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Interesting facts

  • One of Leafstar's kits, Firefern, is named after him.[1]
  • As a leader, one of his favorite duties was holding apprentice ceremonies.[2]
  • Firestar is said to take a lot of time preparing when he's about to speak.[3]
  • On the Warriors official website, Firestar is described as courageous, loyal, brave, and kind.[4]
  • Prior to his death, Firestar was battle-scarred with a scar on his flank[5] and had a torn ear.[6]

Author statements

  • Cherith Baldry has said that Firestar's "love" relationship with Spottedleaf was never shown often when she was alive because he was only a new apprentice at the time. She also feels that the relationship wouldn't have gotten much farther due to the fact medicine cats can't have mates.[7]
  • Victoria Holmes thinks Firestar's mother, Nutmeg, probably does not know about him becoming a wild cat.[8]
  • When asked, Vicky implied he is not related to the ThunderClan founder, Thunderstar.[9]
  • Firestar may be based on a cat Kate knew.[7]
  • The Erins believed that after the first arc, Firestar's story was pretty much over, so they started the next arc from a fresh viewpoint.[7]
  • The Erins have said that he has never had feelings for Cinderpelt.[10]
  • Kate stated that Firestar was not killed by the burning tree, but instead died of his wounds from the battle. Dovewing only imagined she saw him get up and walk away, and the lightning striking the tree snapped her back into reality.[blog 1]
    • In response to a question about why Firestar wasn't just killed by Tigerstar, Kate stated that they couldn't let Firestar be killed by the evil, but that it was essential for him to die due to "destiny and stuff".[blog 2]
  • Although Firestar is confirmed to be on both the cover of Into the Wild and The Last Hope, his design changed on the latter cover with additional white markings and stripes.[11][12]
  • If Kate could give him a human name, she would name him Colin.[blog 3]
  • Kate thinks that when he died "some of the leaders were quite jealous of Firestar and might have been glad to have outlived him or relieved to not have been measured against him anymore or miss the possibility of ever outdoing him." She states that "there would have been a lot of subtle and conflicted feelings going on for the other leaders when they heard about his death, as well as a sense of great loss. Firestar became a touchstone for all of the Clans at the end. He would have been terribly missed."[13]
  • Vicky has said Firestar, as Rusty, was the first character to be created for Warriors because he inspired the whole story.[14]
  • While Kate does not "dislike" Firestar and he is "a thoroughly good chap and a well-rounded character", Kate describes him "utterly without charm, and charm is key to winning my heart".[blog 4]
  • Kate views Firestar as a ginger tabby.[blog 5]


  • He was mistakenly called Firepaw despite already having received his warrior name,[15] mistakenly called Firestar before receiving his leader name,[16] mistakenly called Firestorm,[17] and called Fireheart after receiving his leader name.[18]
  • Tigerstar was mistakenly called Firestar once in Eclipse.[19]
  • He has been mistakenly depicted with amber eyes on several occasions,[20][21] and is said to have amber eyes in Dark River.[22]
  • He is mentioned to have seven lives[23] despite only having five at the time,[24] and as having six, even though he had eight lives.[25]
  • Fireheart was said to be the deputy after Lionheart died in The Elders' Concern, even though Tigerclaw became deputy after Lionheart.[26]
  • He has been mistakenly described as golden,[27] dark,[28] and dark red.[29]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Firestar introduces the reader to ThunderClan; Firestar says that there is no Clan in the forest truer or braver than ThunderClan and describes his Clan as the Clan of heroes, compassion, and destiny. Sandstorm mentions Firestar when she shows the reader around the old ThunderClan camp, explaining how he was a pudgy kittypet when she first met him, and that no one thought he would ever become leader. Squirrelflight mentions him when she shows the readers around ThunderClan's new camp. Firestar is listed as one of ThunderClan's significant leaders. He is described as brave, intelligent, and loyal with an unusually strong connection with StarClan. He brought WindClan back after it was exiled by ShadowClan, and uncovered Tigerstar's treachery. He saved the Clan from a terrible fire in the camp, and discovered Tigerstar's plan with the dog pack. Firestar led the Clans in battle against BloodClan, and kept the Clans together as they found their new home.[30]
  • On the Warriors website family tree, Firestar's littermates are Filou, Tommy, and Luna alongside Princess.[31] His nieces and nephews through Princess are Nami, Livy, Zack, and Taylor alongside Cloudtail.[32]

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