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This article contains information mainly from the 2007 field guide, Secrets of the Clans. While based on canonical information, the book has been repeatedly retconned as the series progressed, and thus its credibility is questioned.

"Ha! Such a beast would be no match for a LeopardClan warrior. We would outrun it, outsmart it, and kill it."
— Fleetfoot to the leaders of the Great Clans in Secrets of the Clans, page 160

Fleetfoot is a leopardess[2] of LeopardClan under the leadership of Swiftstar.


In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Shadestar: "Oh, yes? Then why don't you do as you say and kill Rage?"
Goldenstar: "Show us that your deeds can match your words."
Fleetfoot: "With pleasure!"
—Shadestar, Goldenstar, and Fleetfoot Secrets of the Clans, page 160
Fleetfoot is mentioned as to be a very outgoing and brave leopard. At a Gathering of the Great Clans, Goldenstar is saying how there was a dangerous male boar called Rage wandering around, and that he killed one of their apprentices. Fleetfoot boasts that a LeopardClan warrior can outrun, outsmart, and kill the beast. She agrees to do so in exchange that her Clan could claim the river for one moon.
That night, Fleetfoot tracks the boar and finds it under a tree. She leaps at him with a huge yowl, and she chases him through the forest, until Rage falls off a cliff. She follows and drowns him in the river below. Unbeknownst to her, Rage had a mate called Fury, who was standing on the river bank, even fiercer than the male had been.
Fleetfoot fights Fury for two days and two nights, and then she finally drives Fury out onto the stepping stones, where the boar loses her footing and drowns. Ashamed for not telling Fleetfoot about Fury, Goldenstar and Shadestar grant LeopardClan the river forever because Fleetfoot had saved them all from two savage beasts.



"If Fleetfoot kills this beast, LeopardClan may claim the river for one moon, during which no other Clan will hunt there."
—Goldenstar about Fleetfoot Secrets of the Clans, page 160

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