"I love living here. Being part of your group is so different from living in Slash's camp. Everyone is so kind, and Wind Runner is so wise."
— Fern to Gray Wing on Wind Runner's group in Path of Stars, page 213

Fern Leaf is a sleek, lean,[4] scarred[2] jet[7]-black she-cat with nicked ear-tips, a short tail squared at the end,[2] knotted fur,[8] and green eyes.[9]

Fern is first seen as a rogue, sent by Slash to spy on Tall Shadow's group in the pine forest. Gray Wing finds out about Fern spying and confronts her. He offers her a place to stay in the group that resides in the pines, but she declines. Later, Fern stays there for a night and goes out to help Jagged Peak and Holly find Eagle Feather, Dew Nose, and Storm Pelt when they go missing, but eventually she leaves the camp.

She later helps Gray Wing rescue Star Flower from Slash's camp by showing Gray Wing the place where Star Flower is kept prisoner. Fern is later seen at Slash's camp when Red accidentally leads three dogs into the camp, grieving for the loss of her sister, Beech, and Stone, a rogue campmate. She joins Wind Runner's group on the moor with Bee and Willow, but she is attacked by Bee for enjoying peaceful life on the moor. Eventually, she is officially accepted into Wind Runner's group and renames herself Fern Leaf. She takes part in a battle between SkyClan and WindClan, trying to save Moth Flight and Spotted Fur. She is seen mainly fighting alongside Dust Muzzle.


