"You wouldn't want to lose such a precious plaything."
— Tigerclaw telling Fireheart not to lose Cloudkit in Fire and Ice, pages 254-255
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Chapter Number: 24 (of 30)
Page Numbers: 249-255

Chapter description

Tallstar calls that StarClan has ended the Gathering, as they covered the moon with clouds. Bluestar then summons all of the ThunderClan cats, who gather behind her and Tigerclaw before heading back towards ThunderClan territory in silence. The other Clans also depart from Fourtrees. On the way back, Fireheart drops back to talk to Graystripe about Silverstream.
Before Fireheart even says anything, Graystripe already hisses that he refuses to stop meeting Silverstream. Fireheart is angered by this, stating that Graystripe is a fool because someone will figure out that he is meeting her. Graystripe starts to realize that he could be right, and with a moment's thought proposes that they could possibly just meet at Fourtrees. Fireheart is disappointed that he hadn't given up meeting her completely, but agrees to the idea.
When they reach the camp, Bluestar and Tigerclaw call a Clan meeting. Before joining the meeting, Fireheart goes the nursery to see if Cloudkit is all right. Brindleface states that he just had a chill, and asks about the Gathering. Fireheart hastily explains how StarClan covered the moon before the two cats join Bluestar's meeting.
Bluestar explains that the biggest threat is from the apparent alliance between RiverClan and ShadowClan. Yellowfang is surprised at this alliance, stating that although RiverClan has the best prey, she didn't know why they would want to share. Bluestar then states they will fight the two Clans' raids, making new rules for the patrols. As the meeting breaks up, Fireheart goes to his nest, thinking about what happened at the Gathering. Whitestorm and Darkstripe enter, Whitestorm explaining that Fireheart is on the sunhigh patrol with him, Mousefur, and Sandpaw.
The next morning, Fireheart goes to the nursery to see Cloudkit, who is playing with a moss ball. He throws the ball by the nursery, and goes to retrieve it when Fireheart spots a dark foreleg reaching for the ball, which Fireheart in a moment sees is Tigerclaw's. He returns the moss ball to Cloudkit, remarking that he didn't want to lose a precious plaything. Fireheart wonders if he meant Cloudkit was the "plaything", not the ball, and also whether Tigerclaw was responsible for Cinderpaw's accident.





Important events

  • Graystripe agrees to only meet Silverstream at Fourtrees, as opposed to on RiverClan territory.[2]

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