"At least now, [...] he was able to believe that his paws would find a path forward, even though he didn't yet know what that path would be."
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"The other cats already look up to you. If you hadn't escaped on your own in the first place, none of the others would be free now. You became their leader the moment you broke out of the den and went for help. Now you must be a cat worth following."
Graystripe to Fang in Graystripe's Vow, page 397

Fang is a long-furred,[7] skinny gray tom with darker patches of fur, and vivid green eyes.[8]

Fang is the current deputy of WarriorClan under Monkeystar's leadership in the old forest where RiverClan's old territory used to be. He was a kittypet born to Gremlin named Honeysuckle, but after the death of his mother and the subsequent treatment of him and several other kittypets by their Twoleg, Honeysuckle escaped and renamed himself Fang, seeking out the ThunderClan cat Graystripe to ask for his help. Despite helping the other cats escape, his mate, Daffodil, chose to remain behind, which devastated Fang. Later on, he was made the first deputy of WarriorClan by Graystripe under the leadership of Monkeystar.


In the Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

Before he became Fang, Honeysuckle lived as a kittypet with an elderly Twoleg and several other cats, including Petunia and Daffodil. He was born to Gremlin in this Twoleg den with two other kits. Honeysuckle was close to his mother and she shared stories with him about the noble warrior Clans and a cat named Graystripe who did her a huge favor. After Gremlin passes away due to illness caused by the Twoleg's negligence of her cats and his own mate Daffodil becomes sick, Honeysuckle is determined to find Graystripe and ask him for help. He escapes through a very small hole in the wood near the door and cuts his paws on glass while trying to get out. Honeysuckle leaves the Twoleg den behind and renames himself as Fang as he begins his journey.
Fang reaches the the Tribe asking for Graystripe but they do not know of his whereabouts. Graystripe's son, Stormfur, is puzzled by Fang asking about his father. Stormfur brings this incident up to Graystripe when he comes to the Tribe to visit. Graystripe finds Fang near Highstones as he journeys to the old territories. Fang is delighted to find him and asks if his promise to Gremlin also included her kits. Graystripe accepts Fang's request to help the other cats trapped in the filthy Twoleg den. Fang asks Graystripe if he is his father, but he denies, much to Fang's disappointment.
After visiting Barley at his farm, Graystripe and Fang set out on their mission of freeing the other kittypets who are neglected by the Twoleg, including his mate Daffodil. Fang helps Graystripe get into the den but the elder gets trapped inside after the Twoleg closes the window, much to Fang's shock and despair. Fang tries to find another way inside but there is none. He sets out to find additional help, returning with the cats of WarriorClan shortly after. Working together, all of the cats inside and outside are able to lift a wooden plank in the floor and the cats inside the Twoleg nest are freed.
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Fang is headstrong and heroic just like his mother, Gremlin.[9] Graystripe notes that his actions to put himself at risk to help others is in resemblance to his mother.[10]
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"Then [Gremlin] died. But just before she did, she told me that I had to find a way out—that I had to help the others to escape, too. I promised her that I would, and now I have to fulfill that promise, no matter what it takes!"
—Fang to Graystripe about helping the escaped cats Graystripe's Vow, page 303
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Fang: "Well, I'll miss you, Graystripe. And I'll never forget you. You've been like a father to me."
Graystripe: "And I'd have been proud to have called you my son."
—Fang and Graystripe before he leaves Graystripe's Vow, page 403
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Fang: "You don't know how strong you are, Daffodil. You can make it. I believe in you!"
Daffodil: "You have to go on without me. I know how badly all of you wanted to be free. And if I hold you back, you might be trapped along with me."
Fang: "I'm willing to risk that! As long as we're together, I'll be okay."
—Daffodil and Fang Graystripe's Vow, page 385
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"You can and you will. These cats will be your responsibility. I couldn't tell Monkeystar she's not leader anymore, but you know these cats best. You'll be the cat in charge of them. They'll be your Clan."
—Graystripe to Fang about WarriorClan Graystripe's Vow, page 396
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Former mate:

Daffodil:[11] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


Unnamed tom:[12] Status unknown


Gremlin:[13] Deceased, residence unknown


Two unnamed kits:[14] Status unknown


Scraps:[15] Deceased, residence unknown


Scraps ♂Gremlin ♀Unnamed ♂
Daffodil ♀Fang ♂Unnamed

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • One of Fang's forelegs is described with having a patch of torn fur, close to his paw.[2]
  • Fang looks exactly like his mother, Gremlin.[16]


"My mother told me you once made a vow to her, that you would do anything to help her, no matter what. [...] Does that vow extend to Gremlin's kits? Because I could do with a warrior's help right now..."
—Fang to Graystripe Graystripe's Vow, pages 236-237

"If I can repay [Gremlin] by helping her kit, I want to do it. It's no more than she deserves."
—Graystripe thinking about Fang and Gremlin Graystripe's Vow, page 247

Fang: "There's something I have to know."
Graystripe: "Okay. Spit it out."
Fang: "Graystripe, are you...are you my father?"
Graystripe: "What?"
Fang: "My mother didn’t talk much about my father. When I asked questions, she usually changed the subject. I think she hoped I wouldn’t notice."
Graystripe: "As if you can stop a kit from being curious!"
Fang: "But she always spoke so fondly of you. I think she respected you more than any cat. It made me wonder if you had been more than a friend to her. And then, when she told me to seek you out if I ever needed help, I thought maybe..."
Graystripe: "Fang, I'd be proud to call you my son. But your mother and I were never mates. I'm not your father."
Fang: "Thank you for being honest with me. After we visit Barley, will you come with me to the den to help my friends?"
Graystripe: "Of course. Anything for Gremlin's son."
—Fang and Graystripe Graystripe's Vow, pages 281-282

"I wish I were [Fang's] father, but I can't be. All I can do is hope that one day he will find his real father, just as he found me."
—Graystripe thinking about Fang Graystripe's Vow, page 282

Fang: "You don't know how strong you are, Daffodil. You can make it. I believe in you!"
Daffodil: "You have to go on without me. I know how badly all of you wanted to be free. And if I hold you back, you might be trapped along with me."
Fang: "I'm willing to risk that! As long as we're together, I'll be okay. I'll stay with you."
Daffodil: "No! I won't let you do that. You have to leave with the others. Besides, if there Twolegs capture us, do you think they'll let us stay together?"
Fang: "Why wouldn't they? Once they see how much we love each other..."
Daffodil: "Twolegs don't think the way we do. Besides, Fang, our other denmates will need you. Some of them have never set paw outside the den walls. You'll have to look after them. Teach them how you've survived out here."
Fang: "If that's what you want, Daffodil. I promise I'll never forget you."
—Daffodil and Fang before parting ways Graystripe's Vow, pages 385-386

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