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

A Forest Divided

Fern is first seen by Gray Wing talking to Slash after he had scented strange cats. Slash and Fern are both arguing about going to spy on the moor cats. Fern whines that she doesn't want to go by herself, causing Slash to growl at her and lash out, snarling that she's not a kit anymore. As Gray Wing edges closer, Fern whips her head around, having heard Gray Wing stepping on some branches. After Slash declares the sound was probably prey, Fern gets excited at the prospect of eating - but to her dismay, Slash says they'll eat later. As Slash orders her to follow the cats to their new pine forest home, Fern asks why, getting another lash across her ear. Fern still doesn't want to go alone, wondering why Slash won't go with her, to which he replies that he has other things to do. Fern is terrified as Slash tells her she knows what he'll do if she fails. As Fern watches him leave, the fear in her eyes hardens to pure hatred.
Gray Wing scents Fern nearby as she watches them from the shadows. As the chase ensues, Fern stops by the Four Trees to hunt. As Gray Wing calls her name, Fern whips around, clearly startled as she hisses, completely alert. Fear flashes in her eyes as she rears back and unsheathes her claws. In an attempt to calm her, Gray Wing tells her he is not here to fight, but she demands to know what he wants. He asks if she recognizes him, but she simply asks why she should, and Fern looks horrified when he reveals he is one of the forest cats and knows of her spying. The fur lifts along her spine as she tells Gray Wing all she can smell in the forest is the scent of sap and stagnant water when he asks if he had learned their scent. It is noted that Fern's pelt is dull and her ribs are visible through it, so Gray Wing comments that it must be hard to find prey among the forest stench, but Fern defensively says that she isn't used to hunting alone, and prey is scarce because of the sickness. Gray Wing asks if Slash used to hunt for her, and she admits he helped her, and after Gray Wing points out that she looks pretty hungry, she glances ruefully at the grass and says she wouldn't be if she hadn't been interrupted, and her mouse is probably gone now.
After taking another look at her skinny flanks, Gray Wing thinks she needs more than a mouse, to which Fern lifts her chin and says she can take care of herself. Gray Wing then offers to help her hunt like Slash used to, and Fern narrows her eyes, asking why he'd do that. After Gray Wing explains why he wants to help and tells Fern he thinks Slash is a bully, she asks suspiciously how he knows him. Gray Wing tells her of how he saw them talking on the moor. Fern seems to shrink, Gray Wing telling her she shouldn't let Slash push her around. She wails at him, wanting to know what else she could do since if she doesn't do as he says, he will kill her.
After Gray Wing speaks of Slash's treatment of Fern not being fair, she snaps at him that she has no choice. Her gaze then darkens, and she asks him not to tell Slash he has seen her, to which Gray Wing is curious as to why he would speak to Slash. Fern backs away from him, trembling, and he tells her he will not hurt her. Fern hisses and bats a weak paw at Gray Wing, the hit easily missed. Gray Wing tells her she needs food, and hurries away to catch a mouse. When he comes back, Fern is still crouched where she was before, clearly very frail. She gobbles the mouse down, licking her lips as she finishes and sits up, every last morsel eaten.
When she asks his name, Gray Wing tells, and she thanks him, before Gray Wing asks her to convince Slash that he is wasting their time with the mountain cats. She frowns, unsure how, and when Gray Wing tells her to tell Slash that they are too strong, Fern simply tips her head and tells him that Slash would never believe that there were cats he could not beat. She suggests that she could distract him by telling him that the cats have found fresh, new source of prey behind the pines, adding that he will not be able to resist checking it out, as he is very greedy. She explains that this will give them time to prepare, as Slash will make his attack soon. She advises that they make their camp as strong as they can and practice fight because he will not come alone. Gray Wing asks if she will be okay, and Fern promises she will be okay, and takes his advice to stay in the clearing as she does not need to spy on them anymore, and there is prey. He wishes her good luck, to which she nods, hope in her eyes.
When Gray Wing is trapped in a Twoleg rabbit trap, Fern appears to help him. Thunder acts hostile, demanding to know who she is. She replies that Gray Wing knows her, and she circles them, clearing avoiding Thunder. When it's suggested that she may have set the trap, Fern purrs with amusement, saying that if she knew how to she'd never go hungry again. She rolls her eyes at Gray Wing, not being able to believe that he was mouse-brained enough to walk into it. She tells him to stop struggling, giving Thunder a warning look, adding that he needs to stay still. She warns him that it may hurt as she needs to slip her teeth around the vine to loosen it. She does this, making Gray Wing shudder. Fern begins to wriggle her head and the vine loosens as she jerks her head back, releasing Gray Wing's paw. Thunder asks who Fern is, and the she-cat looks at Gray Wing, who shrugs and says she's just a rogue. Fern snorts that she's the rogue that lied to a murdering tom to save his friends, causing Gray Wing to ask if she really did talk to Slash. Fern lifts her chin and says she promised she would, so she told him the lie about the prey and he left to check on it, calling him a greedy fox.
Thunder demands to know who Slash is, and Gray Wing explains that Fern was a spy sent by Slash, causing Thunder to become suspicious. Gray Wing tells him sharply to leave her alone as Slash is as cruel as One Eye and it took a lot of courage to lie to him. Fern puffs out her chest, looking like a scrawny pigeon and appearing skinnier than ever. Gray Wing asks if she has been hunting in the hollow, and she says she has, but there has been a lack of prey. She invites her back to their camp, saying that Slash won't be happy to know that she lied about prey so she'll be safer with them. Thunder says that Tall Shadow may have something to say about that, but Gray Wing says she won't when he explains what Fern has done for them. Fern trots after them on the way back, asking timidly if she can really come with them, sounding like a nervous kit. Thunder asks her why Slash wanted her to spy on them, and Fern tells them he doesn't like to share his land with other cats.
Thunder growls that it isn't Slash's land and asks where he came from, and Fern informs him that they used to live as strays in the Twolegplace before Slash got bored of eating Twoleg waste and decided that there would be richer pickings out here. The black she-cat gazes across the moor and adds that Slash doesn't like admitting when he is wrong. Ss he gazes at her knotted fur and scars, Thunder asks why she stays with him, and Fern stares ahead, stating that she has no one else. Thunder asks if she doesn't even have kin, but Gray Wing interrupts that he should leave her alone, and Thunder agrees.
They head toward the Thunderpath and cross it, and Fern's black pelt is noted to be dotted with snowflakes. Thunder leads the way to the bramble camp and Fern stays close to Gray Wing, pressing closer as they near. As the ring of brambles loom ahead of them, she faintly asks if he is sure that it is a good idea, but Gray Wing promises that she will be fine.
They enter Tall Shadow's camp and Gray Wing greets Quiet Rain. Thunder notices that Mud Paws and Mouse Ear are staring suspiciously at Fern, with other cats acting cautiously, and Thunder knows that he should stay until he knows that the young she-cat will be welcome. She shifts beside him, suggesting that she should perhaps leave, but he quietly encourages her to keep her fur flat and look friendly. The black she-cat hisses back that it is easy for him to say, as the cats know him.
Tall Shadow is the first cat to approach, and she asks who their visitor is. Fern dips her head, politely introducing herself, and claiming that Gray Wing had said that he could come back to camp with him. Tall Shadow asks if he really did, and Fern glances at the entrance, offering to leave if she wants. However, Tall Shadow disagrees and glances at the young she-cat, noting that Gray Wing must have had a reason for saying that she can come. Jagged Peak limps toward them, challenging if Gray Wing has been rounding up strays, but Fern, eyes sparking indignantly, says that she is a friend. Thunder wonders if he should tell them about Slash, but then looks at Gray Wing and decides that Fern or Gray Wing should informs them if they want, as it isn't his business. Holly and her kits approach Fern, who silently meets the queen’s curious gaze as she stops in front of the unfamiliar cat. Thunder feels her trembling, and Dew Nose exclaims that her pelt is all knotted, with Storm Pelt asking if she is another cat. Eagle Feather paces around Fern and sniffs her pelt, questioning on her scars, but Holly angrily scolds her kits to be polite, chastising them that the cat is a visitor, and their elder. Holly dips her head to Fern, apologizing for her kits. Fern stiffly meows that they have spirit and will grow into fine hunters.
Jagged Peak narrows her eyes, asking Fern if she can prove that she is a friend, but Holly glares at him, exclaiming that the rogue cat is half-starved, and can prove her friendship after eating and resting. The queen nods toward the prey pile and tells Fern that Mud Paws dug up a mouse nest that day, beckoning her with a flick of her tail. Tall Shadow agrees that Fern should eat and rest, and talk in the morning. Jagged Peak asks if they are really going to take in every stray that walks into camp, but Thunder challenges why they shouldn't.
Holly leads Fern to the prey pile, her kits following. Dew Nose squeaks to the Fern that she can help groom the knots from her pelt and Storm Pelt boasts that he is great at catching fleas, offering to catch the rogue she-cat's. Fern glances at him and meows that she is unsure if she has fleas, but Storm Pelt assures her that if she does, he will be able to find them. Holly takes a mouse from the top of the prey pile and drops it at Fern’s paws. She tells her to take it and find a sheltered spot, as she appears to not have eaten in days, and Fern gazes at her gratefully before snatching up the mouse and carrying over to the camp wall, where she settles onto the snow-flecked ground. Dew Nose scampers after her, and Holly calls after her daughter to let the poor cat eat in peace. Dew Nose promises that she will and flops down beside the young black cat, staring at her as she eats. When Gray Wing asks Thunder to bring Clear Sky to Tall Shadow's camp at Quiet Rain's request, Thunder tells the dark gray tom to send some other cat and he glances around camp, noting that Tall Shadow is sitting in the clearing and watching Fern as she eats beside Holly and the kits.
When Thunder comes back to Tall Shadow's camp, this time with Clear Sky and Lightning Tail, the ginger tom asks Jagged Peak if Fern is okay, and the gray tabby responds that she is sharing their den. The next day, when Tall Shadow asks her campmates to go hunting, she reminds them that they have extra mouths to feed since Fern is with them now.
When Holly’s kits go missing, she is asked to recount what had happened that day, and the black-furred she-cat remembers that her kits had been begging her to play in the snow, and that Fern had still been sleeping. Star Flower, Thunder, and Clear Sky are about to leave when the entrance to Holly's den rustles and Clear Sky sees a black she-cat pad out, blinking sleep from her eyes. She asks what is going on and Clear Sky, still not introduced to Fern, wonders if Tall Shadow is taking in rogues too. He notes that she seems scrawny, and sees that scars mark her flanks. Gray Wing greets Fern and notes that she is awake. He pads toward her, asking how she is, but Fern glances anxiously around the clearing, wondering where everyone is. Gray Wing explains that they are looking for Holly's kits, who are missing, and Fern’s eyes widen and she asks if he means Dew Nose and Eagle Feather. Tall Shadow adds that Storm Pelt is missing too, and informs the young she-cat that Jagged Peak and Holly are heading for the moor, and that she was going to check the Thunderpath. Fern begs to come along, adding that she knows their scent better than every cat after sleeping nest to their nests all night. Tall Shadow asks if she is ready now and the former rogue says that she is and races for the camp entrance, kicking up snow, Tall Shadow bounding behind her.
Later, after Quiet Rain's death, Thunder recalls how he, Clear Sky, Jagged Peak, and Gray Wing had spend the day sitting vigil for the elderly she-cat, while Mud Paws, Mouse Ear, and Fern had come and gone, bringing fresh-kill for the pile.
When Gray Wing decides to leave the pine forest and live in the moor, he tells Jagged Peak to take care of Fern and feels guilty for inviting her to join him then leaving. However, he thinks that she will be out of harm's way in Tall Shadow’s camp, and safer than she had been with Slash. Gray Wing also warns his kin, wondering if he should warn him about the vicious rogue, but decides against it, as he thinks that Fern will know if Slash had returned, and would tell her campmates all that they needed to know.

