"The other cats already look up to you. If you hadn't escaped on your own in the first place, none of the others would be free now. You became their leader the moment you broke out of the den and went for help. Now you must be a cat worth following."
Graystripe to Fang in Graystripe's Vow, page 397

Fang is a long-furred,[7] skinny gray tom with darker patches of fur, and vivid green eyes.[2]

Fang is the current deputy of WarriorClan under Monkeystar's leadership in the old forest where RiverClan's old territory used to be. He was born a kittypet as Honeysuckle to Gremlin and an unnamed tom alongside two unnamed kits. After the death of his mother and the subsequent treatment of him and several other kittypets by their Twoleg, Honeysuckle escaped and renamed himself Fang, seeking out Graystripe, a ThunderClan cat, to ask for his help. Despite helping the others escape the Twoleg nest, his mate, Daffodil, chose to remain behind, devastating Fang. Graystripe advised Fang over his heartbreak and was later made the first deputy of WarriorClan by Graystripe under Monkeystar.


In the Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

"My mother told me you once made a vow to her, that you would do anything to help her, no matter what. […] Does that vow extend to Gremlin's kits? Because I could do with a warrior's help right now..."
―Fang to Graystripe Graystripe's Vow, pages 236-237
As an unborn kit, his mother, Gremlin, worried for her kits' future well-being, and as a BloodClan cat, it was not a safe place for kits to be born. She asked for Graystripe's help, and after a battle against BloodClan, Gremlin decided to leave ThunderClan and become a kittypet, a safe place to raise her kits. There, he was born as Honeysuckle alongside two unnamed kits, and lived with an elderly Twoleg and several other cats, including Petunia and Daffodil. Honkeysuckle was close with Gremlin, and she often shared stories of the noble warrior Clans and cat named Graystripe, who did her a huge favor back then. After Gremlin passes away due to an illness caused by the Twoleg's negligence of her cats and his own mate, Daffodil, becomes sick, Honeysuckle is determined to find Graystripe and ask for his help. He escapes through a very small hole in the wood near the door and cuts his paws on glass while trying to get out. Honeysuckle leaves the Twoleg den behind and renames himself Fang as he begins his journey.
Fang reaches the the Tribe, asking for Graystripe, but the prey-hunters do not know who Graystripe is. Graystripe's son, Stormfur, is puzzled by Fang asking about his father, and the dark gray tom brings this incident up to Graystripe when he comes to visit the Tribe on his wander. Graystripe, bewildered, wonders who the strange cat looking for him could be, and thinks it could be one of Firestar's kittypet friends in the old forest, or the loners he met when he traveled with Millie to the lake. Stormfur asks why the strange cat would be looking for his father, and Graystripe agrees with Stormfur's question, saying why would they.
On his way to the Moonstone, Graystripe meets Fang. The gray-patched tom came as a newcomer toward Graystripe and WarriorClan, who are hostile, and Graystripe mutters to the unnamed cat that they are only passing through. However, the newcomer said he doesn't want trouble, and asks if the gray-striped elder's name is Graystripe. He adds that Graystripe looks like the way he was described too, and Graystripe wonders if this is the cat looking for him on the forest territory, after many seasons. Graystripe feels there is something similar to Fang, but he can't recall ever meeting the tom before. Fang tells him that he doesn't know him, but Graystripe knew his mother, Gremlin, and asks if Graystripe's vow to Gremlin extends to her kits, needing a warrior's help.
As WarriorClan remains hostile toward Fang, Graystripe realizes that Fang must be the cat who was looking for him. Fang admits he escaped his Twoleg den a moon prior and was looking for Graystripe ever since. Though Graystripe thinks that Fang wants to join ThunderClan, Fang says he wants to go back to the Twoleg den. He tells that things are bad there, and cats he cares about are still there, such as his mate, Daffodil. He adds that Daffodil smells strange and has trouble breathing, and that he is desperate for Graystripe's help. Graystripe thinks Fang is out of options, and at first, he disagrees in helping Fang, as he thinks it could be dangerous, but promises to help him after they travel to the Moonstone, as his promise to Gremlin extends to her kits.
Fang accompanies WarriorClan and Graystripe on his journey to the Moonstone, and Graystripe sees the resemblance of Fang to his mother, Gremlin. When asked if he is hungry, Fang tells Graystripe no, but with some pressuring, Fang admits he's starving. Graystripe sees why the gray tom is so skinny due to being hungry. Graystripe catches a rabbit, and WarriorClan, Fang, and Graystripe share it, with Graystripe hoping he doesn't disappoint Fang. Four cats of WarriorClan leave to go back to their nests, and the rest, including Graystripe, Fang, Clawwhistle, and Monkeystar, reach the Moonstone. Graystripe refuses to let Fang nor Monkeystar and Clawwhistle enter, and Fang asks who StarClan is, as it seems all strange to him. Graystripe tells him StarClan is the Clans' ancestors, where the cats they loved deeply were alive and now guide them. As Graystripe enters the Moonstone, Monkeystar tells him give them a yowl if he needs them, and Fang says they'll be ready.
