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On January 19, 2008, the three "Erin Hunters" — Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Victoria Holmes—visited Wands and Worlds for our fourth author chat with the creators of the Warriors series.[1]

Information revealed

On the characters


Question: If Spottedleaf had lived, what would be different?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think there would have been a problem between her and Firestar, because they loved each other as Leafpool and Crowfeather did, but Spottedleaf was a medicine cat and so they couldn't be together.

Question: What will Jaypaw's medicine cat name be?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Jayfeather.
Outcome: True. Jaypaw's name was later confirmed in Long Shadows.[2]

Question: Is there any significance in Brambleclaw and Tigerclaw both having "claw" in their warrior name, or is that a coincidence?
Answer: KateCary: Tigerclaw had really huge, fiercesome claws, and Brambleclaw was named in honor of him.

Question: In the begining of Secrets of The Clans it says Thunderstar is a orange cat. So my theory is since Firestar is orange too he is actually part ThunderClan. Is it true?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Good question! But I don't think all orange cats could possibly be related, do you?

Question: What ever happened to One-eye? She just, kinda disappears without anyone saying anything.
Answer: VickyHolmes: Does she? Oh good! That means I can put her demise into Code of the Clans, which comes out next year. And sorry for the inconsistency...

Question: Is Millie silver with blue eyes (as in the books) or is she tan coloured with yellow eyes (as in the manga)?
Answer: VickyHolmes: She's silver with blue eyes, as she's based on a real cat belonging to one of my co-workers, James. He's a huge fan of Millwall Football Club, which is based in London. So Millie's real name is Millwall!
Outcome: True. Millie is consistently described as a silver tabby with blue eyes throughout the series.[3]

Question: In the Original arc, before Secrets of the Clans, it said that ThunderClan was named ThunderClan because the were near the Thunderpath and in Secrets of the Clans it says diffrent, which one is true?
Answer: VickyHolmesSecrets of the Clans doesn't completely contradict this, actually. It says that Thunder was the first leader, which makes it seem as if that's why his Clan was called ThunderClan, but have you stopped to think how Thunder got his name?

Question: Why did you chose Berrynose for Berrypaw's warrior name?
Answer: KateCary: I didn't chose it - and frankly I think it's a little cruel, but then Berrypaw always was a bit annoying as an apprentice. I expect Vicky was just giving him his just desserts for picking on Lionpaw so much.

Question: Is Lionpaw a reincarnation of Lionheart?
Answer: KateCary: No, he's very much his own cat.
Outcome: True; However he is later to revealed to be the reincarnations of Lion's Roar.[4]

Question: Vicky, you mentioned once that Daisy would have another litter. Who is the lucky tom?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Spiderleg! Gulp!
Outcome: True; Spiderleg later fathers Rosekit and Toadkit.[5]

Question: Is Millie pregnant?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes! At least, she is at the end of Book Three: Outcast, and her gorgeous babies are born in Book Four: Eclipse. They have the best names ever!
CherithBaldry: She does have kits.
Outcome: True; Millie's kits are born in Eclipse.[6]

Question: Does Sandstorm ever get jealous of Spottedleaf because she knows Firestar loved Spottedleaf and she knows that Leafpool has a very special connection with Spottedleaf?
Answer: KateCary: Sandstorm isn't the type to get jealous. She respects Spottedleaf, but is well aware of her own worth.
VickyHolmes: I should think Sandstorm has had to be very strong in herself to cope with Spottedleaf lurking on the sidelines of her family! But if you read Firestar's Quest, you'll see that Firestar genuinely loves his earthbound mate, and knows he made the right choice. Even though the choice was made for him, really, because Spottedleaf died.

Question: Swiftpaw is Goldenflower's son. Is Tigerstar his father, or some other cat?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I don't think anyone ever decided.
VickyHolmes: Some other cat.

Question: Why is Millie's description so close to Silverstream's?
Answer: CherithBaldry: There are only so many colours of cats' pelts, etc.
VickyHolmes: Because Graystripe likes pretty gray cats! And because I promised one of my co-workers, James, that his own cat could feature in the manga. I didn't know that his cat Millie looked exactly like Silverstream, but I had to keep my promise.

Question: Did Firestar have any romantic feelings for Cinderpelt at the time of her death?
Answer: KateCary: No, he just felt responsible for her because she had been his apprentice (I hope I'm remebering it right - it's so long ago now!) His heart belongs to Sandstorm (and Spottedleaf of course)
VickyHolmes: No, Firestar just saw Cinderpelt as a very dear friend who'd gone from being his first ever apprentice to his medicine cat, and valued advisor in leading the Clan. Bless him, he never realized how much Cinderpelt loved him!

Question: Is Cinderpelt a tabby? Or just Cinderpaw?
Answer: CherithBaldry: They are both grey with blue eyes.
VickyHolmes: They're both pale gray tabbies.
Outcome: False; Cinderpelt is dark grey[7] while Cinderpaw is a gray tabby.[8]

Question: Why is it Cinderpaw and Jaypaw look exactly the same except for their gender? Coincidence?
Answer: CherithBaldry: They don't. She is grey, he is tabby.
VickyHolmes: They don't look exactly the same! They may have the same colour hair and eyes, but they're totally different shapes (Cinderpaw is strong, chunky, with a broad head, while Jaypaw is frankly rather scrawny).

Question: Did Cloudtail really love Daisy or did he just wanted her to be welcome?
Answer: CherithBaldry: He just wanted her to be welcome, and to help her adjust to her new life. Being a bloke, he didn't realize what he was doing to Brightheart.

Question: When will Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw get their new names?
Answer: KateCary: I'm not sure; ask Vicky.
VickyHolmes: At the end of Book Four: Eclipse. (I think)
Outcome: False; Jaypaw got his full name in Long Shadows.[2]

Question: Was Bluestar the first name you came up with for Bluestar?
Answer: VickyHolmes: No, actually! She started out as "Moonstar", in the earliest drafts of the storyline, but then I decided that no cats would have "moon" in their names because it should be reserved for the Clans' special spiritual places. So she became Bluestar instead!

