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"I have been struggling to hold ShadowClan together. I had hoped, with a strong deputy like Tigerheart, that we could overcome the betrayals that have split the Clan over the past moons. But Tigerheart has left us. I could not hold the faith of my Clan before the rogues split us in two. I do not have the strength to repair the wounds that have been inflicted since then. I can no longer lead ShadowClan."
— Rowanstar renouncing his leadership in Darkest Night, page 302

Fall of ShadowClan was an event that took place in the A Vision of Shadows arc. ShadowClan began to decline when Darktail and his group of rogues and the rest of the ShadowClan cats that didn't leave with Rowanstar to ThunderClan took over ShadowClan.[1] They later called themselves the Kin.[2] The climax took place when Rowanstar failed to regain the respect from his Clanmates, and eventually, he chooses to disband ShadowClan, merging them all with SkyClan and reverting back to his warrior status, making ShadowClan nonexistent.[3]



Following Blackstar's death, Rowanclaw succeeded him as leader, becoming Rowanstar, and appoints Crowfrost as his deputy.[4] His ascension to leadership was at first a struggle, as he first had to support his Clan following the aftermath of the Great Storm. After badgers invade ShadowClan territory, Rowanstar refuses the help of Bramblestar, claiming that ShadowClan can deal with it since it was on their territory. However, ShadowClan is no match for the badgers, and Tawnypelt goes behind her mate's back to get help from ThunderClan. ThunderClan and ShadowClan fight off the badgers, at the cost of Dustpelt from ThunderClan.[5] Afterwards, Rowanstar thanks Bramblestar, but informs him that they are not allies. Moons later, the Clans are at peace, and ShadowClan's apprentices: Sleekpaw, Juniperpaw, Strikepaw, Beepaw, Yarrowpaw, and Needlepaw, are told by Ratscar of how feared ShadowClan used to be seasons ago, and dislike Rowanstar wanting peace, instead wanting ShadowClan to be feared yet again by the other three Clans.[6] Rowanstar however, wants no fights and wants the peace to be kept. Other ShadowClan cats wish for ShadowClan to be feared yet again as well, sparking the doubt in StarClan in some of the apprentices. Some of the older ShadowClan warriors are displeased with Rowanstar's more non-violent approach to problems, instead wanting to fight for their Clan. [7]


The fall of ShadowClan is a major point in Clan history. After failing to reclaim leadership, Rowanstar steps down and disbands ShadowClan, merging the remaining cats with SkyClan, under the leadership of Leafstar, and ShadowClan is officially declared gone.[3] Despite multiple cats encouraging Rowanstar, now Rowanclaw, to take up leadership again, he refuses. Twigpaw, Violetshine, and Tree ask Tawnypelt, Rowanclaw's mate, to lead instead, but she was unsure and eventually refused to lead after Rowanclaw's death.[8] Tigerheart, the former deputy and Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt's son, returns to the Clans with four missing ShadowClan cats,[9] three cats from another place,[10] Dovewing, a former ThunderClan warrior as well as Tigerheart's mate,[11] and six kits, belonging to Berryheart and Dovewing.[12][13] However, during their journey, Tigerheart is killed, and Puddleshine places him in the fate of StarClan where they revive Tigerheart to become Tigerstar.[14] Tigerstar then takes up the leadership like his father before him and reunites ShadowClan.[15]


Rogue takeover

Darktail and his rogues follow the group of ThunderClan cats and Needlepaw back to the lake territories, and they ask to join ShadowClan. Rowanstar denies and forces them out of his territory. This results in the ShadowClan apprentices' rebeling against Rowanstar and claim that his decision was stupid. Rowanstar silences the apprentices and punishes them.
Violetkit sneaks out of camp to visit her sister, Twigkit, who is in ThunderClan. Darktail and his rogues catch her and bring her back to ShadowClan. They once again ask to join, but Rowanstar and Crowfrost, the deputy, order them out; however, this time, Needlepaw claims she no longer wants to live like a ShadowClan cat and decided to join the rogues. She brings Violetkit with her and is followed by Juniperpaw and Sleekpaw.[16] ShadowClan is then left with two apprentices, Strikepaw and Yarrowpaw, who were in favor of the rebellion, but decides to stay in ShadowClan with their families.[16] The outburst of the apprentices cause a disruption among the remaining ShadowClan cats; Berryheart, Beepaw and Cloverfoot decide to leave later on as well.[17]
A sickness, which became known as yellowcough, spreads throughout ShadowClan, claiming the lives of Wasptail,[18] Kinkfur [19] and Crowfrost,[18] who is replaced as deputy by Tigerheart.[20] Soon afterwards, Darktail and his rogues come back to ShadowClan and inform Rowanstar that they are taking over. Rowanstar is forced to leave with his only two remaining supporters, Tawnypelt and Tigerheart. Darktail merges the remaining ShadowClan and his rogues to become the Kin, and Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, and Tigerheart seek refuge in ThunderClan.[2]

Battle against the Kin

Darktail orders the Kin to battle for RiverClan's territory, for which he forces all of his cats to participate, including the elders, Ratscar and Oakfur. During the battle, the RiverClan cats, Heronwing, Perchwing, Foxnose, Petalfur, and Shadepelt are killed,[21] and Icewing, Brackenpelt, Mintfur, and the deputy, Reedwhisker, are taken captive.[21] The former warrior, Pinenose of ShadowClan and a kittypet recruit, Max, are also killed in the battle.[21] Darktail refuses to let Mistystar take the bodies of her slain Clanmates for burial, and RiverClan is forced to take shelter in ThunderClan.
After losing RiverClan's territory to the Kin, the four Clans agree that Darktail needs to be driven out. As this happens, the majority of the former ShadowClan cats realize that supporting Darktail was a mistake, as he is a cruel and dishonourable cat. Dawnpelt awakens Violetpaw and tells her that she is leaving the Kin and has sent her sons, Juniperclaw and Strikestone, ahead of her to head for ThunderClan. Violetpaw asks about Sleekwhisker, and Dawnpelt solemnly replies that Sleekwhisker would never want to leave, and that she hasn't even asked her. However, just as Dawnpelt is about to leave, she is caught by Darktail, who offers to escort her off the territory personally.[22] While Strikestone and Juniperclaw reach ThunderClan,[23] Dawnpelt does not, and it is heavily implied that she has been killed by Darktail, along with several other former ShadowClan cats who tried to leave.
ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and the ShadowClan refugees lead an attack to drive out the Kin; however, this fails when WindClan suddenly retreats, forcing ThunderClan and RiverClan to retreat as well. It is then revealed that Darktail is the son of Onestar, the WindClan leader.[24] Darktail wants to destroy the Clans, an anger that has been rooted from Onestar's rejection of him as a kit, and his mother, Smoke, who taught him to hate the Clans. Darktail started with ShadowClan, since Rowanstar's leadership was already failing. SkyClan then comes to the lake, and the Clans decide to mount a final attack on the Kin. The medicine cats from each Clan are given a prophecy by Firestar, and they realize that they need to utilize their skills and come up with a plan: ThunderClan will attack directly, while ShadowClan sneaks in and attacks. WindClan will rush in and assist ThunderClan and ShadowClan, SkyClan will drop from the trees, and the four Clans will drive The Kin back to the lake, where RiverClan will emerge from the water and attack from behind. [25]
The plan is successful, and Onestar and Darktail engage in combat, eventually making into the lake, and the father and son soon drown each other.[26] Without their leader, the remains of the Kin runs away with Yarrowleaf, Sleekwhisker and Spikefur among them. ShadowClan is later reformed, and they take back their territory. Harespring succeeds Onestar as WindClan's leader. [27]

