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In the Power of Three arc

Dark River 

In the prologue, it is revealed that there were once hidden caves beneath the moorland. Fallen Leaves, a mysterious young cat not yet introduced, enters this cave, meeting a hairless, blind cat with a rat-like tail, with the name Rock, who explains to him that to be a "sharpclaw," which is the name for warriors in the Ancients, he must get out of the tunnels and into the moor before it's too late. Unfortunately, when Rock asks if it will rain, Fallen Leaves says no, because he is afraid that Rock will make him wait until another day. Fallen Leaves enters the tunnels, and appears to be heading in the right direction. However, he comes to a dead end just as it begins to rain, flooding the tunnels. He runs into tunnel after tunnel, but none seem to yield the way out. He becomes more and more frightened, and begins to lose his composure and as he struggles to escape. Jaypaw appears next to him as a huge wave is about to engulf him. He yells to Jaypaw, asking to be saved, but then he disappears and he drowns in the tunnels as they fill with rainwater.
Later, he aids Jaypaw in leading Heatherpaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Breezepaw out of the tunnel with Swallowkit, Thistlekit, and Sedgekit, the missing WindClan kits. Jaypaw is the only one who can see him, and he helps him find his way through the tunnels. Fallen Leaves is confident in where he's going, but eventually gets lost and Jaypaw feels guilty that he can't help, soon disappearing.


Although not formally appearing, Fallen Leaves is mentioned by Jaypaw multiple times. Jaypaw mentions that he drowned once in his dreams, while with the ancient cat, and almost drowned for real, had he not been helped by Fallen Leaves. Jaypaw, caught up in his stick, notes the one scratch on it that hadn't been crossed out, marking Fallen Leaves' failed attempt to escape the tunnels. Jaypaw wonders if he had done something wrong, as both the ancient softpaw and Rock did not answer his calls.
Later, as Jaypaw speaks to Hollypaw, his sister, he explains to her who Fallen Leaves is, and how he'd gone down into the tunnels for his ceremony to become a sharpclaw, but he never escaped. He also tells Hollypaw that it was Fallen Leaves who showed Jaypaw where to find the missing WindClan kits.
When Jaypaw meets with Rock, the old cat mentions that he came before even Fallen Leaves' time. Throughout the book, Jaypaw is distressed that he can no longer reach the ancient cats, and he truly wonders if he's done something wrong.

Long Shadows

When Jaypaw goes inside the tunnels, Fallen Leaves begs Jaypaw to stay for a while saying that he is very lonely, but Jaypaw remarks that he doesn't have time to stay in the tunnels. Jaypaw then turns away to leave and it is said that there is anguish on Fallen Leaves' face as Jaypaw leaves him in the tunnels.
After Jaypaw gets out of the tunnels, he finds himself with strange cats, who he realizes are the Tribe of Rushing Water's ancestors. They congratulate him for making it out of the tunnels and becoming a sharpclaw, calling him "Jay's Wing". Fallen Leaves' mother, Broken Shadow, sadly says that it's good that he made it, even though Fallen Leaves hadn't.
When Jaypaw walks among The Ancients, he is mentioned by them. It is said that they have waited for him for over a moon, and everyone is still grieving, especially his parents, Broken Shadow and Stone Song.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

Fallen Leaves is initially mentioned when Jayfeather ventures into the tunnels and wonders whether he can hear Fallen Leaves' voice, as there are faint voices calling out to him.
The ginger cat appears later in Jayfeather's dream, appearing directly after Rock appears, to speak to the medicine cat, referring to Jayfeather as Jay's Wing. Jayfeather tries to coax Fallen Leaves out of the tunnels, but he refuses to leave. He says that both of them know that he can't leave. He sees the stars, and understands that Jayfeather's destiny lies with them. He says that if Jayfeather ever needs him, he will be there for him. It is noted that Jayfeather feels a connection with the deceased cat.
Broken Shadow still believes Fallen Leaves may still come out the tunnels when Jay's Wing appears again, and blames him for abandoning her son and leaving the lake. She regrets leaving the lake, and feels guilty and thinks that if Fallen Leaves ever comes out again, they won't be there to help him.
When Ivypool and Blossomfall get lost in the tunnels, Fallen Leaves finds them and gives them directions, though he refuses to show them the way out. The two cats remain lost, despite him giving them directions, and he informs Hollyleaf, who leads them out.

