"Oh, the scent marks! I'm frightened out of my fur. So, what are you going to do now, set stronger marks? We'll hunt where we please."
— Flick to Brambleclaw about the Tribe's territory in Outcast, page 288

Flick is a skinny light brown tom with large, pointed ears.[2]


In the Power of Three arc


"Why shouldn't we? There's nothing to stop us."
—Flick to the Clan cats Outcast, page 288
Flick, along with other rogues, tries to steal territory from the Tribe of Rushing Water. When the Clan cats come to help the Tribe, Stripes and Flick intercept them, and Flick insults them for being scared.
When the Tribe and the Clan cats come to the intruders' camp to reason with them, Flick is present. When they leave, he tells them they needn't bother coming back. It is noted by Lionpaw that if the rogues had met the Tribe's cats by themselves they would've attacked and that the rogues were cowards.
Flick meets them later on a patrol, when he and his cats cross the border. He flees when Brambleclaw's patrol chases them, but stops and sneers at them, asking what their scent marks can do to keep them out of their territory, and that they will hunt where they want to. During the battle between the two groups, Flick attacks Screech, pinning him to the ground until Lionpaw tears him off and begins to fight him. The battle ends with Lionpaw emerging victorious and Flick running away.



"Who are you to tell us what to do?"
—Flick Outcast, page 202

"Don't bother coming back!"
—Flick to the Tribe and Clan cats Outcast, page 285

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