Question: What do you think would've happened if Graypaw never attacked Rusty, all those moons ago?
Answer: KateCary: There would be no Warriors books for you to read. Good job Graystripe was such a feisty apprentice, eh?
CherithBaldry: Maybe Rusty would have gone home and there would have been no story.
VickyHolmes: Good question! I think Rusty would have found a way into the woods somehow, but maybe he'd have ended up in a different Clan!

Question: Does Honeypaw like Lionpaw?
Answer: KateCary: I suspsect she has a small crush on him, but who wouldn't. He's gorgeous!

Question: Which one of you created Brambleclaw?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Originally I did. When I was writing Forest of Secrets, I got a kitten which looked exactly like the description of Tigerstar, except he was so tiny! So I thought he might be the son of Tigerstar. But a lot of how the character developed was worked out by Vicky.

Question: Why did Firepaw become Fireheart so fast? Birchpaw waited forever!
Answer: KateCary: Cos Firepaw was super-fab, (and the Clan were pretty distracted during Birchpaw's apprenticeship)
VickyHolmes: We moved through the moons more quickly in Fireheart's stories because there was sooooo much going on. Also, cats don't automatically become warriors when they're six moons old. They have to complete all their training and succeed in all their tasks, which could take longer for some cats. The only rule Firestar tries to follow is making all littermates into warriors at the same time.
CherithBaldry: Firepaw came into the Clan at a crucial time when there was a threat from both ShadowClan and RiverClan, so he had plenty of opportunity to show the qualities of a warrior. For Birchpaw, that wasn't the same, and also the journey and settling into the new home took up so much time.


Question: Would StarClan have sent a sign saying that Mothwing should be a medicine cat if Hawkfrost hadn't put the moth's wing outside Mudfur's den? Or did they just know that Hawkfrost would do it?
Answer: KateCary: Interesting! I think StarClan had nothing to do with Hawkfrost's evil plotting, they just have to deal with the consequences - which aren't that bad. Even though Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan she's a very concientious and dedicated medicine cat.
VickyHolmes: That's an excellent question! And I think the answer is no, StarClan would never have chosen a medicine cat that didn't believe in them (gulp). But they know Mothwing has a good heart and is committed to healing her Clanmates, which is why they're willing to accommodate her lack of connection with them.
CherithBaldry: Who knows? Probably they would, since she is a very good medicine cat, and would have been even better if Hawkfrost hadn't destroyed her faith.

Question: Why did you name a kit Sneezekit?
Answer: KateCary: It's a great name. My cat Miu-miu sneezes all the time. It's so cute, and the thought of a kit sneezing is even cuter!
VickyHolmes: Because they caught a cold very soon after they were born, and kept sneezing! Or maybe they had an allergy to moss...

Question: Heavystep of RiverClan died in Sunset, but he's come back in The Sight and Dark River. Would you consider killing him again?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Ooops!
VickyHolmes: Hey, if he rises up so reliably, I might well do so!
Outcome: True; Heavystep later dies yet again between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice.[9]


Question: Do you have the bloodline of Heatherpaw? Who are her family relations?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Eek! I don't think I can answer this! But what I will say is that there are more cats in WindClan, ShadowClan and RiverClan than are ever listed in the Allegiances. I tend to include only the cats that feature in the story, because otherwise the lists would go on forever! So Heatherpaw definitely has family, but they haven't appeared in any storylines. Phew.
Outcome: True

Question: Is Mudclaw in the Place of No Stars?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I'm not sure... He wasn't totally evil, and had good reason to think that he was the true leader of WindClan.
VickyHolmes: I don't think he was bad enough for that. I kind of sympathized with him for wanting to be leader after Tallstar's death, seeing as he'd been deputy for ages and ages. I think StarClan would feel the same; even though they'd support Tallstar's decision and give Onestar his nine lives, they wouldn't punish Mudclaw any more by banning him.
Outcome: True; This was confirmed in a later chat.[10]

Question: Is Nightcloud Crowfeather's true love? Or is she just an "accessory" to help his loyalty to WindClan? Was his true love Leafpool or Feathertail?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Good question. I think I can safely say that Nightcloud is not Crowfeather's true love. He chose her as his mate to prove to WindClan that he was truly loyal, and would never be tempted to go off with a ThunderClan cat again. As for his "true" love, I'm not sure I've made up my mind about that yet. But I need to, because the question has to be answered quite soon!

Question: Who is Crowfeather's father? I have a suspicion that it's Deadfoot, except that I believe in the "Leafpool is Jaypaw's mother theory, so that would mean that he'd have to be connected to Tigerstar somehow, otherwise the trio wouldn't have powers...right?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I don't think we ever said who his father is, just that his mother is Ashfoot, the WindClan deputy.
VickyHolmes: I'm not sure who Crowfeather's father is, to be honest. There are lots of cats in WindClan, and RiverClan and ShadowClan, who don't get listed in the allegiances because they don't appear in the stories.
Outcome: Deadfoot turns out to be Crowfeather's father.[11]

Question: Crowfeather's eyes were blue in the beginning of The New Prophecy arc, but in Twilight they're amber. What color are his eyes?
Answer: VickyHolmes: They should be blue!

Question: I remember Onestar being really good friends with Firestar... so why is he so mean and harsh to Firestar now that he is leader of WindClan?
Answer: VickyHolmes: When Onestar became leader of WindClan, he wanted to make his Clan strong and independent. But it had such a long history of being helped by ThunderClan that the other Clans didn't respect WindClan as much as Onestar wanted. He tried to ask Firestar not to interfere, but Firestar just wanted to help out his old friend in his tricky early days of leadership. Finally, the only way Onestar could see to make his Clan strong and independent was to turn his back on his friendship with Firestar.


Question: Why did you name one of Tawnypelt's kits Tigerkit?
Answer: KateCary: Tigerstar will always live on in the memory of the Clans as a powerful warrior - Tawnypelt probably hopes that his strengths will live on in her kit.

