"I will get better, won't I? I don't want to be exiled."
— Flame to Alderpaw in The Apprentice's Quest, page 209

Flame is an orange she-cat[3] with white belly fur and green eyes.[2]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Flame sits close to Darktail in his group's camp at the gorge, coughing so hard she can hardly stay on her paws. Seeing this, Darktail lifts a paw and slams it down onto Flame's back, and tells her to quit the racket, causing the she-cat to give him a scared look and struggle to suppress the coughs. Alderpaw notes that the swat could not have done her much good, telling Darktail that she is likely suffering from whitecough. He suggests that she go and see their medicine cat, causing them both to give Alderpaw a blank look. The younger tom then assumes that they don't have a medicine cat. Flame starts coughing again, and she backs away from Darktail as if she is afraid to make him angry again.
When Alderpaw comes back with tansy leaves, Flame is lying on her side, rasping and spluttering. He notices that none of the other cats seem to be paying any attention to their sick Clanmate, and Alderpaw realizes that her cough is worse than he originally thought. Alderpaw drops the tansy in front of her, and she looks up at the tom, confused and scared. She asks if she will get better, as she doesn't want to be exiled. Alderpaw lays a forepaw on her flank and asks what her name is. The she-cat tells him that her name is Flame, before going into another coughing fit.
After passing the leaves over, Flame chews on the tansy. Darktail comes up behind Alderpaw and asks if the herbs will work, and Alderpaw replies that it will, and says that if the whitecough had turned into greencough, Flame would have been in real trouble. As Darktail questions Alderpaw about medicine, the young apprentice notices he doesn't sound very concerned for Flame.

Thunder and Shadow

Moons later, Flame slinks out of some rowan bushes after Violetkit has to hide from an owl Rain and Roach have pinned down. After Violetkit explains that Needlepaw couldn't meet Rain that night, Flame mockingly calls it sweet. Flame is one of the cats that accompanies Darktail, Raven, and Rain to the ShadowClan camp with an offering of prey, and Flame places a young rabbit beside Rain's plump pigeon. Rain requests to join the Clan, but Rowanstar immediately refuses, angrily telling them only ShadowClan hunts in their territory. The rogues leave the camp, and Needlepaw challenges Rowanstar on turning down strong hunters.


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