"Now listen, you do exactly what Leafstar and Billystorm tell you. I don't want to hear that you've put one whisker out of place. Do you understand?"
— Fallowfern to her kits in SkyClan's Destiny, page 190

Fallowfern is a pale brown she-cat[1] with blue eyes[7] who has lost her hearing.[6]

Fallowfern is a SkyClan elder under the leadership of Leafstar in the gorge and lake territories. She and her mate, Waspwhisker, had four kits: Rabbitkit, Plumkit, Nettlekit, and Creekkit. When SkyClan was exiled from the gorge by Darktail, Fallowfern went missing in the aftermath of their battle, but after many moons, she was reunited with the Clan.


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A Vision of Shadows

Leafstar: "She can’t hear you."
Juniperclaw: "Is that why she doesn’t know that you don’t just wander onto another Clan’s land and steal their herbs?"
—Fallowfern struggling with her hearing Darkest Night, page chapter 13
Fallowfern arrives at the lake along with the rest of the surviving SkyClan cats. On one occasion, she gets into a scuffle with the ShadowClan warrior, Juniperclaw, after accidentally treading into ShadowClan territory while collecting herbs for Leafpool.

Super Editions

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"[...] Seeing Sandynose and Fallowfern again has given me a change of heart. How could we ever have found each other again if we weren’t all destined to be together?"
―Plumwillow to Leafstar Hawkwing's Journey, page chapter 34
In SkyClan's Destiny, Fallowfern is a new member of SkyClan nursing her and Waspwhisker's kits. She is often seen caring for the restless kits, who wish to help out in Clan duties. However, she continually reminds them that they cannot due to their age.
In Hawkwing's Journey, Fallowfern has become an elder. When Darktail and his rogues attack SkyClan's camp, she fights alongside Clovertail, but both elders vanish after the battle. Moons later, she reunites with SkyClan along with Sandynose, who explains that they had been captured by Twolegs. However, Fallowfern's joy is cut short when she learns that Waspwhisker has been taken away by Twolegs.

SkyClan and the Stranger

When Leafstar and her kits are trapped in a Twoleg nest, Fallowfern participates in SkyClan's plan to free her by feigning injury to get the Twoleg to bring her inside. After the flood, Fallowfern, Patchfoot, and Petalnose admit to Leafstar that they plan to leave SkyClan, believing that the gorge is no longer safe. However, they each change their minds after a successful battle against a group of rogues.

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Fallowfern's mate is Waspwhisker, and Plumwillow, Creekfeather, Rabbitleap, and Nettlesplash are their children. For more of Fallowfern's family, click here!



Author statements

  • Kate has confirmed that she retired because of her hearing loss.[blog 1]


Fallowfern: "What do I do with them?"
Leafstar: "They'll be apprenticed soon enough. Then their mentors will have to deal with them."
Fallowfern: "I can't wait!"
—Fallowfern talking to Leafstar about her kits SkyClan's Destiny, page 25

Plumkit: "I'm going to sit on the Skyrock! I'm going to jump right over the gap and sit with the warriors!"
Fallowfern: "You certainly are not. The Skyrock is for warriors. Besides, you're too young to leap across the gap, and if even one of you tries it, all four of you will go straight back to the nursery."
—Fallowfern scolding her kits the night of the Gathering SkyClan's Destiny, page 169

Plumkit: "It's not fair! We never got to see the bees."
Fallowfern: "Trust me, you don't want to. We're very lucky that we were safe in here."
—Fallowfern telling Plumkit about bees SkyClan's Destiny, page 411

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"You let my kits just wander off into the forest? Plumwillow and Nettlesplash might be trapped by foxes now! Or eaten by badgers! Patchfoot, how could you?"
―Fallowfern to Patchfoot Beyond the Code, page 32

"I’m glad we don’t have elders. I mean, Fallowfern is officially an elder, but she’s not old; she’s just deaf. But it’s hard enough listening to the warriors reminiscing about how good it used to be before the rogues came. If elders joined in, they’d never talk about anything else."
Finpaw to Twigpaw about elders Darkest Night, page chapter 10

Fallowfern: "You can’t just walk into our camp!"
Juniperclaw: "Really? But you can invade our territory?"
Leafstar: "She can’t hear you."
Juniperclaw: "Is that why she doesn’t know that you don’t just wander onto another Clan’s land and steal their herbs?"
Fallowfern: "Did I do something wrong?"
Leafstar: "No. I’ll take care of it."
Fallowfern: "I’m sorry, Leafstar."
Juniperclaw: "Aren’t you going to punish her?"
Leafstar: "Why?"
Juniperclaw: "She crossed our border! When I tell Rowanstar, he’ll be furious."
Leafstar: "Then don’t tell him."
Juniperclaw: "Is this how SkyClan acts like our ally? We gave you some of our land, not all of it."
Leafstar: "She probably didn’t smell your scent line."
Juniperclaw: "She’s deaf, not stupid!"
—Fallowfern struggling with her hearing Darkest Night, page chapter 13

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