The Last Hope

He is one of the cats that comes for reinforcements at the battle with the Dark Forest. He knows of Hollyleaf's death and wanted to see her body to pay respect. He is then told to fight in honor of her by Broken Shadow and that she died defending her Clan. He then goes off to fight against the Dark Forest cats.

In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

Bramblestar remembers Fallen Leaves standing over Hollyleaf's body during the Great Battle, wondering if they knew each other and met in the tunnels.

In the Novellas

Hollyleaf's Story

Fallen Leaves tends to Hollyleaf, who was wandering around the tunnels, lost, but had collapsed. He gives her some water, puts some feathers beneath her leg, and gives her some comfrey and poppy seeds to help her sleep. When Hollyleaf awakens again he gives her some fresh kill which, due to the lack of prey in the tunnels, ends up being a tiny minnow. He announces that he knew Hollyleaf from when her and her littermates came to rescue the lost kits from WindClan. He then introduces himself to Hollyleaf and tells her that he once lived in the hills above the lake, but that he now lived in the tunnels. After he gives Hollyleaf some more comfrey she asks if he was a medicine cat and he states that he does not know what that is, and that he and the other cats he lived with were taught about herbs and injuries so that all the cats could help one another. Hollyleaf then asks him questions about how he lived and who he lived with, but Fallen Leaves tells her not to ask anymore questions. He then tells her that her leg is not broken and that it will mend soon, and supposes that she would want to get back to the Clans, but when Hollyleaf says she can't go back he simply says that was her decision and that she needed to lie down and stop wriggling.  
Later, while Hollyleaf is eating some fresh kill Fallen Leaves caught, she asks him more questions about where he came from and where he lived, but Fallen Leaves repeatedly answered that the tunnels were his home now. Days later, Hollyleaf claims that her leg no longer hurts and Fallen Leaves states that it must have healed. Hollyleaf then asks if Fallen Leaves could show her around the tunnels. Fallen Leaves then leads Hollyleaf around the tunnels, first showing her the cave where Lionblaze and Heathertail played when they were only apprentices and the river Hollyleaf and her littermates used to escape the tunnels when they flooded while they were saving the lost kits from WindClan.
When Fallen Leaves leads Hollyleaf down a dark tunnel, Hollyleaf tries to trot ahead when he tells her that there is light up ahead then when Hollyleaf tries to catch his scent while avoiding from crashing into his haunches.
All she can smell is the cold dampness of the cave and wonders how long he has been in the caves since his scent blended with his surroundings.  After that Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves begin racing down the tunnel and he leads her to the other side of the hills on the outside of the Clan borders. He then darts in a side tunnel and Hollyleaf chases after him but becomes lost, but Fallen Leaves finds her and leads her back to the tunnel where Hollyleaf's nest lay. He gives Hollyleaf some poppy seeds to help her sleep, and she asks if Fallen Leaves can stay with her tonight, as she does not want to be alone in the dark again. Fallen Leaves decides to stay, insisting that he is only staying for one night, and curls next to Hollyleaf, somewhat awkwardly. When she uncurls to fall asleep, Hollyleaf notes that no warmth is coming from Fallen Leaves's body.
The next morning, Fallen Leaves wakes Hollyleaf up by telling her it's time for the morning patrol. He starts to trot away and tells her that he is taking the moor-tunnel, and that Hollyleaf should check the woods-tunnel. It is mentioned that Fallen Leaves has been trying to imitate Clanlife by taking Hollyleaf on patrol of the two main exit tunnels that do not lead into ThunderClan territory, and has been teaching Hollyleaf new skills such as catching minnows. Hollyleaf notes that Fallen Leaves is a lot less demanding than her old Clanmates, as he lets her eat all the fish they caught together and she never grows tired of his company because he never spent an awfully long time with her, and often leaves her alone at night. Fallen Leaves tells Hollyleaf to hurry, and he is standing at the river-cave. He tells Hollyleaf that it rained last night, and that is why the river was flowing more quickly. Hollyleaf asks if it would flood, but Fallen Leaves assures her that it won't, or at least not yet, and decides to put a large flat stone in the water to track how much the river is rising. He tells Hollyleaf that it was sharpclaws told him to do before he came down for his initiation. After Hollyleaf comments that if he went back that he would be the greatest sharpclaw ever for how well he knew the tunnels, Fallen Leaves hisses that he can't go back because it is too late, and he races off in distress, heading towards the WindClan tunnel, or moor-tunnel. Fallen Leaves returns after Hollyleaf encounters a fox. Later, Hollyleaf cannot sleep due to the fox's whimpering, and Fallen Leaves tells her that it will find its way eventually. They argue for a few seconds about whether they should go find the fox, before Hollyleaf leaves to find it, Fallen Leaves agreeing to go find her if she does not return before dawn.
When leaf-fall settles over the woods, Fallen Leaves interrupts Hollyleaf's thoughts by asking if she was looking for the fox cub she'd helped to rescue. When she asks how long he had been there, he responds by telling her it was long enough to see how much she wanted to go outside. Fallen Leaves asks if she hopes the fox cub will come back, and Hollyleaf tells him that she knows it belongs in the woods, to which Fallen Leaves asks if that was where she belongs, Hollyleaf challenging him by asking where his family was and how if they lived near, why there is there no trace of them. Fallen Leaves tells her that they have left, and when Hollyleaf tells him that she would help him find them, he tells her that he cannot leave, because if he does, his mother won't know where to find him, and that he knows that she will come for him one day. Hollyleaf tells him that they could find her first and she would look after him, but Fallen Leaves hisses that he does not need looking after, and that he just needs to stay in the tunnels, and if she wants, Hollyleaf can leave, but he cannot, before he turns and stalks off into the darkness. Hollyleaf wonders where his mother must be, and why Fallen Leaves never gives a straight answer to where his family was. She finds him in the river-cave, appearing to be asleep until she sees that his eyes are open. Hollyleaf tries to tell him that she's thankful for saving her life but she belongs in the outside world, and Fallen Leaves tells her that she should just go, and that no one said she had to stay in the caves with him. Hollyleaf tells him that she just thought she should know where she was in case he wondered where he was. Fallen Leave shrugs and flicks his tail over his nose, and as Hollyleaf is leaving she suspects him to come after her, but he does not.
