These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Firestar's Quest that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.


  • A Gathering occurs between the ancient Clans.
  • Cloudstar, the SkyClan leader, comes late and brings his entire Clan.
    • Birchstar asks him why and Cloudstar explains that Twolegs have destroyed SkyClan's territory
  • Cloudstar pleads for the other Clans to give him some of their territory.
    • The other Clans cannot - and do not want to - help.
    • Redstar, the ancient leader of ThunderClan, suggests that SkyClan should leave the forest.
    • He states that the present situation is likely StarClan's will, that SkyClan does not belong in the forest and they should be driven out.
    • The other Clan leaders agree.
    • SkyClan admits defeat and prepares to leave.
    • Birdflight, Cloudstar's mate, stays behind as she cannot put her newborn kits in danger, and ThunderClan takes her in.
    • They promise they will wait for each other forever.
  • SkyClan leaves the forest and Cloudstar vows never to look to the stars again.

Chapter 1

  • Bramblepaw completes an assessment given by Firestar, his mentor.
    • The assessment is successful, and Firestar praises Bramblepaw, saying that he will have his warrior ceremony the next day.
    • They head for the camp.
  • Firestar wonders if there is a place besides StarClan, where cold-hearted cats go after they die. He hopes that neither he nor Bramblepaw will have to walk it in the future.
  • Outside the camp, Firestar has a vision of Cloudstar, who is a gray cat with white patches he can't recognize, staring at him from farther up the ravine.
    • At first, he thinks it's Whitestorm.
      • He moves closer, but the mysterious cat disappears, and all Firestar notices is an unfamiliar scent.

Chapter 2

  • Firestar enters his den and falls asleep.
    • He dreams of an unfamiliar Clan fleeing through a desolate moorland.
    • Sandstorm wakes him up and reports about the activity of the patrols.
  • Firestar calls a Clan meeting and gives Bramblepaw his warrior ceremony.
    • He gives Bramblepaw the warrior name Brambleclaw, praising his courage and loyalty.
    • He has another vision of the same gray and white cat in a puddle.
  • Firestar leads the evening patrol, then returns to the camp and finds Brambleclaw sitting vigil.
  • He tries to sleep, but he dreams again about the cats crossing the moorland, and wakes up.
    • He decides to take a walk and Sandstorm accompanies him.
    • They go to Sunningrocks and Firestar has a vision of the same cats swimming in the river, about to drown.

Chapter 3

  • Firestar wakes up in the morning and sees Brambleclaw finishing his vigil.
  • He decides to visit Cinderpelt's den, who is attending to Brightheart and Sorrelpaw.
    • Firestar tells her about his dreams and visions, but Cinderpelt cannot give an explanation for them.
  • Firestar dreams again about the cats fleeing through the moorland.
  • Longtail comes back from hunting with his eyes swollen, having been clawed by a rabbit.
    • Cinderpelt tries to help him, but cannot tell whether the warrior will remain blind or not.
    • Firestar assures Longtail that he will always have a place in the Clan, no matter what happens.
  • Firestar leads his Clan to the Gathering.
    • He has another vision of the unknown Clan, fleeing from Fourtrees.
  • At the Gathering, Blackstar announces Tawnypelt as a new warrior, and says that there are more Twolegs in their territory.
    • Tallstar reports three kits born to Ashfoot.
    • Leopardstar also reports increased Twoleg activity.
    • Firestar presents Brambleclaw as a new warrior, but does not mention Longtail's injury.

Chapter 4

  • As the Gathering ends, Firestar has another vision of the unfamiliar Clan, starlit shapes weaving themselves among the forest cats.
    • It appears that no cat but Firestar can see them.
    • He sees the familiar gray and white cat, but it vanishes.
  • Firestar decides to go to the Moonstone to ask StarClan about the cats he keeps seeing in his dreams and visions.
    • He visits Barley and Ravenpaw on his way to the Moonstone, and sleeps until sunhigh in the barn.
  • He arrives to Highstones and passes through Mothermouth to reach the Moonstone.
    • He sees Bluestar in his dream, who tells him that the questions he wants to ask would not be welcomed by many of the ancestors.
    • After he makes it clear that he can't leave with an answer, she reluctantly tells him that the fleeing cats he saw are from SkyClan, the fifth Clan of the forest.

