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"I used to trust you completely, Crowfeather. I was pleased when Onestar chose you to mentor Featherpaw. But now—now I wonder if your carelessness contributed to Breezepelt's foolishness. I thought his problems were being overblown by some cats, but now I look at you differently. I'm not sure either of us will ever trust you again. You could've gotten Featherpaw killed!"
— Emberfoot to Crowfeather after Featherpaw is injured in Crowfeather's Trial, page 187

Emberfoot is a gray tom with two darker gray paws.[1]

Emberfoot is a WindClan warrior who has served under Onestar's and Harestar's leaderships in the lake territories. As a warrior, he mentored Sunstrike and Smokehaze, and participated in multiple battles, including the Great Battle, WindClan's struggle against the stoats, a skirmish with Darktail's rogues, and the battle against the Sisters. He fathered two kits with his mate, Sedgewhisker: Featherpelt and Larkwing. Emberfoot has shown support for the exile of the codebreakers in order to regain StarClan's approval.


In the Power of Three arc


"[Hollypaw] stared in terror as two warriors—Weaselfur and Emberfoot—streaked from the gloom, heading straight for her. Their eyes gleamed with hunger for blood."
―Emberfoot during an ambush on ThunderClan Eclipse, page 191
Emberfoot is a WindClan warrior mentoring Sunpaw. He is among the patrol of WindClan cats that ambushes a ThunderClan patrol led by Brambleclaw. He and Weaselfur race straight towards Hollypaw, and Emberfoot attacks Mousewhisker, pinning him to the ground. Brambleclaw then races to help Mousewhisker defeat Emberfoot.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Emberfoot's former apprentice, Sunpaw, earns her warrior name of Sunstrike.

The Last Hope

Emberfoot is seen with Gorsetail, Furzepelt, and several ShadowClan warriors, forming a ragged line of defense during the Great Battle. Not long after, Emberfoot fights off Dark Forest cats with Robinwing and Ferretclaw. He presses his spine against Robinwing's and Ferretclaw's while lashing out at their foes. In the midst of the battle, his patrol vanishes beneath many bristling warriors. Graystripe helps Emberfoot by hauling a matted tortoiseshell from his back. He recovers and continues to fight.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Thunder and Shadow

A WindClan patrol consisting of Emberfoot, Onestar, Furzepelt, and Oatclaw are attacked by Darktail's rogues. They are assisted by ThunderClan, and Emberfoot fights a muscular white tom alongside Bramblestar. As the skirmish ends, Lionblaze and Birchfall stand protectively in front of Emberfoot and Furzepelt. They stare at the retreating rogues, their eyes glittering with fury. Alderpaw treats Emberfoot's injuries, and when Furzepelt dies, Emberfoot is shocked, disbelief edging his mew.
He travels with his Clanmates back to ThunderClan's camp, as he and Oatclaw are too injured to return home. Emberfoot questions what will happen to Furzepelt, and Bramblestar orders Cloudtail and Rosepetal to guard her body until a WindClan patrol can retrieve it. Alderpaw and Jayfeather wash herb pulp into Emberfoot's wounds, and the two WindClan warriors stay in ThunderClan's care for a few days. At the next Gathering, Emberfoot supports Onestar's criticism of ShadowClan for allowing Darktail to become a threat, saying that ShadowClan cats are traitors to the Clans.
Later, when ThunderClan's medicine cats visit WindClan territory seeking lungwort for ShadowClan, Emberfoot is on patrol with Gorsetail. Leafpool calls out a greeting to them, but the WindClan cats glare at her with anger in their gazes. Emberfoot asks why they are there, and the pair say it's medicine cat business. The WindClan warriors begrudgingly take them to their camp, and when Breezepelt questions their presence, and Emberfoot replies that they need to speak with Kestrelflight.

Shattered Sky

Emberfoot trains his second apprentice, Smokepaw, during the time WindClan has closed their borders. When ThunderClan comes to inform WindClan of the existence of SkyClan, they are confronted by a WindClan patrol, including Emberfoot. The patrol is hostile towards the ThunderClan cats, but eventually allow them to speak with Onestar.

