"Let me keep busy. I need something to distract me, or the memories hurt too much."
— Dustpelt to Bramblestar about retiring in Bramblestar's Storm, page 26

Dustpelt is a lithe,[13] heavy[14] dark brown tabby tom[2] with amber eyes.[15]

He is born to Fuzzypelt and Robinwing of ThunderClan, with his brother Ravenpaw. He has two older sisters, Frostfur and Brindleface, and an older half-brother Longtail. He is made an apprentice with the name of Dustpaw, and his mentor is the deputy Redtail. He often tries to distance himself from Ravenpaw as much as possible. However, after Tigerclaw kills Redtail, Darkstripe becomes his mentor. He and Sandpaw scorn Firepaw and Graypaw because of Firepaw's kittypets roots. However, Fireheart and Graystripe become warriors before them, even though the two are older.

When Sandpaw starts becoming friendlier to Fireheart, he becomes jealous of Fireheart, and shows displeasure when Fireheart brings Cloudkit to ThunderClan. He becomes a warrior named Dustpelt after he fights bravely against Brokenstar's rogues. He often shows his support for Tigerclaw, but when the latter is exiled from ThunderClan and tries to convince Dustpelt to come with him, Dustpelt refuses due to Tigerclaw's role in murdering his mentor. He later becomes the mentor to Ashpaw. Eventually, Dustpelt comes to accept Fireheart's authority as deputy and leader.

Dustpelt becomes mates with Ferncloud and fathers his first litter of Spiderleg and Shrewpaw, and is given his second apprentice, the feisty Squirrelpaw. Later, he also fathers a second litter, consisting of Hollykit, Larchkit and Birchkit, the latter of whom is the only survivor of his litter, and soon loses Shrewpaw when he is killed by a monster. When Squirrelpaw graduates to become a warrior, he is given his third apprentice of Hazeltail, as well as becomes a father to Foxleap and Icecloud. He later becomes the grandfather to Toadstep, Rosepetal, Dovewing and Ivypool.

He participates in the Great Battle, during which Ferncloud and Foxleap are killed, and nearly disowns Birchfall due to his training in the Place of No Stars, but forgives him afterwards. Dustpelt feels guilt for not protecting his beloved mate, and has trouble moving on. He denies retirement continually, and is ultimately killed by badgers in battle, and is reunited with his family in StarClan.


In the Super Editions

Bluestar's Prophecy

Bluestar, the leader of ThunderClan at the time, is sitting with her deputy, Redtail, watching the apprentices, Dustpaw, Sandpaw, and Graypaw, play-fighting together. Redtail comments that he bets they call that training. Dustpaw breaks away from the group and creeps up on his brother, Ravenpaw, who is scratching at a leaf, and he pounces on his tail, making Ravenpaw jump in fright.

Firestar's Quest

Dustpelt and Ferncloud become mates, and Ferncloud has her first litter of kits, Spiderkit and Shrewkit. He is seen scolding the two of them as they splash in a dirty rain puddle, then goes on a hunting patrol with Mousefur.
At a Gathering, Firestar has a vision of all the other Clan cats rushing towards him, and he stops abruptly. Dustpelt nudges him saying that any cat would think that he forgot his way to the Gathering. He is on the patrol that finds Smudge trying to talk to Firestar.
When the Clan finds a badger on the territory, Dustpelt wants to track it down and make sure it leaves. Firestar agrees with him. Later, when Sandstorm gets ready to depart on the journey to rebuild SkyClan with her mate, Firestar, Dustpelt takes over her apprentice, Sorrelpaw's training. He promises Sandstorm he'll take good care of her apprentice, and tells her teasingly she's been far too lenient with Sorrelpaw.

Crowfeather's Trial

Dustpelt is seen leading a dawn patrol after Crowfeather's patrol successfully rescued Nightcloud from Twolegs and crossed through ThunderClan territory and paused to hide, waiting for the rival cats to pass.

