The seventh Erin Hunter chat was held on August 14, 2010.[1]

Information revealed

On the characters


Question: ThunderClan was called "ThunderClan" because they lived close to the Thunderpath in the old forest, but Thunderstar created the Clan... so where did the Clan really get it's name from?
Answer: VickyHolmes: The cat named “Thunder” got his name from the Thunderpath, and by extension the name was given to his Clan. As memories of Thunder the cat faded, the name became associated exclusively with the geographical location. And the same for the other four Clans!
Outcome: False, Thunderstar's namesake is revealed in The Sun Trail; the ThunderClan founder is named after the collapsing building he was born in, and in memory of his mother, Storm[2]

Question: Did Stormtail and Dappletail end up having kits after Bluestar's mother died?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I don’t think so, since Bluestar doesn’t seem to have any half-siblings in the Clan.

Question: Will there ever be a possibility of Leafpool taking another mate, now that she's not a medicine cat?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Oh, I suspect she's too much in love with Crowfeather to consider doing that.

Question: If the Clan ever learned about Cinderheart's reincarnation, how do you think they, along with the other Clans, would react?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think they'd be pleased, if a bit weirded out. The cats who knew Cinderpelt would welcome her back with open paws!
Outcome: True, Jayfeather shows Cinderheart her past life as Cinderpelt in The Forgotten Warrior[3]

Question: Is Ashfur in the Dark Forest or StarClan?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I think this is something that can stay secret for a while longer... but don't worry, you’ll find out soon!
Outcome: True, it was revealed in Sign of the Moon[4]

Question: Will Ivypaw or any other character play a bigger part in the arc?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I'm not sure where you’ve read up to, but Ivypaw definitely plays a central role in the second half of OTS!

Question: Why did Squirrelflight play Ashfur like that? I mean, it was pretty obvious that he loved her, why couldn't she feel the same?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I don't think she deliberately set out to play Ashfur. She did like him, and she liked his attention, because really, who wouldn't? But there was a chemistry between her and Brambleclaw that she couldn’t resist – in spite of all their bickering and clashes. Poor Ashfur just couldn't compete with that sort of connection.

Question: How did Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight not have kits?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I actually think Squirrelflight is unable to have kits.
Outcome: False. At the end of Bramblestar's Storm, Yellowfang reveals that she lied to Squirrelflight about being barren and that she would have kits.[5]

Question: Will Graystripe ever become deputy again?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I doubt it - unless something dreadful happens to Brambleclaw. Which is NOT a plot hint, by the way!

Question: When do Dove and Ivy get their warrior names?
Answer: VickyHolmes: OTS4 (I think)
Outcome: True[6]

Question: Is it true that you met a girl name Ivy Poole, and thats why Ivypaw's warrior name will be Ivypool, and because she was so nice, Ivypaw won't be evil?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Ivy Poole is the daughter of a good friend of mine. She is a beautiful little girl, but that doesn't mean Ivypaw has to be perfect!

Question: Will Briarlight die or get a major part?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Briarlight isn't a central character, but she's very precious to me so she's going to stay around for a while.

Question: It seems Hollyleaf recognized that she didn’t really have an incredible power like Lionblaze and Jayfeather, since she showed relief when they found out that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw were not their parents and it was she who declared that they weren’t part of the prophecy after all. When did she come to realize that she didn’t have a power, and did Lionblaze and Jayfeather ever realize it, whether before or after her “death”?
Answer: VickyHolmes: She figured it out before she died, even before she made her declaration at the Gathering. I’m not sure that Lionblaze and Jayfeather knew that she didn’t have a power until Dovepaw came along and was obviously one of the Three.

Question: Why didn't Tigerstar offer to train Hollyleaf?
Answer: VickyHolmes: She didn’t end up “evil”, just misguided and desperate. She was always so loyal to the warrior code that she would never have agreed to be trained by a cat from the Dark Forest. I think Tigerstar could see that! Also, perhaps he knew all along that she wasn’t one of the Three, so she wasn't worth his attention?

Question: Did Hollyleaf just go completely bonkers, or was she just so stressed, angry and hurt that she spilled the beans?
Answer: VickyHolmes: She was stressed, angry, hurt and devastated beyond reason that the warrior code had been so utterly destroyed, as far as she could see it. So not bonkers, although if she went to court, her defense lawyer might claim that her balance of mind was disturbed!