Path of Stars

When Clear Sky tells Thunder that Slash has taken Star Flower hostage, Thunder remembers that Fern had been forced by Slash to spy on the cats in the pine forest, and she had sounded pretty scared. When Clear Sky tells Gray Wing about what happened, Gray Wing also recalls Slash as the cat who had been using Fern to spy on Tall Shadow's group. He remembers how he left Fern in Tall Shadow's care but didn't explain why, and wonders if he was foolish to leave on of Slash's rogues among the forest cats. He asks Tall Shadow where Fern is, but Tall Shadow replies that she left soon after he did. Gray Wing fears that she had been spying for Slash all along and asks if she said why, but Tall Shadow explains that she just disappeared, but hadn't seemed to settle well anyways, as if she was frightened. Gray Wing wonders why Fern hadn't stayed with Tall Shadow's group, and if she hadn't even felt safe there. Clear Sky asks Gray Wing why he is talking about Fern and what she has to do with this, and Gray Wing answers that she was one of Slash's campmmates, and he tried to help her escape him. Tall Shadow demands why he didn't tell him, but Clear Sky snaps that he didn't come to talk about Fern.
When Gray Wing, Leaf, and Lightning Tail are in the pine forest, Lightning Tail asks if it is the place, and Gray Wing replies that Fern said it was. Leaf glances around and asks where the she-cat is, as she he had said she would meet them there. Gray Wing reminds him that she has to slip away from her campmates without being seen, and Reed mutters that he hopes she hurries, since they need to get Star Flower quickly. Gray Wing wishes for there to still be time and he glances back into the shadows anxiously, wondering if Fern is coming.
He considers beginning to look for Star Flower without her, and he remembers how he spent the last quarter moon tracking Fern, scouring the pine forest for some sign of her scent as he tried to figure out where she had gone after leaving Tall Shadow’s camp. He had ranged farther and farther in hopes to catch up with her, since she was his only chance of finding where Star Flower was, and he had at last found her scent beyond the pines, and tracked it as it mingled with rogue stench, which thickened as he had followed her trail. Gray Wing had found the rogues' camp, and he waited a day and night before glimpsing Fern as she followed a patrol along a trail toward the camp. Gray Wing wondered how to attract her attention without being spotted by her campmates, but she had a very keen sense of smell and had paused as she padded along the bottom of the slope, her nose twitching, ears pricked. Gray Wing's heart had quickened as she turned and glanced toward the willows, and she called to the patrol that she would catch up. As soon as they were out of sight, Fern had hared up the slope, avoiding the hazel thickets, pelt rippling, and guessed that Gray Wing had come for Star Flower. However, she swore that she didn't know where she was being held, and explains that Slash won't tell anyone but the queen's guards and keeps her away from the camp. Gray Wing had protested that they need to know where she is, and Fern had promised to find out where Star Flower was being held. However, she warned him not to come back, and that she would find him, which would make it safer for both of them. As Gray Wing had left her, he felt more anxious than relieved, and wondered if it was fair to let Fern put herself at risk. Days had passed, and Fern at last came, slinking at dawn patrol from a patch of heather as she passed on hunting patrol, her eyes wide with fear. She had told him that she knew where Star Flower is being held, but couldn't show him them, as Slash would be wondering where she was. They had arranged to meet at the edge of the pine forest on the night of the meeting, but the night has arrived, and Gray Wing wonders where she is, wondering if she hadn't been able to get away.
Lightning Tail asks what would happen if Fern wouldn't come, and Gray Wing begins that they would find Star Flower themselves, but cuts himself off as the brambles rustle behind him, and Fern frightfully says Gray Wing's name, her whisper sounding between the trees. Gray Wing asks if she is alone, and Fern replies that she obviously is and she slides from the tangled branches, wincing as the thorns tug her fur. Leaf tells her that they thought she wasn’t coming, but Fern glares at him and replies that she said she would. Reed dips her head and notes that they are glad she came safely, but Lightning Tail asks where Star Flower is. Fern tells them to follow her and she brushes past him and pads from the trees, keeping low as she leads them across the scrubland.
Eventually, bushes crowd on both sides and the stench of carrion place grows stronger, and Fern slows her pace and nods toward a dense patch of bracken. She breathes that Star Flower is in there, guarded by Swallow and Snake. Gray Wing notices that Fern hesitates, and fear-scent wafts from her pelt. He tells her to get back to camp, and Fern glances at him gratefully. She begins on what would happen if Slash found out that she led him there, but Gray Wing interrupts that he knows, and he touches his nose to her head gratefully. He tells her that she has been very brave, and that they will remember her kindness and courage for many moons. Fern blinks at him expectancy, hoping that he gets her away from there, as it is no place for a queen carrying kits. She dips her head quickly and hurries back toward the cover of the pines.
Later, during a Gathering, when Leaf asks Gray Wing how many rogues Slash has, he asks if Fern has given him any idea. Gray Wing answers that he hasn’t seen her since they rescued Star Flower, and says that he isn't sure of how large the group is. Wind Runner says that he must find out, but Gray Wing thinks that it would be risky to sneak back to the marsh, and that even if he found Fern again, he would be putting her in danger just by talking to her. The leaders discuss training the young cats, but when Gray Wing sees that night is coming, he decides that he will go and find Fern now. He heads toward the pine forest, and when he reaches the pines, after rolling in mushrooms to disguise his scent, he thinks that Fern will be curled up in her nest, fast asleep.
Gray Wing wonders if he will have to wait like last time to catch her on patrol. After watching an owl, Gray Stripe sees a shape moving up to the slope toward him, but when he recognizes Fern's mew calling his name, he is relieved. Her green eyes flash at him through the darkness and he begins to slide out, but then frets that it might be a trap. He glances beyond Fern and searches for other shapes, and Fern snorts, hissing at him that he smells fowl. She stops a tail-length from the hazel thicket that Gray Wing stands against, and tells him that the stink woke her up, and she guessed it was him. She adds that there aren't many walking mushrooms around there. Gray Wing asks if she is alone, and hopes to trust her, and she indignantly mews that she obviously is. She asks if she really thinks that she would risk herself just to betray him then, and her eyes flash with anger. Gray Wing slides out of the thicket and stops in front of her. He apologizes, and breathes that he doesn't like coming here. Fern grunts back that she should try living there, and Gray Wing stares at her in wonder, asking why she doesn't leave if she hates it. Fern says that she would if she thought that there was anywhere safe from Slash. She glances over her shoulder and slinks past Gray Wing, heading deeper into the copse, and she leads him to a clearing beyond the hazel thickets. She whispers that the farther they are from camp the better it is, since if he stink woke her up, it might wake someone else too. Gray Wing explains that he was trying to disguise his scent and Fern snorts that it works, remarking that he smells worse than a badger. Gray Wing points out that at least he found her, and Fern mutters back that smelling like death is a great signal. She adds that he might want to tone it down a bit next time, and blinks at him through the darkness, asking why he is there.