Chapter 5

  • Bluestar tells more about SkyClan.
    • She tells that they lived where Twolegplace is now, and had to leave when the Twolegs destroyed their territory.
    • Firestar wonders if he should help them, but Bluestar tells that he has his own Clan to look after.
    • Firestar is angry because the ancestors lied to him about the Clans and abandoned the fifth Clan.
    • He runs away in anger.
  • He returns to the ThunderClan camp.
    • Graystripe reports about a fox that has crossed over in ThunderClan territory.
    • Longtail seems close to losing his sight.

Chapter 6

  • Firestar has another dream about the fleeing SkyClan.
    • He tries to talk to them, but they do not notice him.
    • He sees a kit swept away by water, an apprentice killed by a fox, an elder falling behind, and a cat dying from exhaustion.
    • The gray and white cat leads the Clan, and Firestar figures out that he must be the Clan leader.
  • Firestar wakes up and notices Spottedleaf next to him.
    • She says that he must help SkyClan, and he will soon be shown how.
  • Firestar joins a hunting patrol to take his mind off of SkyClan.
  • He meets Smudge in the forest, and saves him from Brambleclaw and Ashfur.
    • Smudge tells him that SkyClan is appearing in his dreams too.
    • Firestar tells that he has the same dreams, and that he is trying to sort things out.
  • Firestar escorts Smudge back to Twolegplace and meets Hattie, a kittypet living in his old home.

Chapter 7

  • Firestar visits the garden of the Twoleg nest where he used to live.
  • He figures out that SkyClan's camp must have been where Smudge's home is, as it lays in a slight dip, that would offer extra shelter for a camp.
    • He plans to sleep in Smudge's garden, hoping that he would get clearer visions of SkyClan.
  • He returns to his Clan to tell them that he will be away for the night.
  • He returns to Smudge's garden and slides underneath a bush to sleep.
    • The SkyClan leader visits him in his dream.

Chapter 8

  • Firestar talks to the ancient leader of SkyClan.
    • The SkyClan leader tells that they didn't leave of their accord, rather they were driven out of the forest by the other Clans, who said there was no room for them anymore.
    • He also tells that SkyClan has broken apart and scattered.
    • He asks Firestar to rebuild SkyClan, and that he should head for the source of the river.
  • Firestar wakes up, says good-bye to Smudge, and returns to the ThunderClan camp.
  • He joins a patrol with Ashfur, Thornclaw, Willowpelt and Sootpaw.
  • Sootpaw scents a badger.
    • The badger appears and prepares to attack him.

Chapter 9

  • Willowpelt saves Sootpaw, by diving to shove him out of the way, but she is killed by the badger.
  • Firestar attacks the badger and Thornclaw helps to drive it off.
  • The patrol returns to the camp, carrying Willowpelt's body with them.
    • Firestar sends a patrol to make sure that the badger left the territory.
    • Rainpaw, Sootpaw and Sorrelpaw are badly shaken, and Ashfur is wounded.
  • Firestar calls a Clan Meeting and announces Willowpelt's death.
    • The Clan sits vigil for Willowpelt.
  • Silverstream visits Firestar in a dream and tells him that loyalty to what he believes is right is not always the same as following the Warrior Code.
  • Firestar meets with Cinderpelt, Sandstorm and Graystripe in a forest glade.
    • He tells them that he is expected to go and rebuild SkyClan.
    • The other three cats are shocked, but finally accept that this is his destiny.
    • He wants Sandstorm to come with him and she gladly accepts, while Graystripe and Cinderpelt promise to watch over the Clan.

Chapter 10

  • Cinderpelt instructs Sandstorm in the ways of healing and herbs.
  • Firestar calls a Clan Meeting announcing that he and Sandstorm will leave on their quest.
    • The cats are angry, telling that a Clan Leader should look after his own Clan instead of abandoning it.
    • Eventually, they accept the leader's decision, but are not happy with it.
  • Firestar and Sandstorm leave and go upriver, toward the source.
  • They pass through WindClan territory.
    • A WindClan patrol formed of Mudclaw and Onewhisker scents them, but does not see them
  • They leave the Clan territories behind and pass through farmland.
  • They decide to rest, but a dog wakes them up and chases them into the hedge.
    • A Twoleg appears to collect the dog.
  • The next days, Firestar and Sandstorm continue to travel through farmland, following the river.
    • On the third day, they reach a Thunderpath and start to run, terrified by the monsters crossing it.
    • They sleep near the river.
    • Firestar wonders if it was a good idea to bring his mate along, as SkyClan intended the quest for him alone.