Question: If Hollyleaf wanted to stop the secret from getting out by killing Ashfur, but she herself announced it, what was she hoping to gain from it?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Poor Hollyleaf! She killed Ashfur – and realized that nothing had changed. She was still the result of an illicit relationship between a medicine cat and a WindClan cat. Her true parents had lied and cheated all their lives (as she saw it) and never been punished. The warrior code had been defied in every way, yet these cats were living normal lives! She believed that the only way to get justice was to reveal the truth in the most public place – a Gathering. By this time, she had lost all her faith in the warrior code, so she didn’t care about the repercussions.

Question: Rosepetal and Foxleap seemed to have the makings of a romantic couple in Fading Echoes although Foxleap is Rosepetal's uncle. Was that intentional?
Answer: KateCary: No way! Not again! These cats are way too inter-related. They need some more kittypets to mate with...


Question: Does Heathertail still secretly love Lionblaze?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I don't think so. Too much has happened!

Question: Is Crowfeather's father Deadfoot? There's loads of evidence for this!
Answer: VickyHolmes: Interesting! I can’t recall who I assumed Crowfeather’s dad would be. If the stories suggest that it’s Deadfoot, then it probably is!

Question: What does Crowfeather really think about his ThunderClan kits?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I think he'd like to be more involved in their lives, but he can't, so he gets really bitter. I really like Crowfeather; I'm so sorry fate (whose name is Vicky) dealt him such a poor hand.


Question: Is Smokefoot a different cat from Smokepaw (who fell off a cliff and died in Dawn but was still listed as Oakfur's apprentice in subsequent books)?
Answer: KateCary: Absolutely! *crosses fingers and looks at her feet*

Question: Does Tigerheart like Ivypaw, or Dovepaw? If both, which does he love more?
Answer: CherithBaldry: He likes Dovepaw at present, but who can say how it will turn out?
KateCary: Eww. I hope not. He's nasty. I don't think he even thinks of them as individuals, just a means to his wicked wicked ends.
VickyHolmes: Dovepaw is his fave.

Question: Who gave Tigerstar his nine lives? Can the Dark Forest give cats lives?
Answer: VickyHolmes: There would have been plenty of former ShadowClan cats lining up to make Tigerstar leader! For all his faults, he was exactly what ShadowClan needed following the Nightstar debacle: a strong, courageous, desperately loyal warrior who would do whatever it took to make his Clan powerful and feared. Raggedstar would have been among them, and Thistleclaw of ThunderClan as well, of course. And yes, cats from the Dark Forest would have found their way to StarClan to give him some lives as well.
Outcome: False. No Dark Forest cats gave Tigerstar a life.

Question: Who is the new ShadowClan deputy going to be?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Rowanclaw. It's his reward for changing gender halfway through the arc!
Outcome: True[7]

Question: Who was older, Russetfur or Blackstar? What would be a reason to appoint a deputy older than you?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I don't know which was older; I'd imagined they were much the same age. Firestar appointed Whitestorm as deputy, remember, thought Whitestorm was much older, because he was the best cat for the job.
Outcome: It is revealed in Yellowfang's Secret that Russetfur is older than Blackstar.

Question: Tigerheart and Flametail appear to be playing bigger roles in Omen of the Stars, will we see more of Dawnpelt also?
Answer: VickyHolmes: We will see more of her, especially in Night Whispers, but she isn't as central as Tigerheart and Flametail.
Outcome: True. While we do see more of Dawnpelt in Night Whispers,[8] she is known to play a even larger part in The Forgotten Warrior[9]

Question: You said there would be a ShadowClan point of view in Night Whispers... any chance you could tell us who?
Answer: VickyHolmes: It's Flametail!
Outcome: True. Chapters 6, 8, 10, 17, and 24 in Night Whispers are from Flametail's point of view.[10]


Question: What was Sagepaw's warrior name?
Answer: VickyHolmes: She definitely has a warrior name. Sagefur? Gosh, I can't remember, my brain is so tired.
Outcome: False. Sagepaw is actually a tom, and his name is revealed to be Sagenose.[11]

Question: What would Firestar think of the changes Leafstar's made to SkyClan in SkyClan's Destiny? How would he react, if he knew?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Interesting question! I think he might raise his eyebrows (can cats do that?) at the inclusion of daylight-warriors, because that’s a pretty radical departure from having all warriors live in the Clan, but I think he’d also be sympathetic to Leafstar’s determination to keep her young Clan going, and her willingness to be flexible in order to make that happen

