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Dustpelt is a haughty tom, and he isn't quick to warm up to new or suspicious cats.[1] He repeatedly shows a strong dislike for newcomers and, most notably, kittypets.[2][1] He is a prickly and easily irritated cat, although he is fiercely loyal to his Clan and a great fighter in battle.[2][3] He is overall a rude, easily jealous tom and he wants all the attention for himself,[2][3][4] and he has also been described as anti-social and possessing a dark sense of humor.[4] But as the books go on, Dustpelt turns much friendlier and his strong dislike of kittypets and new cats (such as Firestar) lessens.[5]



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Dustpelt and Sandstorm were best friends as apprentices.[1] Together, they tormented Firepaw after he joined ThunderClan, for his kittypet roots.[6]
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Redtail was Dustpelt's former mentor[1] and greatly respected him as such. After Tigerclaw's treachery was revealed, he stubbornly refused to go with him despite Dustpelt being one of the former's greatest supporters.[3]
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