Chapter 11

  • Firestar and Sandstorm continue along the river as a storm begins to brew.
    • Firestar wonders if his decision of leaving his Clan was a correct one, and is worried about the actions of the other Clans.
  • They scent dog and hear Twoleg voices, and climb up a tree until the danger has passed.
  • Ahead, they see Twoleg nests swarming with Twolegs, with adults sitting around and eating and kits throwing stones in the river.
    • They decide to avoid the nests, making their way through a parking lot, and arriving back to the river.
  • It starts to rain and Sandstorm convinces Firestar to seek shelter in an abandoned Twoleg nest.
    • They rest and hunt.
    • Sandstorm suggests to spend the night there, but Firestar feels uneasy in the abandoned nest, reminding him of his days as a kittypet.
  • They head out again despite the breaking storm and the flooding river.
    • They are almost washed away by the river.
  • Sandstorm angrily confronts Firestar, sensing that he does not want her with him.
    • She almost decides to go home alone, but in the end they stop quarreling.
  • Firestar crosses the river through a fallen tree. A wave washes the tree away before Sandstorm can cross, and the two cats are separated.

Chapter 12

  • Firestar desperately searches for Sandstorm, blaming himself.
    • He sleeps under a jutting boulder.
  • Next morning, the weather clears up, but the river is still full, and Firestar cannot cross to the other side.
    • In the afternoon, he finally finds a bridge and crosses, startling an old dog and several Twolegs.
    • He returns to the abandoned nest, only to find it empty, and sleeps again.
  • A fox wakens Firestar the next morning and he flees to the riverbank safely.
    • He sees the Twoleg nest they passed the day before, and sees the ground and the Thunderpath flooded.
    • A dog scents him and Firestar climbs a fence to escape.
  • Firestar enters a Twolegplace and becomes lost amongst the Twoleg nests and gardens.
    • He meets a white kittypet, who is of no use.
  • A monster chases Firestar up a wall where he falls into a pile of Twoleg rubbish and falls asleep from exhaustion.

Chapter 13

  • Firestar is woken up by two cats, Cora and Stick.
  • They take him to a barren lot where other cats gather, and let him drink and feed.
    • Firestar asks them to introduce him to the other cats living in the Twolegplace, hoping that some cat can help him find Sandstorm.
  • Firestar has a wash, and waits till the other cats arrive. Cora introduces him to them.
    • They hear a cat named Shorty telling a story of how he frightened away Twoleg kits when they were holding a ginger cat.
    • Shorty agrees to take Firestar to the place where he rescued the ginger cat, whom Firestar thinks is Sandstorm
  • Firestar sleeps, but does not see Shorty when he wakes up in the morning.
    • After eating, he falls asleep again, and wakes up at sunset, annoyed with Shorty for not waking him during the day
  • They go to the place, finding a piece of Sandstorm's fur on the fence.
  • A bad-tempered tortoiseshell attacks when Firestar trespasses in her yard, trying to find a trace of Sandstorm.
    • Sandstorm appears, and helps him fight off the tortoiseshell.
    • Sandstorm is still hostile, but eventually she forgives Firestar.
  • Shorty shows them back to the river, and they leave to search for SkyClan.

Chapter 14

  • Firestar and Sandstorm travel upriver through the night.
  • At dawn, they stop to rest and eat, taking shelter among some roots.
    • Firestar receives a dream of SkyClan, with the cats resting by the river, and his resolve to find them is hardened as he sees their suffering.
    • He sees that they have a great ability to jump after witnessing one of their hunting patrols.
  • The two travel along the river for the next three days as it grows steadily narrower, trying to find signs of SkyClan.
  • After crossing a Thunderpath, Twoleg kits try to grab them, but they escape to a waterfall in the river.
  • Sandstorm catches a fish as Firestar relaxes in the cool spray of water.
    • They climb up the cliff, find shelter, and sleep until the next day.
  • Sandstorm returns from hunting as Firestar wakes up, and they journey onward.
    • They can smell cats, but Firestar does not recognize the familiar scent of SkyClan.
    • They see signs of cats marking their territory.
  • Firestar has another dream of the SkyClan cats. They are in their new camp, and he sees a cave with many warriors.
  • He wakes Sandstorm, and they go on, following the edge of the cliffs.
    • They notice that that the river has vanished.