Bramblestar's Storm

Dustpelt is seen coming back from a hunting patrol in the lead, carrying a squirrel. Bramblestar notices how he looks exhausted, still haunted by the death of his mate Ferncloud. Bramblestar remembers Squirrelflight telling him that Dustpelt often awakes yowling in the warriors den, thrashing in his nest. In his dreams, he tries to save Ferncloud from the claws of Brokenstar, only to watch her die again. Bramblestar had suggested to Dustpelt a moon earlier that he should join the elders but he refuses the offer, saying he needs his warrior duties to distract him or otherwise the memories will hurt too much. Bramblestar tries to comfort him, saying that he'll see Ferncloud again in StarClan one day, but Dustpelt said he was starting to doubt that will ever happen. He then told his leader that he kept a piece of moss from Ferncloud's nest, but he couldn't even smell her scent on it anymore.
Bramblestar is about to compliment Dustpelt and his patrol on their catches, when he hears his name being called and is distracted.
When Bramblestar goes to meet Blackstar, he remembers how the leader is older than both Dustpelt and Graystripe.
Afterwards, Bramblestar organizes extra hunting patrols because of a fierce storm coming. Dustpelt offers to be leader of one of them and asks who he should take. Bramblestar says to whoever he wants, but have one cat keeping an eye out for falling branches or creaking trees. Dustpelt’s patrol heads towards the ShadowClan border.
As the Clan settles to sleep, Dustpelt and Brackenfur check the dens by making sure the brambles are woven properly and by patching any holes. Bramblestar advises them to not stay awake for too long as they need to sleep. Dustpelt doesn’t reply, causing Bramblestar to wonder if he is purposely staying awake so he won’t return to his empty nest.
When the rain is pounding through the warriors' den and drenching the cats inside, Bramblestar orders Dustpelt and a few others to take shelter in his den. Dustpelt and Sandstorm are seen bounding towards the tumble of rocks.
Towards dawn that same night, the lake has flooded the forest and reached the camp. Dustpelt stays behind to help Briarlight escape as she cannot climb up the cliff face. He and Sandstorm lift Briarlight onto their backs and carry her down from the leader's den. She waits beside Dustpelt whole her Clanmates are climbing up the cliff face. She, Purdy and Jayfeather cannot climb up after them, for obvious reasons. Bramblestar says if they ever needed StarClan, it was now. Dustpelt and Brackenfur exchange glances, wondering if their dead mates were watching over them. The memorial branch had fallen over, and Brambleclaw suggests that since it's the strongest and biggest branch they had access to at the moment, they could use it to float Purdy, Briarlight and Jayfeather out on the floodwater. Dustpelt says he and Brackenfur will go get it. They both wade out into the floodwater and drag it back to the bushes were the other cats were waiting. Then they maneuver out to deeper water that laps at their shoulders, so it would float better. Dustpelt and Brackenfur keep the branch steady while Purdy climbs on, and helps wrap ivy tendrils around Briarlight to help her stay on the branch. When three cats are balanced on the branch safely, Dustpelt and Squirrelflight guide the front of the branch and are swimming through the water efficiently. When the branch flips, the group tear away the ivy that is strapping Briarlight on, and Dustpelt plunges into the water to help her as she cannot swim. They grab her then thrust her to land, where they rejoin their Clanmates. ThunderClan decides to make temporary camp in the tunnels until the flooding recedes.
Dustpelt is seen lining up the apprentices to test their knowledge of the warrior code. Bramblestar is relieved he is keeping the younger cats busy. A hunting patrol brings back drowned rabbits, which Snowpaw refuses to eat. Dustpelt swipes his tail over the tom’s ear and says he can go hungry instead. He then eats with Leafpool and Jayfeather.
When Amberpaw and Ivypool have a heap of dirt bury them, Dustpelt rushes forward to help them out. Afterwards, Dustpelt prods the earth mound and suggests instead of disposing it, they could use it as a windbreak because the tunnel entrance lets in the cold wind. Bramblestar thinks it will just scatter, but Dustpelt reassures that it won’t with something to shore it up with. Bramblestar nods to him and puts him in charge, asking Dustpelt to see what he can do. Dustpelt studies the earth mound and then grabs a branch, struggling to drag it. He tells Bramblestar they need more branches and stones, the bigger the better. Dustpelt declares if they tightly pack it at the bottom of the earth mound, it will not scatter. Bramblestar agrees and helps the tom shove the branch into position. Seedpaw and Lilypaw try to help, but Dustpelt snaps that they are getting in his way. Seedpaw says they want to do something useful, but he tells them to go elsewhere for that. He mutters that he is sure she will think of something to do.
Dustpelt is later selected as part of a border patrol. Later, Brackenfur and Dustpelt have moved a branch into the temporary camp to mark where the dens are. Bramblestar suggests putting Purdy and the sick cats the furthest away from the tunnel entrance and the wind, and both the toms starts tracing a half circle. Brackenfur suggests putting the medicine cats there, and Dustpelt angles his ears to a niche in the earth wall. Dustpelt agrees it would be useful as the medicine herbs can be stored in the cracks. He asks where to put the ‘visitors’; the kittypets that were rescued from the flood. Minty complains she hasn’t got fleas, but Dustpelt responds he can find a few. Bramblestar tells the kittypet everyone needs to contribute while flicking Dustpelt’s ear.
Brackenfur and Dustpelt keep working together to make the dens comfortable, ordering the younger cats to drag branches into the tunnels. Dustpelt warns them to be careful at the mudfall as they spent lots of time to get it secure and he doesn’t want them to dislodge it. Brackenfur reassures Dustpelt they won’t mess with the mud, and says to think how comfortable it’ll be when they install the windbreaks. Bramblestar notes how gray Dustpelt’s and Brackenfur’s muzzles are getting and how stiff they seem. His glad there are younger cats around to help them. Cherryfall soon reports of Dustpelt’s and Brackenfur’s work of making the break. When Bramblestar announces he’ll lead a patrol to fight kittypets troubling ShadowClan, Dustpelt is surprised. He asks his leader if they have bees in their brain. Leafpool reports to Bramblestar that she has daisy leaves for Dustpelt and other old cats, not that they’ll admit they are old. Dustpelt and Brackenfur later talk with Bramblestar about what to do when they arrive back at their camp. Dustpelt gives a thoughtful twitch of his whiskers and tells Bramblestar the job will be long and hard as before they can repair they need to clean. Dustpelt’s eyes brighten as he thinks, like the cat he was before Ferncloud’s death. He suggests splitting up tasks, some can clean, some can gather brambles and moss, some can actually rebuild. Bramblestar is needed elsewhere so he apologizes to Dustpelt and the others, and orders them to organize and report back to him.
Bramblestar asks Squirrelflight to get the senior warriors. The deputy says Brackenfur and Dustpelt just left to find branches, and hurries to find them. She soon returns with the old toms and they gather at the foot of a mudpile. Bramblestar explains to the meeting cats that ShadowClan has had trouble with badgers and his sister, Tawnypelt begged for help. Dustpelt asks if he is mouse-brained, reminding them how much trouble they got with Rowanstar when they helped to fight the kittypets. Squirrelflight points out how close the badgers are to their territory and could cause trouble for them anyway. Dustpelt admits she's right and scratches an ear with a hind paw. He insists they can deal with that problem when it comes. They head to the border to check it out, and Brackenfur asks if the new borders will become permanent. Dustpelt doubtfully asks if he means to extend the territory and manage to keep it safe. He questions if they can even do that. Bramblestar detects that another fight happened recently, and Dustpelt bluntly comments it isn’t their problem.
Bramblestar announces during a Clan meeting that they’ll help ShadowClan anyway. Dustpelt growls, feeling they shouldn't do this after what Rowanstar had said to them. As they make the plans, Daisy says she will ask Graystripe and Dustpelt to stay behind and guard the camp. She however, believes they won’t listen to her, calling them “gray muzzles”. Bramblestar tells the battle patrol that ShadowClan will be surprised as they will come unexpected. Dustpelt glares through the darkness, saying that they're more like unwanted, rather. Bramblestar ignores his interruption and continues his speech.
During the battle against the badgers, Dustpelt and Cloudtail fling themselves into the heat of it. When the battle ends and the Clans win, Brightheart alerts Bramblestar that there's something wrong with Dustpelt. The tom is seen lying on his side with blood trickling from his mouth and his pelt covered in claw marks. His eyes are closed and his breathing is short and shallow. Bramblestar crouches beside him, and begs him to hold on as they are getting help. Dustpelt’s eyes open and he tells him it's okay, and that it’s his time now. His leader rests his forehead on Dustpelt, begging that he cannot die now as it’s the Clan's turn to serve him. He says the elders’ den waits for him. Dustpelt twitches his tail and explains he doesn’t want to retire as an elder. He thanks Bramblestar for everything and prays for StarClan to always light his path.
ShadowClan cats move away to let the ThunderClan cats gather around Dustpelt to say goodbye. Dustpelt’s breathing grows shallower again and he closes his eyes. As he takes his last breath, Ferncloud’s spirit appears, love shining in her eyes as she looks at her mate. Their kits that walk in StarClan now are also present, and Dustpelt’s spirit rises and moves away from his damaged body. He bends his head to touch noses with his lost mate, and they twine tails for a moment until they fade to nothing. Bramblestar’s grief also carries joy as he remembers that Dustpelt struggled so hard to live without Ferncloud, and they are together now once again.
Tawnypelt whispers her apologies, dipping her head to the deceased tom’s body. She says he was a noble warrior and all four Clans will miss him. Bramblestar wishes for Dustpelt to be at peace now. He thinks of how he misses the tom, remembering him as sharp-tongued and cranky. The leader blames himself for his death, feeling that if he didn’t decide to help ShadowClan, he’d wouldn’t have gone to face the badgers.
The next day, Bramblestar sees Spiderleg return from where Dustpelt is buried, clearly grieving for his dead father. Bramblestar thinks of the problems he has to face alongside his grief for Dustpelt.
When ThunderClan finally returns to the hollow, Brackenfur inspects the damage and starts asking what Dustpelt thinks before stopping. He admits he has forgotten Dustpelt isn’t around anymore and isn’t sure he can rebuild the camp without his guidance. Whitewing reassures him that he worked for Dustpelt for so long he knows how he thinks. Bramblestar later confides in Sandstorm his guilt for attacking the badgers as it lead to Dustpelt’s death. As the dens in camp are being rebuilt, Brackenfur checks them confidently, finally learning to work without Dustpelt. As Sandstorm and Graystripe ask to retire to the elders’ den, Bramblestar is saddened as since Dustpelt and Firestar are dead, they are the last of their generation. After their elder ceremony, Bramblestar swears he can see Dustpelt and Firestar weave around their old den mates, but the image soon fades.

In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

After Ravenpaw announces that Dustpaw's mentor, Redtail, who is also the ThunderClan deputy, has been killed in a battle against a RiverClan patrol, Graypaw remarks to Firepaw that Dustpaw will be depressed. He then points out the tabby apprentice to Firepaw, and wonders aloud who Dustpaw's new mentor will be. Dustpaw is later given Darkstripe as a mentor.
Graypaw tells Firepaw about the other apprentices, Sandpaw, Dustpaw, and Ravenpaw. Dustpaw and Sandpaw treat Firepaw poorly due to the fact that he was a kittypet. Firepaw and Graypaw notice a young, plump rabbit the five elders are sharing and Graypaw tells Firepaw that Dustpaw and Sandpaw probably brought the rabbit to them. Smallear remarks that Dustpaw and Sandpaw are turning into fine hunters.
When Firepaw and Graypaw go to eat some fresh-kill, Dustpaw and Sandpaw mockingly tell Firepaw that they caught the prey, and start boasting about being able to go to the Gathering that night. When Graypaw tells them that they patrolled the border that day, Dustpaw sarcastically tells him that he's sure that the other Clans are terrified of them.
Dustpaw and Sandpaw leave on a hunting patrol with their mentors. When they come back with all the nice fresh-kill, he tells Firepaw to be glad that they caught food for him. Later, Bluestar tells the Clan that they need to speed up the apprentices' training. Dustpaw and Sandpaw are seen exchanging a thrilled glance. Also, when Bluestar announces that Firepaw will be caring for Yellowfang as a punishment, Dustpaw sneers at him, remarking that he better be good at cracking fleas.
Bluestar tells Firepaw that he, Ravenpaw, and Graypaw are going to the Gathering. Firepaw asks if Sandpaw and Dustpaw are going, to which Bluestar tells him that they are going to guard the camp. When Firepaw tells Graypaw and Ravenpaw, Graypaw begs to be the one to tell Dustpaw and Sandpaw. Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw later laugh at their reaction.
At the end of the book, Firepaw and Graypaw are made warriors before Sandpaw and Dustpaw, even though they hadn't been training as long. This is because Firepaw and Graypaw are the two apprentices who played a major part in saving the kits whom had been stolen from ThunderClan by Clawface, and they had fought bravely in the battle against ShadowClan. Sandpaw and Dustpaw are infuriated by this.