The Moonstone shatters, and Fang questions Graystripe what happened. Monkeystar then suggests going to Barley, who they call a "wise cat". As they head to Barley's farm, Fang asks Graystripe if he is his father, to which Graystripe sadly replies he's not, as his mother and Graystripe were never mates. Disappointment washes in Fang's expression after Graystripe's response, his tail drooping. Graystripe wonders if he said yes, but knows that somewhere, they both would have paid the price for that lie. Graystripe hopes one day Fang will find his real father, like he found him. Fang is introduced to Barley by Graystripe, the two greeting each other. Fang helps hunt in the barn and catches four mice, pride flaring his chest.
Fang asks Barley if he knew his mother, and Barley tells him he did. Barley says that his mother was part of a harsh, violent Clan, but had a good heart, and loved her brother, Scraps, very much; she also loved her kits more than anything. The next morning, Fang recalls his mission after hearing more stories of Gremlin, just like his mother did then. He asks if Graystripe knew how Gremlin died, and when Graystripe replies no, Fang tells him how Gremlin was happy with their Twoleg and the other kittypets, such as Petunia. He adds that he had two other siblings, but the Twoleg gave them to other Twolegs, and he used to see them sometimes in their gardens. He then says that as the Twoleg got older, she got sick and began shutting the cats in, forgetting to let them out. Fang informs Graystripe that one day Gremlin got a cough, and there was nothing to get to help her, and he says that before Gremlin died, she told him to find a way out and help the others, in which he kept his promised.
He becomes more desperate to help his trapped kittypet friends and is convinced to stay another night in the barn. Fang questions Graystripe the next morning when he didn't wake him early, but Graystripe cuts him off, bringing him a couple of mice. Afterwards, Graystripe tells Monkeystar and Clawwhistle to watch over Barley while Fang and him travel to his den. After they arrive, Graystripe is in disbelief by the looks of it, and Fang tells him that there are ten, or maybe fifteen cats in there; he says it's hard to keep track due to so many kits being born. Fang tries to make a plan with Graystripe to get into the den, though it seems not to work, but Graystripe is still optimistic to get in. Eventually, Fang assists Graystripe getting inside the Twoleg den, but Graystripe gets trapped, and Fang gazes up, his eyes widening in alarm.
Fang tries not to panic, but Graystripe reassures him. Graystripe sees the other cats, sickly and tired, inside, and Petunia states that Fang, as Honeysuckle, got lucky when he escaped. Graystripe realizes that Honeysuckle must have been Fang's kittypet name. Graystripe tells Fang it's no use, and that he'll think of something. Daffodil asks how Fang is doing, and Graystripe replies that he is trying to get them out of there. At first, Graystripe thinks that Fang abandoned them, but Fang returns with WarriorClan to help them. With WarriorClan, they were all able to free the trapped kittypets and Graystripe. As they see a male Twoleg, they all head out so the Twoleg doesn't see them. Fang reassures to the kittypets that they will teach them what they need to know out in the wild. The group of cats struggle getting out of there, and Lily wants them to all stay together. Daffodil then reveals to Fang that she can't go with him due to her sickness. Fang struggles to deny her, claiming she is stronger than she looks, and she tells him they have to go on without her. He's willing to risk it all for her, as long as he's with her. After some convincing, Fang says his good-byes to Daffodil after she stays behind with some of the other older cats, such as Sunflower, leaving Fang heartbroken. He is rigid in misery as he sees his former mate leaving.
As new Twolegs show up, he says they are not harmful. As the group settles down for the night, Fang murmurs to Graystripe, wondering how he can go on in life, as after his mother died, Daffodil was the only cat who made living in the old den bearable. He wonders how he can cope, and Graystripe thinks he should tell him that life is long, wondering how to say it. He later advices Fang over his heartbreak with Daffodil, saying how heartbreaks and setbacks are like enemies, and if he fights them, he can leave it behind him. He adds that his memories with Daffodil will be more of a comfort as time goes on. Afterwards, Fang is made deputy by Graystripe under Monkeystar. Though unsure at first, he is reassured by Graystripe, as WarriorClan already looks up to him. He promises he will do his best, but questions Graystripe about not having StarClan, and Graystripe realizes that the Clans can live without StarClan, due to WarriorClan living without StarClan.
After making Petunia the medicine cat, Graystripe decides to go home, and Fang asks if he is sure he doesn't want to stay with them. Graystripe replies he is sure, but also says that if he stays, cats would look up to him instead of Fang or Monkeystar. The two part ways, and Graystripe admits he would have been proud to call Fang his son, with Fang saying he'll never forget him.
A moon later, Monkeystar is worried about Fang supposedly wanting to take over leadership instead of her, thinking he is a better leader than she is. He suggests going on the patrol with Monkeystar, Lily, and Clawwhistle, but Monkeystar wants him to stay in camp, and he says he is better at fighting than any other cat on the patrol. After Monkeystar, Lily, and Petunia head back from the Moonstone, Fang notes that Petunia is happier than he has seen, and tells Monkeystar she is going to make a fine leader.