Chapter 15

  • They climb down and head back along the gorge, looking for the river.
    • They find the source, where the water flows out of a hole into a pool.
  • They spot caves up the side of the gorge, with narrow trails leading to them.
    • Firestar knows they have found where SkyClan made their home.
  • They explore the caves, finding claw marks on a column of stone in one.
    • Firestar wonders what the tiny claw marks are from, and why they go crosswise across the cat scratches.
  • They conclude that cats were living in the caves, but seemingly they have left a long time ago.
    • Firestar is confident that this is where SkyClan once lived, but wonders why did they leave and where are they now.
  • They take shelter in one of the caves for the night.

Chapter 16

  • Firestar and Sandstorm awake to two kittypets calling insults and throwing stones down at the cave.
    • Firestar is furious, but they run away and escape any punishment.
    • From the insults, Firestar concludes that the kittypets thought there was a cat they knew in the cave, so he believes there is another cat around.
  • They explore around the gorge, noting the different prey-scents and cat-scents.
    • They hide from four young Twoleg males as they come down to the end of the river to swim.
  • They venture up a trail, and discover a large rock, that Firestar realizes could be used to watch for anything coming.
    • They determine that SkyClan could live well here with their jumping ability, and go to sleep for the night.
  • Hunting the next morning, Firestar gets into an argument with a dark brown rogue about scaring off a bird, and the rogue leaves angrily.
    • Sandstorm lectures him, telling him he cannot expect the cats who live here to know about the Warrior Code.
    • They catch some mice.
  • Firestar sees the kittypets from the previous morning traveling back toward the Twolegplace, as if they had come to the gorge for some reason.
  • When they reach the cave, Firestar discovers the kittypets have left a rotting dead mouse in the cave.
  • Sandstorm and Firestar talk about how the cats around here do not know of any Clan or the Warrior Code, meaning that SkyClan has scattered long ago.
    • Firestar realizes he has to make a start somewhere, decides to talk to the kittypets the next day.

Chapter 17

  • Firestar and Sandstorm trick the kittypets into coming down to the cave, and then trap them at the edge of the cliff, by blocking the only route through the brambles.
    • The kittypets fearfully introduce themselves as Cherry and Boris.
    • Firestar asks about the SkyClan cats, and Cherry says she heard stories about fierce cats who used to live in the caves, long ago.
  • The kittypets tell about a cat named Moony who goes on to the large rock in the gorge and stares at the full moon, telling about cats in the stars.
    • Firestar lectures them about how they have treated him, then lets them leave.
  • Firestar and Sandstorm decide to search for Moony, and they make their way up along the gorge in the pouring rain.
    • They find a gnarled tree on the cliff face with the same cat-scent as in the cave.
    • They draw near, but Moony comes out, spitting at them and telling them to leave him alone.

Chapter 18

  • Sandstorm tries to talk with Moony, but he demands them to leave him alone.
    • Firestar and Sandstorm leave, hoping to see Moony at the full moon when he comes to the gorge.
  • They return to the gorge and make nests of bracken and feathers in the cave.
  • They look for moss and explore the river downstream, but don't find any.
    • They wonder how could a Clan live without moss.
  • They see a dark ginger rogue, but he disappears before they can talk to him.
  • They share a thrush.
  • On the morning before the full moon, Firestar scrambles up to the clifftop and sees a Twolegplace in the distance.
    • He ventures near the Twolegplace and meets a rogue, but the rogue is hostile and runs away.
  • At the full moon, Firestar and Sandstorm hide as Moony begins his silent vigil on the large rock.
    • Moony notices them and tells them to come out. He introduces himself as Sky.

