"At least now, [...] he was able to believe that his paws would find a path forward, even though he didn't yet know what that path would be."
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"You know, I think I'll come with you. You might need help finding your way back."
— Fireface to Bigteeth and Bugeater when they suggest turning back for the night in Graystripe's Vow, page 251

Fireface is a ginger tom with unusually red fur around his face and ears.[1]


In the Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

Monkeystar: "This is great! It's the first time we've been a real Clan!"
Fireface: "Yeah, doing real Clan stuff, like escaping from bad Twolegs."
—Monkeystar and Fireface after they free the trapped kittypets Graystripe's Vow, page 389
As Graystripe crosses into RiverClan's former territory, he is ambushed by six young kittypets. The tortoiseshell she-cat introduces herself as Monkeystar and claims Graystripe is trespassing on WarriorClan's territory. Graystripe is confused that they call themselves warriors and is slightly unimpressed. He asks for their names, and the kittypets introduces themselves—Fireface, Bigteeth, Bugeater, Clawwhistle and Chester. Monkeystar explains that they stay with their housefolk at night but pretend to act like warriors during the day, except Fireface who leaves when his housefolk feed him at midday. Monkeystar adds that Smudge told them stories about Firestar and the Clans, and Graystripe reveals that he's a warrior. Fireface and the others are surprised and gasp in shock, never expecting to meet a real Clan warrior.
Graystripe agrees to teach them a few techniques; when he asks what they should do if they detect a mouse nearby in a bush, Fireface remarks quickly they should creep up on it. Graystripe replies that is wrong and asks Clawwhistle, who guesses they should check the wind first. Graystripe praises him for answering correctly and has them practice their hunter's crouch. Graystripe cuts the lesson short as he has to travel to the Moonstone. When Fireface and the others ask to join him, Graystripe declines and teaches them the saying, "May StarClan light your path."
However, Fireface and his friends follow Graystripe outside the Twolegplace. While Graystripe is annoyed they disobeyed them, he is impressed by their stalking abilities and allows them to accompany him to Highstones. He teaches them how to properly cross a Thunderpath, and after they safely cross, Fireface remarks it was fun. The group encounters Fang who explains that Graystripe once helped his mother, Gremlin, and wonders if he can help him now. Graystripe says he must travel to the Moonstone first, and he catches a rabbit for WarriorClan and Fang to share. It begins to rain, and Bigteeth suggests they should go home as some cat has to defend their territory. Bugeater adds that sometimes Twoleg kits get lost and need to be snuggled, and Fireface and Chester agree to accompany them back in case they get lost. Graystripe praises them for their bravery and warns them to be careful crossing the Thunderpath.
When Graystripe is captured by Fang's Twoleg while trying to free the other kittypets who are either ill or starving, Fireface and the rest of WarriorClan come to his rescue. Graystripe instructs WarriorClan to push one of the floor boards up, and they managed to create a gap to escape. Once they are all out, Graystripe praises their ingenuity. When Twolegs arrive to corral the cats, Graystripe and WarriorClan lead the frail cats into the forest. Monkeystar remarks it feels like a real Clan, and Fireface agrees since they did real Clan stuff like escape from bad Twolegs. He and the WarriorClan warriors agree to keep watch as the others rest. Some of the freed cats decide to join WarriorClan, and Graystripe returns to ThunderClan, believing WarriorClan will do just fine.

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