Gray Wing tells her that he needs information, but Fern tips her head to one side, asking what he needs information on. She points out that he rescued Star Flower and she leans closer, asking if he is okay. Gray Wing tells her that she is, and when Fern presses if she had her kits, Gray Wing replies that she has two she-kits and a tom. Fern purrs that she is glad, though she wishes that she could tell Juniper and Willow, as they have been worried about her. Gray Wing asks who they are, and Fern shrugs, replying that they are just campmates. Gray Wing is surprised at why they should care about Star Flower and her kits since they helped hold her captive, but Fern lifts her chin indignantly, exclaiming that they are not all fox-hearts. Gray Wing asks why they would stay with Slash in that case, and Fern narrows her eyes, demanding why they give him their prey. Gray Wing protests that he steals it, yet Fern presses why they don’t fight for it. Gray Wing begins to speak, but hesitates, and Fern growls that Slash knows how to make other cats do what he wants. She adds that if he goes against Slash, he is taking a risk, and that it is easier to go along with whatever he says. Gray Wing insists that she could leave, but Fern glares at him, reminding him that he tried that. She explains that she couldn't sleep at night, since at every rustle in the brambles she would fear that I was Slash coming to get her, as he doesn’t like disloyalty. Gray Wing stares at her, and he realizes that she s taking a huge risk by just talking to him. Fern goes on that he also doesn’t like when his plans are ruined, and that he has been angry since Star Flower's rescue, going on about how he will make them pay. Gray Wing grows that they guessed, and adds that he is stealing there prey, and Fern drops her gaze, admitting that she has never eaten so well. Gray Wing states that they are going hungry, and Fern stares at him, eyes wide with worry, and tells him that Slash won’t stop until he’s driven them out. Gray Wing growls that they won’t be driven out, and Fern she asks if he will fight him. Gray Wing says that he will if he must, but holds her gaze, saying that they need to know how many cats they face.
Fern glances away, and Gray Wing guesses that she is scared of telling him anything that would make her campmates vulnerable. He tells her that he would understand if she doesn’t want to help them, but that he has some ideas of how many they are fighting. Fern turns back, gaze intent, and informs Gray Wing that if he stood up to Slash, some of them might stand up to him too. Gray Wing is surprised, and asks if her campmates would really fight him, and Fern draws away. She admits that he has some loyal friends, but that many of them thought that it was cruel to hostage Star Flower in her condition. She adds that he risked the lives of unborn kits, but says that they are scared to leave, as they don't know what he would do if he found them. Gray Wing presses if she will fight with them, but Fern looks away and says that she can't promise, as Slash is powerful and hungry for revenge. She goes on that they would risk their lives in standing up to him, and that none of them want to die, and Gray Wing mentions that they especially wouldn't want to die for cats they never met. Fern glances up and him and says that she wishes she could promise to help, but that she can't do that. She tells him that she waned him to know that Slash isn't as powerful as ht thinks, and Gray Wing says he understands, though he wishes he could persuade her to leave with him. He feels sure that he can keep her safe, but knows that she must believe it in too.
Fern gazes at him with frightened eyes and confesses that if their groups fight together, they would outnumber them, but counters that Slash will punish cowardice and disloyalty. She explains that if there is a battle it will be hard, and that Slash would expect his cat to fight to the death. Gray Wing suggests that he might move on, but Fern snorts that Slash enjoys his anger, and that he feels powerful with it. She whispers that he probably wants a battle, and that he will find a way to have one if prey-stealing doesn't cause it. She shrugs apologetically and says that regardless, they will lose. Gray Wing reminds her that some of her campmates could join them, but Fern disagrees that she can't promise that, and says that if it looks like a hopeless battle, none of them would dare join him. When the owl hoots again, Fern's tail quivers and she says that she should get back, as if anyone notices her absence, they will want to know where she was. Gray Wing gazes at her and tells her to come with him, but She shakes her head and says that her kin living there would suffer if she left. Gray Wing ask why her kind would suffer, and Fern explains that he would blame her sister for her disloyalty. She turns to leave, and warns Gray Wing that Slash is determined to make him pay. Gray Wing is confused at what he wants them to pay for, and Fern stares blankly, supposing that it is because they are happy. Gray Wing watches her disappear through the trees.
Gray Wing runs back to the moor, and when he comes to the camp, Slate asks him if he found Fern. Gray Wing answers that he did and heads for Wind Runner's den, where she asks him what she said. Gray Wing explains that Fern says that they will outnumber them if the groups join together, and mentions that Fern had said that Slash's campmates fear him, and might not fight for him if there is a battle Wind Runner asks if they can beat him, but Gray Wing states that she can't promise their betrayal, as they are scared of Slash. Slate asks if he will attack, and Gray Wing tells her that she said she might.
When Thunder goes to Slash's camp, he sees Frog settle beside Fern, and she shifts closer to her campmate and licks the blood from his nose. Later, when Thunder and Lightning Tail go to Slash’s camp again, they watch Raven, Juniper, Violet, and Red hunting, and Violet wonders how Star Flower’s kits are doing, and recalls that Fern and said she had three kits. When the dogs attack Slash’s camp, Thunder and Lightning Tail help fight, and Fern is seen coming during the battle and dashing from the edge of the camp, ducking beneath the terrier's chin. She hisses and rolls onto her back and scrabbles beneath the dog’s belly. Fern yowls and churns his hind paws, and Thunder smells blood as the dog turns to bite the black she-cat beneath him. After a while of fighting, the terrier almost lunges for Thunder, but Fern pushes the orange tom clear. Thunder slashes at the terrier, and Fern presses against him, rearing and sinking her claws into the dog’s neck. It tries to bite her, but as it opens her jaws, the young she-cat pulls hard on its flesh and it howls with pain. When Beech gets shook in the jaws of the big black dog, Fern races over to her and spits, leaping onto the dog’s shoulders and clawing at its eyes. The creature yelps and drops Beech, shaking Fern from its back. The dog flees from camp and Fern calls Beech’s name questioningly as she leans over the limp she-cat. Frog asks if she is breathing, but Thunder sniffs her muzzle and announces that she is gone. A low moan sounds from Fern's throat, and Lightning Tail accuses Splinter and Beetle of not making an effort to save her. Splinter snarls that she was a waste of prey, but Fern glares at Slash, her pelt prickling alone her spine. Hatred fills her gaze, and she declares that he let her die, though Slash huffs that he shouldn’t be blamed as he didn’t lead the dogs to camp. Fern stiffens and exclaims Red's name. She jerks her muzzle around and scans the clearing and asks where he is, but Splinter mews that he ran away. Splinter and Beetle suggest that he might have been doing it on purpose, but Fern steps forward and protests that Red wouldn't hurt anyone. Thunder gazes around the camp and notes that there are bloody gouges on Fern’s flank.
