"Our warrior ancestors have given us territories according to our skills. It's up to us to survive on that legacy. Morningstar, you shame your ancestors if you cannot feed your Clan within your boundaries."
— Fennelstar in Battles of the Clans, page 139

Fennelstar is a cat.[1]

In Battles of the Clans, during a Gathering, Morningstar of ThunderClan suggests that all the Clans share prey to make it through the harsh leaf-bare, but Fennelstar disagrees with this decision. Fennelstar agrees with the other three leaders, Willowstar, Sedgestar, and Rabbitstar, that StarClan has given them their territories according to their skills, and that they must continue surviving that way. Fennelstar, along with the others, tells Morningstar he shamed his Clan and ancestors if he could not feed his own Clan within their own borders.


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