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"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
This article contains major spoilers for the recently released, The Place of No Stars. This also includes the reveal of the identity of the impostor. Please proceed at your own discretion.
"I'm not talking about abandoning the code. I love being a warrior. I would die to protect my Clanmates. But after everything that's happened with the false Bramblestar, I need a chance to think about what being a warrior really means. I think we all do."
— Flipclaw to Squirrelflight about his decision to go for a wander in Darkness Within, page 69

Flipclaw is a brown[10] tabby tom[1] with golden eyes.[11]

Flipclaw is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born as Flipkit to Ivypool and Fernsong with his sisters, Bristlekit and Thriftkit. He was apprenticed to Hollytuft as Flippaw and became a full warrior as Flipclaw. He was forced to become a medicine cat by Bramblestar's impostor, and soon the full medicine cat of ThunderClan when Alderheart was exiled. However, Flipclaw resumed his warrior duties when Jayfeather and Alderheart returned to ThunderClan after the impostor was taken down. Flipclaw later left ThunderClan with Graystripe, Thornclaw, Snaptooth, and Flywhisker. He traveled to the mountains but ultimately decided to return to the Clans, bringing with him the news of Flywhisker and Snaptooth becoming kittypets.


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

River of Fire

"They're kind of small. Not like us!"
―Lightkit about Flipkit, Bristlekit, and Thriftkit River of Fire, page 265
Alderheart enters the nursery to check up on Ivypool and her kits. He sees the silver-and-white queen curled around three little shapes, with Fernsong sitting beside his mate. The dark ginger tom learns that Ivypool has named them, one being Bristlekit, a tabby kit as Flipkit, and his sister, Thriftkit. Alderheart bends down and gives their bodies a check, asking if the young kits have been feeding well. Ivypool says they never stop, but her dark blue eyes gleam with amusement and love. Fernsong puts in that neither he nor his mate can be happier.
Ivypool admits that when her sister, Dovewing, left for ShadowClan, she felt angry and betrayed, but now that she has her own kits, she understands her sister's thinking. Alderheart then goes to see how Cinderheart is, curled around her own kits, and the gray tabby gazes affectionately at Ivypool's litter. After Briarlight's death, Jayfeather blames himself, saying that he must've passed his sickness onto her when he aided in delivering Flipkit, Thriftkit, and Bristlekit. Alderheart, however, reassures the gray tabby it isn't his fault Briarlight passed due to her illness.
Dovewing and the newly-named Tigerstar return back to the lake, and Dovewing pays a visit to her old home. Graystripe and Millie come running over, but Ivypool overtakes them, joyfully greeting her sister, her young kits squirming after their mother. The three siblings sniff at the new, unfamiliar cats, and Ivypool introduces her litter to her sister and her kits. She lists Flipkit off, with his siblings, Thriftkit and Bristlekit. Lightkit says it's good she and her littermates have kin, after a quick introduction and explanation from Dovewing. When the pale gray she-cat breaks the news of her living in ShadowClan with Tigerstar, Ivypool gathers her kits close and turns her back on Dovewing.

The Raging Storm

Flipkit: "Can we go and live in ShadowClan one day too?"
Ivypool: "Hush! You must never say that again. A warrior is loyal to the Clan they were born in."
—Ivypool explaining Clan loyalty to Flipkit The Raging Storm, page chapter 3
When Dovewing pays a visit to ThunderClan, Flipkit and Thriftkit hide between their mother's legs. Eventually, Flipkit pads out to Dovewing, asking if her kits look like him and his siblings. Dovewing responds that Shadowkit does a little, and Flipkit asks his mother if they will ever live in ShadowClan, though his mother scolds him, explaining that warriors must be loyal to their own Clan. He goes to play with his siblings, but is heard complaining from the nursery. Ivypool gets up, but Twigbranch tells her to rest, saying she'll teach the kits some hunting moves.
After Alderheart returns from ShadowClan, Flipkit and his siblings rush up to greet him, and Flipkit asks if Tigerstar was scary. Ivypool yowls for her kits to come back into the nursery, saying they'll get greencough in the cold, and the kits follow her. Later, Ivypool scolds them for playing in muddy water, though Flipkit claims they're pretending to be RiverClan cats.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