ShadowClan's troubles

Despite Rowanstar trying to reinstate ShadowClan, he is unable to keep the respect of his Clanmates except for Tawnypelt and Tigerheart. Tigerheart in particular struggles to provide support for his father, but at the same time, he is the only cat with authority who is able to calm ShadowClan. [28]
Plumwillow, a SkyClan warrior, kills a rabbit on ShadowClan's border with SkyClan, and Grassheart and Juniperclaw wish to keep it, while Strikestone and Snakepaw are more observant and agree that Tigerheart will make the best choice. Tigerheart, attempting to resolve the feud, allows Plumwillow to keep the rabbit, much to the anger of Grassheart and Juniperclaw, who tells Rowanstar of Tigerheart's choice. Rowanstar, angered by his deputy's choice, leads a large patrol to get the rabbit back, and he and Leafstar eventually conclude that the next rabbit caught would be ShadowClan's. The situation worsens when two cats, Snowbird and Scorchfur, agree to only take orders from Tigerheart. Tigerheart tries to make them reconsider, since he did not want cats turning to him for leadership, and that Rowanstar was a good leader. Scorchfur and Snowbird deny his claim, and say that the way Tigerheart handled the situation with Plumwillow and his actions during the patrol to SkyClan prove that he is a better leader then Rowanstar. The two mates leave Tigerheart, and the deputy is upset, since he had promised Rowanstar that he would not try to undermine him again, and begins wondering if staying in ShadowClan was the best choice, rather then leaving with Dovewing.[29]

Tigerheart’s departure

After contemplating whether he is standing in the way of Rowanstar's leadership, Puddleshine receives a vision and informs Tigerheart that there needs to be a stronger sun. Tigerheart realizes that when the ShadowClan cats turn to him for leadership, he is undermining his father, who needs to reclaim his leadership.[30] Tigerheart leaves ShadowClan during the night to follow his mate, a ThunderClan she-cat named Dovewing, who is expecting his kits. His departure causes Rowanstar to choose Tawnypelt to succeed him,[31] and this causes distress among the two mates. The sudden disappearance of their son and deputy makes them believe ShadowClan is doomed forever.
Without Tigerheart, the ShadowClan cats refuse to listen to Rowanstar, and Rowanstar begins contemplating his leadership. Multiple search parties are sent out to find the former deputy, but only Ivypool realizes that Tigerheart left to be with Dovewing, who left ThunderClan to have her kits elsewhere.

Rowanstar’s choice

During a Gathering, Rowanstar reveals that he is going to disband ShadowClan, much to the shock of the other Clans. He steps down from leadership and reverts back to his warrior name, Rowanclaw. He asks Leafstar to take in the remaining ShadowClan cats, and she agrees, making them all part of SkyClan.[3] Tree, a loner, brings back the spirits of Dawnpelt, Lioneye, Birchbark, Beenose, Mistcloud, and Needletail.[32] They inform the Clans that Berryheart, Cloverfoot, Sparrowtail, Rippletail, Yarrowleaf, Slatefur, Sleekwhisker and Spikefur are still alive; however, Rowanstar argues that he has failed his kin and ShadowClan, and renounces his leadership status and name once and for all.[33]

A chance for revival

After ShadowClan is dissolved, the spirits of Needletail, Beenose, Dawnpelt, Yellowfang and Blackstar discuss the aftermath of Rowanclaw's choice. Needletail continues to blame Rowanclaw for being "weak", but Dawnpelt asserts that her father could not deal with the treachery of his Clanmates, while Blackstar admits that he thought Rowanclaw could lead ShadowClan after his death. Yellowfang compares Rowanclaw's leadership to that of Brokenstar's, angering Dawnpelt and Beenose. When the StarClan cats begin arguing, an unnamed black she-cat appears. Needletail asks Blackstar who she was, and Blackstar replies that he has never seen her before. The she-cat introduces herself as Shadowstar, ShadowClan's founder and first ever leader. She reprimands the spirits for letting her Clan fall, and hisses that they need to send a message to the Medicine cats, and ShadowClan must be saved. Needletail, astonished by the ancient she-cat, replies that they should get working on a message.[34]
At a half-moon meeting, Leafpool asks Puddleshine if he thinks ShadowClan can be revived, but Puddleshine grimly reveals that he does not have hope, and his former Clan is gone. After communicating with their ancestors, Puddleshine reveals that Dawnpelt had come to him and given him the message that the shadows must not be dispelled. Alderheart reveals that Needletail had come to him and given him the same message, and Kestrelflight adds that Lioneye did the same to him. The medicine cats realize if the shadows they must not dispel are Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf, but Frecklewish brings up that it may refer to the missing ShadowClan cats, and Kestrelflight agrees, saying that Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker should not be dispelled. Puddleshine admits he'll have to talk to Leafstar about it. [35]
Violetshine and Twigpaw attempt to convince Rowanclaw to reinstate himself as ShadowClan’s leader, but he refuses. They attempt to try it with Tawnypelt, but she is unsure of it; however, she does affirm that if Puddleshine receives a vision from StarClan, she will become ShadowClan's leader. Many former ShadowClan cats are curious with this decision, but nonetheless support it. [36]

Fall of the fallen leader

Main article: Battle for the stolen kits
Sleekwhisker kidnaps Yarrowleaf’s kits, Flaxkit and Hopkit, and manages to force Tawnypelt to be jumped by Jacques and Susan, two trouble-making kittypets. She wants to kill Tawnypelt as "revenge" on Rowanclaw, blaming him for everything that went wrong in her life. Violetshine discovers Sleekwhisker’s betrayal when she finds Yarrowleaf drugged and her kits stolen. Violetshine gathers Rowanclaw, Macgyver, and Yarrowleaf to hunt her down. They discover that Sleekwhisker has teamed up with Nettle, Yarrowleaf’s former mate and the father of her kits, and Raven, one of Darktail's most devoted followers. Nettle taunts Rowanclaw, and Rowanclaw tells them that he would sacrifice himself for Tawnypelt and the kits. After Nettle and Sleekwhisker refuse because Nettle wants to keep the kits to himself, Rowanclaw lunges at the two, and they all fight each other. After the skirmish, Rowanclaw manages to kill Nettle; however, the aforementioned tom and Sleekwhisker manage to mortally wound Rowanclaw, which he later dies, while Tawnypelt and Yarrowleaf are able to steal back the kits. [37] As he dies, Rowanclaw tells Tawnypelt that he has seen Tigerheart in his dreams and knows he will return.[8]. Macgyver asks Tawnypelt if she will lead now, and Tawnypelt grimly replies that without Rowanclaw, ShadowClan is dead. [8]

Return of Tigerheart

Grassheart and Strikestone reveal that Tigerheart has returned with Berryheart, Cloverfoot, Sparrowtail, and Slatefur, but the tom is dead. [38] Hawkwing, the SkyClan deputy, Alderheart, and Violetshine race to the Moonpool and learn that Tigerheart has brought back new cats for ShadowClan. The cats consist of Ant, Cinnamon, and Blaze, as well as Berryheart and Sparrowtail’s new litter and Tigerheart's litter with Dovewing. Upon learning of Tigerheart's demise, Violetshine is saddened by his passing, as he was one the kindest ShadowClan cats to her during her stay there. Tawnypelt is grief-stricken after losing her only surviving kit, and the rest of ShadowClan is mourning for their former deputy. Puddleshine fails to revive Tigerheart, and instead, Puddleshine puts him beside the Moonpool, where Rowanclaw, now in StarClan, informs his son that he needs to revive ShadowClan, and gives him a life to replace the one he lost, the life of strength. Kinkfur follows the former leader, giving Tigerheart courage. Pinenose gives him compassion, and Dawnpelt gives Tigerheart hope. Tigerheart, relieved to discover that his sister is safe in StarClan, realizes that he is the only kit left of Tawnypelt's and Rowanclaw's, and says he will miss his littermate, to which Dawnpelt says she will too. Yellowfang follows Dawnpelt, giving him forgiveness, Sagewhisker gives him persistence, Littlecloud gives Tigerheart acceptance, Raggedstar gives him loyalty, and finally, Flametail, Tigerheart's brother, gives him love to lead his Clan.[39] Tigerheart is renamed Tigerstar, and he is resurrected with eight lives to reunite and lead ShadowClan. [40]

Revival of the Clan

After accepting that Tigerheart was dead, the ShadowClan cats are astonished to see him back from the dead. Violetshine realizes it was impossible for Tigerheart to be alive, since if Puddleshine revived him, he would be weak, not standing strong. The newly named Tigerstar asks the former ShadowClan cats to accept Blaze, Cinnamon, Ant, Dovewing, and their kits as he has and to accept himself as their new leader.[41] A short silence is issued, until Juniperclaw breaks it by calling out his new name as Tigerstar. The rest of the ShadowClan cats follow suite, and Tawnypelt in particular is overjoyed at the sight of her son, asking to tell them how he came back. Puddleshine instead answers, and says that Tigerstar was brought back to lead ShadowClan. Tigerstar confirms, and tells his mother that he saw Rowanclaw and Dawnpelt in StarClan, and they told him he was to lead ShadowClan and bring back the fallen Clan. Leafstar says that Tigerstar has to take the former ShadowClan cats back, since she is sick of them treating SkyClan like a temporary nest. Tigerstar agrees, and he leads them back to ShadowClan's former camp, reuniting the fallen Clan. [42]
The revival of ShadowClan is met with joy, but upon learning that a second Tigerstar is leading ShadowClan, Bramblestar, the ThunderClan leader, and Graystripe, a veteran elder of ThunderClan, express displeasure on the fact that Tigerstar shares the same name as his maternal grandfather, Tigerstar, who is the father of Tawnypelt and Bramblestar. [40][43]