Question: Will Tawnypelt's kits play a role in the future books?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I'd be surprised if they don't.
VickyHolmes: Definitely! I love their names, for a start, so I wouldn't want to waste them. Haven't quite decided what they'll do yet...
Outcome: True; Tigerheart goes on the patrol to the beavers,[12] Flametail later has his own point of view,[13] and Dawnpelt makes a serious accusation against ThunderClan that their medicine cat committed murder.

Question: Why did Tigerstar want to become leader of ThunderClan, then ShadowClan and the forest? We know he had ambition, but it never really says why he wanted to be leader. The most I can guess is, for ThunderClan, because he thought he'd do better than Bluestar, and ShadowClan/the forest, because he wanted power... but why, really?
Answer: KateCary: Why does anyone want to be leader? I guess some folks just like to be able to boss everyone else about :) That and the fact that Tigerstar was jut plain mean
VickyHolmes: Good question - and I can't answer it in too much detail because this will be covered in a future book. But I can say that Tigerstar started out with the best intentions of being a strong, loyal ThunderClan warrior, and got disillusioned when the Clan was run in a different way than he thought best. The irony is that he was a great leader of ShadowClan - if you leave out the fact that he wanted to kill all halfClan cats and conquer the entire forest.
CherithBaldry: Some people do just want power, as you'll see if you study history. Maybe they begin by thinking they could do better than the present leader, but it often becomes just the will to dominate.

Question: What are the genders of Tawnypelt's kits?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Two girls and a boy, I think.
Outcome: False; Tawnypelt had two boys and a girl.[14]

Question: What happened to Tallpoppy's kits Marshkit, Applekit, and Toadkit? They were mentioned pretty heavily in Dawn, and mentioned by Birchpaw in Secrets of the Clans...
Answer: KateCary: Didn't we mention them in Dark River?
VickyHolmes: Oh, they'll reappear, don't worry.
CherithBaldry: They are growing up in ShadowClan. You'll meet Toadkit briefly in Outcast.
Outcome: True; Toadfoot makes an appearance in Outcast.[15]

Question: What is it like for Tigerkit? Why did Tawnypelt name him that? I thought she hated him!
Answer: VickyHolmes: We'll find out more about Tigerkit in future books. Tawnypelt didn't hate her father - she left ThunderClan to be with him, didn't she? She respected his strength and his commitment, and is very sad that he can't be honoured as a great warrior because of all the bad things he did.

Question: Why was Tawnypelt changed from ginger to tortoiseshell?
Answer: KateCary: Oops!
CherithBaldry: I don't think she was ever ginger.
VickyHolmes: She should still be ginger!
Outcome: True, Tawnypelt was mistakenly described as a ginger in The Darkest Hour, but through out the rest of the other Warrior series has been consistently described as tortoiseshell she-cat.[16]

Question: How can Tigerstar see the living Clans from the Place of No Stars?
Answer: KateCary: I guess he uses the same method as StarClan.
VickyHolmes: He can't see into all the Clans, so his vision is more limited than it would be from StarClan. The idea of the warrior ancestors looking down on the cats below is deliberately left mysterious - it's not like they literally sit on clouds in the sky!

Question: Is Tigerkit a female? That'd be cute!
Answer: VickyHolmes: You're right, it would be cute, but he's a he.
Outcome: True.[17]

Question: Will Tigerstar walk the dreams of Tawnypelt's kits?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Well I'm sure he'd like to...
CherithBaldry: I wouldn't be at all surprised. He's bound to take an interest, as they would be a way for him to penetrate ShadowClan.
Outcome: True; Tigerstar trains Tigerheart in the Dark Forest.[18]

Question: Was there a particular reason you chose "Flamekit" as a kit name?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I love the sound of it, and it suits a kit with a fiery pelt.

Question: Will there ever be a book about Tigerstar's early life, where we can see how and why he became evil?
Answer: VickyHolmes: He will appear as a kit and an apprentice in Bluestar's story. I can't wait to explore his early life!
KateCary: Ooh, that would be a delicious book to write - i wonder if he was evil from the very start?
CherithBaldry: Yes, I think there'll be some of that coming up.
Outcome: True; Tigerstar appears in Bluestar's Prophecy as a kit.[19]


Question: Where is SkyClan territory in relation to the lake territory?
Answer: CherithBaldry: My geography is terrible, but I think they are quite far apart as the river runs in the opposite direction from where the cats went to find the lake. Vicky, if this is wrong, please correct me.
VickyHolmes: SkyClan territory lies to the north of the original forest - Firestar and Sandstorm follow the river up past WindClan, and keep going on the eastern side of the mountains (because they don't go near the mountains on their way to the gorge). So in relation to the lake territory, SkyClan is on the far side of the mountains, north-easterly.

Question: Is there going to be interaction between SkyClan and the other Clans in the future?
Answer: VickyHolmes: We'll definitely see SkyClan again, in the Special Edition after Bluestar's story. But they live a long, long way from the lake, too far to journey realistically, so I'm not sure they'll interact in future stories.
Outcome: True and false. SkyClan's Destiny is about SkyClan.[20] Also SkyClan appears in Hawkwing's Journey[21] and in arc 6.[22]

Question: Will you make a SkyClan cat symbol, like the other Clans?
Answer: VickyHolmes: There is a SkyClan symbol! I drew it on tour last year, to the amusement of everyone because I'm truly hopeless at drawing. It looks like a mountain peak with a tiny crescent moon in the sky. It hasn't appeared on a book yet but it should pop up in the SkyClan special edition.
Outcome: False; SkyClan's official symbol is the outline of a tree.[23]

Question: Why doesn't SkyClan appear in Secrets of the Clans?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Because Secrets of the Clans was released first! I didn't want to give away the big secret of Firestar's Quest, which was that there had been five Clans in the beginning, so I decided to leave out any mention of SkyClan. You'll notice that it doesn't say there were exactly four new Clans in the Forest!