"They should make you a warrior right away!"
―Flippaw upon hearing that Bristlepaw saved Rootpaw Lost Stars, page chapter 3
Flippaw and Thriftpaw greet Bristlepaw after she rescues Rootpaw from drowning. They are both very impressed with their sister, and agree she should be made a warrior immediately. Later, Flippaw hears that Bristlepaw is taking her warriors' assessment early, and wishes her well. When Bristlepaw returns having failed, he and Thriftpaw are both very supportive of their sister, which Bristlepaw is grateful for. Flippaw and Thriftpaw meet up with Bristlepaw later, showing off the mice they caught. The three accidentally eavesdrop on Bramblestar and Squirrelflight talking over the lack of connection with StarClan. Bristlepaw snorts to herself that the Clan should be more worried about finding prey, which Jayfeather overhears, and scolds all three littermates. Bramblestar overhears Jayfeather talking to them, and decides the three should come to the Gathering.
Flippaw follows along with his littermates and Clan to the Gathering island that night. Later, when Bristlepaw decides to retake her warrior assessment without them, they are both still very supportive and wish her luck. When Bristlepaw returns, Flippaw yowls excitedly that she caught a mouse. He and Hollytuft return from a border patrol leading Tigerstar and Shadowpaw into the ThunderClan camp. When Tigerstar claims Shadowpaw can cure Bramblestar's illness, Squirrelflight orders Flippaw to fetch Jayfeather and Alderheart. Bristlefrost watches Shadowpaw sympathetically when he fails to revive the ThunderClan leader, noting how similar the shape of his eyes were to Flippaw's.

The Silent Thaw

Flipclaw: "Should we hunt in the beech grove? I think I smelled a fresh mouse nest there yesterday."
Bramblestar's impostor: "Then why didn't you dig it up yesterday?"
Flipclaw: "I'd already caught a squirrel. I thought it could wait."
—Flipclaw and Bramblestar's impostor The Silent Thaw, page 24
He is now a warrior named Flipclaw. Flipclaw plays moss-ball with Snaptooth and Dewnose while waiting for Squirrelflight to organize the patrols. When she and Bramblestar finally appear, the three offer to hunt, and Flipclaw notes he scented a mouse nest the other day. Bramblestar confronts him for not catching it sooner, but Flipclaw explains he thought it could wait. Squirrelflight agrees, saying they shouldn't hunt the forest clean and Bramblestar congratulates Dewnose for training the young cats well, albeit getting his name wrong.
Squirrelflight orders Flipclaw to go on a hunting patrol with Eaglewing near the beech grove and Bramblestar interrupts her to try the ancient oak instead. Bristlefrost asks to help and Squirrelflight distractedly replies she can join her brother's patrol. Bramblestar later announces Flipclaw's and Thriftear's warrior names at the Gathering and Bristlefrost is one of the first to cheer their names. Bristlefrost organizes patrols and puts Thornclaw on a hunting patrol with Stemleaf and Flipclaw. Rosepetal remarks that Thornclaw won't appreciate hunting with younger cats, and Lionblaze jokes that he'll have to keep up since Flipclaw and Stemleaf are as fast as hares.