Fire and Ice

Dustpaw continues to train with his new mentor, and still shows dislike towards Fireheart. When Graystripe says that it's cold outside, Sandpaw says that she's surprised that such heroes even feel the cold, before being given a stern look from Whitestorm. Dustpaw, who is with Sandpaw, sneers before turning away. Graystripe tells Fireheart that he hopes that Whitestorm has them chase blue squirrels all day.
His hostility towards Fireheart only worsens as Sandpaw turns away from him and gives more of her attention to Fireheart, who saved her from falling off a cliff. While out patrolling with Tigerclaw, Dustpaw comes back to camp with the message that Bluestar needs to come to the Thunderpath to see evidence of ShadowClan hunting. He tells Fireheart that it's urgent. Dustpaw says that Tigerclaw asked for Bluestar, not a kittypet pretending to be a warrior. Fireheart tells him that if he's quick enough to get the catnip, he can meet Tigerclaw at the Thunderpath, but Dustpaw continues to argue that Tigerclaw wants Bluestar herself to go see it. Dustpaw finally tells Fireheart where Tigerclaw is.
After a patrol, Dustpaw tells Fireheart and Sandpaw that it looked like they both had fun that day, and he sneers at Fireheart, asking him if he's drowned another RiverClan cat. He hopes Sandpaw will agree with him, but she didn't, much to his disappointment.
When Fireheart brings Cloudkit to the Clan, Dustpaw harshly disagrees to the choice. Afterwards, Bluestar announces that ThunderClan does need more warriors, as Graystripe pointed out, and Dustpaw says that Graystripe's turning into a kittypet these days. When Longtail points out that Cloudkit will be very noticeable to the prey while hunting, Dustpaw says that maybe the prey will mistake him for a puffball mushroom.
When Sandpaw shares tongues with Fireheart, Dustpaw glares at him from outside the apprentices' den, unable to disguise his envy and amazement. Later, when Brokenstar's rogues are attacking, he and Sandpaw try to make a defensive line and then instantly jump into battle. He also told Cinderpaw to go and hide with the elders and kits so she won't get killed. After a recommendation by Fireheart, Sandpaw and Dustpaw are made warriors, with the new names Sandstorm and Dustpelt.

Forest of Secrets

Dustpelt shows an allegiance with Tigerclaw's crowd, most likely because one of his mentors was Darkstripe, one of Tigerclaw's strongest followers. His hostility to Fireheart is the same.
At a Gathering, Bluestar announces that Dustpelt and Sandstorm are ThunderClan's newest warriors. He and Sandstorm seem quite proud of their new names and ranks. Fireheart and Graystripe come back from Barley's farm, and Dustpelt and Sandstorm are seen stretched out sleeping together in the warriors' den. Sandstorm realizes Fireheart is back, and moves beside him. Dustpelt opens one eye and glares at him in envy.
When Fireheart has a dream about Spottedleaf, he thrashes around in the den. Dustpelt wakes up and tells him that no cat can sleep in the racket he's making. When every other cat gets up, Dustpelt gives him another glare before leaving the den. When Fireheart and Sandstorm find Cloudkit, Runningwind and Dustpelt drawn out of the camp to help find Cloudkit. Afterwards, Tigerclaw growls to Dustpelt that bringing any kittypets into ThunderClan was a bad idea.
Dustpelt is bewildered when Tigerclaw leads rogues to ThunderClan and tries to murder Bluestar. Once Fireheart explains everything, however, his confusion turns to disgust and anger. Tigerclaw attempts to convince Dustpelt to leave with him, along with Darkstripe and Longtail, but Dustpelt now knows that Tigerclaw killed his first mentor, Redtail, and refuses, stating that he would rather die than join Tigerclaw.

Rising Storm

Dustpelt snorts scornfully at Fireheart when he has trouble organizing the patrols. When Fireheart tells Runningwind to lead the patrol and take Brackenfur and Dustpelt, Dustpelt protests that Brackenfur won't be able to keep up with them because he's still limping from the battle with the rogues.
Fireheart tells Cinderpelt that Dustpelt is a good warrior, and that he thinks he'll make a good mentor. He tells Bluestar his choices for mentors, and she tells him to bring Dustpelt and Darkstripe to her den when they return. After they return, Darkstripe tells Fireheart that they smelled Cloudpaw near Twolegplace, and Dustpelt smirks, saying he expects that he's probably looking in the Twoleg gardens for birds, and that they are probably more to his tastes. Afterwards, Fireheart tells Darkstripe and Dustpelt that Bluestar wants to see them in her den.
To Dustpelt's delight, he is chosen to mentor Ashpaw, while his former mentor Darkstripe is chosen to mentor Ashpaw's sister, Fernpaw. When Fireheart and Bluestar return to the Clan after unsuccessfully making it to the Moonstone, Dustpelt remarks that they're back early, and Fireheart tells him WindClan wouldn't let them pass. Darkstripe also asks why they're back, and Dustpelt explains. He says that Fireheart shouldn't let WindClan boss him around.
As Sandstorm continues to be less interested in him and more interested in Fireheart, he develops affections for Ashpaw's sister, Fernpaw, Darkstripe's new apprentice. When Dustpelt mocks Fireheart and sneers at him for not keeping an eye on Cloudpaw, Sandstorm scolds Dustpelt to leave Fireheart alone and that his hostility wasn't going to impress any cat. This makes him look shocked, as if she had struck him across the face with her paw.
He is seen going out to check for ShadowClan invaders when Littlecloud and Whitethroat are found, and during the fire he and Cloudpaw drag Patchpelt's body to the river. During their sheltering with RiverClan, he challenges Darkstripe when he frightens Fernpaw, and later helps her swim back across the river.
Dustpelt appears anti-social, but as the books go on, his dark sense of humor turns into a lighter and friendly nature.

A Dangerous Path

When the ThunderClan cats come back from the Gathering, Dustpelt is seen pacing back and forth in front of the elders' den. Dustpelt offered to lead a patrol with Ashpaw, Cloudpaw, and Mousefur. Dustpelt's hostility has lessened a little towards Fireheart. It's still there but he has accepted Fireheart's authority as deputy and becomes a more loyal warrior of ThunderClan. He continues to train his apprentice, Ashpaw, and is still affectionate with Fernpaw, stealing glances with her and wanting to go on patrols with her.
Dustpelt asks Fireheart what's the matter with him, and says that no cat could get a wink of sleep with him yowling. Sandstorm tells Dustpelt to leave him alone, and that it's not his fault that he does that in his sleep. Dustpelt sneers at her, stating that of course she would say that, and leaves.
He helps patch up the warriors' den after the fire. When Fireheart explains his idea of talking WindClan out of fighting, and Sandstorm objects, she asks Dustpelt to tell Fireheart that it was a stupid idea. However, Dustpelt agrees with Fireheart about his idea. When Longtail says he won't go to make peace with WindClan, Dustpelt tells him that he's a coward. Dustpelt says that he'll go on the patrol with Fireheart to see Tallstar, but if WindClan attacks, he says he'll fight and not get torn apart.
Dustpelt is seen padding up to Fireheart, with Fernpaw following. He encourages Fernpaw to tell Firestar what happened with Swiftpaw and Brightpaw and tells her that he wouldn't get mad, and believes he will understand, and he gives the deputy a glare to enforce the statement. The apprentice tells Fireheart about Swiftpaw's plan, and that she went to tell Dustpelt when she saw him. She glances gratefully at him, and he pressed his muzzle against her flank. Dustpelt is happy now that they are becoming more than just friends.
He also participates in the long chain of cats that lure the dog pack to the gorge, and is in the same line as Sandstorm, Graystripe, Longtail, and Mousefur.