Chapter 19

  • Sky explains that his grandmother was Clanborn.
    • By the time Sky was born, the Clan was already scattered, but his mother told him about the ways of a Clan warrior.
  • Firestar explains that he is on a quest to rebuild SkyClan.
    • Sky is angry, pointing out that his Clan was driven out the forest and destroyed because of the other Clans.
    • He thinks that Cherry and Boris are descended from SkyClan cats.
    • He refuses to tell why SkyClan left the gorge and scattered.
    • Firestar, Sandstorm and Sky sleep in the den in the gorge.
  • In the morning, Firestar and Sandstorm hunt, feeling homesick for ThunderClan.
    • When they return to the cave, they find Sky gone.

Chapter 20

  • Firestar and Sandstorm search for Sky, wanting to know more about SkyClan.
  • They find him coming back with moss, and they use it to line their nests with.
  • They eat, then Sky takes both of them around the gorge and presents them the SkyClan camp.
  • They go out of SkyClan territory, close to the Twolegplace, and Sky becomes uncomfortable and turns them back when they reach a run-down barn.
    • He still refuses to tell why SkyClan scattered.
  • Firestar doubts if SkyClan can be rebuilt, and decides to give up, stating that SkyClan is lost forever.
    • Sky tells him he must continue with his quest and right the wrongs that the Clan ancestors did to SkyClan.

Chapter 21

  • Firestar goes hunting alone, thinking about what Sky told him.
    • He spots the dark ginger rogue he saw several days before, but he disappears before Firestar can speak to him.
    • He notices Cherry and Boris who were apparently spying on him, shows them some hunting techniques, and explains about the Warrior Code.
    • They catch a squirrel.
  • Firestar returns to the gorge and tells Sandstorm about the kittypets.
    • Sandstorm asks why he didn't ask them to join SkyClan, and Firestar replies that he is not sure how should he start rebuilding SkyClan.

Chapter 22

  • Cherry and Boris return begging for another hunting lesson.
    • Sandstorm takes Boris and Firestar goes with Cherry.
  • Firestar tells Cherry about her ancestors and offers her and Boris the chance to become part of the new SkyClan.
    • He finally decides to stay and help rebuild the Clan.
  • Back at the gorge, the two kittypets agree to give it a try, even if that means leaving their housefolk.
  • In the evening, Firestar and Sandstorm decide to explore the boundaries in the opposite direction of the river.
    • They fight off a fox to protect a she-cat with kits, with the help of the dark ginger rogue.
    • The she-cat introduces herself as Clover and her kits as Bounce, Rock and Tiny.
    • The tom is called Scratch.
    • Both agree to join the new Clan.
  • Once they return to the den, Firestar and Sandstorm talk about the cats they recruited in the new SkyClan.
    • Sky appears and has a bad opinion about the new cats, but is at least satisfied for Firestar keeping his promise.

Chapter 23

  • Firestar explains about patrols within a Clan, and leads Cherry, Boris and Scratch on SkyClan's first hunting patrol.
  • They explore the territory around the Twolegplace.
    • Cherry and Boris go rushing into a Twoleg garden, and Scratch scolds them for not looking.
    • They return to the gorge with lots of prey and Firestar feels as if he was again part of a Clan.
  • Back at the gorge, Sandstorm has been trying to teach Clover some fighting moves, but Clover does not want to learn, as she seemingly joined SkyClan only for protection.
  • Firestar and Sandstorm go down to the river.
  • Cherry and Boris have an idea to hold a meeting, inviting all cats who live nearby, to try and recruit them to SkyClan.
    • Firestar goes with Cherry and Boris in the Twolegplace and they invite Oscar, Bella, Hutch, Rose and Lily.
    • Scratch takes him to meet some rogues: Leaf, Tangle, Lichen, Patch and Rainfur.
    • Firestar feels a menacing and hostile presence in the undergrowth and wonders if it is something to do with why SkyClan left the gorge.
  • Before they go to sleep, Firestar tells Sandstorm about all the cats he met.

Chapter 24

  • On the evening of the meeting, Firestar descends the trail and climbs the Rockpile.
  • Sky is the first to come.
    • Firestar asks Sky to speak at the meeting, but the elderly cat refuses, saying Firestar knows better how to lead the cats.
  • Cats arrive one by one, both kittypets and rogues.
  • Firestar holds the meeting at the Rockpile, telling the gathered cats about life in the Clan and about the Clan traditions.
    • Sky backs him up, telling about the warrior ancestors.
  • Of the new cats, Leaf, Patch and Hutch decide to join SkyClan, while the others refuse and leave.
  • Firestar feels again the hostile presence he sensed the day before.