Veil of Shadows

"I'm pretty sure those were thyme leaves I gave you, and not daisy. I'm always mixing those up. But you're awake now, and getting over the shock, so I must have gotten it right. Anyway, even if it was daisy leaves, they would just make sure your joints don't ache, so it's not like they would harm you…"
―Flipclaw demonstrating his medicine skill to Bristlefrost Veil of Shadows, page 194
Bristlefrost spots her brother repairing the bramble barrier of the ThunderClan camp. She compliments his work, to which Flipclaw snaps at her, bringing up how she had allowed Bramblestar to send Jayfeather and Lionblaze away. She considers telling Flipclaw about how she had actually brought them to safety in ShadowClan, but the tabby tom stalks away before she gets the chance.
Later, Flipclaw tells several of his Clanmates about a scary dream he had, where he was attacked by a group of giant birds. Bramblestar listens in on the conversation, and soon after, the leader announces that Flipclaw is to become ThunderClan's new medicine cat. Flipclaw is astonished, but Bramblestar insists that the dream the tom had was prophetic and molds it into an omen about StarClan being the birds preying on them. Still, Flipclaw denies he has any calling to be a medicine cat, and Bramblestar reminds him that they will need another medicine cat if anything happens to Alderheart, his words threatening. Flipclaw reluctantly heads to the medicine den and begins bickering with Alderheart.
When Alderheart discusses joining the exiles with Bristlefrost, he mentions that he cannot due to being ThunderClan's only remaining medicine cat. Bristlefrost meows that he can't leave them in the care of Flipclaw, and Alderheart gawks at the thought of it. Later, Bramblestar uses Flipclaw's prophetic dream as a reason to stop Twigbranch from returning to ThunderClan as he had previously promised her. Alderheart follows her into exile, and when Ivypool yowls that they can't live without a medicine cat, Bramblestar gestures to Flipclaw. The Clan looks at Flipclaw doubtfully, and he bows shamefully. Alderheart apologizes to the tom, but admits that he cannot stay any longer.
After Bristlefrost faints, she awakens to find herself in the medicine den being treated by Flipclaw, although he is unsure if he is using the correct herbs. Brightheart assures him that she checked that they were correct, explaining how she used to help Cinderpelt, a former ThunderClan medicine cat. Flipclaw worriedly asks Bristlefrost how much she remembered after her fall, and she recalls that Stemleaf had died. Flipclaw sadly notes that Conefoot of ShadowClan and Dappletuft of RiverClan are dead too. Suddenly, Bramblestar appears in the den, praising Flipclaw for his skill as a medicine cat, and the tabby tom hurries out of the den as Bramblestar speaks to Bristlefrost. Bramblestar questions why Brightheart is in the medicine den, and the elder replies that she was helping Flipclaw. The leader angrily asks how Flipclaw could learn with her there, and Brightheart defends that he couldn't if she wasn't. Still, Bramblestar orders her to leave, and Brightheart concedes.
During a rebel meeting, Spotfur mentions Flipclaw as a possible source of inside information, noting that he's getting fed up with being a medicine cat. Puddleshine says that the other medicine cats won't be happy to hear he is replacing Alderheart, and that an untrained medicine cat is dangerous for a Clan. At the next Gathering, Bramblestar announces that Flipclaw is ThunderClan's new medicine cat, mentioning his prophetic dream. Tigerstar asks to hear about it, but Bramblestar insists that it will stay within ThunderClan.
The next day, Flipclaw attempts to put a poultice on Shellfur's paw. The tortoiseshell tom snaps at the medicine cat, exclaiming that he's making it worse. Sparkpelt asks what is happening, and Flipclaw explains that the wound is infected despite his use of oak leaves. Sparkpelt yowls that oak leaves only prevent infection, and that he should be using marigold, though Flipclaw admits he didn't know about marigold. The ginger warrior continues to yell at him, but Bristlefrost defends her brother, and the she-cat apologizes. Sparkpelt beckons him to follow her to the middle of camp, where she confronts Bramblestar about how terribly the Clan is doing with Flipclaw. Her disrespect causes Bramblestar to exile Sparkpelt, and when other cats are gathering to join her, Ivypool glances at Flipclaw and Bristlefrost, knowing she couldn't leave without them.
Later, Puddleshine discusses the event of the half-moon meeting, noting that Flipclaw didn't come, though he may not have known he was supposed to. Frecklewish asks if Kestrelflight and Willowshine were able to persuade their leaders about Bramblestar's treachery by explaining what happened with Flipclaw, but Puddleshine responds that Harestar and Mistystar were unfazed. The next day, Bristlefrost says she needed to collect chervil for Flipclaw as an excuse to slip away to talk to Rootspring.