When Beetle, Slash, and Splinter suggest punishing Thunder for trespassing, Thunder points out that they helped fight the dogs. Slash notes that he doesn’t care about his cats, and Fern pads into the clearing, eyes wide. She glares at Slash in anger and exclaims that he has never cared about them. Dawn glances at Fern, expression somber, but Moss agrees with Fern, and tells Slash that he orders them to steal but keeps the prey for him and his friends. Dawn takes a step toward Fern and nervously points out that they are right. She looks at the black she-cat and Slash, and notes that he claims to train them to fight, but he abuses his own cats. Fern nods at Dawn before turning back to Slash with narrowed eyes and hissing that they put up with him for too long. She growls that he calls the group cats weak, but that they fought with them, and she notes that they might be better off in a group, since they would certainly be better off without him. Snake suggests that they leave the cats there and Slash agrees, though Fern squares her shoulders and snarls that they will take care of themselves better than he ever did. Splinter, Slash, Beetle, Snake, and Swallow leave the camp, and Fern's mewing that they should fetch Pebble Heart takes Thunder by surprise. She explains that when she was with Tall Shadow’s group, he helped heal her Clanmates, and that he tended to Quiet Rain when she was dying. She adds that he might be able to help, and Thunder dips his head, agreeing.
Lightning Tail goes to fetch Pebble Heart, and after he leaves, Violet, Juniper, and Raven enter the camp with prey. The patrol smells the dogs and wonder where red are, and Fern glances at Willow anxiously, murmuring that he ran away. The patrol is told of how Thunder and Lightning Tail hid their kits, and the ginger tom introduces himself. Fern pads forward and adds that they helped them fight off the dogs. Pebble Heart soon comes to camp, and Violet takes some cobwebs in efforts to help and pads toward Fern. She asks the black she-cat where she is hurt, and sniffs her pelt.
Later, after Lightning Tail and Thunder recounts the story for Gray Wing, he asks if Fern is okay. Lightning Tail informs her that she is wounded, but not badly, and informs her that Pebble Heart is there and will take care of her. Lightning Tail also mentions that Slash abandoned his cats, and Gray Wing feels satisfied that Fern will now be free. Lightning Tail leads Gray Wing to the camp, and Fern pads from a drooping clump of reeds, greeting the dark gray tom. Her eyes are hollow with exhaustion and she asks if he knows that Slash is gone. Gray Wing replies that he does and he touches his nose to her head, relieved that she is well. He asks how she is, but she draws away and notes that her sister is dead, blinking at a mottled she-cat lying at the edge of the clearing. Gray Wing asks if that is her sister, and Fern clarifies that that was why he had to come back. Lightning Tail asks where Thunder is, and Fern nods toward a gap in the camp wall, telling him that he went to dig a grave with Juniper and Raven. Gray Wing spots Pebble Heart among the marsh and calls his name but returns to healing his patient, and Fern explains that he is treating injuries and has busy helping that cats with their cuts and bites and bleeding ever since he arrive.
After the rogues come to Wind Runner's camp, Wind Runner is reluctant to let them stay, but Gray Wing tells her that the cats had no choice but to obey Slash and he glances at Fern, remembering her terror of the cruel tom.
During a Gathering, when the early settlers discuss the conditions of Slash’s former rogues, Wind Runner says that she wishes that Fern, Willow, and Bee were to be adjusting to the group life. Gray Wing meows that they are trying their best, but Wind Runner argues that Slate says that Fern refuses to go into the warren. Gray Wing and Wind Runner discuss the other cats more, and Wind Runner snaps that although Fern and Willow are trying, Bee is simply lazy. After Clear Sky mentions that he took in Red, River Ripple meows that all cats made mistakes, and notes that Slash let Fern's sister die, and he asks if they wouldn't do something they would regret under such cruelty either.
As Slate's kits are being born and Gray Wing waits outside, Fern bounds toward him and says that Minnow told her the kits were coming. She glances toward the den and Gray Wing nods. Fern asks if he wants toms or she-kits, eyes bright with excitement, but Gray Wing stares at her blankly, replying that he hadn’t thought about it. Fern mentions that Willow had said that kits born in the leaf-bare are the strongest, and she lifts her tail, boasting that that was the season she was born in. Although Gray Wing hardly concentrates on her chatter, he is happy to see her so cheerful, and thinks of how Fern had been mourning Beech since her death, with a slowness in her step and sadness in her eyes despite duties. However, he realizes that this morning she had clearly seemed happy for the first time since he knew her, as her pelt is sleek, and her muscles hide the bones that once jutted out from her fur. Gray Wing tells the young she-cat that moor-life seems to suit her, and Fern purrs that she loves it, as their group is so much different from Slash’s camp, as everyone is so kind, and Wind Runner is so wise. The black she-cat pauses and notes that the moor leader sometimes looks at her as if not trusting her, and her gaze darkens as she asks if she did anything wrong. Gray Wing feels a prick of sympathy for her, and informs her that she did nothing wrong, and that after Wind Runner has the time to trust her and learn her, she will be as loyal as her own mother. Fern looks away, noting that her mother abandoned her and Beech. Gray Wing asks if that is how she ended up with Slash, but Fern’s tail droops and she doesn't answer. Gray Wing feels guilty to have awoken bad memories and he moves on, commenting that now they are her new family. Fern glances at Willow and asks if the pale tabby and Bee are too. Gray Wing agrees, but requests that she persuades Bee to volunteer for more camp duties, as they all need to help patrol and hunt. Fern shifts her paws uneasily, promising to try. She begins to mention something that Bee says she doesn’t do, but Wind Runner interrupts by exclaiming that Gray Wing that he should see his kits.
When Jagged Peak comes with Tall Shadow to visit Gray Wing's kits, their talk is interrupted when Reed cries for Wind Runner, exclaiming for her to come quickly, as Fern is hurt. Gray Wing's heart lurches, and he fears that the camp is under attack. The gray tom races across the clearing with Minnow, Spotted Fur, and Moth Flight, and Wind Runner races up the slope to meet them. Gray Wing asks if the camp is in danger, but Wind Runner shakes her head and replies that something attacked Fern, but is now gone. She adds that Reed is now with her and is trying to stop the bleeding. Spotted Fur asks where she is and Moth Flight exclaims that they should follow the blood-scent. As the cats head off, Gray Wing asks Wind Runner if it was a fox, but she replies that Fern hasn’t said yet. She explains that she, Reed, and Gorse Fur were hunting when they smelled blood and Reed, who got to the scent source first, called out Fern’s name. Wind Runner goes on that when they reached him, they saw the black she-cat lying on the grass, badly hurt.