When Hollyleaf returns, Fallen Leaves brings her fish to eat and herbs that help with a cough she had developed. He tells her that he added more feathers to her nest in case she returned and curls up beside her while she drifts off to sleep. When Hollyleaf wakes up, Fallen Leaves is no where to be seen until he walks up to her, carrying a minnow. He urges her to eat it when he lays it beside her, and once she has finished she makes a comment that she had found the fox cub that she had helped to save. Fallen Leaves asks if she was sure it was the same one and if it recognised her, to which Hollyleaf responds by shaking her head. Fallen Leaves tries to comfort her by saying that some animals have no gratitude, and asks what she thought would have happened, saying that she must have thought it would've invited her to its den to meet its mother. Fallen Leaves says that she has a friend now after Hollyleaf comments that she felt lonely, and says that he's been awfully lazy about patrols since she left, and says that they should check the tunnels in case the fox followed her, and asks if she can remember how to catch a fish. Later, Fallen Leaves asks what Hollyleaf is thinking about, and when she says that she is glad she came back, Fallen Leaves comments that he is glad she is back. Questioned about if he missed his family, Fallen Leaves comments that he does not remember that much since it had been so long. He says that he has been in the tunnels for more moons that he can count, but it is too late to do anything. He finally tells a little about his family, saying that his mother was called Broken Shadow, that she was very kind and very beautiful, and that she never wanted him to go into the tunnels, and that he thinks that she knew something bad would happen. Fallen Leaves tells Hollyleaf that his mother would not have stopped him going into the tunnels if it meant becoming a sharpclaw, because he wanted that more than anything, and that it was a long way in the past. He appears concerned when he finds out that Hollyleaf never told her mother that she left. He questions Hollyleaf a bit about her family, and he says that it seems to him like both Squirrelflight and Leafpool loved her very much, and that two mothers are better than none. He comments that perhaps they thought they were doing the right thing for her and her brothers, and that Hollyleaf cannot punish them for loving her too much.
Later, Fallen Leaves notices that Hollyleaf is missing her Clanmates, and tells her to go and see them. He tells her to visit them without them seeing when she tells him that they have to believe she is gone forever, and that she cannot just stay staring at the moon wondering all her life.
When Hollyleaf returns from seeing ThunderClan for the first time in moons, she recounts what she saw to Fallen Leaves. He tells her that she couldn't have stopped the tree from falling and crushing Briarlight's back, and that she chose to leave. Hollyleaf finally confesses about killing Ashfur, and Fallen Leaves asks if she was sent away after they found out. Fallen Leaves tells Hollyleaf that she could go back, because her brothers and Leafpool would keep her secret, and when she wails that he doesn't know that for sure, Fallen Leaves says he believes that he does, and he tells her that he knows that she was very important to her kin, and that no matter what crime she had committed, her Clan will always need her.
Later, Fallen Leaves is seen listening to another of Hollyleaf's recounts of another visit to ThunderClan. Hollyleaf wants to know if he can help her find even more herbs to help her Clan, but Fallen Leaves tells her that no herbs such as catmint grow around the tunnels. He tells her that he does not need herbs for himself, so he does not need to go look for them. Hollyleaf tells him that he found comfrey and poppy seeds when she hurt her leg, but Fallen Leaves tells her that it was different because she was right in front of him, and he could not let her suffer. He tells Hollyleaf that the warrior code is not his code, so he has no need to help her look for herbs for ThunderClan, and stalks off into the tunnel.
Fallen Leaves nudges Hollyleaf away in the middle of the night, to tell her that two of her Clanmates are in the tunnels. He is rather unhappy about it, and snaps at Hollyleaf when she asks who they are. He tells her that he tried to help them out, but they are not leaving, and tells her to go and help them. Later, it is noted that Fallen Leaves appears to be hurt by the fact that Hollyleaf keeps returning to the hollow to spy on her Clan, and she does not visit them for many moons.
When she does return however, she cannot sleep, and decides to go see Fallen Leaves, who is standing by the river in the river-cave. After she apologizes and tells him that she will never forget what he had done for her, Fallen Leaves tells her that he had always hoped that she would stay because he had never shared his home in the tunnels with anyone before, and that her Clan needs her more than he does. He tells her that when the time comes for her to return to ThunderClan, she will know. Fallen Leaves then vanishes.
A moon later, Hollyleaf is fishing when Fallen Leaves appears to tell her that their are cats in the tunnels again, and he leads her to the moor-tunnel, and to where Sol and WindClan are planning to attack ThunderClan through the tunnels. Fallen Leaves alerts her to two other cats, Ivypool and Dovewing. Fallen Leaves tells Hollyleaf that she needs to get them out of here and go back to ThunderClan to help defend them from WindClan's oncoming attack, and that it is time for her to leave. Fallen Leaves bids his farewell and tells Hollyleaf that he will never forget her.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide 