Question: Do SkyClan cats end up in StarClan?
Answer: CherithBaldry: No, they end up among their own warrior ancestors.
Outcome: True.[24]

Question: Is there any SkyClan blood in the current everyday Clans that we know?
Answer: CherithBaldry: There certainly is in ThunderClan, through Cloudstar and Birchflight's kits.
Outcome: False; Cloudstar's mate is Birdflight, not Birchflight.[25]

Question: I'm looking at the SkyClan territory map, and I don't see the Shining Cave anywhere...why?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Because it's underground! You need to follow the river under the rocky outcrop to where it flows out of the rocks.


Question: Will Ravenpaw be going to Starclan, even though they moved far away to the lake? Also, will he make another appearance in the series at all?
Answer: KateCary: Vicky might know if he's going to make another appearance. I don't know if he'll be able to join StarClan now they've moved. Perhaps he'll make the journey to the Lake before he dies so he can join< his old Clanmates but he's happy where he is.
Outcome: Ravenpaw goes to StarClan[26]

Question: StarClan are said to be walking the skies, but really, how can they?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Because it's what they do!
VickyHolmes: The answer given to the question

Question: Will Millie, and Daisy go to Starclan?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Oh yes, if they want to, and if they believe.

Question: Will Mothwing and Cloudtail go to StarClan?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think they will, and be very, very surprised. But Vicky might not agree!

Question: What happens to cats who don't believe in StarClan? PLease don't make my precious Cloudtail go into nothing when he dies.
Answer: VickyHolmes: Cloudtail is so lovely, I expect StarClan will do everything they can to drag his spirit into their beautiful forest!
CherithBaldry: I would think they are judged on how they have lived, so Cloudtail would join StarClan. I hope Vicky agrees.

Question: Is it possible for a cat to gain nine lives from StarClan twice?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I don't think so, because after losing their last life they would be dead and join StarClan.
VickyHolmes: No. Thank goodness - even I couldn't bear to kill a cat eighteen times!

Question: It said when Firestar first lost a life, he saw a pale copy of himself. Does that copy get fuller and fuller as the leaders loose their lives? Or is it different for every leader?
Answer: VickyHolmes: With each life lost, their image in StarClan does indeed get fuller and fuller, until their whole shape sits among the warrior ancestors.

Question: Is it possibly that not only StarClan has powers, such as giving 9 lives, but the cats of the place of no stars can have powers too?
Answer: CherithBaldry: They certainly have some powers, like appearing to living cats and in dreams, but I don't think they could ever be as powerful as StarClan. They certainly couldn't give lives.
VickyHolmes: Hmmm, I'm not sure the Place of No Stars enables warrior ancestors to have such vital powers.

Cats outside of the Clans

Question: Is Fallen Leaves one of the cats who lived by the lake before the Clans did?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Yes.
Outcome: True.[27]

Question: Who is Firestar's mother?
Answer: VickyHolmes: We've never mentioned Firestar's mother's name. I wanted to reflect the reality for domestic cats, that they leave their blood-families as soon as they're old enough and spend the rest of their lives with Twolegs (for the most part). I really don't think this is anything to feel sad about. After all, if you see a whole family of cats living together, the children never seem to treat the cat who's their mom any differently than the others. I just don't think things like that matter to most animals.

Question: Are there skies for loners, rogues, and kittypets?
Answer: KateCary: I hope so. Hopefully kittypets will go to somewhere with comfy sofas. (I know that's where my kittypets would want to go)

Question: How long ago did Fallen Leaves live?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Many, many, many years. But cats don't live by calendars like Twolegs do so I couldn't tell you exactly. Nice question, though!

Question: Will we see more of Fallen Leaves? I love him!
Answer: KateCary: I hope so - I love him too, poor drowned little soul.
VickyHolmes: Don't worry, Fallen Leaves will definitely feature again! He's far too much fun to write about!
Outcome: True; Fallen Leaves later appears in Long Shadows.[27]

Question: Did there used to be more tribes, as indicated by the 'Tribe Cat' story in Secret of the Clans?
Answer: VickyHolmes: There is a lot about the prehistory of the Clans and Tribes that hasn't yet been revealed, but we'll find out much more about that in the second half of Power of Three, and the fourth arc. So yes, there were many more communities of feral cats than our four Clans can dream of!

Question: What happened to Princess, Firestar's sister?
Answer: KateCary: She's still living a cosy kittypet life with her twolegs and growing fatter by the year - just like my cat Flower.
VickyHolmes: She got left behind in Twolegplace when the Clans left the forest. Firestar says goodbye to her, knowing he'll probably never see her again. So sad, but they both know that Princess is happy and settled in her life as a kittypet, and similarly she'd never try to persuade Firestar to leave the forest.

Question: Will Ravenpaw ever get his warrior name, possibly when Jaypaw meets him?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I don't think Ravenpaw will ever get a warrior name, but I don't think he minds.

Question: If Rock was in the tunnel when Fallen Leaves drowned, how come he did not die?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Do you think he was in the tunnel? Do you think perhaps he knew the tunnels so well, he knew of a place where he could go to be safe when they flooded?

Question: In Secrets of the Clans, a cat says "My name is Rock" he goes on to say that he once llived in one of the three tribes that scattered long ago. Firstly is the Tribe of Rushing Water one of those tribes? Second, why did they scatter? In Dark River, Fallen Leaves comes across the cat who always lives in the caves, were these cats one of those tribe cats, and are the two Rocks the same cats?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes, these Rocks are the same! You'll find out more about Rock's connection to the Tribe cats, and to the cats who sent Fallen Leaves into the tunnels, in the upcoming books in Power of Three.

Other information

The books

Question: Will SkyClan ever make a reappearance?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes they will! I'm planning the Super-Special for 2010 at the moment, and I think I can reveal exclusively and for the first time ever that it will be set in SkyClan. Yay! Well, it would have been a waste of all those lovely names and characters if we hadn't used them again.
Outcome: True; SkyClan's Destiny was released August of 2010.[28]

Question: Who is supposed to be on the cover of Dark River?
Answer: KateCary: I think it's Heatherpaw - Vicky might know for sure
Outcome: True.

