"WindClan has traveled for long enough. It’s nearly a moon since ShadowClan drove us from our home. The weather is turning colder, and leaf-bare will be here soon. We have no choice but to stay."
Tallstar in Fire and Ice, page 4
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 30)
Page Numbers: 1-4

Chapter description

In a Twoleg's firelight, a group of cats watch the Twolegs. One of the cats asks what would happen if the Twolegs saw them. A large tom comments that their night sight is weak. A gray queen asks Tallstar what they were doing there. Tallstar says that they've been chased out of every place, and that they could find peace here. The queen, Ashfoot, pulls her kit towards her, and comments that her kits won't be safe around the fire and monsters. A black tomcat points out that they couldn't protect them from ShadowClan, not even in their own camp.
As cats remember the battle, one of the apprentices yells that Brokenstar might still be hunting them. The apprentice's cry alerts a near-by Twoleg, and throws something into the bushes. The object bursts into pieces, a piece grazing Ashfoot's shoulder, and she curls her body around her kit. Tallstar tells them to stay down. When the Twoleg sits back down, Ashfoot says that she fears for their safety, and asks what they would eat, as she can't smell any prey.
Tallstar tells her that they would be safer here then back in their old territory. He then comments how ShadowClan wouldn't be able to follow them there, and how the Twolegs could barely stand. He turns to Deadfoot, and tells him to take Onewhisker to find something to eat, and comments how if there's Twolegs, there is rats. Ashfoot comments how rats are no better then crow-food. She is hushed by a tortoiseshell that rat meat is better than starving to death.
The tortoiseshell comments how Morningflower needs rest, as her kits are coming. Deadfoot and Onewhisker return, and Deadfoot tells Tallstar that there is rat scents everywhere, and that he found a new place for them to shelter. Tallstar says to show them.
Deadfoot leads them to a raised Thunderpath, Deadfoot adds that the water is fresh, Ashfoot complains that they'll have wet paws. He tells her that there's some space away from the stream, and says that they'll be safe from Twolegs and monsters. Tallstar steps forward, and comments how WindClan has traveled long enough, and how they have no choice but to stay. Ashfoot and the rest of the Clan enter the tunnel.





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