"I think StarClan would want us to be with the other Clans. They led Leafstar and Hawkwing to the lake for a reason. I think we should go with them. The gorge will never be what it once was to us."
— Fidgetpaw to the other cats in Darkest Night, page 171

Fidgetflake is a black-and-white tom.[1]

Fidgetflake is one of the current medicine cats of SkyClan under Leafstar's leadership, along with Frecklewish, in the the lake territories. He was born as Fidgetkit to Birdwing and Sagenose along with his sisters, Curlypaw and Snipkit. As a kit, he showed interest in healing, and trained under Echosong to become a medicine cat as Fidgetpaw after SkyClan was exiled from their home in the gorge and Frecklewish went missing. He was often left to heal his Clanmates by himself, especially after Echosong left to search for ThunderClan; however, he was captured by Twolegs, leaving SkyClan without a medicine cat.

Fidgetpaw escaped and returns to the gorge, where he lived with a few SkyClan cats who decided to try and rebuild the Clan again until they were found by Hawkwing’s patrol. Fidgetpaw was happy to reunite with his former Clanmates and helped the patrol rescue Frecklewish, who was trapped in a Twoleg nest. After Frecklewish returned to SkyClan as its medicine cat, he trained under her, until he received his full medicine cat name: Fidgetflake.


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A Vision of Shadows

Fidgetpaw is one of the many missing SkyClan cats that were lost when the Clan was forced to leave the gorge. Hawkwing decides to lead a patrol to the gorge to attempt to find their missing Clanmates, and they discover Mintfur, Nettlesplash, their kits, and Fidgetpaw. After rescuing Frecklewish from her Twoleg nest, they return home to the lake. He trains under Frecklewish and later earns his full name, Fidgetflake. The medicine cats are warned about approaching shadows and that SkyClan must be accepted by the other Clans. He journeys with his Clan to return to the gorge, but eventually come back when the other Clans rescue them from a flood.

Super Editions

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In Hawkwing's Journey, he is born to Sagenose and Birdwing alongside Snipkit and Curlykit. After Darktail and his rogues drive SkyClan out of gorge, Fidgetkit and Curlykit lose their sister Snipkit to the river. With Frecklewish missing, he becomes a medicine cat apprentice to Echosong. Despite his short apprenticeship, he is left in charge of taking care of the Clan when Echosong decides to leave to find the Clans. His sister, Curlypaw, decides to live with Twolegs, and Fidgetpaw and Birdwing are captured by Twolegs.


Interesting facts


  • He is mistakenly called Frecklewish.[14]
  • He is mistakenly referred to as a she-cat.[15]

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Fidgetpaw's medicine cat apprentice ceremony
Echosong: Fidgetkit, is it your wish to share the deepest knowledge of StarClan as a SkyClan medicine cat?
Fidgetpaw: It is.
Echosong: Warriors of StarClan, I present to you this apprentice, who has chosen the path of a medicine cat. From this moment his name will be Fidgetpaw. Grant him your wisdom and insight so that he may understand your ways and heal his Clan in accordance with your will.
Reference: Hawkwing's Journey, chapter 20


Hawkwing: "When did you last see your parents?"
Fidgetkit: "We were with Birdwing when Leafstar called the retreat. But we lost her in the crowd. We don't know where she is, or where Sagenose is."
Curlykit: "We don't know where any cat is!"
—Fidgetkit and Curlykit after being separated from the Clan Hawkwing's Journey, page 204

Echosong: "Believe me, Leafstar, I've thought long and hard about this. But I know that drastic steps must be taken to save the Clan! And I believe that Fidgetpaw is capable. I've trained him as well as I can."
Fidgetpaw: "I'll do my best, Leafstar."
—Echosong and Fidgetpaw when Echosong leaves SkyClan Hawkwing's Journey, page chapter 30

"It doesn't matter which Clan a warrior comes from. Or if they come from StarClan at all. If a dead cat has a message to pass on, we must listen to it and do our best to honor their wishes."
—Fidgetflake to Rootpaw about dead cats The Silent Thaw, page 88

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