Question: When is Outcast coming out?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I'm not sure, but fairly soon. Vicky?
VickyHolmes: April 22nd, I think. I'll be on tour for its launch, yay!
Outcome: True.[29]

Question: Will there be a special edition: Bluestar's quest?
Answer: CherithBaldry: There are no plans at present, but who knows?
VickyHolmes: There will be a special edition about Bluestar's early life, up to the point when Rusty joins ThunderClan, coming out in August 2009. It won't be called Bluestar's Quest, though.
Outcome: False; Bluestar's Prophecy was released in July of 2009.[30]

Question: What's The Rise of Scourge going to be about? Other than his return, which is kinda obvious from the title...
Answer: CherithBaldry: Vicky knows most about this, but I think it is about Scourge before the events of The Darkest Hour.
VickyHolmes: Well, the title doesn't say "Return", exactly... It says "Rise", which means we'll follow his early life, from when he was a kit until he becomes the monstrous figure that nearly did for all the Clans in the forest. I have to confess I had a lot of fun with the storyline, especially coming up with an explanation for the collar studded with dogs' teeth.
Outcome: True.[31]

Question: What is the best site (to your knowledge) for finding accurate release dates for warriors and seekers?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Warriorcats.com, or amazon.com. But please bear in mind that release dates can change at very short notice, for the most trivial-seeming reasons, so don't get too mad if they switch!

Question: Which one of you wrote Outcast?
Answer: KateCary: That was Cherith's. I've read it though and it's awesome!

Question: Who wrote Seekers?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Tui Sutherland, who was one of the editors for Warriors, wrote the first one, and I am currently writing the second one.
VickyHolmes: This is a very good question, because.... *drum-roll*... you guys are about to meet a FOURTH Erin! Seekers Book One was written by a hugely talented young writer called Tui Sutherland, who was the editor at HarperCollins for the first two arcs. Tui writes under her own name, so do check out her books, and she did an amazing job on Seekers. She'll be joining us for future webchats, I expect! Cherith is writing Book Two of Seekers.

Question: Is the special edition to be about Bluestar about before Firestar arrived or after?
Answer: Before.
VickyHolmes: It will feature the parts of Bluestar's life that we haven't seen before, so it will end when Firestar arrives.

Question: What other books other than Cats of the Clans, Code of the Clans, The Rise of Scourge, Warrior's Return, the book about Bluestar, the rest of Po3 and the fourth arc are planned?
Answer: CherithBaldry: You'll have to ask Vicky that.
VickyHolmes: You mean that's not enough for you?! There will be a Special Edition about SkyClan in 2010, and possibly a Special Edition about the very first Clans in 2011. And that's as far as we've got.
Outcome: False; No Super Edition was made on the early Clans, but instead is to be the fifth arc.[32]

Question: Who writes the allegiances?
Answer: CherithBaldry: One of the editors. Vicky?

Question: What happened between Sunset And The Sight? Will there be a book?
Answer: VickyHolmes: There won't be a book to fill this gap, I'm afraid. A whole year passed between Book Six: The Darkest Hour and The New Prophecy Book One: Midnight, and I always had a hunch Firestar got up to some pretty amazing stuff while consolidating his position as ThunderClan leader. But Book Six of TNP: Sunset left some hanging questions which will be answered in Power of Three, so there wasn't such a sense of mysterious Clan goings-on in between the two arc. Hope that makes sense!

Question: Will you ever have an arc book about another Clan such as RiverClan? What about a book featuring the lives of StarClan?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I've thought long and hard about doing a book from the viewpoint of a different Clan than ThunderClan. I've always felt it wouldn't work with character we're familiar with now because it would be quite confusing - for us as well as you! - to cope with all the flipped-over viewpoints. But for the Special Edition about the very first Clans, I've decided we'll feature five cats' viewpoints, one from each of the early Clans.
CherithBaldry: I'd love to do a novel about StarClan. Pretty please, Vicky?
Outcome: False; No Super Edition was made on the early Clans, but instead is to be the fifth arc.[32]

Question: Who actually wrote Secrets of the Clans?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Tui Sutherland, who wrote Seekers Book One. She's a star!

Question: Do you have names for any future books at the moment, like 5 and 6 of Po3?
Answer: CherithBaldry: This is one that Vicky will have to answer.
VickyHolmes: Yes, Book Five will be called Long Shadows. No ideas for Book Six yet, I'm afraid. Oh hang on, that's a lie, I had a really good idea the other day. But I can't tell you until I've okayed it with HarperCollins. That's how rumours start!
Outcome: True.[33]

Question: Will the Scourge manga be done by the same people?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes, it will.

Question: On the cover of The Sight.. Lionpaw is looking at WindClan territory if you look from his view. That theory kind've came true in Dark River because Lionpaw crossed the borders with Heatherpaw. Was the cover art on The Sight supposed to be like that?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes!

Question: How long does it take to write an average sized book?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I normally take about two months to write a series book, once Vicky gives me the storyline. Then Vicky edits it and I rewrite it, which doesn't take so long. I have done one in a shorter time than that, but it's hard work!

Question: In the fourth arc, will the main characters be related to Firestar?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes, they will. I like the way we're following Firestar's dynasty, with each generation getting more and more involved in Clan life. It shows that a kittypet can truly become part of a Clan!
Outcome: True; Dovewing and Ivypool are both Firestar's kin.[34]

Question: Who is the cat on the cover of Twilight?
Answer: VickyHolmes: It's Crowfeather!

Question: Did After Sunset: We Need to Talk really happen?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes it did!

Clan life

Question: Do medicine cats go to the Moonpool twice a month? There are 2 half moons in a month, right?
Answer: VickyHolmes: They do indeed, because as you say, there are two half moons per month. They must be very fit!

