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Fernsong is a sweet, caring, and playful tom. He is loyal to his Clan and always willing to help out, and he is friendly and likable.[1]



Ivypool and Fernsong care for each other as mates very much. They are often playfully teasing and joking with one another, and they support each other.[2] When Ivypool shows doubts about having kits due to being cooped up in the nursery, Fernsong offers to take care of the kits after they have been weaned, saying that he can’t think of a better way to spend his time.[3] Ivypool is pleasantly surprised at his willingness, and happily resumes her warrior duties after the kits don’t need her milk anymore.

Bristlefrost, Thriftear and Flipclaw

Fernsong loves his kits very much and is very proud of them. Bristlefrost often goes to Fernsong for comfort and advice, as Fernsong was their main caretaker when they were kits. Fernsong is always willing to support his kits, and talks with Bristlefrost when she comes to him.[4]

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