A reformed Clan

See the ShadowClan-SkyClan conflict for a more detailed page about this event.
With his new leader title, Tigerstar orders the rebuilding of ShadowClan's camp and borders. He makes Whorlpaw, Snakepaw, and Flowerpaw warriors, naming them Whorlpelt, Snaketooth and Flowerstem. He also apprentices many cats and makes many mentors. Giving Blazepaw to Strikestone, Antpaw to Stonewing, Cinnamonpaw to Sparrowtail, Gullpaw to Grassheart, Conepaw to Tawnypelt, and Frondpaw to Slatefur. His reformation allows ShadowClan to quickly rebuild what little they had left.
While all of ShadowClan support Tigerstar's claim to the leadership mantle, the other Clans are uncertain, feeling he will fail just like Rowanclaw. Tigerstar affirms he will not, and has appointed Tawnypelt as his deputy. Tigerstar begins to become increasingly aggressive towards SkyClan, and when Tawnypelt steps down as deputy, Juniperclaw replaces her, confusing many cats as Juniperclaw left ShadowClan for Darktail. However, Tigerstar remains firm in his choice, with Strikestone and Sparrowtail claim that nobody makes decisions for ShadowClan.[44][45] ShadowClan becomes increasingly arrogant and defensive of their reinstated status to the point where Tigerstar orders ShadowClan to reclaim the land given to SkyClan. In an attempt to stop the fighting, Juniperclaw poisons SkyClan's fresh-kill and nearly kills Sparrowpelt. This is particular causes SkyClan to evidently leave the lake, but is brought back by a large patrol of other Clan cats, and when ShadowClan discovers Juniperclaw's attempt to poison SkyClan, he is demoted from deputy and replaced by Cloverfoot, but Juniperclaw sacrifices himself to save Violetshine and Shadowkit. When SkyClan returns to the lake, Tigerstar admits he was so focused on making his Clan strong again, that he forgot that there needs to be five Clans by the lake. [46]

Main characters


Rowanclaw was a veteran ShadowClan warrior and succeeded the leadership position after Blackstar during The Great Storm, becoming Rowanstar. He is Tawnypelt's mate, and the father of Dawnpelt, Tigerstar and Flametail. When Darktail's rogues wishes to join ShadowClan, he denies them. Bramblestar arrives from ThunderClan and suggests hunting down the rogues. Rowanstar reluctantly agrees, and he sends Crowfrost, his deputy, to deal with it, making it apparent that Crowfrost seems to handle most of Rowanstar's duties. Needlepaw spoke out against Rowanstar, claiming the rogues have much to offer for ShadowClan; Rowanstar, infuriated with her, punishes her and the other rebelling apprentices. When the rogues ask again, and this time, Crowfrost forces them out, Needlepaw decides she no longer wants to live like a Clan cat and leaves with Violetkit. Rowanstar's grandkits, Sleekpaw and Juniperpaw, leave as well. They are followed shortly after by Berryheart, Cloverfoot and Beepaw. Rowanstar, confused yet knowing he needs to remain strong, declares them traitors; however, the seed of doubt is planted within his Clanmates, wondering why Rowanstar did nothing to stop them from leaving. Rowanstar later announces that his sole remaining grandson, Strikepaw, and Yarrowpaw, have received their warrior names, becoming Strikestone and Yarrowleaf. Many cats question why none of the other four apprentices were named and begin to wonder how Rowanstar handled the situation.
A disease called yellowcough spreads through ShadowClan, and Rowanstar becomes infected. Most of his duties are left to Crowfrost, and during this time, Twigpaw sneaks into ShadowClan camp to see Violetpaw, her sister, and Scorchfur comes up with the idea that if they use her as a bargain for ThunderClan, they can get them the cure, which is known as lungwort. Onestar refuses, and many cats die until Harespring and Kestrelflight, the WindClan deputy and medicine cat, go behind his back to give it to ShadowClan. However, Kinkfur, Wasptail, and Crowfrost die due to Rowanstar's lack of control over the situation. Rowanstar chooses his son, Tigerheart to succeed Crowfrost.
The rogues return to ShadowClan, and Darktail usurps the leadership from Rowanstar. Rowanstar asks the ShadowClan cats to support him, but only Tawnypelt and Tigerheart come to his defense. Rowanstar is forced out, and he, along with Tigerheart and Tawnypelt, seek refuge in ThunderClan. This causes problems with Bramblestar as the two leaders often try to take control, along with Tigerheart and Squirrelflight, who quarreled over authority. Eventually, many of the former ShadowClan cats realize that Darktail is a cruel leader and attempt to leave for ThunderClan. Many cats are successful; however, Rowanstar's daughter, Dawnpelt, never arrives, distressing the ShadowClan leader. Upon successfully killing Darktail and driving out the Kin, Rowanstar reinstates as ShadowClan's leader; however, he fails to regain the respect and authority he once had, and many cats turn to Tigerheart instead. Rowanstar offers his son the position as leader, but Tigerheart denies, feeling conflicted between his feelings for Dovewing, supporting his father, and knowing that ShadowClan was right in knowing that Rowanstar is not a strong leader. Eventually, Tigerheart disappears, and Rowanstar chooses Tawnypelt to succeed him, but at the same time, the loss of their son causes Rowanstar to believe ShadowClan is doomed. At a Gathering, Rowanstar announces that he is going to disband ShadowClan, much to the shock of everyone. Many cats try to overrule him, but Rowanstar is firm and asks Leafstar, the leader of SkyClan, to accept himself and the remaining ShadowClan cats into SkyClan. Leafstar accepts, and when asked, Rowanstar claims that he had hoped to reunite ShadowClan with a strong deputy like Tigerheart, but with him gone, he sees no point in continuing. A loner named Tree reveals to the cats that he can make the spirits of cats appear, and when he does, Rowanstar is shocked to see that Dawnpelt, Lioneye, Birchbark, Beenose, Mistcloud, and Needletail. They inform the cats that ShadowClan's missing Clanmates are likely still alive and to go find them.
Even as a SkyClan warrior, Rowanclaw is still regarded with some respect from his former Clanmates, and Violetshine wonders if either disbanding ShadowClan was Rowanclaw's biggest mistake, or disappointing Tawnypelt, who continues to be Rowanclaw's sole supporter. Knowing that ShadowClan needed to be reinstated, Violetshine, Twigpaw and Tree ask Rowanclaw to become leader again. Rowanclaw refuses, but says that if Tawnypelt wants to become leader, he would support her. Rowanclaw also forgives Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf for betraying ShadowClan, although appears to still hold some resentment towards the two.
His granddaughter, Sleekwhisker, kidnaps the young kits of Yarrowleaf, Flaxkit and Hopkit, and teams up with Jacques and Susan to seek "revenge" on Rowanclaw. Upon finding Sleekwhisker's scent, Rowanclaw realizes this and immediately knows what Sleekwhisker wants, and his hatred sparks. Jacques and Susan had viciously attacked and wounded his first apprentice, Talonpaw, many years ago, and the apprentice died of his wounds; Rowanclaw has held resentment towards the two of them ever since. Upon finding them, Sleekwhisker tells Rowanclaw that she wants him to suffer for the "misery" he caused her while growing up and is going to take away the only thing he has left: Tawnypelt. Rowanclaw hisses that she will never, Nettle taunts him, telling him that they all know Rowanclaw is too weak to sacrifice himself for her. Rowanclaw dips his head, and says that he knows he failed ShadowClan, and he is the only cat to blame, but he has paid for his mistakes. Sleekwhisker hisses that it wasn't enough, and Nettle threatens to kill Flaxkit and Hopkit. Rowanclaw tells Nettle that he will exchange his life for Tawnypelt's, and Yarrowleaf's kits are to me set free. Nettle agrees to the former, but refuses the latter. Rowanclaw devises a plan, and attacks Nettle and Sleekwhisker on his own while Violetshine and Macgyver fight Jacques, Susan, and Raven. Tawnypelt and Yarrowleaf grab Hopkit and Flaxkit. Tawnypelt joins the fight soon afterwards, and tackles Jacques. The Clan cats are victorious, and when the battle is finished, it is revealed that Sleekwhisker and Nettle managed to slice Rowanclaw's throat open, although Rowanclaw had managed to kill Nettle in the process. Rowanclaw says his goodbyes to Tawnypelt, and tells her that Tigerheart will return. He dies right next to his mate, leaving the she-cat distraught.
Rowanclaw, now reunited with Flametail and Dawnpelt in StarClan, tells Tigerheart that it is his time to lead ShadowClan, and gives his son his first life to replace the one he lost. Tigerheart becomes Tigerstar, and succeeds his father as ShadowClan's leader, and reunites the Clan.


