"Precious Dove's Wing, you know how much Falcon Swoop loved you and Jay's Wing while she was alive. I'm sure she still loves you, wherever she may be."
Whispering Breeze comforting Dove's Wing and Jay's Wing in Long Shadows, page 189

Falcon Swoop is a she-cat.[1]


In the Power of Three arc

Long Shadows

Dove's Wing: "You're a sharpclaw! It's so exciting! I wish our mother could see you."
Whispering Breeze: "Perhaps Falcon Swoop can see you."
Dove's Wing: "Do you really think so, Whispering Breeze?"
—Whispering Breeze assuring Falcon Swoop's kits that it's possible she's watching over them. Long Shadows, page 188
Although she doesn't formally appear, she is mentioned when Jaypaw, as Jay's Wing, comes out of the tunnels. His sister, Dove's Wing, tells him that she wishes their mother, Falcon Swoop, could see him now. Whispering Breeze says that maybe she can, since she loved them so much when she was alive, and she probably still loves them wherever she is.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

She is noted to have died under the paws of a Twoleg monster and her mate, revealed to be Falling Rain, left the Ancients out of despair and grief from losing his mate. When Furled Bracken announces in his speech before casting the stones in decision whether to leave for the mountain or not, Dove's Wing is deeply grieved by mention of the death of her mother, and Jayfeather, despite not knowing Falcon Swoop while she was alive, bows his head in respect as well, because Jay's Wing was her son too.




Whispering Breeze:[3] Status unknown


Falling Rain:[2] Deceased, residence unknown


Jay's Wing:[1] Deceased, Reincarnated as Jayfeather


Dove's Wing:[1] Deceased, Reincarnated as Dovewing


Falling Rain ♂Falcon Swoop ♀Whispering Breeze ♀
Jay's Wing ♂Dove's Wing ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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