Darkness Within

"We all know the Clans were born before there was even a StarClan. We existed without them once; we can do it again."
―Flipclaw to ThunderClan Darkness Within, page 67
When Lionblaze and Thornclaw are arguing about Squirrelflight being leader, Flywhisker, Snaptooth, and Flipclaw watch with interest. Flipclaw begins nodding in agreement at Thornclaw's words. When the discussion moves on to StarClan, Flipclaw suggests that StarClan doesn't care about them anymore or that they imagined all their prophecies. He says that they should learn how to live without StarClan, like they did when the Clans were born. He asks what the point of following the warrior code is now that StarClan is gone, and says that since their ancestors have abandoned them, they no longer need to follow their tradition and they can make up their own codes to fit their life beside the lake. He tells Squirrelflight that he needs some time to think about what being a warrior really means after what happened with Bramblestar, and that he'll go on a wander away from ThunderClan for a while. He continues, saying that maybe it's time they all stopped living in Clans. Snaptooth, Thornclaw, Flywhisker, and Graystripe all decide to go with him. Ivypool asks Flipclaw if he'll come back, but he replies that he's not sure.

The Place of No Stars

"I'm glad to be back. I faced so many dangers out there, it made me realize that if there has to be danger, I wanted to face it with my Clan by my side. I know that ThunderClan is the right place for me."
―Flipclaw explaining why he returned The Place of No Stars (book), page 8
Flipclaw returns from his wander, and his kin and Clanmates happily surround him, greeting him. Flipclaw asks why all of them were up so early. Bristlefrost explains that a patrol had been sent to kill Bramblestar's body after the leaders decided to do it. Flipclaw tells them that he had visited the Tribe of Rushing Water along with Graystripe, explaining how he met Stormfur and Feather of Flying Hawk. He was injured in a rockslide, but Stoneteller healed his injury. Living with the Tribe made Flipclaw realize he belonged in ThunderClan, and that Graystripe had gone to the old forest to see if he could contact StarClan through the Moonstone. When Cinderheart asks about Flywhisker and Snaptooth, Flipclaw explains that they decided to become kittypets, going on to say that he tried to convince them to come home while on his way back to ThunderClan. Soon after, Lionblaze and the patrol arrives. Lionblaze spots Flipclaw, and greets him, before scanning the camp looking for Snaptooth and Flywhisker. Later, Flipclaw greets Graystripe warmly when he returns to camp from his wander, and asks how things at the Moonstone went.

In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

Flippaw: "Why do we care if foxes get sick from this prey?"
Hollytuft: "Sickness harms everyone. Do you want a fox carcass rotting near camp?"
—Flippaw and Hollytuft about burying the sick prey Squirrelflight's Hope, page 204
Flippaw is a new apprentice being mentored by Hollytuft, and the two nose through the fresh-kill pile after a training session. Thriftpaw catches a rabbit, and her littermates are impressed with her catch. Flippaw tells them how Mousewhisker caught a weasel earlier that morning, peaking Squirrelflight's interest about his injuries. When Squirrelflight returns from the Sisters, Flippaw eagerly badgers her with questions, and Hollytuft stops him. He, Thriftpaw, Dewnose, and Hollytuft arrive into camp when the Sisters bring Sunrise to the ThunderClan camp to be healed. Bramblestar orders him and Thriftpaw to help Twigbranch and Finleap gather ferns for Sunrise to rest on. Flippaw and a few other cats stare with hostility at the Sisters.
When Larksong falls ill to a mysterious sickness, Squirrelflight, Hollytuft, Flippaw, and Bristlepaw bury the prey outside of camp. Flippaw asks why it is so important to bury the prey, and Hollytuft grimly reminds him that sickness affects everyone in the forest. Hollytuft takes the apprentices hunting afterwards. He attends Larksong and Flickerkit's vigils with the rest of his family.

