow, Dustpelt is one of Graystripe's main oppositions for his plan with Gremlin, a BloodClan cat. Dustpelt is also one of the cats suggested to help Graystripe as a temporary ThunderClan deputy while Firestar is away, although he claims to have no knowledge of Ashfur's constant pressuring of Graystripe to select him. While uneasy about Gremlin and BloodClan, Dustpelt eventually warms up to the idea of it and becomes a valuable asset to Graystripe as he struggles to lead ThunderClan in Firestar's absence.


This section summarizes Dustpelt's significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Redtail's Debt, Dustpaw desperately wants to accompany Redtail to mark Sunningrocks. However, Redtail insists that it's too dangerous for apprentices, but Dustpaw refutes that his brother, Ravenpaw, is going. Redtail doesn't budge, and Dustpaw begrudgingly stays. At Sunningrocks, Redtail is killed by Tigerclaw, leaving Dustpaw without a mentor.
"I will never leave Ferncloud’s side again. I should have been with her. She should never have been left to fight Brokenstar alone."
―Dustpelt about Ferncloud Dovewing's Silence, chapter 1
In Dovewing's Silence, Dustpelt refuses to leave the body of Ferncloud. He blames their son, Birchfall, who had betrayed the Clans by training in the Dark Forest, for her death, and refuses to let him see his mother. His other son, Foxleap, also dies soon after of his wounds. Dustpelt refuses to forgive the Dark Forest trainees, even when they swear an oath of loyalty.

Detailed description[]

Dustpelt is a small,[14] lithe,[16] heavy[17] dirt-colored[14] dark brown tabby tom[2] with amber eyes.[15]
After Ferncloud's death, the fur around his muzzle began fading to gray.[18]

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Dustpelt's parents are Fuzzypelt and Robinwing, and his siblings are Frostfur, Brindleface, and Ravenpaw. His mate is Ferncloud, and their children are Shrewpaw, Spiderleg, Hollykit, Larchkit, Birchfall, Foxleap, and Icecloud. For more of Dustpelt's family, click here!



Author statements[]

  • Cherith has said Dustpelt was snarky with Firestar at first because he liked Sandstorm, but she loved Firestar, and not him.[19]
  • Dustpelt being Ravenpaw's brother and the son of Fuzzypelt and Robinwing was first revealed on Vicky's Facebook.[20]
  • Dustpelt/Ferncloud is one of Vicky's least favorite relationships; "I get bored with characters who seem too happy and settled. I’m afraid Dustpelt and Ferncloud are like this. They meet, fall in love, and have lots of kits without doing anything exciting! So to make them interesting to write about, I came up with lots of terrible deaths for their kits. Sorry, Dustpelt and Ferncloud!"[21]


  • Dustpelt has been mistakenly called light brown.[22]
  • In the British edition of Rising Storm, Dustpelt isn't listed in the allegiances.[23]
  • He has been mistakenly called Dustpaw despite already receiving his warrior name.[24]
  • His name has been mistakenly spelt as 'Dusltpelt'.[25]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Dustpelt tells the reader of the time the Clans got their new Gathering place at the lake. He remembers seeing the island when they first arrive at the lake, and mentions that Hawkfrost wanted it as a RiverClan camp, but that StarClan had other plans for it. They sent a storm to knock down a tree and kill Mudclaw, and in so doing, provided a way for them all to get to the island. Dustpelt explains that it proved Onewhisker was the rightful leader of WindClan. The leaders now look down from the great oak tree, and it's a strong and safe place, belonging to all the Clans.[26]
  • In The Clans Decide, Dustpelt votes for each Clan to follow their own leader, telling Firestar that he is ThunderClan's leader and only ThunderClan's leader. Firestar knows his vote showed more loyalty to Firestar than if he voted for Firestar to lead as Dustpelt had not always supported Firestar's authority. Brightheart, Cloudtail, and Thornclaw agree with Dustpelt and vote the same. Eventually, Firestar leads all the Clans temporarily.[27]


"I'm surprised such heroes even feel the cold!"
―Dustpaw about Fireheart and Graystripe Fire and Ice, page 8

Dustpelt: "I don't want so much as a mouse to get in and out."
Spiderpaw: "What, not even cats?"
Dustpelt: "We'll leave a tunnel, mouse-brain."
—Dustpelt ordering the apprentices to clear unwanted thorns for the barrier Starlight, page 178

Dustpelt: "Are you completely mouse-brained? Don't you think there's a reason kits stay in the nursery with their mother until they're apprenticed?"
Birchkit: "I'm sorry."
Brackenfur: "Don't be too hard on him. He didn't mean any harm."
Dustpelt: "What difference does that make? He would be dead if it hadn't been for Brambleclaw."
—Dustpelt scolding Birchkit after he almost fell off the cliff Starlight, pages 214-215

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Dustpelt: "Stay on the moor from now on!"
Ashfoot: "Firestar gave us these woods! If you have a quarrel about us hunting on them, take it up with him!"
Dustpelt: "I'll take it up with any WindClan cat- warrior or apprentice- that I catch hunting ThunderClan's prey!"
—Dustpelt and Ashfoot after the battle Dark River, pages 233-234

«Dustpelt? The dusky tom often argued with Firestar, but Lionblaze suspected the two warriors relished their disagreements, sparking off each other and never holding grudges.»
—Lionblaze's thoughts about who could be in the Dark Forest Fading Echoes, page 233

"Firestar! When you see her, tell Ferncloud I love her."
―Dustpelt to Firestar's spirit after Ferncloud dies The Last Hope, page 324

«He found it so hard to go on without Ferncloud, and now they're together again.»
—Bramblestar's thoughts on Dustpelt after he reunites with Ferncloud Bramblestar's Storm, page 428

Dustpelt: "You were always so impatient. But you were a quick learner."
Squirrelflight: "I had to be! You had so much to teach me."
—Dustpelt teasing Squirrelflight Squirrelflight's Hope, page 354

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