The Darkest Hour

Dustpelt is first seen with Ashpaw when he says he is terrified of the dogs, and Dustpelt tells him they are all terrified. He tells both Ashpaw and Fernpaw that he's never ran that fast in his life, and that they both did great. Fireheart tells Dustpelt that he did great as well, and that the Clan owes thanks to all of them. Dustpelt holds Fireheart's gaze for a moment, then gives him a nod of acknowledgement, and leaves.
When Firestar comes back, Fernpaw tells Dustpelt that she bets he'll be a great leader, and Dustpelt agrees, another sign of affection. After Darkstripe shows that his true loyalties were to Tigerstar by feeding Sorrelkit, Willowpelt's daughter, deathberries after she saw him meeting with the ShadowClan deputy, Blackfoot, Dustpelt hopefully asks if he could be both Ashpaw and Fernpaw's mentor. Firestar gently declines, knowing that he would not be tough enough on Fernpaw. Instead, Firestar gives Fernpaw to Longtail to mentor in place of Swiftpaw, who had died battling the dogs.
Dustpelt asks why they aren't attacking ShadowClan, when Firestar explains how they saved Mistyfoot, Stormpaw, and Featherpaw. Firestar tells him that ThunderClan wouldn't win a battle against ShadowClan and RiverClan combined. When Firestar paused to think, Dustpelt interrupts him, telling him that they are all still there. When the LionClan cats meet the BloodClan cats, Ashpaw says that they have collars, so they must be kittypets, and Dustpelt tells him to be quiet. He says that until they get a full measure of their enemy, they don't know anything about the cats.
Firestar spots Dustpelt with Ashpaw, Brightheart, and Cloudtail, at the training hollow. Brightheart had just bowled Dustpelt over. Dustpelt fights heroically in the battle with BloodClan and survives to tell the tale afterward.

In The New Prophecy arc


Dustpelt and Ferncloud have three kits: Birchkit, Larchkit, and Hollykit. He is shown to be quite a kind, fatherly figure. Dustpelt is also charged with the task of mentoring the talkative, stubborn, and feisty Squirrelpaw, one of Firestar's daughters.
When Brambleclaw appears in the nursery, he sees Dustpelt lying next to Ferncloud, occasionally affectionately licking her ear. He asks Brambleclaw to keep an eye on Squirrelpaw, since he wants to spend time with Ferncloud and his kits for a day or two, and Squirrelpaw shouldn't be left without a mentor for too long. Brambleclaw agrees, saying he'll do his best.
When Thornclaw, Ashfur, and Brambleclaw run into Squirrelpaw, Thornclaw asks her if Dustpelt knows she's with them, and Squirrelpaw tells him no. She tells them that he promised her training last night, but every cat knows that he spends all his time in the nursery with Ferncloud.
After the patrol returns, Dustpelt is seen marching across the clearing to her, and Squirrelpaw tells him she was on a patrol. He says that when they couldn't find her, Firestar took out a patrol to follow her scent; the Clan leader has better things to do than chase after apprentices who don't listen to what they are told. He sends her to look after the elders as punishment.
Soon, when Twolegs begin to destroy the forest, WindClan is the most threatened by this, so Dustpelt went on a patrol to make sure WindClan was not crossing the thin boundary between ThunderClan and RiverClan. He found the WindClan warrior Onewhisker, the deputy Mudclaw, and his apprentice Crowpaw stealing a RiverClan vole they chased over the border onto ThunderClan territory. Dustpelt says that he saw no reason to tell Firestar about the incident as long as it didn't happen again.


As the Twolegs began to threaten the forest, Dustpelt spends more time with Ferncloud and comforts her as best he can. Prey soon becomes scarce in the forest, and Dustpelt struggles to help his mate care for their kits.
Dustpelt was first seen coming back from the dawn patrol with Mousefur and Spiderpaw. When he sees Ferncloud and his kits, his eyes narrow with pleasure. When Firestar says he's seen Twoleg monsters in the forest, Dustpelt asks if it's another one of his dreams again, and if he's had a tough piece of fresh-kill the night before. Cloudtail tells him to shut up and listen.
Leafpaw sees a patrol consisting of Firestar, Dustpelt, and Sorreltail entering the camp. Sorreltail tells Leafpaw that they saw prey bones on ThunderClan territory that reeked of WindClan, and said that Dustpelt was furious about it. Afterwards, Leafpaw joins Dustpelt and Firestar at the fresh-kill pile. Dustpelt asks Firestar how such little prey can feed the Clan, and tells him he must do something about WindClan, but Firestar says Tallstar wouldn't allow WindClan to steal prey. Dustpelt says Tallstar might not know what's going on, and that ThunderClan is in trouble too; they don't have enough prey to spare. Dustpelt is worried about Ferncloud because she's gotten skinnier and has three kits to feed.
When the ThunderClan cats see Mudclaw and Tornear running with prey in their jaws, Dustpelt and Ashfur spring after them, but Firestar calls them back. Dustpelt says that they could have told Tallstar, and that they could ambush them before they can even reach the camp, but Firestar disagrees with it. Leafpaw could tell Dustpelt was smoldering with anger, but only expressed it with an irritable twitch of his tail-tip.
There is not enough food to sustain Ferncloud and their kits, and Larchkit dies. Dustpelt is overcome with misery, and he lets Firestar comfort him, though they had never been close. He tries to continually comfort Ferncloud, and encourages her to eat, saying that Birchkit and Hollykit still need her.


In the prologue, Dustpelt defiantly mews that the Clans shouldn't join together. He asks Firestar if he had forgotten the way the other Clans reacted when he had suggested joining together, mentioning that WindClan may be half-starved but they were too proud. Sandstorm argues that things were much worse and she demands how the Clans could survive while kits were dying. She trails away as she apologizes, but Dustpelt snarls that Larchkit may have died but he wouldn't allow the other clans to order ThunderClan around.
Now that ThunderClan has been forced to move to Sunningrocks for shelter, prey is even scarcer. Dustpelt is first seen sheltering beneath an overhang, with Mousefur next to him. Dustpelt is confused when Stormfur, Graystripe's half-RiverClan son, is found in ThunderClan territory.
Dustpelt hesitantly welcomes back his apprentice Squirrelpaw when they return from the journey, unsure of why she and Brambleclaw left the Clan. He tells her that wherever she was, she ate well. Dustpelt says that if they found good hunting, the Clan should know where. Brambleclaw tells him it's a long way away, and Dustpelt says that it's not for them, since they made their home there, and won't let the Twolegs drive them out again.
When Brambleclaw tells Firestar about his dream from StarClan, telling them to go to the sun-drown place and hear what Midnight had to tell them, Dustpelt is puzzled. Brambleclaw tells them how they found Midnight, and Dustpelt is curious about who or what Midnight is. Brambleclaw says that the journeying cats were going to persuade their leaders to come to the Great Rock to watch for StarClan's sign, and Firestar says he might look into it, but Dustpelt asks him if he's really thinking of taking the Clan out of the forest.
The Clan wonders whether they are leaving the forest or not. Squirrelpaw asks Brambleclaw if Dustpelt is right about having them all follow the advice of a badger that they've never met. Hollykit, another one of Dustpelt's daughters, dies of hunger, adding to the warrior's grief. He buries her body, since Ferncloud is too distraught and grief-stricken to do it herself.
Dustpelt agrees with Mousefur and a few other Clanmates that they should leave the forest. He says that he has only one kit left, and he, including all of them, will all die if they stay. Firestar tells them that they must try harder to persuade the other Clans to leave as well, but Dustpelt says that they'll come when they are ready, and that their Clan is ready now. Firestar still tells him they can't leave yet. When Mousefur asks about the next ThunderClan deputy to fill Graystripe's place, Dustpelt agrees with her that Firestar should pick a new deputy. He says that he should choose someone young, who StarClan approves of, and glances at Brambleclaw, as well as other cats.
Now desperate, he protects his remaining kit, Birchkit, and his mate fiercely as they start the Great Journey.