Graystripe's Vow

Flipclaw: "I think the Tribe is great! They're just like a Clan, except they don't have to worry about the warrior code all the time. And there are no other Tribes to cause trouble."
Feather: "Well, we have a sort of code of our own. And the rogues who live farther down the mountain can be a problem sometimes."
Flipclaw: "Oh, it's not the same. And you have this great place to live. Plenty of room for all of you, and you're sheltered from the wind and rain. You don't even have to go out to find water."
—Flipclaw admiring the Tribe Graystripe's Vow, page chapter 8
Flipclaw suggests leaving ThunderClan and his Clanmates are shocked, but Graystripe, Flywhisker, Thornclaw, and Snaptooth join him. Squirrelflight allows them to leave, but gives them only one moon outside of the Clan. Flipclaw and the others then hunt so they would have enough energy to travel the next day. He shows extra affection towards Flywhisker but she doesn't pay attention to him.
Flipclaw and the remaining cats soon get chased by two curious dogs, and are relieved when the dogs are taken away by their owners. He then murmurs about how he would make sure Flywhisker was well-fed if she was expecting kits, but Flywhisker rejects him, which makes Flipclaw disappointed. After they argue, Thornclaw leaves the group, wanting to be alone.
Graystripe, feeling uncomfortable with the new tensions in the group, says he will be traveling to the Tribe and asks if anyone wants to come with him. Snaptooth and Flywhisker deny the offer. Meanwhile, Flipclaw hesitates, saying nothing. When Graystripe departs, Flipclaw catches up to him, mentioning he could use some company in the dangerous outside world. Graystripe is a bit offended by the suggestion he was too old, but he lets Flipclaw come with him anyways. They soon walk side by side out of Clan territory. Graystripe grows to enjoy the young tom's company.
When the pair arrive in the mountains, they are escorted to the Tribe of Rushing Water. Flipclaw is fascinated with their way of life and their beautiful home. He quickly befriends Stormfur's son, Feather. Graystripe is pleased that Flipclaw is enjoying himself and leaves him alone to spend more time with Stormfur and Brook. The next morning, Flipclaw joins Feather on a hunting patrol, but they are buried under a landslide accidentally caused by Breeze. Graystripe and several other Tribe cats rush to rescue them. After Graystripe unburies Flipclaw, he panics because he thinks Flipclaw is dead. However, Stoneteller revives him and puts his dislocated leg back into socket. Flipclaw, feeling much better, limps back to the Tribe's camp.
When Stoneteller tells Graystripe that it may be several days before Flipclaw can travel, Graystripe is horrified because he wants to leave immediately. He tells Flipclaw to stay with the Tribe until he gets better but Flipclaw, to everyone's surprise, says he wants to go back to ThunderClan, where he belongs. Graystripe is stunned but pleased that Flipclaw realizes where he truly belongs. Flipclaw then decides to travel back to ThunderClan shortly after Graystripe leaves.

In the Novellas

Tawnypelt's Clan

Fernsong mentions Flipkit when Dovewing asks how Ivypool and her kits are doing, to which the yellow tom replies that they are doing well.

Spotfur's Rebellion

Flipkit, Bristlekit, and Thrifkit ask what Spotpaw is doing while the apprentice cleans Bramblestar's den. Spotpaw explains to them that it is an apprentice's duty to clean the dens. Fernsong tells the kits to not bother Spotpaw, relieving the apprentice. Flipkit and Thriftkit go away, while Bristlekit adds that she wants to be just like Spotpaw.
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Daisy's Kin

Daisy mentions that Flipclaw had gone on a wander after questioning if he should stay in ThunderClan, the former wondering if she should've joined the latter.

Character pixels

Official art


"But Flipclaw, Graystripe considered, had been the first cat to announce that he was leaving ThunderClan. He had been prepared to go out on his own before any cat had offered to accompany him."
―Graystripe recognizing Flipclaw's courage Graystripe's Vow, page chapter 6
Flipclaw is a bright, optimistic young tom with high resolve and courage.[12] He is goofy, imaginative,[13] and playful,[14] though unafraid to express dissent or displeasure where he perceives cruelty or injustice.[15] Serving as a warrior almost entirely during the reign of Bramblestar's impostor, Flipclaw quickly grew disillusioned with the warrior code and its strain on Clan life, doubting the importance of a silent StarClan.[16] Though a competent warrior, Flipclaw made for a ditzy medicine cat, unable to recognize herbs and lacking dexterity when treating injuries.[17]