Question: This one has been bugging me ever since I saw Sneezekit in the roster... Is there specific naming patterns that fans should be aware of? I noticed in the first six books there seemed to be strict guidelines to naming a cat, but as the series continued, the behaviours I noticed in the original arc has seemed to... slide a bit, I guess. Is there a reason for that, or was there really no "set" standard for names?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Hmmm. All kits are called "something-kit" until they are made apprentices at six moons old, when they become "something-paw". Six moons later, or thereabouts, they get their full warrior name, which will be based on a characteristic, habit or physical appearance (for the most part). The first part of their name is often a hint of this, too. As far as I know, we've never changed our way of naming cats!
CherithBaldry: There wasn't really a set standard. Remember that when we started writing these we never thought that it would get so big, and so we were 'flying by the seat of our pants', you might say!

Question: How old, on average, is a cat when he/she joins the elders?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Good question. It depends very much on the physical condition of the cat. "Elders" is a rather misleading term, because it really means cats that aren't able to hunt and patrol for the Clan any more, such as poor Longtail. There's a WindClan cat called Heavystep who became an elder almost immediately after getting his warrior name because he has a condition that makes him very weak (a veterinarian would diagnose it as kidney disease, I think). If a cat is healthy (and lucky) they can probably last until six or seven years old before having to join the Elders. I know this seems young compared with kittypets but the life of a Clan cat is very hard!

Question: Just wondering...in Rising Storm you mention that yew berries are so poisonius that they are called deathberries so why is the new apprentice den in a yew bush?
Answer: VickyHolmes: It's a sterile yew bush (they do exist!) which means it doesn't produce yew berries. On the plus side, the branches are so dense that they provide excellent shelter for the young cats, and a pleasant scent for their den.

Question: Have you used any fan-inspired names in any of the books published so far? If so, which ones?
Answer: KateCary: Not so far, but I think Vicky has plans to incorporate some of the ones she picked up on her last US tour - they're just so great!
VickyHolmes: Not yet, because the books out already were done and dusted before I went on tour in October, which is when I collected reams and reams and reams of warrior names! So look out for them in Book Four: Eclipse onwards.

Question: Will Jaypaw's magical stick of wonder apear in Outcast?
Answer: CherithBaldry: It does, but it's not that important there.
VickyHolmes: I love Jaypaw's magical stick of wonder! So it will definitely be making more appearances!
Outcome: True.[35]

Question: You stated in previous chats that a moonstone was a piece of quartz. Would the Clans have names for things like jade, similar to the moonstone's name, if they found them?
Answer: CherithBaldry: If they found something like that, they would have to name it, so yes.
VickyHolmes: Yes, the moonstone was a big ol' chunk of quartz. I guess it's possible that the cats would name jade if they found it, but I don't think they'll unearth any more semi-precious stones. Interesting question, though!

Question: Will the Warriors ever make friends with towlegs, dogs, etc.
Answer: CherithBaldry: No, I don't think so. Their lives are too far apart.
VickyHolmes: Not all warriors hate Twolegs, especially those that were once kittypets, or Graystripe who was treated very kindly by them when he was taken away from the forest. But I can't imagine any lasting friendships between an active Clan warrior and a Twoleg because Twolegs wouldn't understand the significance of a warrior's way of life. As for dogs, it would be very tricky because of the language barrier.
Outcome: False; Daylight warriors have active relationships with their twoleg owners.[36]

Question: Just curious, would ever consider using "spirit" as a cat's suffix?
Answer: KateCary: That would make a lovely name!
CherithBaldry: That could be a beautiful name.
VickyHolmes: Probably not, because it would make them sound like a member of StarClan. Also, you'll notice that we don't use the word "spirit" in the books at all, because it has very human connotations, I think.
Outcome: False; The Spirit suffix was used on Brightspirit.[37]

Question: Are the tunnels connected to Shadowclan territory?
Answer: KateCary: I hope so. But no cat's found the way yet.
CherithBaldry: If they are, no cat has discovered it yet.
VickyHolmes: No, they just lead between ThunderClan and WindClan.

Question: Do the herbs medicine cats use actually work in real life?
Answer: KateCary: I do as much research as I can about the herbs - most of them are used for curing sicknesses, though I wouldn't recommend trying it at home unless you're a trained herbalist!
CherithBaldry: The herbs are mostly taken from a herbal written by a man called Nicholas Culpeper in the 16th century. So people once thought they worked and some of them really do. But don't ever try to use them.
VickyHolmes: We use a seventeenth century text, Culpeper's Herbal, as our source for herbal remedies. Nicholas Culpeper was a physician when doctors had to use whatever occurred in the natural world, rather than pharmaceutical developments. Much of what he recorded was used with great success, so in that respect yes, the herbs do have some use historically but please, please, please don't ever use Warriors instead of a veterinarian to treat your sick pets!

Question: Can leaders retire?
Answer: KateCary: I expect if they thought it was best for the Clan they could...
CherithBaldry: They might want to if they were too ill to care for the Clan properly, but I don't know how that would work. Could they give back their nine lives? (Vicky?) But remember that when ShadowClan drove out Brokenstar, he still remained leader in the eyes of StarClan, and they didn't give Nightpelt his nine lives.
VickyHolmes: Yes, if they believe it's for the good of the Clan. Not sure how StarClan would feel about issuing a new set of nine lives, though. It would mean a lot of extra strength for a Clan. But, thinking about it, I think if a leader decided to retire, they would have to go to the Moonpool and tell StarClan themselves, and lose all remaining lives except one, to make them like a regular cat.

Question: Many of the cats personalities' from previous arcs have changed. Is this because it's hard to keep their personality's intact? Or are you changing them for another reason?
Answer: KateCary: Sometime's it's necessary to bend a character a little to fit in with the storyline. We try to keep them as consistent as possible. The cats have complex personalities - and they show different facects of their personailities when face with new dilemmas or difficultiess.
CherithBaldry: I think they have changed just as people do, because they get older and have different experiences.
VickyHolmes: Cats' personalities don't change, but the viewpoints do. Jaypaw won't see the same Firestar as Squirrelflight does, for example! That's the great thing about switching viewpoints and central characters: You unfold new layers of their characters at every turn!

