The first Erin Hunter Chat was on December 11th, 2005.[1] During the chat, Warriors fans could ask Erin Hunter questions about the series. At the time, there were only 2 authors and 1 editor of the Warriors series. Instead of lasting the scheduled half hour, Cherith Baldry stayed on for two and a half hours to answer questions about the series.[1]It was put together by Sheila Ruth.[2]

Information revealed

On the characters


Question: Why were Patchpelt and Halftail not present at Firestar's leadership ceremony?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Patchpelt and Halftail might have been at Firestar's leadership ceremony, but there were lots of StarClan warriors, too many to name them all. The most important cats in Firestar's life that hunted with StarClan at that time gave him his nine lives.
Outcome: Unknown

Question: Will Cloudtail ever believe in StarClan?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Cloudtail will most likely never believe in StarClan.
Outcome: Unsure, Cherith Baldry mentioned: "I doubt it".

Question: Was Whitestorm related to Bluestar in any way?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Whitestorm was not related to Bluestar.
Outcome: False, as Bluestar is Whitestorm's aunt, Snowfur being her sister.[3] However, Cherith mentioned: "Not as far as I know".

Question: Did Bluestar trust Whitestorm in the last three books of the original arc?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Whitestorm was the only cat Bluestar trusted all the time.
Outcome: True

Question: If Bluestar trusted Whitestorm, why didn't she make his apprentice a warrior?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Bluestar didn't trust any of the apprentices (other than Fireheart's) in the last three books of the original arc.
Outcome: Most likely true.

Question: Are Dustpelt and Sandstorm related?
Answer: CherithBaldry: No, and so Dustpelt was snarky with Firestar at first because he liked Sandstorm, but she liked Firestar best.
Outcome: False, Dustpelt is Sandstorm's uncle,[4] and most likely true about Dustpelt's initial hostility towards Firestar.

Question: Will Cloudtail get an apprentice?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Most likely yes.
Outcome: True

Question: Are all the cats fictional or were some characters derived from real ones?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Most of the cats are fictional, but Firestar may have been based on a cat Kate Cary knew, and Brambleclaw and Sorreltail were based on Cherith's cats.
Outcome: True

Question: What was the first warrior name you came up with? (directed at Cherith)
Answer: CherithBaldryThistleclaw, who never actually appeared as a character, but would've become the deputy if Bluefur had kept her kits.
Outcome: Thistleclaw hadn't appeared at the time, however, he appeared in the future in The Rise of Scourge, Bluestar's Prophecy, Crookedstar's Promise, Night Whispers, Sign of the Moon, The Forgotten Warrior, and The Last Hope.

Question: Why did Ferncloud lose so much family in Moonrise and Dawn?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Ferncloud didn't lose so much family for any specific reason, although she was the only cat with young kits at the time, and the very young and very old cats are at the most risk during hard times.

Question: Which character represents you in any arc?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think Yellowfang best represents me, because she gets irritable easily, and Leafpaw because she thinks about things a lot.

Question: Why was no evidence of Firestar's love for Spottedleaf never shown in Into the Wild when his love for her was discussed throughout the series?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Firestar's love for Spottedleaf was never shown that often in Into the Wild because he didn't get much time with her as he was only a new apprentice at the time, while she was a medicine cat. There probably wouldn't have been more of a relationship if she had lived because medicine cats can't have mates.

Question: Will Graystripe fall in love again after Silverstream's death?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Who can say?
Outcome: Graystripe takes Millie as a mate.[5]



Question: Will the blood relationship between Hawkfrost, Brambleclaw, Mothwing and Tawnypelt play a large part in the New Prophecy arc?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes.
Outcome: True

Question: What happened to Mistyfoot's kits?
Answer: CherithBaldry: They grew up to be warriors.
Outcome: False. Only Reedwhisker lived to become a warrior, her other three kits died before that time, as seen in Mistystar's Omen.


Question: I managed to get an advance copy of Dawn, good choice of a warrior name for Crowpaw!
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes, we felt quite smug about that!


Question: Did Nightstar die of the sickness or did Tigerstar kill him?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Nightstar just died from the sickness in ShadowClan, it had no villainy involved.
Outcome: True


Question: Why isn't Scourge called Scourgestar?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Scourge isn't called Scourgestar because he and BloodClan don't believe in StarClan, so he isn't a nine-lived leader like ordinary Clan leaders.
Outcome: True

Cats outside of the Clans

Question: Will Ravenpaw ever return to ThunderClan?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Hmmm...maybe.
Outcome: At this point in time, Ravenpaw has joined StarClan. He is seen giving Bramblestar a life in The Ultimate Guide.

Question: What's the deal with loners? Do they believe in StarClan?
Answer: CherithBaldry: It would depend on the individual. Ravenpaw does, for example, because he was a Clan cat.
Outcome: True

Question: Will any of the other kittypets become important?
Answer: CherithBaldry: There's an important kittypet character in Dawn, and later on some sort-of kittypets come into the story.
Outcome: True, Cody appeared in Dawn and Susan and Jacques in Sunset. And, Daisy also had an important part too. Also, Millie became important in The Sight.