Bristlefrost and Thriftear

"You wouldn't know a great job if it sat up and bit you. Or you wouldn't have been so eager to turn your back on Jayfeather and Lionblaze, after all they've done for the Clan."
―Flipclaw criticizing Bristlefrost Veil of Shadows, page 53
Though Flipclaw is not particularly close with his sisters, they initially share a positive relationship, as the littermates do not grow jealous or bitter when Bristlefrost is given her warrior name early.[18] However, when she begins reporting even minor codebreaking to Bramblestar, Flipclaw begins to distant himself from Bristlefrost, furious that she was eager to play an active role in the punishing of their Clanmates.[15] Despite the tension between the littermates, Flipclaw did not linger on his anger, showing relief that Bristlefrost was okay after she fainted in a skirmish, and treating her without complaint.[19] After Bramblestar is revealed to be an impostor and ThunderClan is in disarray, Bristlefrost is outraged and horrified when her brother suggests abandoning Clan life.[16] Nonetheless, he departs on a wander, eager to tell Bristlefrost and Thriftear about his adventures in the mountains.[20] After returning, Bristlefrost and Thriftear happily welcome Flipclaw back to ThunderClan.[21]


"I'm sorry, Flipclaw. You don't deserve to be put in this position. But I can't stay to watch ThunderClan become a mockery of itself."
―Alderheart leaving Flipclaw as ThunderClan's sole medicine cat Veil of Shadows, page 189
When Bramblestar's impostor forced Flipclaw to train as a medicine cat apprentice, Alderheart begrudgingly served as his mentor.[13] He was acutely aware of the young tom's ineptitude for memorizing herbs and treating patients, recognizing that the impostor only wanted Flipclaw trained as his replacement.[22] Despite knowing that ThunderClan would be in jeopardy without him, Alderheart ultimately left after an argument with the impostor, leaving Flipclaw responsible for taking care of the Clan. The weight of this responsibility made Flipclaw miserable, as he was fully aware of his lack of skill.[19]


Flipclaw: "Now that we can go anywhere, we should find a new territory all of our own. That would be wonderful—we'd be much safer than we are now, in ThunderClan, and you'd be so comfortable there, Flywhisker. Maybe one day you'd...feel differently about things?"
Flywhisker: "That sounds great, Flipclaw, but unfortunately, we can't all live inside your imagination. Only you can live there."
—Flywhisker rejecting Flipclaw's advances Graystripe's Vow, page chapter 4
Flywhisker joined Flipclaw on his wander from ThunderClan, alongside Thornclaw, Graystripe, and her brother, Snaptooth. Her decision to come along was of great pleasure to Flipclaw,[16] and as they traveled, his feelings for her grew obvious. When Snaptooth asked his sister about the potential of taking Flipclaw as a mate, the she-cat affirmed that he wasn't her type, crushing the love-struck tom. Flipclaw suggested hopefully that she might change her mind, but his desperation left him ridiculed by the littermates.[23] Despite their awkwardness, the group managed to work together until Graystripe announced he was leaving to find the Tribe of Rushing water. Flipclaw decided to leave Flywhisker and her brother to travel alongside the elder, whose guidance would be a comfort to him after his heartbreak.[12]


"Graystripe knew he would miss his traveling companion, but he was already reconciled to losing him, and he understood that Flipclaw was feeling the pull of his own Clan. And once Flipclaw had realized he had no chance with Flywhisker, Graystripe imagined that his whole adventure had fallen apart. Besides, Flipclaw had never lived in the old forest. The Moonstone was just a word to him, not a memory or a place."
―Graystripe reflecting on Flipclaw's journey Graystripe's Vow, page chapter 11
Graystripe accompanied Flipclaw and the wandering cats despite being an elder, and due to his age, the younger warriors looked to him as a leader, and Graystripe guided them with a sense of protectiveness, especially after the departure of Thornclaw.[23] When Flipclaw decides to join him and travel to the mountains, Graystripe is pleased to have company, albeit slightly offended that Flipclaw's intentions are to protect him, but he senses that the young tom will need the comfort of an elder in healing from his rejection from Flywhisker.[12] After spending some time in the mountains, Flipclaw declines to follow Graystripe to the old forest territories, which saddens the elder, but he is impressed and pleased by Flipclaw's resolve to return to ThunderClan.[24] Flipclaw is happy to see Graystripe back from his travels, asking about the news of what happened at the Moonstone.[25]