Tawnypelt is the sister of Bramblestar, and the daughter of Tigerstar and Goldenflower. When she was an apprentice, she joins ShadowClan; she eventually became mates with Rowanclaw and had his kits, consisting of Flametail, Dawnpelt, and Tigerheart, later Tigerstar.
Before the apprentice rebellion, Tawnypelt was a respected senior warrior of ShadowClan and had seen the birth of her grandkits through Dawnpelt. Upon losing her apprentice, Needlepaw, and grandchildren, Sleekpaw and Juniperpaw, to Darktail's rogues, Tawnypelt took it upon herself to support Rowanstar. When Rowanstar is forced out of ShadowClan, Tawnypelt, along with Tigerheart, stood by him and went with him to seek refuge in ThunderClan where Tawnypelt's brother, Bramblestar is the leader. She continues being Rowanstar's biggest supporter and takes part in the battle to drive the Kin out; however, Tigerheart disappears, and Rowanstar chooses Tawnypelt to succeed him. The two mates wonder if the disappearance of Tigerheart means that ShadowClan is doomed. Eventually, Rowanstar disbands ShadowClan, and despite Tawnypelt not agreeing with his choice, she supports him and claims no cat should ever have to deal with such treachery from their Clanmates. Tawnypelt then becomes a warrior of SkyClan, following ShadowClan's merge with SkyClan.
Tawnypelt still supports Rowanclaw, as her mate had resigned from his leadership status and attempts to be a loyal warrior of SkyClan, but comes at odds with Leafstar. When her granddaughter, Sleekwhisker, and a heavily pregnant Yarrowleaf return to their former Clanmates, Tawnypelt's hostility towards them is unmatched. She claims their past crimes are unforgivable and is content when Leafstar turns the two she-cats away. However, Sleekwhisker's littermates, Juniperclaw and Strikestone, Juniperclaw's apprentice Whorlpaw, and Yarrowleaf's parents, Scorchfur and Snowbird, are revealed to have harbored them in ShadowClan's former camp. Tawnypelt wants them gone, but Leafstar eventually concedes to Tree, who tells Leafstar to see if Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf mean to prove their loyalty to SkyClan and their former Clanmates. When asked to revive ShadowClan, Rowanclaw denies, but says that if his mate wants to become leader, he would support her. Tawnypelt, surprised, says she'll think about it, and if Puddleshine receives a vision from StarClan allowing it, she would take up the position.
During fire that strikes RiverClan, Tawnypelt, conflicted towards following Leafstar's orders and wanting to help a fellow Clan, tells Leafstar that she is sorry, but she needs to go see if RiverClan is okay. She is supported by Juniperclaw and Rowanclaw, and Leafstar, irritated, sends Hawkwing and Violetshine with them. Hawkwing informs Tawnypelt that if she wants to stay in SkyClan, she cannot undermine Leafstar. Tawnypelt also openly speaks out against Bramblestar's offer to allow RiverClan to shelter in ThunderClan and WindClan and says that they can stay in ShadowClan's old camp for the time being. Hawkwing silently informs her that it is not her choice to make as he holds more authority, but agrees to it. Leafstar reprimands Tawnypelt for going against her yet again, and Tawnypelt apologizes. Leafstar, infuriated, tells Tawnypelt that she needs to respect her authority or else there will be consequences.
Sleekwhisker drugs Yarrowleaf with poppy seeds and steals her kits. She manages to convince Jacques and Susan to be on her side, and they jump Tawnypelt, who was out hunting. Rowanclaw, Violetshine, Yarrowleaf, and Macgyver track them down and find that Sleekwhisker wants Rowanclaw to suffer because of the "misery" he had caused her, and that she is going to take away the one thing he has left: Tawnypelt. Rowanclaw claims that she'll never have his mate, and Sleekwhisker argues that she will kill Flaxkit and Hopkit if he tries anything. Rowanclaw makes a final stand and informs Violetshine and Macgyver that he has a plan; Rowanclaw attacks Sleekwhisker and Nettle, then Violetshine and Macgyver take on Susan, Jacques and Raven, another rogue. Tawnypelt helps Yarrowleaf escape with her kits and then joins in the fight and attacks Susan. Macgyver, Violetshine and Tawnypelt are able to fight off the kittypets and Raven, while Rowanclaw is able to drive off Sleekwhisker. Violetshine then sees that Rowanclaw was fatally wounded by the two, but the ginger tom had managed to kill Nettle at the same time. As Rowanclaw lays there dying, Tawnypelt flings herself to her mate's side and pleads for him to not go, but Rowanclaw assures her that he has paid for his mistakes, and that Tigerheart will return. Rowanclaw dies, and Tawnypelt is left grief-stricken. Macgyver asks Tawnypelt is she could lead ShadowClan, and Tawnypelt grimly replies that without Rowanclaw, ShadowClan is dead.
Tawnypelt finds that Rowanclaw was indeed right, and Tigerheart had returned to ShadowClan, but having suffered severe injuries, he had died on the way back, leaving her grandsons, Juniperclaw and Strikestone, her only kin in ShadowClan, but also meets her grandkits through Tigerheart: Shadowkit, Lightkit, and Pouncekit. Tawnypelt is devastated at the loss of her son and is overjoyed when Puddleshine and Tigerheart emerge from the shadows from the Moonpool. Tigerheart announces that he is the new leader of ShadowClan and is now Tigerstar. Tigerstar tells his mother that he saw Dawnpelt and Rowanclaw in StarClan, giving Tawnypelt assurance for her deceased daughter and mate. She follows her son home and stops to ask Violetshine if she wishes to join the newly reformed ShadowClan; however, Violetshine politely declines, and she and Tawnypelt part ways.


