"Emberkit may have been spared of future suffering. We live in the wild. Life is tough. Maybe it's best only the strongest kits survive."
Gray Wing's attempt to comfort Wind Runner over Emberkit in The First Battle, page 195

Emberkit is a brown-and-white tabby[blog 1] tom-kit[4] with a white underbelly[blog 1] and feather-soft fur.[2]

Emberkit was born to Wind Runner and Gorse of the Early Settlers, along with his siblings Morning Whisker, Moth Flight and Dust Muzzle. Emberkit later died of the mysterious sickness and goes to StarClan.


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Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Emberkit's name being a single word compared to the two-word names of the Tribe cats was a mistake on Kate's part. She believes that due to dying so young, it was hard to give him a name, and thought she was thinking of dying embers when she named him.[blog 2]
  • If he were still alive, Kate thinks he would have been called Ember Heart and likes the idea of the -kit suffix tradition originating from his name.[blog 3]


  • He is mistakenly shown without white on the family tree.[7][8]

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Gray Wing: "We can't save every cat. Emberkit might be in a better place now, playing with other kits. It might make your loss easier if you—"
Wind Runner: "How would you know? You're not a mother. You're not even a father!"
—Gray Wing's failed comfort attempts and Wind Runner arguing with him The First Battle, page 195

Wind Runner: "I'm here! You're safe!"
Emberkit: "I have Turtle Tail."
—Emberkit reuniting with Wind Runner The First Battle, page 280

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