Gray Wing wonders what did it to her, and when he reaches a dip in the gorge, he sees Fern laying on the grass, blood matting her pelt, glistening in the sun, and welling on her ripped muzzle. The black she-cat’s ear tips are bleeding, and her eyes are clouded with pain and shock as she stares blindly at the cats around her. Gray Wing feels bad for her, as she was so brave and risked so much to save Star Flower, and he pushes between the cats to Reed, asking if she will be okay. He replies that they need to stop the bleeding, and Gorse Fur asks what did it to her. Reed tells him that they are cat scratches, but as Wind Runner tells Gorse Fur to take Spotted Leaf to search for invaders, Fern faintly disagrees that they weren’t invaders.
Gray Wing stiffens, surprised that she can speak, and he drops down beside her. Blood wells on Fern's lip and he tries to catch her eyes, asking if she can tell them who did it to her. Her gaze flicks toward him, as if trying to focus, and Gray Wing leans closer, reassuring her that she will be okay, as Reed will take care of her, but that they must know what happened. Fern moves her head and, trembling, drags her gaze to meet Gray Wing's. She tells the gray tom that it was Bee, and Gray Wing asks why. Fern groans that the tabby she-cat had said she was a traitor for enjoying being a moor cat, and that Slash would call Fern a mouse-heart. She adds that Bee had announces that she would go back to join him. Wind Runner growls that she knew she couldn’t trust the rogues, but Fern flinches and croaks that they can trust her. Gray Wing touches his muzzle to her check and smells blood, and comforts her that Wind Runner knows she can trust her. He adds that she was a friend to them even before joining their group, and requests her to take it easy while Reed fixes her up.
Reed instructs Moth Flight to press the cobwebs into the wound and the young she-cat pads the gash in Fern’s flank, while Reed presses them across the scratches on the injured cat’s shoulder. Wind Runner says that they should hunt for Bee, and suggests finding Willow too, but Fern grunts that Willow isn’t like Bee, and likes the group. At that point, Dust Muzzle and Willow come from hunting, and Wind Runner asks how she can trust Willow. Gray Wing glances at Fern, and thinks that she can trust the black she-cat. Willow races toward them and stares at Fern, eyes blazing with rage. She asks if Bee really did that, and when Gray Wing says she did, Willow snarls that she will find her, as it is horrible for her to hurt Fern. Willow and Wind Runner argue about her loyalty, but Gorse Fur interrupts that they must get Fern back to camp, especially if it is the beginning of trouble. Wind Runner agrees and asks if they can move her and Reed inspects the gash, then nods. Minnow, Gorse Fur, Willow, and Spotted Fur lift Fern onto their shoulders and carefully carry her back to camp. Moth Flight lingers beside Gray Wing and Dust Muzzle, and her pelt is noted to be stained with Fern’s blood. The white she-cat sympathizes for Fern, and hopes that the black she-cat will be okay.
Gorse Fur visits Clear Sky's camp to mention that Bee has gone back to Slash, and Clear Sky asks if the others are still loyal. Gorse Fur answers that they say they are, and notes that Fern is badly wounded, since Bee attacked her before running away. He adds that Wind Runner is afraid that the other rogues might do the same. When Clear Sky and Gorse Fur discuss if Red is trustworthy, Gorse Fur tells Clear Sky that his mate is worried that the rogues have infiltrated their groups to cause trouble. However, the gray tabby mentions that he doesn't believe it, as Bee wouldn't hurt Fern so badly if they were both part of the deception. After more discussion, Gorse Fur announces that he will go, but Clear Sky asks if Fern will be okay. As the moor cat heads for the entrance, he says that she is strong and recovering quickly, and Clear Sky says that he wishes her the best. Later that day, when Clear Sky has Nettle test Red's loyalty and Red proves to be faithful, his leader explains that they assessed him because Bee went back to Slash after attacking Fern.
Later, in Thunder's camp, Thistle asks Thunder if Slash will attack again, and the ginger tom, thinking about how uneasy he feels about Ember, notes to himself that since Bee's attack on Fern, dark fear has haunted his dreams.
After a few days, during the Gathering to make the rogues a part of the group, Thunder looks down at the cats from the other camps, and sees Moth Flight padding around Fern, sniffing anxiously at her tattered pelt. Tall Shadow suggests beginning, but Wind Runner loudly asks if she thinks that a few words will turn one of the rogues into one of them. As she says this, she eyes Fern and Willow, and they bristle, moving closer together. Thunder asks Wind Runner if she doesn't trust her, even after what she suffered, and he notices that Fern's pelt still shows wounds, with fur clumped along her flanks; and sees that her eye is swollen and her nose stained with dried blood. Moth Flight asks her mother why she is so stubborn, and reminds her that Bee hurt Fern because Fern refused to go with her. At more prodding from Gray Wing, Wind Runner begins the ceremony. After River Ripple's cats choose their new names, Willow asks to be called Willow Tail, and beside her, Fern mews the name Fern Leaf.
When Slash interrupts the Gathering, he is accused of having forced his cats to obey him, but Slash disagrees. However, Fern limps forward and glares at Slash, contradicting him, and declares that he said he would hurt Beech if she didn't come back. Slash asks what is wrong about that and curls his lip, hissing that Beech died anyways. As he speaks, Bee pads from behind Slash, and Fern recoils, hissing. Thunder asks Slash how he dared to come, and Slash hisses that it is time for his group members to come back. Wind Runner backs away and her distrustful gaze flicks over Willow Tail and Fern Leaf. Thunder realizes that she thinks they will betray the group cats, and silently wills them to prove her wrong. After Ember decides to rejoin Slash, Moss Tail, Dawn Mist, and Red Claw each speak back to the leader rogue, and Juniper Branch, Willow Tail, and Fern Leaf line up beside their new campmates, hackles high.
However, after Slash reveals that he has taken something valuable from Gray Wing and the groups realize that it is his kits, several cats go to save them. Willow Tail vows to kill Slash if he harmed the kits, and Fern Leaf shows her teeth, hissing that she will her her; the two disappear between the orange fronds. Back at camp, Wind Runner says that she will search the woods for Black Ear, and Willow Tail and Fern Leaf say that they will also come. Wind Runner eyes them doubtfully, and Gray Wing hopes that she won't reject their help. The moor cat tells Fern Leaf that she is still recovering from her wounds and should stay in camp and help Pebble Heart, but she allows Willow Tail to join their patrol. Pebble Heart nods to Fern Leaf, asking what colstfoot looks like, and the young she-cat nods. Pebble Heart warns her that it will have wilted by the cold, but requests her to bring the stems that will help Gray Wing's breathing.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

