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Ferncloud and Dustpelt have been mates for a very long time, and they love each other very much. Ferncloud is kind and caring, and she and Dustpelt have had feelings for each other since she was an apprentice.[1] They have many kits together, and Dustpelt is devastated when Ferncloud dies in the battle with the Dark Forest.[2] When Dustpelt is dying after being gravely injured by a badger, he says that he never wanted to retire as an elder, and is glad to be reunited with Ferncloud.[3]

Birchfall, Shrewpaw Hollykit, Larchkit, Spiderleg, Icecloud and Foxleap

Ferncloud loves her kits, and grieves for Shrewpaw, Hollykit, and Larchkit when they die.[4]

Brindleface and Ashfur

Ferncloud has a good relationship with her mother and brother, and she and Ashfur mourn greatly when their mother is found dead. They swear revenge on the dogs to avenge Brindleface, and help lead the pack to their deaths.[1]


Cloudkit was Ferncloud’s foster brother. Cloudkit plays with his siblings, but sometimes gets them into trouble.[1]

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