When Squirrelpaw offers an idea to make a den, Dustpelt tells her it's a good idea. He says that this place better be what they were looking for because no one looks like they have the strength to carry on.
Squirrelpaw asks Dustpelt if they wanted them to hunt for him, but he declines her offer. Instead, he tells her that they will go hunting and for her to rest with Brambleclaw, since she looked like she was asleep on her paws.
Squirrelpaw becomes a warrior. He walks Squirrelpaw up to the stump, and waits with her before she gets her warrior name. Afterwards, Squirrelflight teases Brambleclaw, telling him he can't boss her around since she's no longer an apprentice, and Dustpelt fondly says that she never did as she was told anyway. Squirrelflight tells him she must have listened to something and thanks Dustpelt for everything he taught her. When Squirrelflight comes back from exploring the new ThunderClan camp, Dustpelt is worried about badgers living there, but she assures him that there aren't any.
Dustpelt is on a patrol with Brambleclaw, Rainwhisker, and Brackenfur when they scent a fox. They smell Twolegs, but Brambleclaw says the scent is days old. Dustpelt remarks that that if he ever sees another Twoleg, it'll be too soon. While they're out, they almost get in a fight with a ShadowClan patrol, but Firestar steps in and tells them that if ShadowClan had set the scent markers, then that is their territory. Dustpelt says that he didn't smell any.
Dustpelt scolds Birchkit, his son, after almost falling on him. Then Ferncloud tells him not to and says it's great that he is happy enough to play. He purrs, his eyes shining, watching his kit play with the bramble with Ferncloud. One morning, Brambleclaw asks Dustpelt if he wants to go hunting. He agrees, asking who they should take with them. Brackenfur ends up joining the two cats.
Before they leave to go hunting, Birchkit comes bounding towards them, and Dustpelt asks him what he's doing. Birchkit asks him if he can go out hunting with them, and Dustpelt tells him he can't until he becomes an apprentice. When Birchkit tries to catch a bird, Brambleclaw catches him mid-air. Dustpelt scolds him. He says that Birchkit would have been dead if it wasn't for Brambleclaw, and made his son apologize. He tells Birchkit to go to Ferncloud, and he obeys. Dustpelt says they'll have to make a new rule that no kits or apprentices shall be anywhere near the edge of the cliff.
He fights as hard as he can during Mudclaw's rebellion. He also rescues his son, Birchkit, with the help of Brambleclaw after the kit's failed attempt of catching a robin and almost falling into the hollow.


When Firestar suggests the Clans should join together, Dustpelt hastily disagrees, saying that the last time he suggested that, WindClan refused. He is part of the patrol to take the two dead ShadowClan warriors back to their camp. Upon returning, he visits Ferncloud and Birchkit in the nursery.
He, Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Mousefur are selected to go see how WindClan is doing. Later, when reporting to Firestar, he tells them that the reason WindClan acted hostile was because Onestar probably thought Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost were working together all along. He later takes Rainwhisker with him to go fill in a badger set that had until then been occupied with a badger and her three cubs. He participates in the first Gathering on the island, and is as excited as the others to be in the new place. He shows concern for Squirrelflight when she is afraid to cross the trunk.
At a Clan meeting later on, he proudly watches his only surviving kit, Birchkit, become Ashfur's apprentice. Dustpelt and Ferncloud congratulate him, and Dustpelt gives Birchpaw a lick of congratulations after the ceremony. He then goes on a hunting patrol with Sandstorm and Cloudtail.


After the badger attack, Ferncloud is worried because she can't find Dustpelt. Brambleclaw discovers him in the center of the camp. Dustpelt doesn't move, causing Brambleclaw to think he is dead, until Dustpelt sneezes.
When Midnight leaves, Dustpelt briefly stops his working to add his own farewell. He is very eager to work, and constantly helps rebuild the ThunderClan Camp. He is most often seen working on the thorn barrier.
He goes on a patrol with Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. He expresses anger at the boundary line and how it should be the River instead of the current scent markings. During the patrol, Spiderleg dashes towards them and Dustpelt scolds him for following him. He then goes hunting with Ferncloud and Thornclaw.
Cloudtail and Thornclaw go with him on another patrol where they discover and disable more fox traps. They also claim to have heard a buzzing sound from the lake, which Daisy says is a Twoleg boat. On another patrol, he fights Rowanclaw when he claims to have moved the ShadowClan border.
At a Gathering, he is prepared to fight when Blackstar brings up the idea that ThunderClan should share their territory with ShadowClan.
When Daisy slips by to flee from the Clan, Dustpelt notices her and lets her go past, which, later, is much to the annoyance of his Clanmates. Dustpelt reports that Twolegs have been setting up tents, which he calls green-pelt things, on the border of ThunderClan and ShadowClan.
When Stormfur and Brook return to ThunderClan for the second time, he and Mousefur call a Clan meeting because they believe that the Clan is becoming too mixed because of Stormfur, Brook, Daisy, and Daisy's three kits, Berrykit, Mousekit, and Hazelkit.
He grieves for Graystripe when Firestar finally decides that he is dead. He says that they used to train together and that he always trusted him. When Firestar announces that Brambleclaw is the new deputy, Dustpelt sharply replies that making him is against the Warrior Code, as deputies must have at least one apprentice. But after hearing about Leafpool's vision from StarClan, he states that he wouldn't argue with StarClan.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Dustpelt and Ferncloud have another litter of two kits, Foxkit and Icekit. Hazelpaw is appointed as Dustpelt's apprentice, and his second oldest son, Birchpaw, receives his warrior name, Birchfall.
When he, Spiderleg, Stormfur, and Brackenfur return from a night patrol, he and Spiderleg challenge Stormfur's loyalty. When Stormfur says that they gave up nothing but a piece of barren land that was too close to Twolegplace, Dustpelt says that he sounds just like Brambleclaw, and he knows that Brambleclaw would rather face a pack of dogs than face a Twoleg.
When Mousepaw enters the camp, he tells Dustpelt that he was going to head back to the apprentices' den, but instead, he joins up with Lionkit. Dustpelt tells him that he should be in the apprentices' den, and Mousepaw lies about scenting a mouse in camp, to which Dustpelt replies that Spiderleg wouldn't be happy if Mousepaw was too tired for training in the morning.
He objects to Firestar's kind nature of allowing non-ThunderClan cats into the Clan twice. The second time all of ThunderClan disagreed. He is one of the cats that is most disturbed when ShadowClan keeps freshly marking their borders.
When Ferncloud falls ill, he is seen pacing around camp, wanting to know how she is. Daisy tells him not to worry, because he is scaring his kits. He demands to know if Ferncloud gets worse, then goes out hunting.

Dark River

When Millie, Graystripe's new mate, chooses to keep her name, Dustpelt says that ShadowClan has tried to take territory from them before because they are not a completely pure-blood Clan; allowing Millie to keep her kittypet name could be seen as a sign of weakness. Spiderleg agrees. Firestar rebukes them, but they still look unhappy as things proceed.
When Jaypaw visits one of Cinderpaw's dreams in the old ThunderClan camp, he smells Dustpelt and Thornclaw's scents on one of the bramble bushes.
Dustpelt later takes out the dawn patrol to check the borders with Sandstorm, Lionpaw, and Honeypaw. When Lionpaw pads over to join the patrol, Dustpelt looks surprised. Lionpaw tells Dustpelt that he wanted to join the patrol, and Dustpelt tells him that he may take Hazelpaw out once they've checked the borders. They find a WindClan hunting party near the border, hunting squirrels. As Breezepaw and Harepaw come closer to the border, Sandstorm assures him that they won't cross the border on purpose. He yowls across the river to tell them to stop, and the apprentices skid to a halt. Tornear asks why he's frightening their apprentices, and Dustpelt tells him that they were about to cross the border; they weren't even slowing down. He reports it to Firestar upon their return.
On the way to another Gathering, Dustpelt calls WindClan squirrel thieves, and is echoed by Berrypaw. He expresses concern that if RiverClan can't stay in their home, none of the borders will be safe.
He later participates in the battle against WindClan, when they cross the border hunting squirrels. He tells Ashfoot to keep her warriors on the moor. He behaves very aggressively towards the WindClan cats.


Dustpelt becomes a grandfather when his eldest son, Spiderleg, has two kits with Daisy: Rosekit and Toadkit.
During Hazelpaw's warrior assessment, she tells Jaypaw that Dustpelt will be pleased with the huge vole that she caught. Dustpelt calls her and asks if she was hunting or gossiping. He is pleased with her catch, and takes it back to camp while she continues to hunt. He also volunteers to give Spiderleg's apprentice, Mousepaw, his warrior assessment while his son spends some time with his kits, but Spiderleg turns down the offer.
When the apprentices come back, Berrypaw tells them that they passed the assessment and asks if they were going to be warriors, and Dustpelt says that maybe they should assess Berrypaw on how well he keeps his mouths shut. Hazelpaw passes her assessment and receives her warrior name, Hazeltail.
Dustpelt is seen following Ferncloud, Icekit, and Foxkit out of the nursery when the two kits were going to be apprenticed. Later, he is seen leading a patrol out of camp consisting of Mousewhisker, Sandstorm, and Honeypaw. When Talon and Night come into camp, Dustpelt says that he thought he knew the black she-cat from somewhere. Afterwards, Cloudtail calls Dustpelt and Sorreltail to go on a hunting patrol. During the patrol, Jaypaw overhears Cloudtail yawning and tells the patrol to get a move on so they can sleep, but Dustpelt tells him that he's going on the dawn patrol with him and Sandstorm.