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"That's why I made you deputy. You have experience living in the wild; you know how to hunt, and you're strong. Without you and your initiative and good sense, we would never have shifted that branch so we could escape from the den. If you can do that, I guess that in a pinch you could fight off a fox or a badger, and teach the others, too."
―Graystripe reassuring Fang Graystripe's Vow, page 397
Fang is headstrong and heroic just like his mother, Gremlin.[8] Graystripe notes that his actions to put himself at risk to help others is in resemblance to his mother.[9] The gray-patched tom travels far to find Graystripe, finally finding him,[2] and begs Graystripe to help his trapped kittypet friends, thinking he cannot do it himself, and not having much faith in himself in situations. He would get impatient and anxious due to his mission to try and save his friends. Fang sometimes does not like to admit when he's starving, telling Graystripe he's fine, but after some convincing, he confesses he is starving.[10] He gets more confident the more he hangs with Graystripe and WarriorClan, such as at Barley's farm.[11]
He is rather impatient in situations, especially in helping the cats that are trapped in the Twoleg den, and feeling desperate to help them.[12] When his mate decides to remain behind from the group, Fang is willing to risk his life for his mate, wanting to stay with her, but becomes heartbroken when she convinces him to leave without her, splitting up.[13] He doubts himself after he is made deputy, but Graystripe reassures him, that due to his initiative and good sense, they would never have escaped the Twoleg den.[14] He is respectful of Monkeystar, not challenging her decisions, and reassures her that she will make a fine leader.[7]



