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Personality and traits

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Graystripe and Silverstream

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Mistystar and Stonefur

Mistystar was Feathertail's mentor, and Feathertail deeply respects and trusts her. She calls Mistystar "one of the best cats she's ever met,"[1] and Mistystar was one of the only cats that she trusted when she first returned to RiverClan.[2]
Feathertail misses Stonefur deeply after he was killed trying to save her and Stormpaw's lives. She felt close to him and Mistyfoot since they were also half-Clan cats. Feathertail held a grudge against RiverClan for a long time because they stood by while he died.[3]


After returning to RiverClan, Feathertail initially disliked and mistrusted Leopardstar since she did not stand up to Tigerstar when he ordered the death of Stonefur, Stormpaw, and Featherpaw.[4] She could not get over her feelings of anger, grief, and misgivings about the spotted leader, and therefore distanced herself from her Clanmates and the cats around her.[5] However, after Leopardstar proved her loyalty by saving Feathertail from a fox, Feathertail put her grudge aside, and trusted and respected Leopardstar.[6]


Feathertail grew close to Sasha because they were both outcasts in RiverClan. After Feathertail saved Hawk, Sasha's son, from drowning, Sasha was eternally grateful. She let Feathertail teach Hawk and Moth how to swim. However, after Feathertail learned that Sasha was mates with Tigerstar, and never stopped loving him, she distanced herself from Sasha.[7]

Mothwing and Hawkfrost

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Feathertail became close with Fernpaw while she was a ThunderClan apprentice. She let Ferncloud have prey even though it had crossed the RiverClan border, and she expressed that she knew Ferncloud better than most of the cats in RiverClan.[8] However, once Feathertail put her mistrust of RiverClan cats aside, she distanced herself from Ferncloud, since Clan loyalty came first.[9]

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