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"But WindClan is doing better! They don't even try to hide from us now! They just march in and stalk our prey as if we were nothing but unwelcome visitors."
— Featherwing in Battles of the Clans, page 144

Featherwing is a pale gray she-cat.[2]

In Battles of the Clans, Featherwing appears in the medicine den when she has one eye swollen shut and claw marks sliced across her cheek after the patrol she had been on was attacked by a large WindClan patrol. She growls at Morningstar, saying that they might as well let WindClan live there to make their hunting easier.

A quarter moon later, she is seen again, with the fresh-kill pile by then completely empty. When Morningstar says that ThunderClan is still trying its best, she protests, saying that WindClan is doing better and that WindClan cats just freely hunt on ThunderClan's territory.



"We may as well let them live here and make their hunting easier."
―Featherwing Battles of the Clans, page 142

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