It is mentioned on Hollyleaf’s page that the silence of the tunnels, the quiet, undemanding friendship of Fallen Leaves and worry of her clanmates sent Hollyleaf back to the hollow. It is also mentioned on Rock's page that Rock was a legend when Fallen Leaves entered the tunnel to begin his initiation as a sharpclaw.
Fallen Leaves has his own page. He lived beside the lake long ago. When he was young, he was sent into the tunnels to find his way out and become a Sharpclaw. He did not escape. He was trapped in the tunnels by the flood that followed his entrance, and his mother, Broken Shadow, was left to grieve for her son. His spirit remained in the tunnels, searching for the outside land, watching few cats as they rarely came in. Fallen Leaves found Hollyleaf and brought a fish for her to eat and moss soaked in water. He treated her injured leg and taught her how to survive underground. For several moons, he was happier than ever, but Hollyleaf was growing restless, and he understood that she belonged to ThunderClan. He urged her to return and trust that her kin and friends will welcome her back. Her leaving marked a reminder that he could not live in the outside world. When Dark Forest warriors attacked for the final battle, Fallen Leaves burst out of the tunnels. Alongside his mother, he entered the battle and fought alongside Hollyleaf. He was there with her when Hollyleaf was killed, and he realized she would walk a separate path from him. After the battle, he returned with Broken Shadow to the rest of the Ancients, out of memory, but free from the underground tunnels.
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