"Then [Gremlin] died. But just before she did, she told me that I had to find a way out—that I had to help the others to escape, too. I promised her that I would, and now I have to fulfill that promise, no matter what it takes!"
―Fang to Graystripe about helping the trapped cats Graystripe's Vow, page 303
Fang spoke of his mother when meeting Graystripe, asking if Graystripe's vow to his mother extended to her kits.[15] Graystripe saw bear resemblances toward Fang of Gremlin, such as his heroic actions,[8] putting himself at risk to help others, and looking like his mother. Graystripe also hoped to help Gremlin's kit, as it was at least she deserved.[10] Barley told Fang he knew Gremlin, and revealed to Fang that Gremlin loved her kits more than anything else.[11] Fang was full of sorrow as he retold his origins to Graystripe, even revealing how Gremlin died. Fang wanted to fulfil his mother's promise that he would help the trapped kittypets out of the Twoleg den.[16] He remembered his mother after freeing his friends, saying that his mother was not one of the survivors, making everyone wanting to remember Gremlin.[17]


Fang: "Well, I'll miss you, Graystripe. And I'll never forget you. You've been like a father to me."
Graystripe: "And I'd have been proud to have called you my son."
—Fang and Graystripe before he leaves Graystripe's Vow, page 403
Fang, as a strange cat, was looking for Graystripe, but first encountered the Tribe, though they did not know Graystripe's whereabouts. Stormfur told Graystripe of this incident, and Graystripe wondered who could be looking for him and why.[18] He finally met Graystripe and WarriorClan when he found him wandering to the Moonstone. Fang asked Graystripe if the tom's vow made to Gremlin extended to her kits, as he needed his help.[15] Fang told Graystripe of what had been going on back at the Twoleg den, and he wanted Graystripe's help. Graystripe, however, thought it was dangerous, but eventually, he promised to help Fang. Graystripe offered Fang prey, with Fang finally admitting he was hungry, despite saying he was fine.[10] Fang asked Graystripe if he was his father, but Graystripe denied it, as his mother and him weren't mates. Graystripe wished it were true, but if he lied, both of them would pay a price for that lie. At the sight of seeing Fang get cheered up with stories of his mother, Graystripe felt more determined to him.[11]
Fang told Graystripe of his origins back in the Twoleg den and how Gremlin died, asking if the gray warrior was going to keep his promise. Graystripe felt offended at thought of Fang expecting him to go back on his word, and he realized that Fang had no experience of an honorable warrior. Graystripe replied that he would help Fang, but had to be a little more patient, but Fang seemed to be impatient, desperate to help the trapped cats. Graystripe realized how tired Fang was and wondered if he should let him sleep, as he would have a long day ahead of him.[16] The two headed to Fang's den, and they arrived and got inside, though Graystripe got trapped, with Fang widening his eyes in alarm.[19] Graystripe reassured Fang's mate, Daffodil, of Fang's whereabouts, saying that he was trying to find a way out for them to get out of there, and after thinking Fang left them, he returned with WarriorClan to help them escape. Graystripe then thanked WarriorClan and Fang for their rescue.[13]
Graystripe advised Fang over his heartbreak with Daffodil, stating that heartbreaks and setbacks were like enemies, and that when you'd be strong enough to fight them, the important thing would be not let them follow you. He added that he needed to keep moving forward, so that he was putting his loss and grief behind him. Fang replied that he didn't think he could forget Daffodil, and Graystripe told him he could never want him to forget the precious memories. He later made Fang deputy, knowing he had WarriorClan to look after and their new friends from the Twoleg den. Though Fang was unsure, Graystripe reassured him that the others already looked up to him, and that he must be a cat worth following, due to him breaking and escaping the den. Fang didn't want Graystripe to leave, but respected his decision. The two parted ways, and Graystripe admitted he would have been proud to call Fang his son, and Fang told him he would never forget him.[20]