Question: Why didn't Leafstar change the names of Harveymoon, Snookpaw, Billystorm, and Macgyver? Its kinda strange.
Answer: VickyHolmes: SkyClan is so new, Leafstar doesn't quite know all the rules about names, hence the use of "moon". And the strange names came about because some kittypets didn't want entirely new names.
Outcome: Partially true. Ambermoon is not a SkyClan cat, and she has the moon suffix, meaning that it's not forbidden to use.[12]

Question: Who are the modern ThunderClan cats who descended from Cloudstar's kits?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Tigerstar and Spottedleaf!

Cats outside of the Clans

Question: What is Mapleshade's physical description? What about her personality? Is there anything else about her you can tell us?
Answer: VickyHolmes: She is tortoiseshell and white, big, tending to fat, with amber eyes. She's ambitious, cold and dedicated to revenge. You'll see a lot more of her in Crookedstar's Promise!
Outcome: True and false. Mapleshade turned out to be a ginger-and-white she-cat,[13] however, she is a major character in Crookedstar's Promise.[14]

Question: How is Rock able to show up in random places (such as the mountains) and be omniscient when he isn't dead?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Oh, he’s dead all right. But he transcends StarClan, and the Dark Forest, and anywhere else that dead cats are contained, so he can pop up literally anywhere. We’ll find out more about Rock in the second half of OOTS, don’t worry. He’s a very special cat.

Question: Will we ever hear from Princess again?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Probably not. Our cats won't travel back to the old forest, and Princess would never make the long journey to the lake. I think she's well and happy with her housefolk, though.

Question: Did Firestar ever show Princess Squirrelkit and Leafkit?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I think he probably did, yes, even though we didn't see it happen.

Question: Will Scourge make an appearance from the Dark Forest, or is gone for good?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Scourge's greatest weakness was that he didn't believe in StarClan, so he didn't make it to the Dark Forest. He's gone for good, I'm afraid. But he did get his own manga!

Other information

The books

Question: Why did Allegiances of the Clans get cancelled?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I don’t know exactly, but it could be because we covered so much material in the other Special Editions, so HarperCollins didn’t feel there was enough extra material to fill an entire book.

Question: Have you come up with the title of the fourth book in OOTS, and if you have what is it?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Book Four will be called Sign of the Moon and, as a Wands and Worlds exclusive, I can reveal here that Book Five will be The Forgotten Warrior. Hooray!
Outcome: True

Question: Are there any plans to bring Sol back into the series?
Answer: CherithBaldry: I believe there are. I hope so. He's another great character to write.
Outcome: True. Sol appeared in SkyClan and the Stranger Arc.[15]

Question: Will we see any new kits in Night Whispers, or maybe Sign of the Moon?
Answer: VickyHolmes: There are new kits in Sign of the Moon!
Outcome: True. Stormfur and Brook have two kits, Lark and Pine[16]

Question: If you could rewrite the arc, would you change any of the consistency problems? If so, what?
Answer: KateCary: No. I'm rather fond of the inconsistencies.

Question: What's going to be the name of the 5th arc?
Answer: VickyHolmes: It doesn't have a name yet. It's still barely a twinkle in my eye!
Outcome: It's true that there will be a fifth arc however, and its name is Dawn of the Clans with the first book being The Sun Trail[17]

Question: As far as forbidden romances go we've seen warrior and warrior, medicine cat and warrior, but will we ever see a forbidden relationship between two medicine cats?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Ooh, quite possibly!

Question: Will the Ancients ever get a Super Edition?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Ah, we love the Ancient Cats! I’m not sure they’ll get their own Super Edition (but never say never!); however, they will reappear in OTS4: Sign of the Moon!
Outcome: True.[18]

Question: What exactly was the purpose of Hattie, Firestar's Twoleg's replace of him?
Answer: VickyHolmes: The editors at HarperCollins were worried that Firestar's housefolk would be sad without their kitty, so they asked me to create a replacement!

Question: Did Firestar loose a life in Ravenpaw's arc?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I was sure Firestar lost a life in the manga! Oh no, don't say it got edited out (not by me)! Confusion reigns, sigh.