Chapter 25

  • The cats collect bedding and Sandstorm and Firestar discuss how to sort out the dens.
    • They wonder if they will be able to recruit a medicine cat for SkyClan.
  • They each take out hunting patrols and Firestar, Cherry, Hutch and Patch go toward the Twolegplace.
    • Firestar notices an odd lack of prey and smell of crowfood around the old Twoleg barn.
    • He stops to teach Hutch and Patch how to do the hunter's crouch, and Patch makes his first catch.
    • The patrol moves to the edge of the cliff to get more prey.
  • Back at the camp, Scratch argues with Sandstorm, saying that warriors should eat before queens and elders.
    • Sandstorm tells him that is not how a Clan works, and Scratch grudgingly agrees to let Clover eat first.
  • Sandstorm and Firestar talk about how Scratch has to realize that the Warrior Code is about more than just strength, and Clover has to realize Clans are not just for protection.
  • Firestar calls a Clan Meeting to give the cats their new names.
    • Scratch becomes Sharpclaw, Patch becomes Patchfoot, Clover becomes Clovertail, Hutch becomes Shortwhisker, Leaf becomes Leafdapple, and Cherry and Boris become Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw.
    • Cherrypaw's mentor is Sharpclaw, while Sparrowpaw's mentor is Leafdapple.
    • Leafdapple doubts is she is up to mentoring, but Firestar and Sandstorm reassure her.
    • Bounce, Rock and Tiny are named Bouncekit, Rockkit and Tinykit.
    • Sky is named Skywatcher.
  • Skywatcher calls Firestar to his den, and tells him the prophecy: "There will be Three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws".
    • Firestar is unsure what it means, and asks StarClan to help him with what is to come.

Chapter 26

  • Firestar leads the dawn patrol, accompanied by Leafdapple, Sharpclaw, Cherrypaw, and Sparrowpaw.
  • They set the borders for the SkyClan territory.
    • They set a marker up the gorge, past Skywatcher's den, where they saved Clover and her kits from the fox.
    • Another marker is set on the clifftop opposite from the camp.
    • They head downriver and include some woodland in the territory.
  • The patrol returns to the camp.
  • Firestar goes into Skywatcher's den to tell him about the set borders, only to find out Skywatcher has died.
    • He calls a Clan Meeting and announces the sad news.
    • They sit vigil for Skywatcher, but only Leafdapple takes it seriously, the other SkyClan cats falling asleep.
  • Shortwhisker tells Firestar that he is uncomfortable with Clan life and finds it hard to adjust.
  • Sandstorm organizes a battle training session for the cats.
  • Firestar and Sandstorm talk about Shortwhisker's doubts and Clovertail's unwillingness to join in the Clan activities
    • They feel homesick.
  • Bouncekit falls in the river, but Clovertail rescues him.
    • Bouncekit states that he heard faint voices when he entered the Shining Cave, and Firestar wonders if those were the SkyClan ancestors.
    • Firestar wonders if Clovertail has RiverClan ancestry, for she is a skilled swimmer.
  • Clovertail agrees to join the battle trainings.
  • The next day, the cats talk about the supposed spirits that the kits met in the Shining Cave, which now they named Whispering Cave.
    • They enter the cave, but do not notice anything special, and Firestar is worried as they still do not have a medicine cat.

Chapter 27

  • Sandstorm continues to train Clovertail, who is trying her best.
  • Rainfur, a rogue who refused to join SkyClan, appears and begs them to help his mate and his kits.
    • He explains that his mate, Petal, is a kittypet living with an abusive Twoleg that hardly feeds her
    • Firestar agrees to help and takes Sharpclaw, Leafdapple, Rainfur and Patchfoot with him.
  • They arrive at a run-down Twoleg nest in the wilderness, far downstream.
  • They come up with a plan to have Sharpclaw and Patchfoot get the Twoleg to open the door and distract him, and have Leafdapple and Rainfur rescue Petal.
    • The plan works and they save Petal and the two kits.
  • They return to the camp and Clovertail agrees to help Petal suckling the kits.
  • Petal and Rainfur stay with the Clan, although they did not decide yet if they wish to join.
  • Firestar and Sandstorm wonder if they can find a suitable leader and medicine cat for the Clan, and Firestar hopes for a sign.