"I don't think I can go on like this. After my mother died, Daffodil was the only cat who made living in that horrible Twoleg den bearable. I don't know how I'll cope, knowing that I'll never see her again."
―Fang mourning Daffodil Graystripe's Vow, page 391
Fang escaped the Twoleg den and begged for Graystripe's help for the trapped kittypets back in the den. He told Graystripe that his mate, Daffodil, was still there, and that she smelled strange and was having trouble breathing.[21] Graystripe told Daffodil he saw her mate, Fang, or Honkeysuckle, and she asked where he was. Graystripe reassured her that Fang was trying to help find a way out for her and everyone else. He later reunited with Daffodil as he came to rescue her and the other kittypets, yowling he would get her out soon. As the group headed out, Daffodil, weak from her sickness, revealed to Fang that she couldn't keep up with them and decided to remain behind. Fang, not wanting to part with Daffodil, wanted to risk everything for her, but she said that he had the other cats to look after, and she would slow them down. Fang wanted to stay with her, but Daffodil convinced him to leave her behind. The two parted ways, leaving Fang devastated. He later questioned Graystripe how he could cope without never seeing Daffodil again, mourning her.[13]
Fang mourned Daffodil since his split up with her, and he wondered how he could go on without her. Graystripe then gave him advice over heartbreak and setbacks, since he experienced it, and he told him to share the memories he had with Daffodil and let those comfort him. Fang thought it would be hard.[22]

Monkeystar and WarriorClan

"You can and you will. These cats will be your responsibility. I couldn't tell Monkeystar she's not leader anymore, but you know these cats best. You'll be the cat in charge of them. They'll be your Clan."
―Graystripe to Fang about WarriorClan Graystripe's Vow, page 396
WarriorClan appeared hostile when Fang first appeared to find Graystripe. They thought it could be a fight, but Graystripe said they didn't want trouble with Fang.[23] WarriorClan did not want to believe Fang, with Clawwhistle blurting out what kind of name was Gremlin for a cat. After Graystripe befriended Fang, WarriorClan seemed less hostile toward Fang, telling him they're going on a quest to the Moonstone. As Graystripe journeyed to the Moonstone, Monkeystar grew to respect Fang and not being hostile toward him.[10] Monkeystar wanted to help Graystripe and head to Fang's den, though she was turned down by Graystripe. After somewhat being convinced, Graystripe had Clawwhistle and Monkeystar watch over Barley, though Fang seemed disbelieved over WarriorClan.[19] In attempt to free the trapped kittypets and Graystripe, Fang went to find help with WarriorClan. He later brought Monkeystar and WarriorClan back to his den to rescue everyone. With the help of WarriorClan, they were all able to free the trapped kittypets and Graystripe.[13]
Graystripe made Fang deputy of WarriorClan under Monkeystar, and the tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat was excited to have a deputy, as she never had one before. Graystripe also stated that WarriorClan looked up to him, and he became the leader in the moment he escaped the Twoleg den. After leaving Graystripe, Fang stood beside Monkeystar, his new place as deputy.[20]
A moon later, Monkeystar was worried if Fang wanted to be leader instead, but liked having him as her deputy, as it was the right move. He also respected Monkeystar's decisions, as she wanted him to stay in camp rather than going with her and the others to find Petunia. After coming home with Petunia, Fang told Monkeystar she would make a fine leader, and that he'd never seen Petunia looking happier.[7]



Former mate:

Daffodil:[21][24] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


Unnamed tom:[25] Status unknown


Gremlin:[2] Deceased, residence unknown


Two unnamed kits:[16] Status unknown


Scraps:[26] Deceased, residence unknown


Scraps ♂Gremlin ♀Unnamed ♂
Daffodil ♀Fang ♂Unnamed

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • One of Fang's forelegs is described with having a patch of torn fur, close to his paw.[2]
  • Fang looks exactly like his mother, Gremlin.[27]


Monkeystar: "Awesome! A fight!"
Graystripe: "We don't want any trouble. We're just passing through."
Fang: "I don't want trouble, either. In fact...I think I might be looking for you. Is your name Graystripe? You look like the way he was described to me."
Graystripe: "Do I know you?"
Fang: "No, but you knew my mother...Gremlin."
—Fang and Graystripe first meeting Graystripe's Vow, pages 235-236