When Slate's kits are brought back to her after they are lost, Slate tells Wind Runner, who scolds her daughter, that it was not Moth Flight's fault, since she should have asked someone more reliable to keep and eye on them, like Fern Leaf, who had been hunting. After Wind Runner scolds Moth Flight more, Gorse Fur, Dust Muzzle, and Fern Leaf hurry toward them. When Willow Tail mentions how Red Claw was on WindClan land, and is asked to make sure he left the territory, Fern Leaf offers to go to, and she follows Willow Tail.
Later, when Moth Flight and Micah go to the Gathering after seeing the Moonstone, Fern Leaf is seen sitting with Willow Tail and Spotted Fur, near the other WindClan cats. When Moth Flight tells the Clans about how there must be medicine cats, Fern Leaf brushes past Spotted Fur and stares at Moth flight, asking if she might be wrong. She tells the young she-cat that she could have misunderstood the spirit-cats' message, since she can't tell the difference between plants and prey. Wind Runner faces the black she-cat and says that she can tell the difference, but might bring plants home because that is what medicine cats do.
Later, when Slate's kits play in Moth Flight's den, she recalls how Fern Leaf and other WindClan cats had spent days digging out a dip beneath the stems and tearing away branches to shape a cave in the heart of the thickest part of the gorse.
The day that Moth Flight and Micah will go to RiverClan to learn from Dappled Pelt, Fern Leaf is seen sitting beside Slate and Willow Tail. When Moth Flight and Spotted Fur argue about her going with Micah, Fern Leaf, having heard Spotted Leaf's loud meowing, jerks her muzzle around. She is surprised that Moth Flight will really go to visit RiverClan, and Moth Flight confirms it.
During Micah's burial, Fern Leaf is seen staring bleakly at Micah’s body.
When Moth Flight returns to WindClan after being in ShadowClan, Fern Leaf, Dust Muzzle, and Spotted Fur hurry to meet her as she approaches the camp, and their eyes are bright. They scramble to a halt in front of her and stare at her belly, and when Moth Flight announces that she is expecting Micah's kits, Fern Leaf purrs and murmurs that it is exciting.
When Moth Flight and Wind Runner quarrel over if Willow Tail is lying that SkyClan has been on their territory, Wind Runner mentions that Fern Leaf caught Red Claw's scent on their territory, and that other cats have also seen bones. She asks if they are liars, and Moth Flight thinks that they obviously are not.
During another Gathering, Fern Leaf is mentioned to have stayed behind at camp with Eagle Feather, Reed Tail, Holly, Spotted Fur, and Storm Pelt.
Fern Leaf is later mentioned to have led a patrol toward the gorge to find lapwings. The prey pile is later noted to be freshly stocked, and Fern Leaf is mentioned to be back in camp with Gorse Fur, Storm Pelt, Dew Nose, and Swift Minnow, and they lounge at the edge of the clearing, sharing a rabbit.
When WindClan attacks SkyClan, Fern Leaf races into the SkyClan camp behind Gorse Fur, Wind Runner, and Willow Tail. She shoulders her way through the battling cats and attacks Birch with a flurry of blows. During the battle, Thorn slides form the ferns and his eyes narrow on Fern Leaf, who is pinned to the ground by Birch. Her hind legs churn desperately as she fights to loosen the ginger tom's grip, and Thorn drops into an attack crouch. Moth Flight thinks that it is not fair, and is determined to help Fern Leaf. She races toward the she-cat and calls her name, straining to see over the jumble of pelts, but is too late; Thorn is on Fern Leaf's back, her hindlegs scraping lumps of fur from Fern Leaf's pelt while Birch aims blows at her muzzle. Moth Flight doesn't want to harm a cat, but can't watch her Clanmate being attacked. However, Dust Muzzle plunges toward Thorn and rips her away from Fern Leaf and the young she-cat's eyes flash with triumph as, now freed, she rears and slashes Birch's nose, causing blood to spray the ground.
Later on in the battle, Fern Leaf is seen staggering at the far edge of the clearing, blood welling form a gash on her flank. Moth Flight skids to a halt beside Fern Leaf who pants, eyes clouded with pain. Moth Flight pads Fern Leaf's open wound with a swatch of cobwebs, and the black she-cat winces, but doesn't flinch. Moth Flight tells her that it will stop the bleeding, and Fern Leaf is pleased and leaps to her paws. Moth Flight protests that she can't fight again, or it will start bleeding again, but Fern Leaf meets her gaze and replies that if one of her Clanmates were to die while she were resting, she would never forgive herself. Moth Flight stares at Fern Leaf wordlessly, and the young she-cat snatches her gaze away and falls in beside Dust Muzzle. The two rear together, sending well-aimed blows at Birch's nose until he backs deep in to the ferns. After the battle, when the other Clans' medicine cats look for injuries, Moth Flight tells Cloud Spots that Fern Leaf has a nasty gash in her flank, and Cloud Spots heads toward the black she-cat.
When Moth Flight races toward the WindClan camp when she thinks that she must take Windstar to the Moonstone, Fern Leaf is seen carrying fresh prey toward the prey pile with Dust Muzzle, and Spotted Fur. They stare at her in surprise as she passes them. A few days after Windstar returns from the Moonstone, she tells Swift Minnow that she can to the the ShadowClan border with Fern Leaf, Jagged Peak, and Holly.