Tigerheart is the son of Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt, and the brother to Dawnpelt and Flametail; he is a loyal warrior of ShadowClan. During the apprentice rebellion, he loses his apprentice and niece, Sleekpaw, to the rogues, along with his nephew, Juniperpaw. He chooses to stay in ShadowClan with his parents, sister, and other nephew, Strikepaw. Upon Crowfrost dying due to Yellowcough, Rowanstar appoints Tigerheart to succeed him, much to Tigerheart's shock. Eventually, Darktail comes back with more rogues and forcefully takes the leadership from Rowanstar. Tigerheart, along with Tawnypelt, join their leader in seeking refuge in ThunderClan, where Tigerheart's own uncle, Bramblestar was the leader.
Upon arriving in ThunderClan, tensions rise as Tigerheart fought with Squirrelflight, the ThunderClan deputy, as the two of them continually try to take control. During this, Tigerheart reconnects with Dovewing, who he shared a brief romantic relationship with many seasons ago. Tigerheart supports Violetpaw's plan of getting the ShadowClan cats out of the Kin and takes part in the final battle to kill Darktail. Upon being successful, Tigerheart knows that Rowanstar is not a strong leader and agrees with the ShadowClan cats in wanting a different leader; however, he also feels obligated to support his father and attempts to defend him from the harsh criticism that comes from the ShadowClan cats. Rowanstar offers Tigerheart the position to lead, but Tigerheart denies, feeling conflicted as his position as deputy and his feelings for Dovewing, who has revealed to him that she is expecting his kits. Tigerheart learns from Puddleshine that there needs to be a stronger sun, which the deputy interprets as himself standing in the way of Rowanstar's leadership. To make matters worse, Snowbird and Scorchfur agree to only take orders from Tigerheart, claiming him to be a better leader than Rowanstar. Tigerheart eventually leaves ShadowClan to be with Dovewing, and Rowanstar appoints Tawnypelt to succeed him. The disappearance of their son causes the mates to believe ShadowClan is doomed. The loss of Tigerheart causes Rowanstar to disband ShadowClan, as he was hoping to reunite them with a strong deputy like his son.
Tigerheart returns to ShadowClan with Dovewing and their three kits, Shadowkit, Lightkit, and Pouncekit. With them are Blaze, Ant, and Cinnamon. Spire, another guardian cat, was among them, but died saving Pouncekit and fell from a drawbridge. Along the way, Tigerheart finds Berryheart, Sparrowtail, Cloverfoot and Slatefur hiding within a disheveled building. He informs them that Darktail is dead, and the Kin have disbanded. He then takes his patrol back to ShadowClan. Tigerheart saves Berryheart and Sparrowtail's son, Hollowkit, from an owl, but in the process, is picked up and dropped by the owl, causing massive internal injuries to himself. The traveling cats try to get him to Puddleshine, although their efforts are in vain as Tigerheart dies due to his severe injuries. While dead, Tigerheart sees his father and sister, Rowanclaw and Dawnpelt, in StarClan, and he is informed that his time is not over, confusing Tigerheart.
Eventually, the traveling cats reach ShadowClan and bring the deceased tom to Puddleshine, who tries to revive Tigerheart, but fails. As a last resort, Puddleshine brings him to the Moonpool, while Grassheart and Strikestone go to ThunderClan to bring Hawkwing, the SkyClan deputy. Tigerheart eventually learns that he is to be brought back as Tigerstar to lead his Clan. His resurrection is met with joy from the former ShadowClan cats, and Tigerstar reunites ShadowClan.
Tigerstar's rise to leadership is not without it's costs. Bramblestar and Graystripe make note that Tigerstar shares the name of his grandfather, Tigerstar, who was leader of ShadowClan many seasons ago. His grandfather's reputation for being cruel and power-hungry, and his leading role in the Dark Forest attack has not been forgotten, and many cats were shocked when the newly appointed leader's name was announced at a Gathering when he was born.


Darktail is the son of Onestar and a kittypet named Smoke. His mother tried to get him into WindClan, but Onestar, then Onewhisker, refused, knowing the fact that he sired a kit with a kittypet would ruin his reputation, as well as fearing that Darktail would not be able to survive being a Clan cat. Enraged, Smoke raised Darktail to hate his father, the Clans and their way of life.
Darktail eventually makes his way to SkyClan territory and is accepted into the Clan briefly; however, he plans an attack with his rogues and manages to kill the SkyClan deputy, Sharpclaw and Bouncefire, a warrior. Darktail tells Hawkwing, Sharpclaw's son, that he plans to destroy the Clans and started with SkyClan. His attack fails as SkyClan retreats from the gorge. A few moons later, a patrol consisting of Clan cats comes to the gorge in search of SkyClan. Darktail kills Mistfeather, a SkyClan warrior who stayed behind in the gorge, and follows the patrol back to the lake.
He learns that Rowanstar's leadership is suffering and takes the opportunity to catch prey and asks to join, along with his second-in-command, Rain. Rowanstar denies them access, and Needlepaw, furious with Rowanstar's choice, berates him for not allowing them in. Rowanstar punishes her, and a few days later, Darktail asks again, and Rowanstar and Crowfrost deny them again; however, Needlepaw, Juniperpaw, and Sleekpaw go to join them, claiming they no longer want to live in a Clan that "only cares about peace", and Needlepaw takes Violetkit with her. Berryheart, Cloverfoot and Beepaw follow them soon afterwards. Darktail discovers that ShadowClan is suffering under a disease called Yellowcough, and when they eventually recover, Darktail comes back and announces that he is taking over ShadowClan and forces Rowanstar out of the Clan, along with Tawnypelt and Tigerheart. Darktail renames the remaining ShadowClan cats and his rogues "The Kin", telling them that they are all equal now. He drowns any cat who tries to leave the Kin.
Darktail, having successfully destroyed one Clan, moves on to take on RiverClan and forces the entirety of ShadowClan and three kittypet recruits to battle against RiverClan. RiverClan is no match for the combined forces, and the Kin wins the battle. Darktail refuses to let Mistystar take the dead bodies of Heronwing, Perchwing, Shadepelt, Petalfur, and Foxnose for burial, angering the RiverClan leader. Furthermore, the Kin captures Brackenpelt, Mintfur, Icewing, and the deputy, as well as Mistystar's son, Reedwhisker. RiverClan is forced to take shelter with ThunderClan. Darktail tortures the four RiverClan prisoners with starvation and forces them to swear an oath to the Kin. Bramblestar, Mistystar, Rowanstar, and Onestar agree to fight off the rogues and lead an attack to rid them of the territories; however, the plan backfires as Onestar and Darktail duel one on one, and Darktail whispers something into Onestar's ear, causing Onestar to become paranoid, and he orders WindClan to retreat. ThunderClan, RiverClan, and the ShadowClan refugees are no match for the forces of the Kin and are forced to retreat as well. The leaders later question Onestar about this, and Onestar eventually reveals to them that Darktail is, in fact, his rejected son. The Clans decide to make one final effort to drive out the Kin. They now have the majority of more former ShadowClan cats and SkyClan on their side.
A successful attack is led, and Onestar takes it upon himself to kill Darktail, taunting him. Father and son battle their way down to the lake, where they both drown each other. With their leader gone, the Kin retreats and the Clans are victorious.
Despite Darktail's death, his actions have an everlasting effect on the Clans. RiverClan closes their borders, and Rowanstar struggles to regain leadership after ShadowClan takes back their territory. Rowanstar later steps down, knowing he cannot continue being the leader, and disbands ShadowClan.


Rain was one of Darktail's most loyal followers and acted as his second-in-command of sorts. Rain participated in the battle with SkyClan and assisted Darktail in killing Sharpclaw. He happily welcomes Needlepaw, Juniperpaw, Beepaw, Cloverfoot and Berryheart to the rogues, and when yellowcough struck, he cared only for the lack of prey that was around, resulting in himself hunting more and more often, which causes him displeasure. Darktail confronts Rain about his lack of prey, and Rain argues with him about living like a Clan cat. The two get into a heated argument, and they eventually fight. Rain gains the upper hand and manages to defeat Darktail, but as he turns his back to him, Darktail retaliates and subdues Rain, and as a punishment, rakes out Rain's eye. Needletail is horrified as she cares for Rain, sparking a close relationship between them, leading many cats to suspect that they were mates.
He later joins his leader to overtake ShadowClan and enforces Darktail's reign, although whether he continues out of fear or loyalty is unknown.
Rain participates in the Clan's assault against the Kin, and he personally goes to attack Bramblestar, ThunderClan's leader. Rain wins against Bramblestar, as WindClan retreats from the skirmish.
Rain begins to develop a deep hatred for Darktail, as Darktail invites many rogues and kittypets to join the Kin. He is also the one to enforce Ratscar and Oakfur to contribute more, despite them being elders. Eventually, Rain has had his breaking point with Darktail and attempts to kill him by blocking off his airways. Darktail grows still, and Rain, believing he is successful, walks away; however, Darktail is not dead and leaps onto Rain, slashing his throat. Rain, stunned, quickly dies from blood loss. His death has an everlasting effect on Violetpaw, who witnesses his death, and Needletail, as she and Rain were close. Rain's death also sparks the fear in the rogues, kittypets, and former ShadowClan cats against Darktail, resulting in most of them leaving the Kin.