Chapter 28

  • Cherrypaw makes good progress in her training and Firestar thinks that the apprentices are ready for an assessment.
  • Sandstorm's hunting patrol is attacked by a large number of rats near the abandoned Twoleg barn and Patchfoot is seriously wounded.
    • The cats fetch moss and cobwebs, and Sandstorm tries to help Patchfoot.
  • Firestar, Cherrypaw and Sharpclaw set out on a patrol to check the abandoned barn.
    • Many rats appear, and their leader speaks cat, saying that they have killed cats before, and will do it again.
    • The rats go back into the barn.
  • Firestar realizes that the rats were the reason why the ancient SkyClan was destroyed.
    • He also concludes that the tiny claw marks in the nursery were made by the rats.
  • Firestar tells the whole Clan about the menace.
    • They agree to attack the rats and drive them out, making Firestar worry whether he is leading them to their deaths.

Chapter 29

  • Sandstorm tries all her best to heal Patchfoot, but his wound is infected and his state worsens.
  • Spottedleaf visits them from StarClan, appearing in the waking world, and brings some burdock root, showing Sandstorm how to use it.
    • Sandstorm gets angry when she learns that Spottedleaf regularly visits Firestar in his dreams.
    • Spottedleaf reassures her, telling that Firestar's real love is Sandstorm.
    • Firestar and Sandstorm promise that they will not keep any more secrets from each other.
  • SkyClan prepares for the fight with the rats; they do extra battle training, send out extra patrols, and post a permanent watch on Skyrock.
    • Petal and Rainfur join in the training.
  • Skywatcher visits Firestar in a dream.
    • Firestar asks him why he never told him about the rats, and Skywatcher says that he feared that Firestar might have given up his quest.
    • Skywatcher says that the cat destined to be a medicine cat has not heard of SkyClan yet, but dreams of StarClan.
  • Firestar and Sparrowpaw go to the Twolegplace, hoping to find the said cat.
    • They bump into Oscar, a bossy kittypet who refused to join SkyClan. Firestar asks him if he had weird dreams, but he says no.
    • A cat introducing herself as Echo interrupts their talk and says that she dreams of cats with stars in their fur.

Chapter 30

  • Firestar asks Echo if she has dreamed of a gray-and-white cat, and she says yes.
    • Firestar tells her that the dreams are from the spirits of her warrior ancestors.
  • Echo never heard of the cats who lived in the gorge, but agrees to join Firestar, much to Oscar's annoyance.
  • She joins SkyClan as a medicine cat and gets along well with Clovertail and Petal.
  • On the night of the full moon, SkyClan has a Gathering on the Skyrock.
    • Since there is no other clan, Firestar decides that the cats in SkyClan just share news.
    • They agree to attack the rats once Patchfoot is healed.
    • Echo gets her clan name, Echosong. While the clan cheers, Firestar silently thanks Skywatcher.
  • Patchfoot heals well, and Echosong is learning very quickly about the herbs and remedies.
  • The rats still don't show up, apparently trying to weaken the Clan by keeping them in suspense.
  • Echosong tells that she doesn't know if she could be a good medicine cat and that her dreams have stopped, but Firestar reassures her, telling her to sleep on Skyrock, where StarClan may see her in a dream.
    • Echosong dreams about frightened cats fleeing across moorland, but not about StarClan.
    • She enters the Whispering Cave, where the ancestors talk to her.
  • Firestar is worried about SkyClan, and wonders if he should take them back to the Forest, as they will likely lose the battle with the rats.

Chapter 31

  • At night, the rats attack SkyClan, pouring over the clifftop.
  • Firestar organises the defense and warns the cats to be careful.
    • He is attacked by the rats, fights for his life, and Rainfur saves him.
    • He does not see the rat leader.
  • The cats are pushed back by the rats coming over the clifftop, and a second group of rats appear from below, coming along the gorge.
  • Suddenly, the fighting stops and the rats turn around and leave.
    • Firestar suspects that it is either a trap, or that the rats want to scare them off.
  • Firestar checks the dens to make sure everyone is safe.
  • He realizes that the battle isn't over yet, and they must take the fight over to the rats.
    • The others agree, and plan to attack the rats the following night.
  • Rainfur and Petal decide to officially join SkyClan.
    • Firestar calls a Clan Meeting; Rainfur's name is confirmed, and Petal's new name is Petalnose, while their kits are named Mintkit and Sagekit.