Dustpelt goes on a dawn patrol with Graystripe, Whitewing, and his newly apprenticed daughter, Icepaw, and reports some serious news to Firestar. He later comments on the fact that Graystripe's new kits will have proper warrior names, unlike their mother, Millie. When the loner, Sol, comes to the ThunderClan camp, Dustpelt is uneasy, and accompanies the him out to make sure he crosses the border.
After WindClan left, Dustpelt wonders why, since they had an advantage of attacking them at night. He also says that the Clan was totally unprepared for the attack.
He leads a patrol out to make sure that WindClan have left ThunderClan territory. Once they get close to WindClan territory, Cloudtail says that the patrol had split up. They quickly head back to camp, reporting to Firestar. Dustpelt states that the WindClan patrols have weakened themselves by splitting up. After the conversation, Dustpelt leads his battle patrol down to the lake to fight the united RiverClan and WindClan.
After the sun vanishes, he is just as anxious as any cat. He is afraid that the sun was beginning to fail or that it might happen again. When, Brambleclaw says that it could be StarClan's way of warning them to stop fighting, Dustpelt asks why StarClan warned them, as they did not start the fight.
Dustpelt is seen sitting beside the half-rock with Poppyfrost and Ashfur, discussing battles. Dustpelt remarks that they haven't had a battle like that in moons, and Ashfur agrees. Poppyfrost asks if they had battles like that before, and Dustpelt tells her about the battle against BloodClan.

Long Shadows

Near the beginning, Dustpelt wakes Lionblaze when he is fighting in his sleep, and rebukes him before going back to curl up beside Ferncloud. Later, when the four ShadowClan cats come to ThunderClan, he remarks that ShadowClan seems to be breaking up under Sol's influence. He also comments that the fresh-kill pile looks as empty as if badgers broke in. He goes on a hunting patrol with Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Sorreltail at Brambleclaw's request to replenish the pile. Later, when Lionblaze stands there with nothing to do, Dustpelt comes and scolds him for not going hunting.
On another hunting patrol, he starts to cough painfully. He becomes sick with greencough and is moved with the other sick ThunderClan cats to the abandoned Twoleg nest. He says he's fine and wants to continue hunting, but Sorreltail insists that he go see Leafpool. Once they all recover, he is one of the cats to travel to the Gathering, and the first to identify Ashfur's dead body when they find him in the lake. He and Graystripe take Ashfur's body back to camp.


Dustpelt seems to think that Sol didn't have a reason to kill Ashfur, and therefore he wouldn't do it . He speculates with the other warriors about who could have killed Ashfur, and shows scorn when it is suggested that a ShadowClan warrior came all the way around the lake just to murder Ashfur.
After the death of Honeyfern, Dustpelt is put in charge of building a barrier of brambles across the part of the cliff where the snake attacked. He is unusually gentle with Leafpool as he reassures her he'll be careful when he moves the deathberry-stuffed mouse inside the barrier. He comments to Cloudtail after Whitewing's kits are born, stating that they would be a handful because they were related to Cloudtail. He and Ferncloud also become grandparents to Whitewing and Birchfall's kits, Dovekit and Ivykit.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Dustpelt carries on as a senior warrior of ThunderClan. His youngest son and daughter, Foxpaw and Icepaw, are now warriors called Foxleap and Icecloud.
Dustpelt is seen expressing his opinion of Leopardstar's claim of the lake after the Gathering, saying that the dry land borders ThunderClan's territory, and that it should be theirs.
He is on a patrol with Brackenfur, Bumblepaw and Leafpool and is mentioned carrying back prey.
Dustpelt later takes out a patrol with Rosepetal, Foxleap and Berrynose; he expresses exasperation when Berrynose trods on a thistle and the cream-coated warrior makes a fuss. He asks Rosepetal if she will help him get it out. He says sarcastically that no cat must have stepped on a thistle before since Berrynose is acting like this.
Jayfeather later asks Dustpelt if his back is hurting. Dustpelt says no, very fast, which leads Jayfeather to ask if he needs herbs. Finally, Dustpelt reluctantly says yes, and goes to Jayfeather for herbs at Ferncloud's request. This helps him, as he returns to Jayfeather for more herbs. He does not want them if there is not enough, but Jayfeather lies and tells him that there were plenty, even though the tansy supply is actually very low.

Fading Echoes

Dustpelt shows mistrust of Heathertail and Breezepelt when they escort Ivypaw and Dovepaw back to their camp.
He later assesses Blossompaw along with Thornclaw, since Firestar wants them to try a different tactic in the assessments. He suggests they hunt near the abandoned Twoleg nest. He is impressed when Ivypaw catches a squirrel while helping Blossompaw, and chides Blossompaw for not working with Ivypaw.
When Lionblaze is looking for cats that could possibly be in the Dark Forest training with Tigerstar, he suggested Dustpelt, though he denies it, since Dustpelt is a loyal warrior and would never do such a thing. Lionblaze knows that Dustpelt and Firestar aren't exactly friends, but they always spark off each other away from an argument and never hold grudges.
Before the tree falls, he runs to check the apprentices' den and make sure everyone is out, despite his initial alarm. He then helps clear away the branches in an attempt to free Briarpaw and Longtail. Brambleclaw orders him to help clean up the debris, along with four or five other cats.

Night Whispers

Dustpelt is first seen leading one of the two patrols along the new ShadowClan border. He takes Cloudtail, Sorreltail, and Spiderleg. When the patrol comes back to camp, Dustpelt reports that ShadowClan has not acknowledged the new border nor set a new scent line, much to other ThunderClan warriors' displeasure. In Jayfeather's vision, his throat is ripped by the savage fangs that belong to the mouth of a Dark Forest warrior.
The next morning, Dustpelt goes on a hunting patrol with Toadstep and Foxleap. Dustpelt helps fight off the fox that breaks into the ThunderClan camp. He is shown to be very skilled at fighting, sweeping between it's two front legs and swiping at it's muzzle. After chasing off the fox, with Thornclaw, he escorts Jayfeather, Brightheart, and Leafpool to gather herbs. He is later mentioned by Dovepaw when she fiercely argues with her mentor, Lionblaze.
Dustpelt shows anger toward ShadowClan for holding Ivypaw captive, then forcing ThunderClan to give them herbs to get her back, saying that if any ThunderClan cat dies because they have no herbs, it is ShadowClan's fault. At the Gathering that night, he expresses anger toward ShadowClan at the possible threat of battle. Later, he is seen attending the Clan meeting about Flametail's death.

Sign of the Moon

After Icecloud is rescued from the hole that Hollyleaf had "died" in, Firestar orders Dustpelt and Brackenfur to build a barrier around it to make sure no one else falls in. He and Brackenfur are noted to be good builders. They start building a temporary barrier. He is also noted to be irritable as he keeps asking if a cat can get any sleep around there.
When Jayfeather is in Yellowfang's thoughts, he sees a much younger Dustpelt guarding Brokenstar.

