"Trust your warrior ancestors, let them guide you when all seems dark, and honor them with your loyalty for all your lives."
— Flowerstar giving advice to Tigerclaw in The Ultimate Guide, page 94

Flowerstar is a ginger-and-white she-cat.[4]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

"Flowerstem. She watched her sister die in front of her, but her only thoughts were to make the Clan feel safe and keep them occupied before tonight's vigil."
—Redscar selecting Flowerstem as leader Code of the Clans, page 90
Flowerstem is an ancient ShadowClan warrior. She is the first to find her leader-to-be, Brightwhisker, dead. Upon seeing this, she goes to get the medicine cat, Redscar. She mourns Brightwhisker's death with her sister, Mossfire.
After Jumpfoot and Mossfire fight to the death, each wanting to be leader, Flowerstem alone is strong, even though she had just seen her sister killed. She comforts the Clan, weaving among them and offering advice. She arranges a hunting patrol for the apprentices, stating that battle training would not be appropriate then. She also offers Redscar help with anything he needs with herbs and helping Clanmates.
Snowstar appears in a vision to Redscar, saying that he needs to choose a new leader, and that the new cat would have to choose a deputy at once. He suggests a law to the warrior code: deputies must be replaced by moonhigh, so a leader would never be left alone for more than half a day, due to the incident earlier.
Afterwards, when Snowstar asks Redscar who he'd chose as Clan leader, Redscar says Flowerstem, because she had watched her sister die before her eyes, but her only thoughts were to make her Clan feel safe again and keep them busy before that night's vigil. Snowstar agrees with Redscar's choice.
The Clan accepts Redscar's choice because of an omen Redscar created himself. The prophecy was a snowdrop flower's stem laying on the ground in camp.
When she is asked to become leader by Redscar, looking dazed, she says that she will be the best she can be, in honor of her sister's and Jumpfoot's memory.

The Ultimate Guide

"I am Flowerstar. Like you, I was not the deputy to the previous leader of ShadowClan. That leader, Brightwhisker, died on her first night of leadership, before she had a chance to receive her nine lives and before she could appoint a new deputy. Our medicine cat, Redscar, found a sign from StarClan—the stalk of an early-blooming snowdrop—that showed our ancestors wished for me to become the next leader."
—Flowerstar introducing herself to Tigerclaw The Ultimate Guide, page 94
Flowerstar is present at Tigerstar's leadership ceremony, and is one of the cats who gives the ShadowClan cat a life, this one for placing his faith in StarClan, and letting them guide him when all seems lost. She explains who she is, and how, like Tigerclaw, she had not been the deputy of ShadowClan when she assumed leadership of her Clan. She goes on to say that her medicine cat, Redscar, was the one who gave ShadowClan a sign from StarClan that predicted Flowerstar as leader— although Redscar later admits that he faked that sign, as ShadowClan needed a leader, so he gave them one.

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Mossfire:[3] Deceased, residence unknown



"We have to keep up our strength. There is still sickness in the air; no more cats must die. There is no need for them to spend all day looking at these fallen warriors. Keep them busy, but battle training would not be appropriate, I think."
—Flowerstem to the rest of the Clan Code of the Clans, page 89

Redscar: "Just say you will lead us, as StarClan wishes."
Flowerstem: "To honor Mossfire's memory and Jumpfoot's, yes, I will."
—Redscar asking Flowerstem to lead ShadowClan Code of the Clans, page 92

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