Question: How many miles/kilometers did the clans have to travel to get to the lake?
Answer: I didn't think of it in terms of miles; I planned it in terms of days' traveling. I guess cats could travel three or four miles a day, and they marched for a moon, so that's about one hundred miles. That's far!

Question: Can a female leader have kits?
Answer: VickyHolmes: She could, but it would make leading the Clan even more difficult, and I can imagine some of the more traditional cats would make a bit of a fuss.
Outcome: True; Leafstar has kits during her leadership.[38]

Question: Why arent medicine cats allowed to have kits?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Because they have so many responsibilities to their Clan. Just as female leaders can't have kits. A she-cat with kits has to care for them 24/7 so there's no time for anything else. I suppose male medicine cats might get away with it but I think it would get in the way of their connection with StarClan and the need to care for all their Clan as though they are their kits.

Question: Is there some way that the underground caves will come into play again? They were fabulous by the way!
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think it would be a pity not to use them again. Are you listening, Vicky?
VickyHolmes: Thank you! I loved them too, and thought Kate brought them to life brilliantly. They'll definitely play a part in future stories. Like Book Four: Eclipse.
Outcome: True; The tunnels made a reappearance in Eclipse.[39]

Question: If a medicine cat died, with no apprentice, what would happen?
Answer: CherithBaldry: There would be a problem! I would hope that another Clan's medicine cat might train an apprentice. Medicine cats are apart from the usual Clan rivalries, so it might happen.
VickyHolmes: StarClan would send a sign to indicate their choice for a new apprentice, probably through the other medicine cats at a Moonpool meeting. One of these cats would be involved in training the apprentice, though admittedly it would be a bit tricky to keep crossing Clan boundaries. Hmmm, I wonder if I should make it happen, then we can find out!
KateCary: Disaster!


Question: This is my only question. Do you think there should be a warrior's movie? And if so, what series/books would you do?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Oh, the Warriors movie question! You'll find a more detailed answer to this on warriorcats.com, in the FAQ section. Briefly, I can assure you that we'd love to have a Warriors movie come out, but it depends on a really good production company making a really good offer to the publishers. And that hasn't happened yet, but I have a feeling there could be more news on this by the end of the year... *shifty eyes*
CherithBaldry: I'd be delighted if there was. I think it would be awesome. I think you could make a very good movie out of arcs 1, 1-3. And also Firestar's Quest. Thank you for being so enthusiastic.
KateCary: It would be fun to see a movie, but I would worry it might spoil the world we've created if someone tried to put it onscreen. And I'm sure Vicky would go nuts if someone else took control of her beloved kitties.

Question: Are the family trees on warriorcats.com to be considered canon? Many fans were distraught at the amount of errors and inconsistancies.
Answer: VickyHolmesAbsolutely not canon. I don't mind admitting that I was dead against putting family trees on the official website because I knew they wouldn't add up (particularly for the first arc). The family trees were compiled by someone who is very committed to the series, but she's not one of the Erins. We're all really sorry for the inconsistencies. Forgive us? *mournful eyes smiley*

Question: What inspired you to write Warriors?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Warriors came about because our publisher, HarperCollins Inc, asked me to come up with a fantasy story about feral cats. I wasn't hugely keen, I must confess, because I couldn't imagine coming up with enough ideas. Kate came on board as the writer shortly after the first storyline was bashed out; I invited Cherith to join for Book Three because I knew she was a brilliant writer who loved cats. One story stretched to six, then nine, then twelve, and now there will be OVER THIRTY books by the time we get to the end.

Question: What do you think about a warriors video game?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think it would be excellent!

The authors

Question: Who is your favorite Warrior cat and why?
Answer: VickyHolmes: The cat I most admire is Cinderpelt, because she's such a stoic, brave and smart character. I'd love to be more like her! Or at least have her as my best friend. My favourite character to come up with storylines for is Brambleclaw, because no one really knows if he's good or evil. Shades of gray, my friends, shades of gray!
KateCary: Apart from Yellowfang, I love Sandstorm because she's got spirit and isn't frightened to tell Firestar exactly what she thinks
CherithBaldry: My favourite cat is Leafpool, because I can understand how she feels. I'm also very fond of Brambleclaw, and he's great to write about, as Vicky says, because we don't know that much about what goes on inside him.

Question: Who is your favorite character to design?
Answer: KateCary: Currently, it's Jaypaw.

Question: What is your favorite part and least favorite part about being famous? And do you like the fact that some people will copy your ideas to create their fanfic?
Answer: KateCary: I don't actualy feel famous, though it's lovely to get fan mail - it makes me feel special :) And I'm delight we inspire so many would-be authors. it makes me feel very proud.

Question: If you could rewrite one scene in Warriors, what would it be?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I'm not sure that I want to rewrite any of it. By the time I've written it and Vicky has edited it and I've done the rewrites, we're fairly happy with it. I'd like to pick up the minor errors, though!
VickyHolmes: None. They're all perfect!

Question: Out of Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, who's your favourite?
Answer: CherithBaldry: Jaypaw is most interesting to write. The cat I like best is Hollypaw, though Lionpaw is a close second.
VickyHolmes: I try to make sure that they all have exciting storylines and strong characteristics so that Kate and Cherith enjoy writing about them. They take turns to "lead" the story, and I guess they're at the best when they're centre stage, dragging the others behind them.

Question: What do you think would have been the warrior names of some of the 'lost' cats? (i.e. Ravenpaw, Swiftpaw, Shrewpaw, Molepaw, Snowkit, Hollykit, Larchkit)
Answer: CherithBaldry: I really don't know. If they die before they are named no-one thinks up a name for them.
KateCary: Thinking up names for all those right now would take too long I'm afraid, Starsight. But I'll ponder on it later
VickyHolmes: Gosh, I don't know! Coming up with new warrior names is soooooo hard (even though you guys make it look easy with your awesome lists!) that I'm afraid I don't waste good ideas on names that will never be.