Violetshine is the daughter of Pebbleshine and Hawkwing of SkyClan and the sister of Twigbranch. She and her sister were not born into SkyClan as Pebbleshine was captured during the time of her pregnancy. Alderpaw and Needlepaw had found the two young kits in a tunnel after getting lost from the other cats on the journey home after failing to find SkyClan.
Alderpaw takes the kits back to ThunderClan where Lilyheart, a queen, takes care of them along with her own kits. During a Gathering, Bramblestar brings Twigkit and Violetkit with him, and the Clans discuss what to do with them. Rowanstar and Bramblestar agree that ShadowClan takes one kit, and ThunderClan takes the other. Violetkit is chosen to go to ShadowClan, and Twigkit returns to ThunderClan.
She is now being raised by Pinenose and her litter of kits, gaining Lionkit, Birckkit, Puddlekit and Slatekit as her foster siblings. It becomes apparent that she doesn't seem to belong in ShadowClan and yearns to see her sister in ThunderClan. Needlepaw is noted to be her only friend in the Clan while others don't acknowledge her. Needlepaw takes her out of camp to meet with Alderpaw at the border between ThunderClan and ShadowClan to see her sister, Twigkit. She is excited to see her sister again, but is sad when she has to return to ShadowClan with Needlepaw, still yearning to be with her sister.
Violetkit reluctantly joins Needlepaw, Sleekpaw, and Juniperpaw in joining Darktail's rogues, but returns to ShadowClan soon after. She is then apprenticed to Dawnpelt and stays in ShadowClan when Darktail takes over, reuniting with Needletail. Despite Darktail specifically ordering the elders to fend for themselves, Violetpaw helps Oakfur and Ratscar in removing their ticks, something which the two elders are grateful to her for. During a battle with RiverClan, her foster mother, Pinenose, is killed, sparking Violetpaw's hatred for Darktail. Furthermore, Needletail spends all her time with Rain, making Violetpaw feel truly alone in the Kin. Needletail and Rain encourage Violetpaw to attack Twigpaw, and Violetpaw reluctantly does so, managing to hurt her sister's leg. Violetpaw later becomes a spy for ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and the ShadowClan refugees and witnesses the death of Rain by Darktail. She is able to get the elders, Ratscar and Oakfur, out of the Kin and to ThunderClan. Dawnpelt wakes Violetpaw one night and informs her that she has sent her sons, Juniperclaw and Strikestone, ahead for ThunderClan, and she is leaving as well. Violetpaw asks about Dawnpelt's daughter, Sleekwhisker, and Dawnpelt grimly says that Sleekwhisker would never want to leave. Dawnpelt asks Violetpaw to come with her, and Violetpaw declines, knowing that she is more useful as a spy and wants to stay with Needletail. Dawnpelt bids her farewell, but just as she is leaving she is caught by Darktail, who offers to escort her off the territory personally.
As many cats begin the escape the Kin, Violetpaw seeks refuge in ThunderClan and participates in the final battle against the Kin. The Clans are successful, and Violetpaw and Twigpaw join SkyClan to be with their kin, after Hawkwing reveals to them that he is their father. Violetpaw receives Rabbitleap as a mentor and forms a close bond with him, feeling like she finally fits in somewhere. Twigpaw on the other hand, does not, and feels herself longing for ThunderClan. Violetpaw eventually becomes Violetshine, in honor of her mother, and before Leafstar can give Twigpaw her name, Twigpaw admits that she wants to go back to ThunderClan, distressing Violetshine; however, a loner named Tree forms a close bond with Violetshine, and Violetshine witnesses him bringing back the spirits of her foster brother and sister, Birchbark and Lioneye, Dawnpelt, Needletail, Beenose, and Mistcloud. Needletail tells Violetshine that they will always be sisters, whether they share blood or not.
Violetshine tries to reinstate Rowanclaw as ShadowClan's leader, but fails. She asks Tawnypelt and is relieved when the she-cat says she will think about it, and if Puddleshine receives acknowledgement from StarClan, she will become the leader.
During Twigpaw's warrior ceremony, Strikestone and Grassheart rush into the ThunderClan camp and ask for Hawkwing, who also attended the ceremony. Bramblestar, confused why ShadowClan cats were in his camp, demands to know why, and Grassheart explains that Tigerheart had returned with the missing ShadowClan cats. The revelation sparks an uproar of questions among ThunderClan, which Strikestone inadvertently silences by revealing that Tigerheart was dead. Hawkwing takes Alderheart and Violetshine and follows Grassheart and Strikestone to the Moonpool, where Strikestone explains that Puddleshine and Frecklewish were trying to revive Tigerheart. Violetshine is saddened by Tigerheart's death, recalling that he had always treated her nicely during her time in ShadowClan, and was a symbol of hope. Upon arriving, Violetshine recognizes Berryheart, Slatefur, Sparrowtail, and Cloverfoot and goes to greet Berryheart, and Berryheart introduces Violetshine to hers and Sparrowtail's newest litter of kits, Hollowkit, Spirekit, and Sunkit. Berryheart says that Violetshine might mentor one of them, and Violetshine realizes that Berryheart, along with Slatefur, Cloverfoot and Sparrowtail are unaware of ShadowClan's demise. Violetshine solemnly explains the recent events to them. Slatefur exclaims that he does not want to be a SkyClan cat, as he's a ShadowClan cat and always will be. Cloverfoot asks Violetshine how ShadowClan can even exist, and Sparrowtail demands to know what happened to Rowanstar. Violetshine tells them that Rowanstar felt he could no longer lead and stepped down. Berryheart, shocked, claims she didn't know a leader could do that.
Violetshine witnesses Puddleshine emerge from the shadows with Tigerheart, and cheers for his name when he announces his promotion to ShadowClan's leader. Tigerheart, now Tigerstar, reunites ShadowClan and brings them back home. Tawnypelt asks Violetshine if she wishes to return to ShadowClan, telling her that Tigerstar will be happy to have her. Violetshine denies, and says she is SkyClan. Tawnypelt nods, and bids her farewell.


Needletail is the daughter of Berryheart and Sparrowtail and an apprentice when Darktail came to the lake. She, along with the other apprentices, felt that ShadowClan needed to be feared again and was angry when Rowanstar turned away Darktail's rogues. Needlepaw openly criticized Rowanstar, and she was punished for speaking out against her leader. Her words later spark controversy within ShadowClan. When Darktail asks again to join ShadowClan, Rowanstar denies them, and Needlepaw leads an apprentice rebellion against Rowanstar, claiming she, along with the other apprentices do not want to live like Clan cats and leave to join the rogues. Needlepaw, Juniperpaw, and Sleekpaw leave, and Needlepaw taking the young Violetkit with her. Although, their fellow apprentices Yarrowpaw, Beepaw, and Strikepaw decide to stay in ShadowClan, Beepaw, Cloverfoot, and Berryheart follow in suit.
Upon joining the rogues, Needlepaw grants herself her warrior name, Needletail, along with Sleekpaw and Juniperpaw, who become Sleekwhisker and Juniperclaw. Needletail becomes one of Darktail's most loyal followers, and is perfectly content when Darktail makes them into the Kin and leaves the weaker cats to fend for themselves. Needletail becomes Violetpaw's only friend during the reign and believes Darktail to be the true leader ShadowClan needs. However, along with the majority of the former ShadowClan cats, she grows to regret her betrayal after realizing that Darktail is a brutal tyrant who wishes nothing more than to inflict harm onto other cats. She becomes part of the plot to get rid him, but this backfires when Sleekwhisker notices Violetpaw putting poppy seeds in Darktail's prey. Darktail decides to punish Violetpaw by killing the one thing she has left, Needletail. Needletail sacrifices herself to allow Violetpaw to escape to ThunderClan, and as a result is drowned by Darktail, Sleekwhisker, and Roach.
Needletail's actions are remembered by Violetpaw, who wishes to kill Darktail for killing her friend. Needletail's parents, Berryheart and Sparrowtail, greatly missed their daughter and were distraught to know that she, at the time, was one of Darktail's most devoted followers.
Along with all the other cats who were drowned by Darktail, Needletail was initially not granted entry into StarClan, nor the Place of No Stars. Instead, she went to an unnamed residence where she connected with her childhood friend, Alderheart, giving him a prophecy to not dispel the incoming shadows. Upon doing so, Needletail and the other cats were allowed into StarClan.


