"Something's wrong. There is a darkness coming that not even StarClan can prevent. And when it comes, we will be helpless to protect the Clans. Helpless to even protect ourselves."
Yellowfang to Spottedleaf in Eclipse, page 6
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 25)
Page Numbers: 1-6

Chapter description

It is brimming with prey in a lush forest. Suddenly, a tortoiseshell darts past a black tom. He calls after her, and she breathlessly responds. Past the ferns, a dark gray she-cat is gnawing at tick, and the tortoiseshell reaches her and mews a greeting. The dark gray cat is revealed to be Yellowfang and the tortoiseshell to be Spottedleaf. Yellowfang remarks that it is a good day for hunting as Spottedleaf puts down her catch, and she responds that the hunting has always been good here. Yellowfang, annoyed, tries to swat a flea away from her muzzle and angrily meows that she thought these hunting grounds would be safe from fleas.
Spottedleaf narrows her eyes and asks if she ever learned to groom herself. Yellowfang indignantly mutters that she will when Spottedleaf stops trying to take care of every cat. Suddenly, they hear a voice at the top of the slope. It is Whitestorm. Spottedleaf asks if Bluestar is with him, and he replies that she was a moment ago, but Bluestar yowls that she still is and parades up to Whitestorm, her former deputy and explains that Tallstar held her up. Spottedleaf asks what he wanted. Bluestar replies that he was fretting, as he usually does and, seeing Yellowfang flea-bitten, mews that she had bad luck.
Yellowfang asks what Tallstar was worrying about, and Bluestar replies that he is worried about Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw. Yellowfang mews that there is so much that they don't know. Bluestar warns her that they are still very young. Yellowfang and Bluestar snap back and forth and Bluestar meows that they cannot know the truth. After a bit more chatter, Yellowfang exasperatedly meows that she wishes that the prophecy never existed. Spottedleaf tries to calm her, but fails. They talk more, after Whitestorm brings more peace to the conversation.
Suddenly a butterfly flits in the breeze towards them. It flies over Spottedleaf, and she tries to catch it, but it barely gets away. Then she notices Bluestar walking away and asks why she is leaving so soon. Bluestar answers that if she stays they will just argue. Bluestar, Whitestorm, and Yellowfang decide to keep the prophecy a secret, and ask Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf replies with wise words and Yellowfang is annoyed. Spottedleaf asks why she is so worried, and Yellowfang admits that she has a feeling that a darkness is coming, something that even they can't prevent, and when it comes, they will be helpless to protect the Clans, and even themselves.




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