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Chapter Number: 6 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 71-77

Chapter description

Jayfeather jerks awake, hearing that Firestar is awake. Jayfeather sits up and opens his mouth, tasting WindClan scent. He leaves his nest and spots Lionblaze and Cinderheart. Lionblaze asks Dovewing what's going on, and the she-cat does not respond, only awkwardly fidgeting by Ivypaw.
Briarpaw appears out the apprentice's den, telling Dovepaw and Ivypaw to follow her as she looks at Firestar and Brambleclaw in the clearing. The rest of ThunderClan awakes, asking questions about the WindClan "intruders". Firestar assures the cats that WindClan is not intruding, and they are simply there to return two lost apprentices- Dovepaw and Ivypaw. The ThunderClan leader calls for Lionblaze, Cinderheart and Jayfeather to stay. He takes the WindClan warriors from camp, with the other ThunderClan cats he wanted to stay, and asks what happened. Breezepelt tells him he found Dovepaw and Ivypaw outside of their camp, making the two sisters shuffle closer to each other. Ivypaw is questioned next, and she makes up a lame excuse. Firestar's voice is ominously soft as he replies.
He thanks Heathertail and Breezepelt for returning them, and apologizes about their behaviour, and, with a tight mew, defends ThunderClan from Breezepelt's question. Jayfeather senses irritation beneath Dovepaw's fur as Firestar assures the two WindClan cats it won't happen again, and they leave. But before Heathertail leaves, she tells Lionblaze to care for his apprentice better, and Jayfeather can feel the tension in the air before her and Breezepelt leave. The ThunderClan leader demands what Ivypaw and Dovepaw were thinking, and he argues with the sisters, until leaving their punishment up to their mentors. Firestar says he wants a word with Dovepaw, which confuses Ivypaw, before she stomps away, and he beckons to Lionblaze and Jayfeather to come.
Leading them from camp, Firestar circles Dovepaw, asking her about the dog, Jayfeather noting that his mind was as sharp as a thorn. Firestar then questions if Jayfeayher had a dream about it, his gaze suspicious. He denies it, and Jayfeather wishes he had some way to hide Dovepaw's mistake, but knows he wouldn't fall for it. The medicine cat senses Lionblaze's shock like cold wind as he realizes Firestar knows they are the three, as he pieces together Jayfeather's senses, Dovepaw's hearing, and Lionblaze's fearless ways in battle.




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