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Chapter Number: 5 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 62-81
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Chapter Summary

Jaypaw's PoV

Jaypaw walks out of the den while Leafpool and Cloudtail are sharing a mouse and goes to the fresh-kill pile. He notes that hunting patrols had already stocked up the pile before it was sunhigh. As he grabs a shrew out of the pile, he remembers the image of Cinderpelt starving in the old camp. He wonders if Leafpool is thinking of her old mentor while she's eating with Cloudtail.
Graystripe runs across the clearing and tells Jaypaw to hurry up, saying they were going on a hunting patrol. Jaypaw is excited at the thought of hunting, but Graystripe tells him that he, Sorreltail, and Mousewhisker were hunting while Jaypaw looked for some herbs. Jaypaw doesn't feel very hungry anymore and he puts the shrew back into the pile, telling Graystripe he'll eat after they get back.
Graystripe announces that they're going down to the lake, and Jaypaw is now excited, thinking about the stick and what mysteries it may hold. He agrees to go, saying it would be good to get out and stretch his legs. Garaystripe turs to the patrol and joins them. Jaypaw follows the senior warrior. Sorreltail and Mousewhisker are mentioned to be impatiently pacing. When the patrol's together, they run out into the forest. Mousewhisker is saying many things with excitement, such as catching a squirrel.
It is noted to be a hot day. Mousewhisker runs off, and Graystripe follows him. Sorreltail mentions that she wishes it could be greenleaf all the time, brushing her pelt against Jaypaw's to guide him. Jaypaw agrees, but draws away from her, not needing to be guided through this part of the forest. He runs a bit faster, and Sorreltail calls to him to slow down. They caught up with Mousewhisker and Graystripe on the rise, where the forest ended and opened up to the grassland leading to the lake. Mousewhisker is panting, out of breath, and Graystripe informs them that the young warrior almost had his squirrel, but that it scooted up a tree before he caught it. Mousewhisker blames it on a blackbird's alarm call, and Graystripe tries comforting him, saying he'll get the next one.
Sorreltail says she can't wait until she can go hunting with Honeypaw, Poppypaw, and Cinderpaw. She mentions that they'll be having their assessment soon, but Jaypaw begins wondering if Cinderpaw is actually ready.
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