After being forced into a medicine cat apprenticeship, Puddleshine dealt with the yellowcough outbreak all on his own and was eventually forced to join the Kin as he made an oath to help his Clanmates. He is one of many who dislike Darktail and despite being punished more then once for going against Darktail's orders, Puddleshine stood by the cats who wish to rid the world of him. His mother, Pinenose, is killed during a battle with RiverClan, furthering Puddleshine's hate for Darktail. Following Darktail's death, Puddleshine was left with the struggle of healing the injured and trying his hardest to find a way to save Rowanstar's failing leadership, all while wondering what happened to his kin. Eventually, he informs Tigerheart that there needs to be a stronger sun, which Tigerheart interprets as that he needs to leave ShadowClan. Eventually, Rowanstar disbands ShadowClan, and Puddleshine becomes one of SkyClan's medicine cats along with Frecklewish and Fidgetpaw. It is later revealed to him that his brother and sister, Birchbark and Lioneye, are not in StarClan, and that his other brother and father, Slatefur and Spikefur are still alive.
Puddleshine eventually discovers from Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf that his father died due to sickness, and Puddleshine is left with grief, but still continues his duties and agrees that if StarClan sends him a vision, he can make Tawnypelt leader of ShadowClan. Rowanclaw is killed, but Tigerheart returns to ShadowClan with Cloverfoot, Berryheart, Sparrowtail, and Slatefur. Along with three cats from an unknown place, and six kits for ShadowClan. Puddleshine is unable to greet his Clanmates and brother, as Tigerheart is killed by severe internal injuries, and the splotched brown tom tried revive him. Puddleshine eventually decides to put Tigerheart in the fate of StarClan, and the former deputy is brought back as Tigerstar to lead ShadowClan, much to Puddleshine's content. He then abandons his position as SkyClan's medicine cat and returns to ShadowClan.


Sleekwhisker is the daughter of Dawnpelt and Crowfrost of ShadowClan, and the sister to Juniperclaw and Strikestone, also making her the granddaughter of Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt. She is mentored by her uncle, Tigerheart, and it is apparent that she does not believe in StarClan when she was observed by Alderheart, then Alderpaw, at a Gathering when he first met her and Needlepaw. She was an apprentice being mentored by her uncle, Tigerheart, when Darktail and his rogues ask to join ShadowClan. She agrees with Needlepaw's claims against Rowanstar, but Rowanstar punishes the apprentices for speaking out against him and asking if they want war with the Clans. A second rebellion starts when Rowanstar and Crowfrost deny the rogues entry into ShadowClan again, and Needlepaw speaks out against Rowanstar again. Sleekpaw agrees with her friend and then follows Needlepaw, Juniperpaw, and Violetkit to join the rogues, leaving her parents and other brother Strikepaw in ShadowClan.
She has given herself a warrior name, Sleekwhisker. She taunts Needletail for training Violetpaw and says they are rogues now, not Clan cats, and that she can learn to hunt and fight on her own like rogues do. It becomes apparent she does not like or favor Violetpaw. This shows more as Darktail favors Violetpaw more. Once Darktail and his rogues go to ShadowClan and force out Rowanstar out of leadership, she follows suite as does Needletail, Juniperclaw, and some other ShadowClan cats such as Spikefur and Mistcloud. She asks Dawnpelt, her mother, if she misses her and Juniperclaw and states that herself, Juniperclaw, and Strikestone are all she has left, since Crowfrost, her father, died of Yellowcough. Dawnpelt reluctantly agrees with her, saying that she can't leave every one of her kits, and ShadowClan is the only home she ever knew and can't leave it. Sleekwhisker, satisfied with her answer, stays in the newly formed Kin.
Sleekwhisker is noted to be one of Darktail's most loyal and supported followers after he takes over ShadowClan and merge the remaining ShadowClan cats and his rogues and form what he has called the Kin. She supports every decision he has made and is deeply suspicious of Violetpaw. She begins to become suspicious of Needletail as well, after Rain had died in the claws of Darktail for betraying him. When Dawnpelt realizes that it was wrong to stay with the Kin, she tells Violetpaw that she is going to leave and already has sent Juniperclaw and Strikestone to seek for ThunderClan. Dawnpelt tells Violetpaw that Sleekwhisker would never want to leave the Kin and she hasn't even asked her about leaving. When Dawnpelt mysteriously disappears, Sleekwhisker shows no emotions about her mother's absence and doesn't seem to care about it either, unlike her brothers who show extreme concern over their missing mother. When asked by Darktail if she has thought of returning to ShadowClan, Sleekwhisker explains that she has not thought of herself as ShadowClan in a long time, and she is part of his Kin, much to Darktail's content.
While the former ShadowClan cats soon realize that Darktail is a cruel and dishonorable cat, Sleekwhisker still remains by his side and agrees with practically every word he says. She tells Darktail that she is Kin now, through and through, and hasn't considered herself a ShadowClan cat in a long time. She shows no remorse when Violetpaw's plan to feed Darktail and his followers poppy seeds has failed, and Violetpaw is to be punished. The punishment is for Darktail to drown Needletail, to show Violetpaw what it's like for the only cat she cared about gone. Once a weak and starved Needletail turns on Darktail, herself, Roach, and Raven, she attacks Needletail along with Roach and Darktail, while Raven chases after the fleeing Violetpaw. Sleekwhisker helps drown Needletail in the end by the lake and shows no remorse in murdering her childhood friend, showing her complete devotion to Darktail.
Once the Kin has been driven out by the other Clans, she runs away with what is left of the Kin; Yarrowleaf and Spikefur follow suite. It is noted by Rowanstar that Sleekwhisker ran off with the Kin, and he declares her and the others traitors. She is missed by Juniperclaw and Strikestone, who wonder where she has gone. The spirits of the cats who drowned in the lake reveal that Sleekwhisker, along with the ShadowClan cats who had not returned, are likely still alive.
Sleekwhisker and a heavily pregnant Yarrowleaf later stay in ShadowClan's former camp. Violetshine, Tree, and Sandynose find them, and are surprised and angry to see them. Violetshine notes that Sleekwhisker helped muder Needletail, and that Yarrowleaf showed no remorse in attacking her former Clanmates. Sleekwhisker tells them that Spikefur had died of the sickness as they couldn't find the right herbs to treat him with, and no one else helped. Upon arriving, Strikestone and Juniperclaw greet her warmly, and Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf beg Leafstar for them to join SkyClan and appear sad once they find out that ShadowClan is no more. They get turned away, however, on account of their past crimes, but are hidden by Whorlpaw, Juniperclaw, Strikestone, Snowbird, and Scorchfur. Once Tree has found a solution to let them stay, Leafstar finally agrees, but is still angry and suspicious of them as they supported Darktail, who drove them out of their home and tried to drive out the other Clans. Tawnypelt also shows hatred for them, calling them traitors; on the other hand, Rowanstar, now Rowanclaw, forgives them. Juniperclaw supports his sister, pointing out that many former ShadowClan cats followed Darktail, himself being one, and asks if Leafstar doesn't believe a cat can change.
Now an apprentice once again in SkyClan, Sleekwhisker is later revealed to have betrayed her brothers, who went behind Leafstar's back to get her a place to stay, as well as Yarrowleaf, who relied on Sleekwhisker during her pregnancy and had thought the two she-cats were friends. She has secretly teamed up with two troublesome kittypets, Susan and Jacques, to help with a plan to get "revenge" on Rowanclaw, blaming him for everything that went wrong in her life. Sleekwhisker drugs Yarrowleaf with poppy seeds and steals her kits, Hopkit and Flaxkit, to use as hostages. She also teams up with Nettle and Raven to capture Tawnypelt, intending to murder her right in front of Rowanclaw, as she is the cat he loves most and the one thing he has left. However, Rowanclaw, Macgyver, Yarrowleaf, and Violetshine manage to rescue Tawnypelt, retrieve the stolen kits and defeat Sleekwhisker and the others. She and Nettle take down Rowanclaw by fatally wounding him, though Rowanclaw manages to kill Nettle in the process. Violetshine and the others help drive Sleekwhisker and the other rogues and kittypets away, telling them to never return, as they have betrayed the Clans too many times. After Sleekwhisker kills her grandfather, Tawnypelt grimly declares that ShadowClan is dead.