Chapter 32

  • The SkyClan warriors set out to drive out the rats from the abandoned barn.
    • Leafdapple tells Firestar that he doesn't need to come with them, as it is not his battle, but Firestar still wants to come.
  • They reach the barn and enter the yard through a gap in the fence, but the rats are nowhere.
  • Sharpclaw enters the barn, followed by Firestar, Shortwhisker, Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw, with the intention of luring out the rats.
  • The rats appear and attack them, and the cats are separated.
    • Most cats are able to exit the barn, but Rainfur and Firestar are trapped.
    • Firestar loses a life to the rat leader.

Chapter 33

  • Firestar has a vision of the Whispering Cave, where he meets the ancient SkyClan leader he saw in his dreams.
  • Firestar wakes up and finds himself outside the barn, with Sandstorm helping him.
    • He finds out that Rainfur is dead.
  • He thinks about fleeing, but the rats block their way to the gap in the fence.
  • The cats claw their way up a tree.
  • Firestar tries to find out which rat is the leader; he taunts them, but gets no answer.
    • He hears Spottedleaf say "Not many, but one", meaning that all rats take orders from the leader.
    • He pinpoints the rat leader, which gives the commands through silent signals.
  • Firestar kills the leader, and the remaining rats flee in fear.
    • SkyClan wins the battle.
  • They head back to the gorge, carrying Rainfur's body.
  • The cats sit vigil for Rainfur, and Firestar feels remorse for leading the warrior to his death.

Chapter 34

  • Shortwhisker decides Clan life is not for him, and returns to his housefolk.
    • Firestar tries to convince him to stay, but ultimately respects his decision.
    • Shortwhisker takes up his old name, Hutch, and says good-bye to the Clan cats.
  • Leaf-bare is close and Sandstorm suggests that she and Firestar should return to ThunderClan, but Firestar says they must find a leader for SkyClan first.
  • Firestar leads a hunting patrol.
  • Echosong gets a sign from SkyClan's ancestors, revealing that Leafdapple should be leader.
    • Leafdapple is taken aback and says that she will not make a good leader, but finally respects the decision of the ancestors.
    • At night, Firestar and Echosong take her to the Skyrock.

Chapter 35

  • Firestar and Echosong share Leafdapple's dream of her leadership ceremony.
    • They see a bleak, misty moorland.
  • Cloudstar, the ancient SkyClan leader appears, giving Leafdapple her first life.
  • She receives more lives from Skywatcher, from her mother, and from Spottedleaf.
    • More and more cats appear, the scattered SkyClan ancestors returning home.
  • The four ancient leaders who drove SkyClan out of the forest appear, apologizing for their actions and thanking Firestar for rebuilding the Clan.
    • They each give Leafdapple a life.
  • Leafdapple's ninth life is given by Birdflight, Cloudstar's mate who stayed behind with ThunderClan.
    • Leafdapple is now Leafstar.
    • Cloudstar and Birdflight are reunited.
  • Fawnstep, SkyClan's ancient medicine cat, promises to walk in Echosong's dreams.
  • Rainfur appears and tells Firestar he forgives him.
  • Firestar, Leafstar and Echosong wake up and head back to the camp.

Chapter 36

  • Leafstar calls a Clan Meeting.
    • Sharpclaw is appointed deputy of SkyClan
    • Echosong is confirmed in her position as a medicine cat.
    • Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw become warriors and receive the names of Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt.
    • Bouncekit, Rockkit and Tinykit become apprentices, receiving the names of Bouncepaw, Rockpaw, and Tinypaw.
  • After saying their farewells, Sandstorm and Firestar start their journey back to ThunderClan.


  • Three moons after returning to the forest, Firestar has completely recovered from his long journey back.
    • He returns from a patrol consisting of him, Mousefur and Brambleclaw.
  • Firestar heads to the nursery, where Sandstorm is with their newborn kits.
    • They name them Squirrelkit, for her bushy tail, and Leafkit, honoring Leafstar and perhaps Spottedleaf as well.
  • The prophecy haunts Firestar again, and he wonders if the three cats Skywatcher mentioned will be descended from his kits.
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