Feather of Flying Hawk and the Tribe of Rushing Water

"I think the Tribe is great, especially Feather, and I've loved visiting you here in the mountains [...] but...well, I miss my kin, and seeing the Tribe together has made me realize that I don't need to travel any farther to know where I belong."
―Flipclaw deciding to return to ThunderClan Graystripe's Vow, page chapter 11
Feather of Flying Hawk, a prey hunter of the Tribe of Rushing Water, quickly befriended Flipclaw upon his arrival in the mountains. The Tribe's territory and way of life immediately inspired Flipclaw, who actively participated in hunts alongside Feather. A life similar to life in the Clans, but without the struggle of following the code appealed to Flipclaw[20] to the point that Graystripe and Stormfur suspected he would join the Tribe permanently. However, Flipclaw and Feather were caught in a landslide, leaving Flipclaw homesick for stable ground.[20] Flipclaw decided to return to his own family, leaving the mountains behind.[24] While retelling the story to his Clanmates, he states that he made friends with Feather.[21]


Flipclaw's parents are Fernsong and Ivypool, and his sisters are Bristlefrost and Thriftear. For more of Flipclaw's family, click here!



Interesting facts

  • He and Thriftear were made warriors by Bramblestar's impostor.[4][26]
  • He has WindClan blood through Crowfeather.[27]

Author statements

  • Kate originally believed him to be gray.[blog 1]
    • However, she has since said that she believes him to be a brown tabby.[blog 2]


  • Flippaw is present when the Sisters bring Sunrise to ThunderClan's camp,[28] but in the next chapter, he is seen coming into camp and unaware of the events that transpired.[29]
  • Flipclaw is not listed in the allegiances of The Place of No Stars despite appearing in the book.[30]


Flippaw: "I'm glad you're back. Hollytuft said the Sisters wanted to keep you captive forever. She said they were twice the size of normal cats. Were they scary?"
Squirrelflight: "They were nice."
Flippaw: "But they held you hostage."
Squirrelflight: "Yes, but they shared their prey with us and took care of Leafstar's wounded paw."
Flippaw: "Is that why you didn't try to escape?"
Squirrelflight: "Leafstar's injury made it hard to escape, and I wasn't going to leave her."
Flippaw: "But you said they were nice. She would have been okay."
Squirrelflight: "It wouldn't have been right to escape by myself."
—Flippaw badgering Squirrelflight about the Sisters Squirrelflight's Hope, page chapter 7

Alderheart: "I'd join the exiles without a backward glance, but I can't leave the Clan when I'm the only medicine cat left."
Bristlefrost: "Oh, please don't do that! Don't leave us to Flipclaw!"
Alderheart: "Flipclaw! StarClan help us all!"
—Alderheart reflecting on his apprentice Veil of Shadows, pages 148-149

"I don't know what to think. But isn't StarClan's absence a perfect opportunity to work out what we believe?"
―Flipclaw to Lilyheart Graystripe's Vow, page 37

"All this while, Flipclaw hadn't spoken; he just looked worried, and uncertain about what he would decide. Graystripe thought back to how Flywhisker had rejected him the night before, and wondered if the poor lovesick tom was going to keep following her, getting his heart broken over and over."
―Graystripe contemplating whether Flipclaw will follow him into the mountains Graystripe's Vow, page chapter 6

""Oh it's not the same. And you have this great place to live. Plenty of room for all of you and you're sheltered from wind and rain. You don't even have to go out to find water.""
―Flipclaw talking about the differences between the Tribe and the Clans Graystripe's Vow, page chapter 8

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