Tree is a loner that knew Needletail when she was an apprentice of ShadowClan. He first meets Needlepaw when she is sleeping with prey tucked between her paws. He tried to steal it, but unluckily for him, she was awake. He introduced himself to her as Tree and told her he was old enough to choose his own name, and he liked trees, so he called himself Tree.
The pair starts to hunt and by nightfall, they return to the moor, and they are spotted by a patrol of ShadowClan cats that have been looking for Needlepaw. Tawnypelt, Needlepaw's mentor, is surprised and says that they held vigil for the young silver apprentice. Needlepaw is thankful for Tree and wants him to join ShadowClan. The patrol refuses, and Tree knows he doesn't belong in the Clans, but will always be a friend to Needlepaw.
Later on, it is noted that after Needletail had died under the paws of Darkail, Sleekwhisker, and Roach, he is able to see her ghostly figure. He asks her questions, and she responds by saying that she doesn't know why she's there, then he asks her how she died.
Needletail's ghostly figure turns up again when Violetpaw and a patrol of SkyClan cats and Molewhisker try to find SkyClan's missing Clanmates when they all scattered many moons before when Darktail drove them out. Needletail tells Violetpaw to bring Tree back to the Clans. She thinks he's important and that is why she's there, and that he and Violetpaw can see her. She then knows he's important to the Clans and knows this will help her go into StarClan as she is said to be in an unnamed residence ever since she died.
Tree is soon revealed to be the six-toed cat that StarClan prophesied, as Puddleshine had noticed his extra toe when they got back to SkyClan. He says he has the power to bring spirits of dead cats back to finish unwanted work with the living. He can make them appear and let the living cats see their ghostly figures. When SkyClan and the recent ex-ShadowClan cats go to the lake under Leafpool's persistence, he brings up the spirits of Needletail, Mistcloud, Birchbark, Dawnpelt, Lioneye, and Beenose. They give the Clan cats a message to find their missing Clanmates and to not lose hope. All of the spirit cats thank Tree and are reunited with each other and see their families once again. However, Tree is unable to keep them present, and the spirits dissipate soon thereafter, much to the Clans' dismay.
Tree is now unofficially staying in a SkyClan after the incident with the spirit cats at the lake. He wants to fit in, but doesn't know how or what to do. He is shown to be very lazy and doesn't contribute much to the Clan; both Hawkwing and Leafstar are annoyed by this, and Leafstar tells him if he wants to be part of the Clan, he needs to step it up or leave. Violetshine realizes she doesn't want him to leave, as she grew close to the yellow tom ever since the journey back from SkyClan's old territory.
Frecklewish tries seeing if he wants to become a medicine cat, but Tree cannot remember the herbs and shows no interest with the duties. and he did not try hunting, but did enjoy it with Violetshine, showing her some techniques he used; Violetshine shows him some as well. Soon it is apparent that he can solve problems within the Clan very quickly and can come up with solutions to the problem quite fast. He helps convince Leafstar to let Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker join SkyClan, but under conditions: Yarrowleaf will stay in the nursery until her kits are old enough, and Sleekwhisker is to be an apprentice once again, as some cats do not trust them, as they were loyal followers to Darktail. Once again, he comes up with more problem-solving solutions, and Leafstar realizes this is what he is meant to do, and how he can contribute to the Clan. She officially makes him a Clan cat and names him as a mediator, a new role for the Clans. Many cats are excited, yet confused with the new role, but Leafstar, Violetshine, Hawkwing, and Tawnypelt back Tree up.
Violetshine is noted by Twigpaw that she admires the yellow tom and is happy she found someone close. Hawkwing teases her that he would make a great father some day. Violetshine quickly changes the subject, not wanting to think about the future, but is happy she is close to Tree, and Tree feels happy within in the Clans finally.


Rain: "The prey I catch isn't good enough for you?"
Darktail: "You've been bringing less and less back to camp. This is the most pitiful offering yet."
Rain: "Have you been counting what I catch?"
Darktail: "Of course I have. I'm the leader of this group. I make sure every cat pulls his weight."
Rain: "You sound like a Clan cat."
Darktail: "So? They live well."
Rain: "If you like rules!"
Darktail: "Rules will keep our bellies full."
Rain: "Is that why we came here? To hide behind the bushes and hunt prey no one else wants? We live on a tiny piece of land when there's a whole territory right there for taking."
—Rain challenging Darktail Thunder and Shadow, pages 206-207

"Darktail says we're not ShadowClan anymore. He says we're Kin now."
—Violetpaw to Oakfur Shattered Sky, page 36

Rowanstar: "Leafstar did promise us friendship."
Scorchfur: "And you believed her!"
Rowanstar: "It was Tigerheart's idea."
Scorchfur: "'It was Tigerheart's idea.' When was the last time you had an idea of your own?"
Rowanstar: "I'd like to see you try to lead a Clan! Perhaps you could use the skills you learned from Darktail."
Scorchfur: "At least he knew how to lead!"
Tawnypelt: "You betrayed your Clan. Now you insult your leader? Show him some respect!"
Scorchfur: "He's done nothing to earn it. If he'd chased Darktail off in the first place, none of us would have followed those rogues. Instead he let them hunt on our land, while our apprentices grew arrogant and reckless. He couldn't manage to stop any of it."
—Scorchfur about Rowanstar's leadership Darkest Night, pages 158-159

Scorchfur: "So? What should we do?"
Rowanstar: "I must do what's right for the Clan."
Scorchfur: "Isn't it a bit late for that?"
Tawnypelt: "Rowanstar has always done what's best for this Clan!"
Scorchfur: "So we have Rowanstar to thank for the state we're in?"
Tawnypelt: "Do you think you could have done any better? You blame Rowanstar. But it was his Clanmates' disloyalty that killed them. If our apprentices grew arrogant, blame their mentors, not him. He cared about ShadowClan when none of you did. Rowanstar still wakes in the night, haunted by nightmares about the Clanmates he's lost."
Scorchfur: "He's lucky. He has nine lives to dream about lost Clanmates. They only had one."
Puddleshine: "That's not fair! You can't let him say that. StarClan gave you those lives because they believed in you."
Scorchfur: "They believed in him once. Perhaps Rowanstar is the dark sky they're trying to warn us about."
Tawnypelt: "If anyone's the dark sky, it's you! You let the rogues take over the Clan. You let them drive Rowanstar away. Don't blame him for your treachery."
Scorchfur: "And why do you think we chose a rogue over Rowanstar? He was a weak leader then, and he's a weak leader now."
—Scorchfur about Rowanstar's leadership Darkest Night, pages 160-161

Rowanstar: "Don't look to me for leadership! I failed my Clan. I failed my kin. I'm not worthy of being their leader."
Alderheart: "Rowanstar. you cant try. You can—"
Rowanstar: "Don't call me Rowanstar! I have no right to that name."
Alderheart: "But StarClan gave it to you!"
Rowanstar: "StarClan was wrong. From now on, I am Rowanclaw."
—Rowanstar denying his leader name Darkest Night, pages 301-302

"She was Rowanstar’s deputy after Tigerheart left, and she truly cared about her Clan. Once I saw her with Rowanclaw at ShadowClan’s old camp, and she seemed so regretful about all they had lost. Maybe she would be willing to try reviving the Clan."
—Violetshine to Twigpaw and Tree about Tawnypelt River of Fire, page 136

"I know I was a weak leader [...] I let Darktail and his Kin destroy my Clan, and I alone should bear their suffering. I deserve everything you can do to me."
—Rowanclaw to Nettle River of Fire, page 225

Puddleshine: "StarClan brought him back and gave him nine lives. He is the new leader of ShadowClan!"
Tigerstar: "Yes, it was . . . amazing. I found myself on a grassy slope, with the sun shining and a stream running around bottom of the hill. I thought I was in StarClan—and I was, but I didn’t expect what happened next."
Unnamed cat: "Go on..."
Tigerstar: "I was transported to a different place, rocks beneath a night sky. Rowanclaw and Dawnpelt appeared, and . . . oh, many more cats. Their fur was shining so brightly I could hardly bear to look at them. Rowanclaw told me I was being sent back to become leader of my Clan. And then they gave me nine lives."
Leafstar: "I’m not going to cross the will of StarClan, but I’m tired of ShadowClan cats treating the SkyClan camp like some sort of temporary nest. RiverClan has gone home, so your old camp is waiting for you. From now on, you need to stay out of SkyClan’s camp for good. You are not welcome there—and we will be patrolling our borders."
Tigerstar: "You’re right, Leafstar. It is time for ShadowClan to go home—to the ShadowClan camp."
—ShadowClan reunited River of Fire, page 224


  • This event marks the third time in Clan history that a Clan has been declared nonexistent, the first being SkyClan before it was rebuilt,[3][47] and when ShadowClan and RiverClan combined together to create TigerClan.[48]
    • However, SkyClan took multiple generations to dissolve, and was declared nonexistent by the other four Clans, and had been officially disbanded by Spiderstar after losing a battle with Rats,[note 1] while ShadowClan was disbanded by Rowanclaw's choice. [49]
    • TigerClan was created by an alliance between Tigerstar and Leopardstar, therefore merging two Clans together in which Tigerstar had sole control over.[48]

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