"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
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"Watching you over the past few days has reminded me how amazing you are, Twigbranch. You persuaded Bramblestar to let you bring a patrol here. You found a way of getting SkyClan back to the lake. I'm lucky to have you. I promise I'll never hurt you again."
— Finleap to Twigbranch in The Raging Storm, page 296

Finleap is a light brown tom with ginger legs,[3] yellow eyes,[12] and part of his tail missing.[13]

Finleap is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born as Finkit to Sandynose and Plumwillow of SkyClan along with his littermates, Dewkit and Reedkit. During SkyClan's journey to find the other Clans, his father went missing, and Hawkwing became the kits' adoptive father. When Sandynose returned, the kits bonded with their biological father. Finkit eventually became an apprentice named Finpaw under the mentorship of Blossomheart. Moons later, he lost his tail in an accident. While recovering, he formed a close bond with Twigpaw, and the two defected to ThunderClan together. Finpaw was then apprenticed to Larksong, and later earned his warrior name of Finleap. He soon received an apprentice, Snaptooth, and after having a falling out with Twigbranch, the two reconciled their differences, their bond stronger than ever. Finleap followed his mate into exile after Bramblestar's impostor exiled Twigbranch, but the pair later rejoined ThunderClan under Squirrelflight's temporary leadership.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I don't care if I'm ThunderClan or SkyClan or even ShadowClan. Just as long as I'm with you."
―Finpaw leaving SkyClan to follow Twigpaw Darkest Night, page 291
After arriving in SkyClan's new territory by the lake, Finpaw becomes close friends with Twigpaw, a former ThunderClan apprentice and Hawkwing's daughter. After an accident causes him to lose part of his tail, Twigpaw's company is a great comfort to Finpaw, and the two form a strong bond.
However, when Twigpaw chooses to return to ThunderClan, Finpaw joins her, and after some consideration from Bramblestar, he is accepted into ThunderClan and given Larksong as his mentor, and is enthusiastic about being a ThunderClan warrior despite his origins and handicap. After the two become warriors, Finleap desires that Twigbranch be his mate. Although the young she-cat cares for him, she is not ready to start a family, frustrating Finleap. However, they eventually make amends and reconcile their relationship.

The Broken Code

"The old Bramblestar would never have acted like this. I wish he'd pull himself together and be normal again."
―Finleap at the secret meeting The Silent Thaw, page 228
Finleap, Twigbranch, Stemleaf and Spotfur are suspicious over the way Bramblestar is acting towards his Clanmates and his newfound attitude towards the codebreakers. He attends a secret meeting between the Clans and discovers that his leader is actually an impostor and desires to see him outed and the rightful Bramblestar reinstated. Finleap and Twigbranch are punished with digging up a stubborn thorn bush when they forget to thank StarClan for their prey. After Twigbranch is exiled and refused acceptance back into ThunderClan by the impostor, Finleap decides to leave with his mate alongside Alderheart, both tired of the impostor's tyranny. However, he, along with the other exiled cats, return under the acting leadership of Squirrelflight.

Super Editions

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"We want you to tell us what's going on. You're our father, not this stranger."
―Finkit to Hawkwing about Sandynose Hawkwing's Journey, page 408
In Hawkwing's Journey, Finkit is born to Plumwillow and Sandynose not long after Darktail's group chases the Clan from the gorge. Because the fate of his father is unknown, Plumwillow requests the help of Hawkwing in caring for Finkit and his siblings, Reedkit and Dewkit. Hawkwing, having lost his mate as well, gratefully accepts his role as the kits' adopted father. The litter gets into trouble as all kits do, being cornered by dogs when SkyClan's makeshift camp is attacked, as well as encountering Twolegs; however, the kits are unharmed. Eventually, Sandynose reunites with the Clan and his kits are made apprentices, Finpaw receiving Blossomheart as his mentor.

Detailed description

Finleap is a small,[14] sleek[13] and thick-furred,[15] broad-shouldered,[16] light brown tom with ginger legs,[3] a wide forehead,[17] and yellow eyes.[12] He has part of his tail missing.[13]

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Finpaw's apprentice ceremony
Leafstar: Today it is my task to make three new apprentices. And I can think of no better way to commit ourselves to the future under the guidance of StarClan. […]
Everyone: Finpaw! Reedpaw! Finpaw! Reedpaw!
Reference: Hawkwing's Journey, page 421-422

Finpaw's second apprentice ceremony
Bramblestar: Then, Finpaw, from this time forward you will be a ThunderClan apprentice. Larksong, you are a loyal and committed cat. You will be his mentor and pass on your skills and experience to him.
Everyone: Finpaw! Finpaw!
Reference: River of Fire, page 20


Finleap's parents are Plumwillow and Sandynose. His mate is Twigbranch. For more of Finleap's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • He is said to look exactly like his father, Sandynose.[18]
  • He is the third cat to have his tail amputated, falling behind Halftail[19] and Berrynose.[20]

Author statements

  • Kate said she thinks the reason Sandynose was so strict on Finleap was because he thought he couldn't take his training seriously.[blog 1]
  • Kate thinks Finleap would make a good mate for anyone.[blog 2]


  • Reedpaw refers to Finpaw as Dewpaw.[21]


Plumwillow: "Are you okay?"
Reedkit: "We're okay."
Finkit: "Twolegs aren't that scary."
—Plumwillow, Reedkit, and Finkit after a dog attack Hawkwing's Journey, page chapter 31

Finkit: "But I heard that Twolegs like to leave out nice food for cats."
Hawkwing: "There'll be plenty of nice food where we're going. And it always tastes better if you catch it yourself!"
—Hawkwing and Finkit Hawkwing's Journey, page chapter 32