The Forgotten Warrior

Dustpelt is seen heading over to the dirt-place tunnel as Lionblaze brings Sol into camp. He comes to a stop when he sees Sol. He exclaims and questions what Sol was doing there. When Graystripe confronts Sol, Dustpelt stands beside him and agrees. He then tells Sol that he should turn around and go back when he came from. Sol replies calmly, before Firestar steps forward and questions him. When the Clan begins to believe Sol saved the apprentices, Dustpelt asks why he was wandering around ThunderClan territory.
He comes with Brackenfur and Brambleclaw to guard Sorreltail while she is kitting by the lake. He is seen following Brambleclaw out of camp. He then is seen sitting facing the forest with his jaws open and ears perked to pick up any signs of danger. After Sorreltail gives birth, he stays in the back of the patrol to camp. When Millie comments that she hasn't seen Sol, and wonders where he is, Dustpelt growls that he doesn't care, and that he's glad Sol's gone. Thornclaw agrees with him, but states that he would like to know all the same. After Hollyleaf admits to killing Ashfur, Dustpelt states that Ashfur "got what he deserved", and says that she did the Clan a favor in killing him.
When Firestar tells the Clan about Sol plotting with WindClan, Brambleclaw instructs Dustpelt and Brackenfur to block off at the entrances to the tunnels nearest camp. Hollyleaf tells then not to block all of them, and tells them which to block off, and how. Dustpelt says there's sense in blocking off the farthest tunnels first. When Cinderheart wants to move into the medicine cat's den, Firestar asks Dustpelt and Brackenfur if they could make room in the medicine cat's den as well as the warriors'. He turns to the fallen tree, and starts to plan out how he and Brackenfur could move the branches to make room for Cinderheart.
During the battle with WindClan in the tunnels, Dovewing springs onto a brown tabby's back, only to realize she has sprung onto Dustpelt's back. He glares up at her and shakes her off, asking if they've got enough trouble with WindClan.

The Last Hope

Dustpelt is seen occasionally performing normal warrior duties and then preparing for the final battle with the Dark Forest.
He is utterly crushed, along with his kits, when he finds out that Ferncloud was killed in the battle. He is ferocious with any cat that is near him, believing that one of them could have protected his mate. Firestar informs him that nobody could have saved her from her fate.
When Firestar dies, he calls out to the leader, asking him to send his love to Ferncloud in StarClan. However, when Firestar's spirit leaves, Ferncloud's spirit is among those that follow him, and she stops to nod to her mate before departing.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Dustpelt is fondly remembered by Sandstorm, who tells Alderpaw that Dustpelt was Squirrelflight's mentor. She says that Alderpaw wouldn't know him as Dustpelt died before Alderpaw was born, but he was one of ThunderClan's best warriors, and wouldn't take any nonsense, making him the perfect mentor for Squirrelflight. Sandstorm recalls a time where Dustpelt threatened Squirrelflight with tearing her pelt off to scare off the foxes. Although Sandstorm knew Dustpelt wasn't serious, Squirrelflight's mentor needed to be stern with her, as Dustpelt saw the great potential she had within. 

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

A Clan in Need

When WindClan is searching for Crowkit, Dustpelt and a ThunderClan patrol meet them at the border and accuse them of trespassing. He accuses Mudclaw's patrol of crossing the border, which Mudclaw didn't deny doing. Mudclaw tells him to give Crowkit back; Dustpelt tells him if he says that one more time he'd rip Mudclaw's head off. When Ravenpaw and Barley show up with Crowkit, he is suspicious and thinks they have joined with WindClan. The battle breaks up, and the patrol turns to leave.
When the two attempt to follow, Dustpelt, now furious, turns back to Ravenpaw and asks him if WindClan has sent him to spy, and calls him a traitor. When Ravenpaw requests to see Firestar, Dustpelt reluctantly consents, realizing that it doesn't make sense for a spy to ask to see a leader, and leads the way back, pausing to dig up some fresh-kill on the way.
He later participates in the battle against the forming BloodClan, and as he attacks one of them, he pulls them back by the collar and growls at their attempt to run.

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

When Squirrelflight is busy giving a tour around the lake camp, she accidentally starts to call a Clan meeting, and Dustpelt, Brambleclaw and Cloudtail start to walk over.
He later appears to tell the reader of the time the Clans got their new Gathering place at the lake. He remembers seeing the island when they first arrive at the lake. He mentions that Hawkfrost wanted it as a RiverClan camp, but that StarClan had other plans for it. They sent a storm to knock down a tree and kill Mudclaw, and in so doing, provided a way for them all to get to the island. Dustpelt says that Onewhisker was the rightful leader of WindClan, and that is how it was proven. He tells how the leaders now look down from the great oak tree, and it's a strong and safe place, belonging to all the Clans.

Cats of the Clans

He is mentioned briefly at the end of Sandstorm's page, when Rock tells the kits that she has come a long way from when she and Dustpaw used to tease Firepaw about his kittypet origins.
Dustpelt is last mentioned on Ashfur's page. Rock states that although he was never a close friend of Firestar's, he is a trustworthy, courageous, loyal ThunderClan warrior who has finally earned his leader's respect.

Code of the Clans

He is part of the story, "Who Goes There? Whitestorm Teaches Border Tactics," as an apprentice, along with Sandpaw, Ravenpaw, Firepaw, and Graypaw as they all learn border tactics.
He first tries to push Firepaw into the brambles, causing Whitestorm to scold him. Whitestorm then tells the five apprentices to pretend to be a border patrol. They draw an imaginary border with a stick in the sand and walk along it, checking for scents and intruders. Next, Whitestorm pretends to be an invading enemy and asks the apprentices what they should do. Dustpaw suggests that they should attack him and push him back over the border. However, Whitestorm tells him that he shouldn't be so aggressive. After the lesson is over, he tells Dustpaw to watch out for Ravenpaw. As even though he is shaky and nervous, with a bit of courage, he could lead ThunderClan.
He is also mentioned during the story "A Change of Heart: Sandstorm Speaks" as Sandstorm ponders her relationships with both Fireheart and Dustpelt. She says that Dustpelt doesn't respect Fireheart because he was born a kittypet. He said that Fireheart doesn't belong in ThunderClan, because the Warrior Code says that they are supposed to reject kittypets. She states that he is extremely loyal to the Warrior Code, and that the other Clans would respect him for that. However, she also says that Fireheart is noble and would never fight a battle that he doesn't believe in. Finally, she admits that, whatever Dustpelt says or believes, she loves Fireheart more than any other cat in the world.

Battles of the Clans

Dustpelt is seen as a young apprentice, training with Tigerclaw, Longtail, Darkstripe, and Ravenpaw. He is stalking a squirrel up a tree, but the squirrel jumps around and confuses him, then leaps out of reach. Disappointed, he comes back down the tree.
They head back to camp, but on the way, Dustpaw sees movement nearby. He alerts the rest of the patrol, and they all see a ShadowClan patrol moving through the undergrowth. They are outnumbered, and Tigerclaw orders Ravenpaw to run back to the camp to fetch help. Dustpaw then has an idea - to confuse the ShadowClan patrol into thinking that there were more ThunderClan cats than there really were. He explains his idea to the patrol, using his hunting the squirrel as an example.
They attack, and after fighting for a few seconds they leap back into the bushes. They start addressing each other as random ThunderClan cats, confusing and frightening the ShadowClan warriors, as they think ThunderClan have brought almost all their Clanmates. They attack three different times on the ShadowClan patrol, which includes Blackfoot, Russetfur and Stumpytail. Dustpaw is seen slashing at Russetfur whom had come to rescue a silver tabby that he and Longtail had trapped. The ShadowClan patrol ran off, leaving the ThunderClan cats victorious. Dustpaw is very proud that his plan had saved his Clan from a ShadowClan invasion.

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned on Sandstorm's page that when Rusty joined the clan, Sandpaw sided with Dustpaw in tormenting him.
He is mentioned during Bramblestar’s Nine Lives Ceremony. Ferncloud asks Brambleclaw to look after Dustpelt and their kits for her. Brambleclaw promises he will and states they miss her. Ferncloud responds she misses them too, and will be waiting for them, always.

In the Short stories and plays

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

Dustpelt votes for each Clan to follow their own leader, telling Firestar that he is ThunderClan's leader and only ThunderClan's leader. Firestar knows his vote showed more loyalty to Firestar than if he voted for Firestar to lead as Dustpelt had not always supported Firestar's authority. Brightheart, Cloudtail, and Thornclaw agree with Dustpelt and vote the same. Eventually, Firestar leads all the Clans temporarily.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

When Tigerclaw is exiled from ThunderClan by Bluestar, Tigerclaw asks him whether he will follow him into exile. Dustpelt refuses, saying that although he once wanted to be like him, Tigerclaw killed his mentor, Redtail, and he will have nothing more to do with the traitor.

Leafpool's Wish

At the very beginning, when Leafpool is treating Birchpaw's injuries after the badger attack, she tells him to keep still, or she will get Dustpelt to sit on him.