  • Fern is not listed in the allegiances of A Forest Divided, despite appearing in the book.[10]
  • She was mistakenly called Fern despite receiving her new name.[11]
  • She was mistakenly described as gray-and-white.[12]

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Unnamed she-cat:[13] Status unknown


Beech:[14] Deceased, residence unknown


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Slash: "I want you to follow them. Find out where they settle. I knew they'd leave this barren piece of land eventually. I need to know where they make camp, where they hunt, their habits, their weaknesses, everything!"
Fern: "But why, Slash?"
Slash: "Don't be such a mouse-brain, Fern! Just do as I tell you! Watch and wait and report back to me."
Fern: "Why can't you come with me?"
Slash: "I've got other fish to catch. Don't let me down, Fern. Star Flower betrayed me, and she's lucky I let her live. I won't be so soft with you."
Fern: "I won't let you down."
Slash: "And don't let them see you! When the time comes, I want to see the surprise on their soft, kitty-loving faces for myself."
Fern: "I'll be like a shadow."
Slash: "You'd better be, or you know what I'll do to you."
Fern: "I-I know, Slash."
Slash: "Good."
—Fern and Slash A Forest Divided, pages 62-63

Jagged Peak: "Has Gray Wing been rounding up strays?"
Fern: "I'm a friend."
—Jagged Peak when Holly comes to Tall Shadow's camp A Forest Divided, page 242

Jagged Peak: "You say you are a friend. Can you prove it?"
Holly: "This poor cat is half-starved! Let her prove her friendship once she's rested and eaten."
—Jagged Peak and Holly about Fern A Forest Divided, pages 242-243

Gray Wing: "You'd better get back to your camp."
Fern: "If Slash find out I led you here—"
Gray Wing: "I know. You've been very brave, and we will remember your kindness and courage for moons."
—Gray Wing and Fern about her leading them to Star Flower Path of Stars, page 57

Gray Wing: "Are you alone?"
Fern: "Of course I'm alone! Do you think I risked my pelt just to betray you now?"
Gray Wing: "I'm sorry. It's just that I don't like coming here."
Fern: "You should try living here."
Gray Wing: "Why don't you leave if you hate it?"
Fern: "I would leave if I thought there was anywhere safe from Slash."
—Gray Wing and Fern Path of Stars, page 101

Gray Wing: "You've done nothing wrong. Wind Runner will take time to learn to trust you. But once she does, she'll be as loyal as your own mother."
Fern: "My mother abandoned me and Beech."
Gray Wing: "Is that how you ended up with Slash?"
—Gray Wing and Fern about her new life as a moor cat Path of Stars, pages 213-214

"Willow says that kits born in leaf-bare are the strongest. I was born in leaf-bare."
—Fern to Gray Wing Path of Stars, page 213

"Gray Wing could hardly concentrate on her chatter, but it was good to see the young she-cat so cheerful. She'd been mourning Beech since her death, and though she'd eagerly joined in with camp duties, there had been slowness in her step and sadness in her eyes. This morning, she seemed truly happy for the first time since he'd known her. Her pelt was sleek, and lean muscle hid the bones that had once jutted out beneath her fur."
—Gray Wing while Fern talks to him while waiting for his kits to be born Path of Stars, page 213

"Gray Wing's heart ached for the brave cat who'd risked so much to save Star Flower."
—Gray Wing thinking about Fern Path of Stars, page 220

Wind Runner: "I knew we couldn't trust rogues!"
Fern: "You can trust me."
Gray Wing: "Wind Runner knows she can trust you. You were a friend to us even before you joined our group."
—Wind Runner, Gray Wing, and Fern after she is attacked by Bee Path of Stars, page 222

Clear Sky: "Will Fern be okay?"
Gorse Fur: "She's strong, and she's recovering quickly."
Clear Sky: "I wish her the best."
—Clear Sky and Gorse Fur about Fern Path of Stars, page 234

Wind Runner: "Do you really think a few words with turn them into one of us?"
Thunder: "Don't you trust [Fern], even after what she suffered?"
Moth Flight: "Why are you so stubborn? Bee hurt Fern because Fern refused to go with her."
—Wind Runner, Thunder, and Moth Flight about Fern Path of Stars, page 260

"I should have asked someone more reliable to keep an eye on them, like Fern Leaf, but she was hunting."
—Slate to Moth Flight about Fern Leaf Moth Flight's Vision, page 26

"What if you're wrong about this, Moth Flight? You might have misunderstood the spirit-cats' message. You can't even tell the difference between plants and prey."
—Fern Leaf to Moth Flight about medicine cats Moth Flight's Vision, page 130

"If one of my Clanmates die while I'm resting, I will never forgive myself."
—Fern Leaf to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 391

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