"No, I saw them leave. But I didn't know they weren't allowed out."
— Feather to Tigerheart and Dovewing about their missing kits in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 282

Feather is a white she-cat.[2]

In Tigerheart's Shadow, Tigerheart is trying to convince the guardian cats that Fog and her group aren't good cats to have around, as they only care about themselves. He says that they don't care for sick cats, and flicks his muzzle toward the other side of the cavern. His gaze travels to Feather lying in a nest next to Scowl, as one of the guardian cats newest patients. Spire sits beside them, stripping herbs from their stems. Later that day, Feather is seen still resting next to Scowl in her nest of furless pelts.

When Dovewing's kits go missing, Feather mentions that she saw them leave through the wooden ledge entrance. She says that she didn't know they weren't allowed outside alone. Tigerheart and Dovewing both feel guilty, as neither of them told them not to leave in the first place. Days later, when the two Clan cats announce they have to leave, Feather and Scowl watch from their nests.


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