River of Fire

"Your clumsiness cost us prey. We were stalking a pigeon, but when you made all that noise falling in, it flew away."
―Emberfoot to Twigpaw River of Fire, page 64
When Twigpaw falls into the WindClan border stream, she is confronted by a WindClan hunting patrol consisting of Featherpelt, Emberfoot, and Smokepaw. Twigpaw quickly explains what happened, and Emberfoot hisses that she cost them a catch. Featherpelt insists that they take Twigpaw and Finpaw back to ThunderClan's camp, and orders Smokepaw to go and tell Harestar what happened. The WindClan she-cat says that Emberfoot will come with her, and despite the apprentices' protests, both warriors jump across the stream. Twigpaw and Finpaw reluctantly let Emberfoot and Featherpelt lead them back to ThunderClan. When in camp, Featherpelt says that some of WindClan's warriors might not have been so lenient, and Bramblestar apologizes and offers to make it up. They seem pacified by the solution and leave camp. Later, Smokepaw earns her warrior name, Smokehaze.

The Raging Storm

During a Gathering, Emberfoot exchanges gossip with with Oatclaw and Harrybrook.

In The Broken Code arc

The Silent Thaw

"We need leaders who will make StarClan come back."
―Emberfoot at a Gathering The Silent Thaw, page 267
When Rootpaw discovers his ability to see ghosts, Tree warns him not to tell anyone because cats like Emberfoot and Thornclaw wouldn't believe him. At a Gathering, Emberfoot supports exiling the codebreakers, and believes WindClan deserves a leader who will follow StarClan's will.

Darkness Within

Emberfoot: "I thought he was a loyal ThunderClan warrior."
Sedgewhisker: "Don't you remember the rumors?"
Emberfoot: "Of course. But I didn't beleive them."
—Emberfoot and Sedgewhisker about Ashfur Darkness Within, page 9
When Squirrelflight reveals the truth about the impostor's identity, Emberfoot recalls Ashfur being a loyal warrior. His mate Sedgewhisker asks if he remembers the rumors, but Emberfoot insists he never believed them. Later, at the half-moon meeting, Kestrelflight reports that Emberfoot had whitecough. He noticed Whistlepaw's skills when she helped to take care of Emberfoot. Later, Emberfoot advocates for Ashfur's death and follows the leaders to ShadowClan's camp to execute him.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

"If any stoat tries to invade WindClan territory, it'll be the last thing it ever does."
―Emberfoot about the stoats Crowfeather's Trial, pages 65-66
Emberfoot sits beside Sedgewhisker when Onestar calls a Clan meeting. After Kestrelflight informs the Clan of his vision, Emberfoot questions what it means. After Nightcloud goes missing after a raid on the stoats, Emberfoot yowls that if any stoat tries invading WindClan territory, it will be the last thing it ever does. Later, Emberfoot is concerned by the anger in Breezepelt's voice as he lashes out at Crowfeather. However, Emberfoot staunchly protests against Weaselfur's accusation that Breezepelt purposefully left Nightcloud behind in the tunnels with the stoats.
When Heathertail asks Breezepelt if he's sure about joining them in the next attack, Emberfoot adds that they are really tough. During the attack, Emberfoot's daughter, Featherpaw, is seriously injured. Emberfoot blames this on her mentor, Crowfeather, believing he gave her the idea to go, and he harshly berates the tom. When Featherpaw wakes up, Emberfoot and Sedgewhisker crouch beside her nest, relief in their eyes. They slip out of the den to get wet moss and a mouse for her and return as Crowfeather is leaving the den. Emberfoot makes amends with him, but asks that he be a bit more careful with their training in the future. When Crowfeather affirms this, Emberfoot gives him an approving nod before going in to see his daughter.
Emberfoot is seen lying on his side, bleeding from a deep scratch down his flank after the stoats attacked WindClan's camp, while Crowfeather, Heathertail, Gorsetail, Breezepelt, and Hootpaw were away rescuing Nightcloud. As the patrol approaches, Emberfoot lifts his head, giving them an angry glare and yowls to Onestar that they're back. Emberfoot joins the final battle against the stoats and fights with the help of Mousewhisker.