Question: Do you, ever suggest changes to the warriors storyline, or do you always stick to what vicky writes?
Answer: I suggest changes if I have what I think is a good idea, and Vicky and I discuss them. Often she will incorporate them. That's one reason I like working with Vicky, because we have such great discussions about warriors.

Question: Do you like listening to music while you write?
Answer: KateCary: I need perfect silence to write. If I put music on I kinda float away into my own thoughts. I'm easily distracted.
CherithBaldry: Sometimes I do, at other times it can be distracting because I end up listening to the music and not writing.
CherithBaldry: I'd love to listen to music but it influences me too much! If the music is loud and strong and swirling, all the cats rush into battle. And if it's slower and dreamier, they all start falling in love! Which is a disaster, as you know.

Question: Have you three met yet?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I have met Vicky on several occasions, but I haven't met Kate yet.
VickyHolmes: I have met both Kate and Cherith, and they are very lovely indeed! Both fed me very well, and you know how important that is to me. :) But they haven't met each other yet.

Question: What do you do when you aren't Writing?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Bake chocolate brownies; walk my dog Missy; hang out with friends; plan to redecorate my house (I rarely get around to doing it but I love paint charts!); think about new stories; play with my adorable nephews Tana and Will, both aged two, and my gorgeous niece India, who is six months old. I'm a VERY proud aunt!
CherithBaldry: I read, go for walks, look after my cats, knit, surf the internet. I'm active in my local church and go to lots of events connected with that.

Question: Of all cats you would have a hard time killing off right now, which would be the hardest?
Answer: KateCaryBirchfall and of course Graystripe.
CherithBaldry: Leafpool. I'd love her to have some happiness, but Vicky is so cruel!

Question: Do you three have your own warrior names?
Answer: CherithBaldry: No, though perhaps I should think of one.
VickyHolmes: I looked up my name on the warriors website and it came up as Mousepaw. Which I LOVE because I consider myself to be nothing more than an eager apprentice when it comes to writing stories - there's still so much to learn! And my mother has always called me Mouse because I'm small and have mousy brown hair. So it's the perfect name for me!

Question: Which arc was most fun for you to write?
Answer: KateCary: I'm really enjoying PO3 - JP, HP and LP are such great characters to write!
CherithBaldry: arc 1, I think, because it was all new and we were discovering the warriors' world as we wrote it. But it's all fun, really.

Question: How does the experiences of your life or influences of people you know affect parts of the books?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Good question! And one that probably deserves a longer answer than I have time to write here. But I can tell you that if you read all the Warriors books closely, then you know me very well indeed... I'd never write an autobiography (sheesh, how dull!) but the themes in Warriors always reflect things that are important to me in my life, both now and in the past. For example, I'm fascinated by how people are shaped by other people's opinions of them; hence the trouble Brambleclaw has with cats assuming he's evil like his father, and the way this even confuses his own thinking.

Question: Who is the character you least enjoyed writing about?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Gosh, I hope I haven't created any characters that Kate and Cherith didn't like writing about! The only scenes that are less enjoyable, perhaps, are the ones where I cruelly force them to kill off cute little kits, mewing piteously as a hawk sweeps them into the air, or whatever.

Question: What's your favourite pizza topping?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Tee hee! Extra fresh tomato sauce, a few black olives, super-salty anchovies, and NO CHEESE. I can't believe I'm more famous for not liking hot cheese than anything else.

Question: What scenes do you prefer to write? Battles, romace, ect.?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I like best the scenes where two or three cats are in some kind of tense situation, though not fighting, e.g. Leafpool and Crowfeather's scenes, or the scenes where Leafpool was quarreling with Squirrelflight or Cinderpelt. I also like the mystical bits with StarClan, and the funny scenes, e.g. what the kits get up to. I'm not too fond of battle scenes, and I find it hard to write 'big' scenes like Clan meetings or Gatherings.

Question: What authors inspire you?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry! They're so incredible to work with, I get humbled by their skill with language (and their never-ending patience with me when I make them wait and wait and wait for new storylines!). Also Jacqueline Wilson, Kathy Reichs and J K Rowling - because she always looks fabulous in photos!
CherithBaldry: Tolkien, Ursula le Guin, and Shakespeare and other great poets.

Question: What are your favorite name beginnings and endings?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I'm not sure I have any: I do like 'heart', especially for Brightheart, and I like 'silver' and 'thorn' for the first part.

Question: Do any of you have any kids?
Answer: VickyHolmes: No. Just my dog!
KateCary: I have one 10 year old twoleg who sneakily watches over my shoulder when I type so he finds out what's going to happen before anyone else.
CherithBaldry: I have two grown-up sons. One is a musician and the other is a computer programmer.

Question: If you were a cat, would you rather be a kittypet, loner, a Clan cat, or a Tribe cat?
Answer: KateCary: Kittypet definitely - give me a cosy armchair and a warm fire any day!
VickyHolmes: I would be a well-fed loner, like Ravenpaw. With one nice cat to share my barn.
CherithBaldry: I like to think of myself as a warrior, but I suspect I'd have to be a kittypet!

Question: Which one of the characters in the books is most likely that cat that is most like you?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Good question! I'd *like* to say Cinderpelt because I think her strength of spirit and sharp tongue are totally awesome. But in reality it's Ravenpaw, because he's shy and awkward and clumsy. And good at telling stories!
CherithBaldry: Leafpool
KateCary: I'm a cross between grumpy old Mousefur and nurturing Leafpool.

Question: What was your guys favorite book?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Book Six of Arc One: The Darkest Hour. Truly, truly brilliant!
KateCary: Out of the warrior books I loved A Dangerous Path - it was so fastpaced and well written. When I was a kid, I loved the Carbonel books. (about a cat - not surprisingly!)

Question: Which is your favorite arc of the 3 so far, the Original, the New Prophecy, or the Power of Three?
Answer: CherithBaldry: That's so hard to answer, because I love them all! I think I have favourite books rather than arcs - of my own, arcs 1, 3 and 6, Moonrise in arc 2, and Firestar's Quest.

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