"Yes, Lilystar."
— Fallowkit understanding Lilystar's command not to play with prey in Code of the Clans, page 46

Fallowkit is a light brown she-cat.[2]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Fallowkit is an ancient ShadowClan kit.
Fallowkit and her brother, Driftkit, play catch with a dead mouse, which is the last piece of prey on the fresh-kill pile. They drag it toward each other. Driftkit scrambles onto some branches and jumps on the mouse, Fallowkit watching him. Sunnytail, the deputy of ShadowClan, sees this and bounds over, scolding them, saying that the mouse isn't fit to eat now and asks if their mother, Splashnose, knows what they are doing. Fallowkit replies that her mother is in the nursery and that she told them to go outside and play. It is known that Splashnose spoils her kits and is very protective of them.
Lilystar, the Clan leader, then also scolds them and explains the importance of prey. Fallowkit listens, and when her leader asks if she understands, she replies yes, her voice squeaky.
Later, an owl begins to circle the camp, and she bolts for the safety of the nursery with her mother. However, Driftkit freezes, too terrified to move. The owl dives down, and for a second many cats worry that it is going to snatch up Driftkit for prey, but instead it takes the mouse that Fallowkit and Driftkit were playing with. Lilystar takes this as a sign from StarClan that there should be a new rule to be suggested for the Warrior Code about respecting prey, which evolves into the fourth rule, which states that prey is only killed to be eaten, not played with, and that members of a Clan should thank StarClan for its life.




Splashnose:[1] Living (As of Code of the Clans)


Driftkit:[1] Living (As of Code of the Clans)


Splashnose ♀
Driftkit ♂Fallowkit ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



"Over here, Fallowkit!"
—Driftkit Code of the Clans, page 44

"Driftkit and Fallowkit have been playing with the last piece of fresh-kill, Splashnose."
—Sunnytail Code of the Clans, page 45

"She's in the nursery. She told us to go outside and play."
—Fallowkit about Splashnose Code of the Clans, page 45

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