Bramblestar's Storm

At a Gathering, Onestar announces that Sedgewhisker is expecting Emberfoot's kits, and the she-cat leans on her mate lovingly.

Squirrelflight's Hope

"You'd rather see war in the Clans than chase a few rogues from land they don't even want?"
―Emberfoot to Leafstar Squirrelflight's Hope, page 282
Emberfoot is mentioned to have visited ThunderClan's camp to advise them about Harestar calling a meeting. At the next Gathering, Emberfoot snarls at Leafstar when she refuses to remove the Sisters from their land. He participates in the battle against the Sisters, and later when Squirrelflight describes StarClan's wish for the Clans to turn towards them rather than away, Emberfoot argues that StarClan does not always answer them.


"Most warriors don't see dead cats. They're going to find this hard to believe. Can you imagine old warriors like Thornclaw or Emberfoot swallowing the idea of two Bramblestars—one dead and one alive?"
―Tree about Emberfoot The Silent Thaw, page 135
Emberfoot is an aggressive warrior, hostile towards the other Clans and wary of intruders.[3] Despite this outward appearance, he can be more sensitive, particularly concerning his family.[4] Emberfoot believes in StarClan, and becomes concerned when the Clans are cut off from their ancestors.[5]


Crowfeather and Breezepelt

"I know you do your best to train Featherpaw. If you could just…in the future…be a bit more careful?"
―Emberfoot to Crowfeather Crowfeather's Trial, page 235
Emberfoot respects Crowfeather, and was pleased when the senior warrior was assigned to mentor his daughter. He disagreed with the rumors about Crowfeather's poor relationship with his son being what caused Breezepelt to turn out so sour, but when Crowfeather allowed Featherpaw to fight against the stoats, Emberfoot was furious with him, considering that the dark gray warrior really was careless.[6] The two eventually made amends;[7] however, when Bramblestar began demanding that codebreakers be punished, Crowfeather among them, Emberfoot agreed that they should be exiled.[8]
Despite many WindClan cats despising Breezepelt in the aftermath of the Great Battle, Emberfoot is noted to have defended the black tom.[9] When his Clanmates began to wonder if Breezepelt could have killed Nightcloud when the she-cat goes missing, Emberfoot finds it nonsensical.[10]

Sedgewhisker, Featherpelt, and Larkwing

"Emberfoot and Sedgewhisker exchanged a glance of mingled grief and fury. Crouching down beside her kit, Sedgewhisker began to lick the clotted blood from Featherpaw's fur, while Emberfoot stroked her shoulder with the tip of his tail."
―Emberfoot and Sedgewhisker caring for Featherpaw Crowfeather's Trial, page 186
Emberfoot has a positive relationship with his mate, Sedgewhisker.[11] After Larkwing betrayed WindClan by training in the Dark Forest, Emberfoot and Sedgewhisker were distrustful of their daughter, and even refused to sit with her during a Clan meeting.[12] When Featherpaw was gravely injured in a battle against the stoats, Emberfoot was fraught with worry for his daughter, watching over her recovery in the medicine den alongside Sedgewhisker.[6]




Sedgewhisker:[13] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Larkwing:[blog 1]Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Featherpelt:[6] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Whistlepaw:[14] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)
Songpaw:[14] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Flutterpaw:[14] Living (As of A Light in the Mist)


Emberfoot ♂Sedgewhisker ♀
Oatclaw ♂Featherpelt ♀Larkwing ♀
Flutterpaw ♂Songpaw ♀Whistlepaw ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Author statements


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Su Susann's "Missing Kits" on Vicky's Facebook, Emberfoot and Willowclaw were the kits of Onestar and Whitetail, born in the forest territories. His younger siblings were Rustlepaw, a golden tabby tom with a white belly and chest and green eyes, and Drizzlepaw, speckled brown-and-white she-cat with amber eyes. Emberfoot was also described with amber eyes.[15]

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