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"Things are really very bad there. I was only able to escape because the Twoleg a hole in the door just big enough for me to slip through. Once I was outside, I wanted to save every other cat, but I couldn't work out how to do it. But there are still cats I care about in there. My mate, Daffodil, is there, and she's ill. She smells strange, and she's having trouble breathing. So that's why I need your help, Graystripe. Please—I'm desperate."
―Fang begging Graystripe for his help Graystripe's Vow, page 246

"If I can repay [Gremlin] by helping her kit, I want to do it. It's no more than she deserves."
―Graystripe thinking about Fang and Gremlin Graystripe's Vow, page 247

Fang: "There's something I have to know."
Graystripe: "Okay. Spit it out."
Fang: "Graystripe, are you...are you my father?"
Graystripe: "What?"
Fang: "My mother didn't talk much about my father. When I asked questions, she usually changed the subject. I think she hoped I wouldn't notice."
Graystripe: "As if you can stop a kit from being curious!"
Fang: "But she always spoke so fondly of you. I think she respected you more than any cat. It made me wonder if you had been more than a friend to her. And then, when she told me to seek you out if I ever needed help, I thought maybe..."
Graystripe: "Fang, I'd be proud to call you my son. But your mother and I were never mates. I'm not your father."
Fang: "Thank you for being honest with me. After we visit Barley, will you come with me to the den to help my friends?"
Graystripe: "Of course. Anything for Gremlin's son."
—Graystripe telling Fang he's not his father Graystripe's Vow, pages 281-282

Fang: "You don't know how strong you are, Daffodil. You can make it. I believe in you!"
Daffodil: "You have to go on without me. I know how badly all of you wanted to be free. And if I hold you back, you might be trapped along with me."
Fang: "I'm willing to risk that! As long as we're together, I'll be okay. I'll stay with you."
Daffodil: "No! I won't let you do that. You have to leave with the others. Besides, if there Twolegs capture us, do you think they'll let us stay together?"
Fang: "Why wouldn't they? Once they see how much we love each other..."
Daffodil: "Twolegs don't think the way we do. Besides, Fang, our other denmates will need you. Some of them have never set paw outside the den walls. You'll have to look after them. Teach them how you've survived out here."
Fang: "If that's what you want, Daffodil. I promise I'll never forget you."
—Daffodil and Fang before parting ways Graystripe's Vow, pages 385-386

Graystripe: "Try not to be too sad. Daffodil was so sick, and she might not have survived out here. She made a heroic decision, to stay behind so that other cats could have their freedom. She's truly a brave cat."
Fang: "I know that's true. But right now, I almost wish she weren't. What I keep thinking about was the kind of life she and I had planned to have when we were free. We so wanted to have kits together. And now...I don't know what I'm going to do without her."
Graystripe: "Take it from me: A cat will experience many, many heartbreaks in their lifetime. Heartbreaks and setbacks are like enemies, attacking you out of nowhere. Even when you're strong enough to fight them, the important thing is to keep moving forward, so that you're constantly putting the enemies of grief and loss behind you."
Fang: "I don't think I'll forget Daffodil in a hurry."
Graystripe: "I know. I would never ask you to give up those precious memories. But moving forward will stop them hurting quite so much, so that eventually you'll be able to find comfort in looking back on the time you and Daffodil shared together."
Fang: "Maybe. But it's hard."
—Graystripe consoling with Fang about Daffodil Graystripe's Vow, pages 393-394

"Nominating Fang to be my deputy was the right move. But...what if he'd be a better leader than I am? What if he decides he wants to be leader? What would I do if he challenged me? I don't know."
―Monkeystar worrying over Fang Graystripe's Vow, page manga

"I haven't seen Petunia looking that happy...well, ever. And it's clear that that was your doing. You're going to make a fine leader, Monkeystar."
―Fang complementing Monkeystar Graystripe's Vow, page manga

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