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Hawkwing: "What are you doing here? You should be in the nursery with Plumwillow."
Reedkit: "He's there."
Finkit: "We want you to tell us what's going on. You're our father, not this stranger."
—Finkit and Reedkit about Sandynose Hawkwing's Journey, page 408

Dewpaw: "Don't make [Finpaw] too comfortable or he'll never move out of the medicine den."
Twigpaw: "He doesn't want to be there."
Dewpaw: "Really? I got the idea that he's sort of enjoying feeling sorry for himself."
Twigpaw: "Did he refuse to see you again today?"
Dewpaw: "Yes. I know it's terrible that he lost part of his tail. I don't know how I'd feel in the same situation. But he still has half of it, and being sad won't help."
Twigpaw: "Leafpool says he needs time."
Dewpaw: "I need my brother. We should be sharing a den. It took us so long to become apprentices—we were so excited when it finally happened. Would you go see him?"
—Twigpaw and Dewpaw about Finpaw Darkest Night, page 100

Twigpaw: "You're going to be fine."
Finpaw: "Leafpool keeps telling me that I'm lucky I only lost half of it."
Twigpaw: "What happened to the other half?"
Finpaw: "Puddleshine said he was going to bury it."
Twigpaw: "Bury it?"
Finpaw: "Perhaps we should find its grave and sit vigil."
Twigpaw: "We could mark it with a stone and visit every leaf-fall to pay our respects."
Finpaw: "Here lies Finpaw's tail. It died protecting its Clan."
Twigpaw: "Perhaps it's in StarClan right now, lying in the sunshine."
Finpaw: "There must be other tails there. I hope it's made friends."
Twigpaw: "You've got bees in your brain."
Finpaw: "You started it."
—Twigpaw and Finpaw about Finpaw's tail Darkest Night, page 105

Finpaw: "I'm never going to be able to hunt! I'm going to be the worst warrior ever!"
Twigpaw: "You will if you think like that. You can be as good or as bad as you want to be."
Finpaw: "How can I ever be any good when my tail throws me off balance all the time?"
Twigpaw: "You'll just have to train harder. Feeling sorry for yourself won't make your tail grow back. You can do it. You can be the best warrior in SkyClan if you practice."
Finpaw: "Do you really think so?"
Twigpaw: "Of course I do! You're clever and determined and so full of energy. Why wouldn't you be a brilliant warrior?"
Finpaw: "I can do anything I want."
—Twigpaw and Finpaw Darkest Night, page 181

Sandynose: "[Finpaw's] trying to recover his confidence after his accident. Training is harder for him with half a tail. And he's got a lot of catching up to do. Seeing you doing everything so easily must be hard for him."
Twigpaw: "But I've been helping him. Yesterday we worked out a new hunting crouch."
Sandynose: "He's young and he's clearly fond of you. I don't want him taking risks to impress you."
Twigpaw: "I'd never let him take a risk!"
Sandynose: "You're distracting him from his training. Just stay away from him. it's for the good of SkyClan.'"
—Twigpaw and Sandynose about Finpaw Darkest Night, page 215

Twigpaw: "I'm not meant to hang out with you."
Finpaw: "Why not?"
Twigpaw: "Your father thinks that you'll learn quicker if I'm not distracting you all the time."
Finpaw: "Sandynose said that? He must have bees in his brain. You've helped me so much!"
Twigpaw: "Maybe you should just stick with Bellaleaf for now. You do have a lot of catching up to do. We can hang out when we're warriors."
Finpaw: "Yeah right. Like you'll want to hang out with me once you're a great warrior and I'm just lumbering around like a clumsy badger because I've only got a half tail."
Twigpaw: "I'll always want to hang out with you."
Finpaw: "So you think I will be like a clumsy badger?"
Twigpaw: "No! Of course not. You're going to be a great warrior, too, if you train hard."
Finpaw: "I'm never going to be the warrior Sandynose hoped I would be. He knows it and I know it. It's probably why he doesn't want me hanging out with you. He probably thinks I'll hold you back."
Twigpaw: "That's not true."
Finpaw: "Then why does he want to keep us apart? [...] It's not fair. I'm never going to be a great warrior, and now I'm not allowed to be friends with you."
Twigpaw: "No one will ever stop us being friends. You're special to me."
Finpaw: "I am?"
Twigpaw: "Of course you are. Once we're warriors, no one will be able to keep us apart. I don't care if it puts Sandynose's tail in a twist. You're going to prove to him that you're a great warrior and so am I. We'll be the best warriors in SkyClan, and he won't be able to stop us doing anything we want."
Finpaw: "You're right. He might think he knows best now, but once we can outrun, outhunt, and outfight him, he won't be able to tell us what to do."
—Twigpaw and Finpaw Darkest Night, pages 251-252

Twigpaw: "I'm sorry."
Finpaw: "Why?"
Twigpaw: "For leaving you. I will miss you."
Finpaw: "You don't have to miss me. I'm coming with you. And no one can stop me!"
Twigpaw: "But this is your Clan!"
Finpaw: "ThunderClan can be my Clan from now on."
Twigpaw: "What about Sandynose and Plumwillow, Reedpaw and Dewpaw?"
Finpaw: "They can manage without me. I don't care if I'm ThunderClan or SkyClan or even ShadowClan. Just as long as I'm with you."
—Twigpaw and Finpaw Darkest Night, pages 290-291

"ThunderClan mustn't have another cat's blood on their paws."
―Finleap defending Sunrise Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 8

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