"I knew Smoky wouldn't try to stop me. He has always cared about Floss more than me."
Daisy's thoughts before leaving the barn in Secrets of the Clans, page 152

Floss is a small gray-and-white she-cat.[4]

Floss was a loner who lived at the Horseplace near the lake with Daisy and their mate, Smoky. Floss and Smoky had a litter of kits, but they were taken away by Twolegs, and Daisy fled the horseplace with her kits to join ThunderClan. Floss died of greencough, despite the Twolegs' attempts at saving her. After her death, Coriander took her place at the barn.


In The New Prophecy arc


On the way to the Gathering, the Clan cats pass the Horseplace and meet Daisy and Smoky. Smoky is unfriendly and threatens the Clan cats, but as they are getting aggressive, Whitetail tells them to calm down. She scents kits and infers that Smoky is defending them. Daisy is impressed with Whitetail and tells the cats that Floss had given birth to a litter the day before. Daisy reassures Smoky that these are good cats as Firestar assures them that his Clan, nor any of the Clans, would ever harm kits.


She is mentioned by Daisy when she seeks shelter in ThunderClan for herself and her kits, Berry, Mouse, and Hazel. Daisy briefly explains how Floss' second litter was taken by Nofurs, and notes that the kits will never see their mother again.


"Dinner! And about time, too."
―Floss about the Twoleg food Sunset, page 190
Floss is introduced to Brambleclaw and Cloudtail by Smoky when they come to the barn to find Daisy and her kits. She is at ease with the Twolegs; when they come to the barn with some food, she yowls to Smoky that dinner has arrived, and scarfs down the food from the bowl. Brambleclaw wonders whether Daisy and Floss are littermates, as they look similar. When Brambleclaw and Cloudtail suggest Smoky join ThunderClan with Daisy and his kits, he refuses, saying that he can't leave Floss by herself.

In the Power of Three arc


Hazeltail: "We're on the trail of a killer!"
Floss: "What- Who did they kill?"
—Hazeltail telling Floss about Sol Sunrise, page 53
Floss greets Hazeltail when ThunderClan patrol searching for Sol stops by the barn. Smoky tells his daughter that Floss used to help Daisy look after her when she was first born. Hazeltail doesn't remember, but recalls seeing Floss when Daisy first brought them back to the barn after Berrynose's accident and the badger attack. As she explains what happened to his tail, Floss is surprised, asking if his injuries were serious. Hazeltail reassures her that Berrynose is just fine, thanks to Leafpool.
She invites the Clan cats to stay with them for the day, but they refuse, and Hazeltail tells her they're trailing a murderer. Floss becomes nervous, asking who was killed, but Brackenfur soothes her, explaining to her that it is a long story. When Brambleclaw gives Sol's description, she gasps and says she saw him heading across the field a few sunrises back. After gathering the information, the patrol leaves, thanking Floss and Smoky for the information they've provided.

In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

When Daisy and Bramblestar go to see Smoky, Daisy finds out from Smoky that Floss has died of greencough, despite the Twolegs' attempts to save her. Daisy is sad when hearing about her death, and is furious with the new cat, Coriander, who is replacing Floss, and the obvious affection that Smoky is giving her. Daisy moves on, though, with her anger at Smoky blocking the grief of Floss's death.

In the Novellas

Daisy's Kin

«I just couldn't bring myself to [tell Smoky about Hazeltail] that day. It shocked me, the way he said Coriander had replaced Floss...The words couldn't come.»
—Daisy's thoughts Daisy's Kin, page chapter 2
After learning that Coriander is having trouble kitting, Daisy remembers that her and the queen hadn't gotten of on the best terms, as Floss's death had hit Daisy hard. Soon, Daisy recalls that she couldn't bring herself to tell Smoky of his dead kits as when Smoky said that Coriander had replaced Floss, Daisy was too caught up thinking how any cat could replace Floss.

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Former mate:

Smoky:[5] Living (As of Daisy's Kin)


Unidentified kits:[3] Status unknown


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Replaced Floss? How can any cat replace Floss?"
―Daisy after hearing about Coriander Bramblestar's Storm, page chapter 5
As a barn cat, Floss was weary of the Clans, but proved friendly given a lack of a threat. She was very comfortable around Twolegs, despite what had happened to her kits, and had a bright, animated personality[6][7] noted by Daisy to be irreplacable.[2]



"[...] Has Smoky forgotten about her already because of Coriander? I thought he loved Floss!"
―Daisy about Floss and Smoky Bramblestar's Storm, page chapter 5
Floss was Smoky's mate in addition to Daisy. When offered to join Daisy in ThunderClan, Smoky refused and opted to stay with Floss in the Horseplace. While this could have been merely because of a distaste in outdoor living, Smoky explained that he couldn't leave Floss all by herself.[6] When speaking of her death, Smoky was somber, but was quick to move on with his new mate, Coriander.[2]


"Where’s Floss? I can’t wait to see her again."
―Daisy to Smoky before learning of Floss's death Bramblestar's Storm, page chapter 5
Floss and Daisy were close friends, despite sharing a mate, and Floss helped look after Daisy's kits before she took them to join ThunderClan.[7] Upon learning of Floss's death, Daisy was heartbroken, regretting that she hadn't known despite living so near the barn. Daisy was infuriated that Smoky so quickly took a new mate in Coriander.[2]



Author statements

  • Vicky thinks that Daisy might be distantly related to Floss.[8]
    • In the same post, Vicky also mistakenly said that Daisy and Floss had similar coloring.[8]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Floss explains to Daisy that the Nofurs took her kits away as they had with her previous litter. When Daisy announces that she will leave after her kits are born, Floss asks her where she will go. Daisy thinks of finding the Clans, and Floss questions why Clan cats are happy living in the wild, suggesting that Daisy find a warm barn to live in instead. She reminds Daisy that they know little about the Clan cats, but Daisy decides to leave anyway, believing Smoky will make no attempt at stopping her. Daisy wonders if she will find a cat that will care for her as much as Smoky cared for Floss to help care for her kits.[9]

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