Question: What happens to Fireheart's first kittypet friends from book one? They are barely mentioned again.
Answer: CherithBaldry: They stay happily with their Twolegs.
Outcome: Unsure, as it has never been proven, but as read in Firestar's Quest, he seems happy with his new neighbor.

Question: Does Barley believe in StarClan? How does he know Bluestar?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I don't know about his beliefs. He met Bluestar when she traveled past the farm to get to Highstones.
Outcome: True

Other information

The books

Question: How long did it take you to write the first Warriors book?
Answer: CherithBaldry: The first Warriors book, Into the Wild took about three months to write.
Outcome: Unsure, Cherith quoted: "About three months, I think, but it's a while now so I don't remember too well!"

Question: Will there be any more books after the New Prophecy arc?
Answer: CherithBaldry: After the New Prophecy arc, there will be another arc of six and one special edition.
Outcome: True, there was a third series and another super edition. However, many other books were written after the Power of Three arc and Firestar's Quest[6]

Question: What were some of the reasons the point of view was changed from Firestar to the others in the New Prophecy?
Answer: CherithBaldry: We believed that after the first arc, Firestar's story was pretty much over, so they started the next arc from a fresh viewpoint, and alternated the viewpoints so they could do viewpoints in other Clans.

Question: What is the name of Book 5 in the New Prophecy arc?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Book 5 in the New Prophecy arc is called Twilight
Outcome: True

Question: Did you or Kate write the first book?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Kate wrote Into the Wild, Fire and Ice, and Rising Storm, while Cherith Baldry wrote Forest of Secrets, A Dangerous Path, and The Darkest Hour of the Original arc.
Outcome: True

Question: Do your readers/editors ever bug you about writing style diffrences (between you and Kate)?
Answer: CherithBaldry: The readers don't, or haven't until now. It's the editor's job to make sure the styles match.
Outcome: Unsure, as it hasn't been stated again

Question: How long does it take to write each book?
Answer: CherithBaldry: It varies, depending on when the deadline is. Roughly three months, though I did do one in a month, and that was *hard* work!
Outcome: True

Question: Have you considered making a fouth arc?
Answer: CherithBaldry: It's a bit early for that.
Outcome: Most likely true, but later the fourth arc is written.

Question: What are the working names for books 4, 5, and 6?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Eeek - these 'time' names confuse me. Let's's Starlight, Twilight, and Sunset, I think.
Outcome: True

Question: Where is the Warriors series set geographically (city/town, road, ect.)?
Answer: CherithBaldry: When we started, it was based on the New Forest in the south of England, but as we developed the ideas it became more of a fantasy place, so it isn't really located anywhere specific now.
Outcome: True

Question: Erin,are you going to make any warrior movies?
Answer: CherithBaldry: There aren't any plans at the moment, but I'd be delighted if it happened!
Outcome: True

Question: Will the books ever be in Firestar's point of view again (I miss it so bad)?
Answer: CherithBaldry: The special edition may be, but I'm not promising, because we haven't worked out what will happen in that one yet.
Outcome: True

Question: Are that cats featured in a larger painting on the covers of the books usually the cat that the book is most about?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes.
Outcome: True

Question: The main character in each of the [arc] (Firestar and Brambleclaw) both have StarClan mentors, will this continue in the third arc?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I can't say at the moment, the third arc is still very much in the melting pot.
Outcome: Lionblaze had Tigerstar as a mentor, although he was a Place of No Stars cat.

Question: What happened to the rest of the pack in book 5? The leader and two others fell in but it was never explained what happened to the rest.
Answer: CherithBaldry: The dogs were terrified and ran off.
Outcome: True

Question: Which covers came first, the UK covers or the US covers?
Answer: CherithBaldry: The US ones.
Outcome: True

Question: Is the Warriors series considered popular compared to other books?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I don't think we'll ever outsell Harry Potter! But it's doing very well otherwise. As you probably know, Midnight and Moonrise both made the New York Times bestseller list.
Outcome: True

Question: If the cats move to another area in Dawn how will they access Highstones?
Answer: CherithBaldry: That's a problem the cats tackle in Book 4.
Outcome: True

Question: Will there ever be an updated map showing BloodClan territory?
Answer: CherithBaldry: No, I don't think so.
Outcome: True

Question: Will any other animals besides cats and dogs be introduced?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes, there's one important other animal who comes into NP.
Outcome: True

Question: Will there be any future inter-species (other animal) friendships?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes.
Outcome: True

Question: Will there ever be a short that fills in the blank between Darkest Hour and Book 1 from the NP?
Answer: CherithBaldry: That might be what we do for the special edition, but again I can't say for certain because we haven't worked out that story yet.
Outcome: True

Question: Did you or Kate write the first book?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Kate wrote books 1, 2 and 4 of the first arc , and I wrote 3, 5 and 6.
Outcome: True

Question: Who was the silver tabby on the cover of Moonrise?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Feathertail.
Outcome: True

Clan life

Question: In the end of book three, Cinderpaw was still called Cinderpaw. However in the allegiances for book 3 it said Cinderpelt. Then she was called Cinderpelt in the beginning of book 4. Why is this?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Medicine cats have a special way of getting their full name, and you'll find out about that in this current arc.
Outcome: True

Question: Will the cats ever fully understand cars and the Thunderpath?
Answer: CherithBaldry: No, I don't think they're able to do that, and they can't get very close to observe them because it's too dangerous.
Outcome: Unsure, Cherith stated she doesn't think they're able to do it.