Clan life

Question: If a medicine cat has an apprentice who has received his/her medicine cat name, can that apprentice take an apprentice of their own?
Answer: VickyHolmes: No because the medicine den would get a little cluttered!
CherithBaldry: I see no reason why not, as they would then be a full medicine cat. But the Clan only needs so many med cats, so it wouldn't be usual. Maybe if the first med cat was very old.
Outcome: True and false. Jayfeather took on Alderheart as an apprentice while Leafpool was alive, and not very old. However, Alderheart was technically a shared apprentice, and his apprenticeship was special, as StarClan chose him.

Question: What happens if a medicine cat dies and they have no apprentice? Who becomes the new medicine cat?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Medicine cats from the other Clans will appoint a new one, guided by StarClan.
CherithBaldry: I assume they get a sign from StarClan. It would be a bit like the way that Echosong becomes med cat in Firestar's Quest. She gets dreams, and then some teaching from Sandstorm, and then Fawnstep who was the Ancient SkyClan med cat promises to teach her.
Outcome: Mostly true. When Littlecloud died, Puddleshine was made an apprentice without any signs from StarClan. He was also trained by Leafpool, although Yellowfang took over his training after a few moons.


Question: What happens if a newborn kit dies, do they go to StarClan as is, with their eyes closed and unable to walk yet?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Hmmm. I think StarClan would allow them to open their eyes and totter around, for maximum cuteness.

Question: Does Firestar and other normal cats know about the Dark Forest/Place of No Stars? In Sunset, Darkstripe seemed generally surprised by it, but in Omen of the Stars, all of StarClan seems to know about it. Do cats only learn about it once they die and either go to StarClan or the Dark Forest itself?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I think cats find out about it once they go to StarClan. Otherwise I think queens would threaten their kits with going to the Dark Forest if they are naughty!

Question: Who is the leader of StarClan?
Answer: VickyHolmes: StarClan has no leader.

The authors

Question: Who is your favorite villain?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Scourge.
CherithBaldry: I have a soft spot for Hawkfrost. I think he could have tipped the other way and become a really awesome cat if he had given himself the chance.
KateCary: Mapleshade!
TuiSutherland: I kind of like Hawkfrost myself, because he seemed so complicated.

Question: Which is you current favorite death scene and why?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Feathertail’s gets me every time, the way she says to Crowpaw: “Don’t make me save you again...”

Question: What are Molekit's and Cherrykit's warrior names and who are their mentors?
Answer: KateCary: Molebutt and Cherrycola. Kidding. I don't know yet.
Outcome: Molekit and Cherrykit become apprentices in The Forgotten Warrior. They become warriors called Molewhisker and Cherryfall before Bramblestar's Storm. Molepaw's mentor was Rosepetal, and Cherrypaw's mentor was Foxleap.

Question: Do you plan on creating an albino cat ?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Yes, I'd love to include an albino cat, but I haven’t found exactly the right place yet.
Outcome: Although not introduced under Vicky's editing (as Vicky did not work on Dawn of the Clans after The Sun Trail,) A Forest Divided introduces Pink Eyes, who is a cat with albinism. [19]

Question: How long have you been writing before Warriors?
Answer: VickyHolmes: I hadn't written anything at all! Warriors was one of the first projects I ever worked on. Lucky, huh? :)

Question: Who is your favorite Leader?
Answer: VickyHolmes: Tigerstar!
CherithBaldry: Apart from Firestar, Cloudstar of Ancient SkyClan, because of the way he led his Clan through such a terrible time. And then came back to tell Firestar to revive his Clan. I'm so pleased that he was reunited with Birdflight - now there's a scene that made me go all teary.

Question: Is it possible for the proceeds for your newest books released to go to charities?
Answer: VickyHolmes: It’s an excellent idea, and thank you to everyone who signed the petition. All of the Erins are passionate about animal welfare (even if some of us are DOG people and some of us are CAT people ), and in our private lives we do as much as we can to support charities that are close to our hearts – for people as well as animals. Diverting funds from a book would have to be organized by HarperCollins, however, and it hasn’t been discussed yet, although we’ll always bear it in mind. On that note, sometimes we receive criticism for not seeming to do much charity work. Actually, we are extremely active in a number of charities for both animals and children, but this is something we prefer not to broadcast.
CherithBaldry: This would be a decision for the publisher. But all the Erins contribute to charity, both for animals and people. But we prefer to do it privately. Not letting our left hand know what our right hand does, and all that.

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