Ravenpaw's Farewell

Dustpaw is mentioned by Ravenpaw, when he talks to Barley about his past life in ThunderClan. He recalls his first hunting session, in which he tracked a scent all the way to Sunningrocks. He finds out after arriving that it was a Twoleg and his dog. Ravenpaw says that Dustpaw dared him to attack the dog, although Graypaw says that Tigerclaw would have been furious with him if he went through with Dustpaw's dare.

Hollyleaf's Story

Dustpelt does not formally appear in Hollyleaf's Story, but is listed in the allegiances.

Mistystar's Omen

Dustpelt does not formally appear in Mistystar's Omen, but is listed in the allegiances.

Dovewing's Silence

The Battle Against the Dark Forest is won, but there are many deceased, including Ferncloud. He stares down at her body, his body battered and fur torn. Icecloud prompts that he needs to see Leafpool, and she’ll stay with her. Dustpelt snarls he’ll never leave her again, he should have been with her, she should have never faced Brokenstar’s alone as she was scrap of prey to him. He slams his paw down and scores the earth with his claw. Icecloud angrily tells him that her mother died a hero; don’t take that away from her. Spiderleg rests his tail on his father’s shoulder and says that Leafpool will come to him when she is ready. Squirrelflight orders the Clan to get their injuries treated, even Dustpelt. Birchfall, one of the former Dark Forest trainees goes to sit with his mother’s body but Dustpelt blocks his way, saying they can manage. Birchfall points out that she is his mother, he wants to carry her on her last journey. Dustpelt says he gave that up when he betrayed his Clan. Birchfall doesn’t argue. When the vigil is over, Dustpelt, Spiderleg and Icecloud carry Ferncloud’s body to her burial. They bury all the bodies, but Dustpelt visibly disowns Birchfall, walking straight past him without looking at him. Dovewing thinks he is his son, he’s not the enemy.
Two sunrises later, Dustpelt is supposed to be supervising the rebuilding of the warriors’ den but is visiting Ferncloud’s burial place. He hasn’t seemed willing to leave Ferncloud alone in the cold earth and their Clanmates are only compassionate and sympathetic for their grief. Bramblestar later announces that the former Dark Forest trainees will swear a new oath of loyalty, and they are to be forgiven. Dustpelt states there is a lot of to be forgiven. Bramblestar explains they fought for their Clan at the end, so there is little to forgive. Dustpelt isn’t satisfied. Even after the oath is said, Dustpelt still questions their loyalty. He whispers to a group of cats that share the same opinion. Foxleap dies of his wounds, and Dovewing wonders how he will ever recover with now a son dead. Three nights later, Ivypool points out that Dustpelt would rather wait for the fresh-kill pile to lose the best prey than go near the former Dark Forest trainees.


Interesting facts

  • Dustpelt was snarky with Firestar at first because he liked Sandstorm, but she loved Firestar, and not him.[16]


  • He was mistakenly called light brown.[17]
  • In the British edition of Rising Storm, Dustpelt isn't listed in the allegiances.[18]
  • He was mistakenly called Dustpaw despite already receiving his warrior name.[19]
  • His name was mistakenly spelled as 'Dusltpelt'.[20]

Character pixels

Official art




Robinwing:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Fuzzypelt:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Ravenpaw:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Frostfur:[21] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Brindleface:[21] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Cherrypaw:[22] Status unknown
Chestnutkit:[22] Status unknown


Longtail:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Ferncloud:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Spiderleg:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Shrewpaw:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Birchfall:[24] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Foxleap:[25] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Hollykit:[24] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Larchkit:[24] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Icecloud:[25] Deceased, verified StarClan member
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Ashfur:[26] Deceased, verified ghost
Brackenfur:[27] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Thornclaw:[28] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Cinderpelt:[27] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Brightheart:[28] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Sandstorm:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Ferncloud:[23] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Elderkit:[22] Deceased, residence unknown
Tulipkit:[22] Deceased, residence unknown


Toadstep:[29] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Rosepetal:[29] Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member
Dovewing:[30] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Ivypool:[30] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Lightkit:[31] Status unknown
Pouncekit:[31] Status unknown
Thriftkit:[32] Status unknown
Bristlekit:[32] Status unknown


Shadowkit:[31] Status unknown
Flipkit:[32] Status unknown


Molepaw:[33] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Dewnose:[34] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Snowbush:[34] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Stemleaf[35] Status unknown
Shellpaw:[35] Status unknown


Cinderheart:[33] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Honeyfern:[33] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Poppyfrost:[33] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Whitewing:[36] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Ambermoon:[34] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Squirrelflight:[36] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Leafpool:[36] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Lilyheart:[37] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Seedpaw:[37] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Eaglepaw:[35] Status unknown
Plumpaw:[35] Status unknown


Molewhisker:[38] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Lionblaze:[39] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Jayfeather:[39] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Fernsong:[40] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Alderheart:[41] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Larksong:[42] Status unknown
Snappaw:[43] Status unknown


Hollyleaf:[39] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Cherryfall:[38] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Hollytuft:[40] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Sorrelstripe:[40] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Spotpaw:[43] Status unknown
Flypaw:[43] Status unknown
Sparkpelt:[41] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)
Leafshade:[42] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Honeyfur:[42] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Flipkit:[32] Status unknown
Shadowkit:[31] Status unknown


Thriftkit:[32] Status unknown
Bristlekit:[32] Status unknown
Lightkit:[31] Status unknown
Pouncekit:[31] Status unknown


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"I'm surprised such heroes even feel the cold!"
―Dustpaw about Fireheart and Graystripe Fire and Ice, page 8

"I looked up to you. I wanted to be like you. But Redtail was my mentor. I owe him more than any cat. And you killed him. You killed him and betrayed the Clan. I'd rather die than follow you."
―Dustpelt to Tigerclaw Forest of Secrets, page 288

Dustpelt: "I don't want so much as a mouse to get in and out."
Spiderpaw: "What, not even cats?"
Dustpelt: "We'll leave a tunnel, mouse-brain."
—Dustpelt ordering the apprentices to clear unwanted thorns for the barrier Starlight, page 178

Dustpelt: "Are you completely mouse-brained? Don't you think there's a reason kits stay in the nursery with their mother until they're apprenticed?"
Birchkit: "I'm sorry."
Brackenfur: "Don't be too hard on him. He didn't mean any harm."
Dustpelt: "What difference does that make? He would be dead if it hadn't been for Brambleclaw."
—Dustpelt scolding Birchkit after he almost fell off the cliff Starlight, pages 214-215

Dustpelt: "Stay on the moor from now on!"
Ashfoot: "Firestar gave us these woods! If you have a quarrel about us hunting on them, take it up with him!"
Dustpelt: "I'll take it up with any WindClan cat- warrior or apprentice- that I catch hunting ThunderClan's prey!"
—Dustpelt and Ashfoot after the battle Dark River, pages 233-234

"Dustpelt? The dusky tom often argued with Firestar, but Lionblaze suspected the two warriors relished their disagreements, sparking off each other and never holding grudges."
―Lionblaze's thoughts about who could be in the Dark Forest Fading Echoes, page 233

"Firestar! When you see her, tell Ferncloud I love her."
―Dustpelt to Firestar's spirit after Ferncloud dies The Last Hope, page 324

"I will never leave Ferncloud’s side again. I should have been with her. She should never have been left to fight Brokenstar alone."
―Dustpelt about Ferncloud Dovewing's Silence, page Chapter 1

Bramblestar: "Hold on, Dustpelt. We'll get help."
Dustpelt: "It’s okay. It’s my time."
Bramblestar: "Not yet. Not here. You have served your Clan so well and for so long. Now it is our turn to serve you. The elders' den is waiting for you, Dustpelt."
Dustpelt: "That is not where I want to be. Thank you, Bramblestar, for everything. May StarClan light your path, always."
—Dustpelt bidding farewell to Bramblestar Bramblestar's Storm, pages 426-427

"He found it so hard to go on without Ferncloud, and now they're together again."
―Bramblestar's thoughts on Dustpelt after he reunites with Ferncloud Bramblestar's Storm, page 428


Dustpelt's warrior ceremony
Bluestar: I, Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these two apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Sandpaw, Dustpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?
Dustpaw and Sandpaw: I do.
Bluestar: Dustpaw, from this moment you will be known as Dustpelt. StarClan honors your bravery and your honesty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.
Everyone: Sandstorm! Dustpelt!
Reference: Fire and Ice, pages 279-280

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