Question: Can a cat have their kit be their apprentice?
Answer: CherithBaldry: It's not usual.
Outcome: True

Question: Will apprentices names always end with paw? How about kits?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Because that's the way it is. Kits' names end with 'kit'.
Outcome: False, Egg was an apprentice, but his name didn't end with paw.[7]

Question: Can StarClan reject a leader?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes, in theory I'm sure they can, but I don't know what would make them do it. They didn't reject Tigerstar or Brokentail, after all. They rejected Nightstar, who if you remember never got his nine lives, but that was because Brokentail was still alive.
Outcome: Unsure, Cherith stated "in theory".

Question: In real life, what is the Moonstone?
Answer: CherithBaldry: A large piece of quartz, I imagine.

Question: Will StarClan ever actually cause misfortune on a clan or fight with a clan?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think StarClan's normal way of working isn't to interfere directly with Clan life, but to guide through dreams and signs.
Outcome: False.

Question: Carrion-place is a dump right?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Right.
Outcome: True

Question: Erin, do you think you could ever use the name Phantom__(something)in one of your books?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I don't think that the cats have the idea of ghosts in that way.
Outcome: Cherith isn't sure.

Question: In our human life, what is Highstones?
Answer: CherithBaldry: A hill with caves under it.

Question: Is there a highrock in every Clan camp?
Answer: CherithBaldry: No, but there would be a suitable place for the Clan leader to address the Clan.
Outcome: True

Question: If I look up the New Forest in England I can get a rough ariel picture of the series setting?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Very rough, because we've really developed it beyond that now.
Outcome: True

The authors

Question: How did you come up with the idea for the Warriors series?
Answer: CherithBaldry: The whole idea for the Warriors series was discussed between me, Kate Cary, and Victoria Holmes.

Question: Is it easy to make the books?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Some books are easier to write than others, but it's always a great joy to do, because there's so much in them.

Question: Have you and/or Kate come up with the titles for the New Prophecy arc?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Victoria Holmes thought of all the titles.
Outcome: Unsure, Cherith Baldry stated: "As far as I know..."

Question: Have there been large parts of the books taken out during editing that you would have like to stay in?
Answer: CherithBaldry: No, hardly anything at all. Usually when Vicky sees my first draft she thinks of extra things we might put in.

Question: Erin, how did you come up with the name 'Erin Hunter'?
Answer: CherithBaldry: That was Vicky. She's brilliant at names and titles!
Outcome: True. This has been stated in one of the other chats

Question: How did you first meet Kate and start writing Warriors?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Believe it or not, we have never met! We were brought together as writing partners by Vicky, who is wonderful!

Question: Do you or Kate write any other books? Do you have offical webistes?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes, we both write other books. I don't have a website and I don't know if Kate does. Try googling on our names - you'll see a number of my other books if you look up Cherith Baldry on, say, Amazon.
Outcome: True

Question: Are writing books what you have always wanted to do?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes, one of my earliest memories is of sitting on my grandfather's knee and reading him a story I had written.

Question: Do you frequent any online forums or web sites?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Not really.

Question: Do you make a timeline or something to keep track of everything going on and the ages of the cats in each book?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Vicky does that.

Question: Which covers do you like better, the US or UK ones?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I like both, but I prefer the US ones.

Question: Is it hard to make the warriors names?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Not really, though it can be hard to come up with the exact right name. We discussed for a long time what Squirrelpaw's warrior name would be.

Question: Do you have difficulty writing the deaths?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Not really. They are usually dramatic and emotional, and I find that kind of thing quite easy to write.

Question: Is it kind of weird to be able to determine every character's fate?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes!

Question: Do you have a favourite out of all of the books?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes, I like Book 6 of the first arc, because so many threads come together in it.

Question: What is your favourite name?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I like most of them: Firestar is one, and I like Leafpool

Question: What is your most favourite part in the first 6 books?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think my absolute favourite is when Firestar gets his nine lives, but I also like the scene where he accuses Tigerstar to the Clan at the end of Book 3.

Question: Looking back, what has been the best part of writing the books?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Getting to know so many fabulous cat characters.

Question: What is your favourite food?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Chocolate!


Question: Is there an offical site for Warriors fans to discuss about the series?
Answer: The official site at present is, but I don't think there's a discussion facility.
Outcome: False, was true at the time though[8]

Question: Will there be any tours in the US/Canada promoting the books?
Answer: CherithBaldry: There was a tour last May - I had a terrific time! It's possible there'll be another next year, but nothing is fixed yet.
Outcome: True

All questions answered by Cherith Baldry.

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